Monday, August 29

The Start of Another New Week

So Monday has managed to sneak itself back onto the agenda meaning that a new week is upon us.  Last week was a bit of a right off for me, particularly in terms of blogging.  I did not get up my Monday goal stuff instead using what little time I could find on Monday to do a Monday Mention.  Which as it turned out proved to be rather pointless as the lovely host of Monday Mentions was herself having a tough week and was unable to host.  Thankfully for me though my week did pick up and I managed to get a few posts out.

In terms of making and keeping goals though I have somewhere between little and nothing to report on.  Which is a bit disappointing to say the least.  Especially when I read about all the wonderful progress others are making.  Karlee over at The Mother Experiment really is a bit inspirational with the way she keeps putting herself out there sharing how she is trying to change.  Mind you I only have myself to blame about my own lack of change and there is no point whinging and whining about it all.  After all each day is a new beginning and I do believe the same can be said for each week.

So when I first began with this whole improving me stuff I was going to concentrate on my efforts on home maintenance.  Simple things like folding the washing as soon as I got in off the line, or not leaving the washing sit in the washing machine or on the line for day(s) and a similar story with the dishes.  Stuff that I think for the most part the rest of the world just accepts that they have to do and gets on with it.

As I write, (which I would just like to point out I actually started some five hours ago but unfortunately got slightly distracted with various meetings, keeping a toddler entertained, grocery shopping and school pick up) my house is somewhat of a disaster zone.  There are more than a few dishes to be done, plenty of clothes to be folded, a good couple of loads to wash and just general housey stuff that needs to be done.  Not to mention all the school things I have volunteered to do before the week's end.

On top of all of this I had also been linking up with Sarah over at Accepting and Embracing Autism for her Making Goal Monday blog hop where I had been making silly little goals like I will exercise 3 times a week and goodness knows what else.  Perhaps I should make a goal of not putting so much on my plate?

In my defense though last Sunday I managed to get the house into tip top shape and it felt as awesome as it looked.  It might not have been a designer magazine picture but it sure looked snazzy to me.  For the most part I was able to maintain it, well sort of, at least for a couple of days however by the end of the week I was nearly back at square one and looking around the place now it may actually have hit a new all time low.

(deep sigh)

So where to now?

Part of me doesn't want to set anything for this week as I know I will be incredibly caught up with the school's birthday but then I know that without goals it can be difficult to actually achieve anything.  Come to think of it even with goals it can still be difficult to achieve anything.  So here is a list of some of the things that I must get done this week.

  1. Create a 2 minute video to show at assembly (all footage, well apart from one interview has already been taken it is just editing)
  2. Film final interview
  3. Create a full length video of all interviews recently conducted
  4. Write character profiles for those interviewed, well at least 3 of those interviewed
  5. Scan piles of old photos and turn into a slide show
  6. Help decorate a huge cake (and boy do I mean huge will hopefully get some photos up)
hmmmm ... ... ... 
... ... ...  that doesn't seem nearly enough but right now that is all I can come up with (lucky me)  

I will also try and maintain create some domestic order within my four walls more commonly known as home.  How about you? What goals are you going to aim for this week?  Go here and here to read more and join in the fun

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Saturday, August 27

This window has been sitting open staring blankly at me for probably nearly an hour now.  I have for maybe half of that time stared blank back at it.  For the other half I was skyping with my sis and playing dumb fb games.  Speaking of fb (facebook for the uninitiated) I purposely use lower case letters as I think their arrogance of awesomeness  does not deserve capitals.

I have about five different posts that I would like to write right now.  Naturally though, I can not actually find a starting point for any of them at this point in time, So for now you are stuck with this sort of rambling nonsense while I try to gather myself.

I have spent a lot of time lately reading other people's blogs.  It is all part of the linking up love.  (I am pleased to say that I have read and commented on every TIK post from Friday) It is also a great way to see what else is out there.  At times I am in awe of what I see.  Others give me hope that I belong and even have a chance of hitting blogger big time.  One thing I am starting to really become conscious of though is that there may actually be little to no substance to what I am writing and that greatly concerns me. 

(deep sigh and eye rub)

Why is it not easier sometimes?  You know life choices and all that.  I wonder if this is one of those first world problems I have been reading about lately?  

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Friday, August 26

One step forward, three steps back

That is the best way for me to describe today.  I did actually start a post entitled Monday Bloody Monday but I felt terrible using such language in a title.  In fact I am not even sure about having it in my second sentence.  Which is a tad on the strange side as there are times I could easily be mistaken for a trooper with the words that roll off my tongue.

Now a few weeks ago I joined in with Karlee over at The Mother Experiment for a series she called Me and YOU.  The idea was that bloggers could link up and work on improving various aspects of their life.  For me this tied in perfectly with another link up I had been meaning to join in on called Making Goal Monday.  I was determined to make some serious changes in my life and what better way to do it than setting goals?

Not wanting to set myself up to fail I thought that I had assigned myself somewhat achievable goals.

How wrong was I?

What you just read was a post I started four days ago.  Yep four days ago.

In my defense I have managed to post a few times in recent days.  For those who may have missed them, here is my WW post, here is my Thankful Thursday post, this will take something ironically titled A Mistake. With this final one being the Things I Know.  What I didn't do though was set my goals out for the week.

Nor did I take time to reflect on how I had gone on achieving my goals from last week.  That is perhaps based on the fact I don't think I actually managed to achieve anything.  Well actually that is not entirely true.  We managed to arrive late to school each and every day.  While I may have woke up on Monday morning to a clean and shiny house it did not really stay like that for long.  I did not do my daily load of washing or folding or dishes on at least three days.  I think I might just stop now.

(holding head in hands and rubbing eyes)

It is late now and in between flipping through some more great blogs, playing sims (I know) and watching My Name is Earl I have pretty much lost my train of thought.  Lucky tomorrow is a brand new day.

Since this makes for a nice little round up of the week I am off to


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Things I know - Nothing like leaving it to the last minute

After a week of nearly not posting at all, I am ending the week with a vengeance and this is I think my third post in less than 24 hours.  Only I couldn't miss Things I Know, anymore than I could have missed Thankful Thursday yesterday

So I guess the first thing I know this week is that I am ridiculously addicted to WW, TT and TIK.  Mainly because I know they are pretty much guaranteed to be read and commented on which I just LOVE!  So big thanks to all those who stop on by.

The next thing I know this week is that 7.30 in the morning really isn't the best time for me to just drop everything to write a blog post but life is all about priorities isn't it?  Now some might say if it were that important to me I would already have it written and ready to go, so all I had to do was just link up as soon as the host went live but I say where is the fun in that?  I also say come walk a mile in my unorganised shoes and you will quickly see that kind of planning is just not possible.

I know that I am in dire need of some time management skills.  Either that or I need to seriously consider disabling stupid games on Facebook.  Or perhaps a bit of both.

I know that the little cherub I am holding in my arms as I type has the most infectious smile I have ever seen.

I know I will be glad when today is over as it will also mean the week has come to an end.  Leaving only one week till the big day.  I know that I will be more than glad when the big day has been and gone.  I also know that I should perhaps write a post all about the big day so that I could put a link in here for those who are not up to speed with what is going on over here at the moment.

I know that even though I shed tears at the start of the week because I left something till the last minute I will still probably continue to leave things till the last minute.

I know there is always so much I want to get done and so little of it actually gets done.  I know that this is sort of balanced out the fact there is also much I don't want to do that does get done.

FInally I know I should probably leave it here for today as it is now close to leaving time and breakfast is still to be had.

So what do you know?  Head over to

                                              to share all the wonderful things you know

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Thursday, August 25

A Mistake

So I have been a bit AWOL this week but I guess that is only to be expected.  After all I am a mum to three who has a tendency to over extend herself.  With only one week till the dreaded school birthday I am trying not to crumble under a falsely perceived pressure.

I have not made the time to blog this week and I must say that I miss it greatly.  I made time today to get my Thankful Thursday post up and I really felt a bit pleased with myself.  It was nice to feel like I finally managed to achieve something this week.  Even if it was a somewhat dodgy post that I have thought of ways to improve from the moment I hit publish.  Live and learn, so they say.

I have found myself saying that a lot lately.  Live and learn.  So true in so many ways but I can't help but wonder if sometimes it is easier said than done.  Like you would have thought that by now I have learnt why I am always late for everything and be able to prevent it from happening, but no.  Perhaps I am just a slow learner?

Sally could feel her eyes burning, pleading with her to just let them close. It felt like a good month or more since she last slept. The waves of exhaustion were sweeping through her body but she dare not let herself drift off. After all she had witnessed in the last few day she began to wonder whether she would ever sleep again.

Straining her ears she tried to listen for footsteps. There were none. There had been none for hours now. In fact it had been so long since she heard any sound from the outside she had started to wonder if her ears still worked at all. Despite the lack of sound she still couldn't bring herself to leave the safety of her hiding spot.

The jewelry store that had once brought her nothing but love and joy was now the final resting place of the one she loved. They had gone in that morning reminiscing about the first time they walked past. Hand in hand sharing some popcorn left over from the movie they just watched.

Instead they ended up fighting off a crazed zombie that had cornered the store owner. The death and destruction was almost too much for Sally to bear. Every shard of glass looked like it was dripping with blood. Blood that was once inside her lovers body.

Tomorrow was a new day.

That was my entry for the flash fiction challenge.  I called it A Mistake

245 words of drivel.

It was supposed to be a masterpiece.  A horror set in a jewelry store that at some point mentioned popcorn.  Written in 48 hours no less.  I won't mention the fact that I actually paid to be a part of all of this.

(hangs head in shame)

I can't believe that this was something I really wanted to do and I basically let opportunity slide through my fingertips due to time restraints and poor management.

Oh well not much point dwelling on it again.  

I have been so busy beating myself up about this I have had no time or inclination to actually get back to writing.  Which means I missed my Making Monday Goals and Me and YOU posts.  I am torn between putting it in here and starting a new post.  Given that it is nearly midnight on Thursday maybe I should just starting writing the new posts for next week and write this one off all together?  

Decisions, decisions

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Thankful Thursday

What a week!  And it is still not over yet. 

Regular readers would have noticed a bit of an absence this week from yours truly.  I wish that I could say that was because I have been off galavanting around the countryside or sailing the seven seas or something interesting and fun but that is not the case.  Instead I have been furiously helping some of the kids from the girl's school interview past teachers and students in preparation for the big birthday bash next week.  Of course all of what I am doing should have been done months or at least weeks ago but as I am fast discovering organisational skills are not necessarily my strongest asset.

In between all of that I tried to enter in the NYC Flash Fiction Challenge  I say tried because ten minutes before the deadline I managed to delete my entry.  (I know well done me)  Before you try and tell me it could have been recovered I don't think that is the case.  You see I managed to discard the document before I actually saved it.  (Super well done me hey?)

Anyway moving right along as today is Thursday which means it is time to head over to Kate Says Stuff and give a bit of thanks.  So here is what I am thankful for this week.

First off the bat I want to give thanks to Sarah for selecting APL as her featured blog of the week.  Can't begin to explain how happy that made me.

I am thankful for the fact that I don't have to go to work as it means I am able to be super involved with the girl's school.  Now I know that I may at times complain more than just a little about all that I have choose to be involved with but deep down I love it and wouldn't have it any other way.

While we are talking about the school I am thankful for the fact that DD3 let me spend so much time their in the last few weeks getting done what I need to without wreaking to much havoc in the office or staffroom or where ever else we might have been.

I am thankful that Mr Taxman was particularly generous to us this year and paid in a rather timely fashion as well.  This leads me to my next thing to be thankful for which is the iPad I just bought hubs for father's day.  No really it is for him, not me at all.

I am also thankful for the fact that hubs doesn't read my blog often so I know I can safely share my recent purchase without spoiling the surprise.  If I couldn't spill the beans here I think I may well have burst with excitement.  After all we are talking an iPad 2.

Finally I must again give thanks to my wonderful husband and the fact that he has never once walked in the door and grumbled about the lack of housework I may or may not have done, or demand his dinner on the table at a set time, or any of the other ridiculous expectations that many women have to put up with.

So what are you thankful for?  Head over to
and share what you are thankful for.

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Monday, August 22

Monday Mention - Yay For Home

Broken Hearted Mummy
Goodbye weekend, hello Monday!  Not exactly the most favoured day of the week as is generally signals the return to work, school and an onslaught of busyness.  On the up side though, in the blogging world it means a return of the Monday Mention over at Ramblings of Broken Hearted Mummy.  

What's that you haven't heard of them before?  Well click right over and check her out there is some awesome reading to be had.  As a mother to seven, yes that's right seven, Tammy always has lots going on and she shares both the ups and downs of life with you.  

One of the other things that Tammy shares is her favourite blogs.  In fact she is so awesome at sharing she has decide to host her very own link up called Monday Mention where we can all join in and share some blogosphere favourites.

This week I want to tell you about ....(drum roll)....

Written by Shae, a mother of three, Yay for Home celebrates all that is wondrous about the home, not limited to but including, home birth, home schooling and home grown.  In her own words Shae is 

"woman, mother, daughter, sister, wife, friend, feminist, radical homemaker, birthing goddess, breastfeeder, fatty, smart arse, lifelong learner."

Regular APL readers will probably recognise Yay for Home as it is the host of one of my favourite weekly link ups called Things I Know  So head on over and say hi to Shae, like all bloggers she loves a comment.  Then head back to here to find some more recommended reading.

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Saturday, August 20

Now or Never

That is the point I am at in a number of significant life areas right now.  Actually, come to think of it significant life areas might be a slight exaggeration but if I don't play it up I might just end up putting it in the already overflowing too hard basket.

As a SAHM I feel that I have a responsibility to be involved in the school community.  Which I am totally fine with, I love being in the know.  Especially when it comes to my children's education.  However sometimes I can't help but feel a little too involved.  Or perhaps a more accurate description is I can't help but wish others were more involved so there would be less for me to do.

This year the school celebrates it's fortieth year of educating students.  Or as it will say on the massive cake that will be made Congratulations on 40 Fabulous Years of Putting the Child First.  Now without sounding too tragic the girls actually attend the same primary school that I went to.    Which basically means I feel somewhat compelled to help record some sort of history of the school.

How does all of that relate to a blog post?  There is only a mere 2 weeks till the big day.  Only 14 days till it is all over and done with.  So that means there is probably only 10 days left for me to find a heap of old people interview them, make a kick ass video about it all and write the most awesomeness account of it all.  If I don't start it NOW it will NEVER get done.

(breaking out in sweat with short sharp breathes)

Why is it I only seem to like the idea of writing?  Why is it that the actual writing or being a famous writer is so god dam hard? Oh that's right if it were easy everyone would do it...oh wait thanks to the Internet and the likes of Blogger everyone is doing it...

On a side note.  This post (titled Now or Never) has taken three days to get up and since I want to get a grateful post out I will be scheduling the post for nearly 24hours.  Just thought you should know.

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Friday, August 19

Things I Know

With another week slowly coming to an end the first thing I know this week is that I am more than ready for the weekend.  And I wish it were going be one of those weekends that last for much longer than just two days.  My sister is coming for a visit this weekend and the time always flies way too fast when she is around.

I know I wish she hadn't moved away.  I know why she did though and I know that deep down somewhere inside me I do understand and am super glad she is happy.

I know that I am feeling slightly burnt out.  It has been a big week at the school and there is still much to do.  I know I wish that I had not put my hand up for any of the things that I have.  

I know that at the end of the day it will all get done it is just the quality that will be questionable.  

I know the motto "at least I am trying" gets me through a lot.  Maybe too much.  Maybe I should still try harder.

I know that I have great abilities, what I don't always know though is how to use them.

I know there is so much I want to do, or think that I should do.  I know very little of that may actually happen.

I know I love the way that DD2 shows me her arm muscles with every bite of her cheese and spinach leaf sandwich.  This is currently her favourite food because she wants to grow up to be big and strong.

I know that once I press publish there will probably be another ten things that pop into my head that I will think will be better to use than the ones I have.  I know this because that is what happened yesterday when I did my Thankful Thursday post

And finally the last thing I know for this week is that while it may make me feel super good to get a blog post up first thing in the morning, it doesn't exactly help get the kidlets to school on time.

What is it that you know? Head over to Shae's Yay for Home to join in.

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Thursday, August 18

Thankful Thursday

As I sit down to write this post the thing that I am most thankful for is the ever so yummy slice that I found hiding away in the fridge.  It teams particularly well with the glass of red and lightly whipped chocolate that I also discovered in my refrigerator raid.  It is a lovely way to end the day.  Not that there was anything particularly deserving of such treats but hey what's a girl supposed to do?

The next thing I think I am going to be thankful for is the fact that it is nearly bedtime.  Actually now that I see it is 9:59 I am thinking that it could very well be bedtime (once I finish my wine that is).  I had hoped to have this post all finished and ready to schedule post at 7am Thursday (it is currently Wednesday night) but now that doesn't seem so important.  Now sleep seems like all I can think of.

fast forward to Thursday morning (early, very early)

Now the first thing I am thankful for is my awesome cup of coffee and my super early night last night.  I would like to say I am thankful for the peace and quiet that comes from an early morning rise only with two out of three children up with me it is not exactly a peaceful quiet time.  Instead I give thanks to hub's colleague who kindly started sending through text messages at a little after 5.30am.  Which may I just point out is around half hour before hubs and I usually elect to start our day and a good hour earlier than when children normally wake.

So how can I be thankful for this I hear you ask?

Easy!  Because of our extra early rise I will be able fit in an extra load of washing before the school run as well as getting a few extra little chores out the way.  The super early start for DD3 will mean her morning nap will also be nice and early which should make way for an afternoon nap right when I need to go to school.  Which is perfect as she can sleep in the pram while I get done what I need to.  So really I could not have planned it better if I tried.

More things to be thankful for include the fact that my beautiful sister is coming for a visit tomorrow.  She will only be here a few days but it will be wonderful just to have her near.  To see her swelling belly and smiling face.  I am thankful also to my sister in law taking me out on Monday night, without children.  I can't remember the last time I got dressed and didn't have to think about whether or not I would be able to expose a breast to feed a hungry child should the need arise.  We listened to Jack Thompson read classic Australian poetry under the stars.  Totally awesome.  Makes me thankful to live in a place where even in 'winter' you can sit out under the stars.

Finally I want to give thanks for our health.  Not only are we free from any serious illness, for which I am constantly thankful, but in a week that has seen many go down with bugs of all sorts I feel blessed by the fact that this household has somehow managed to escape.  Touch wood it stays that way and I am sending out healing fairy wishes and butterfly kisses to all who need them.

So what are you thankful for?

Head over to Kate Says Stuff to play along and read more thankful posts

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Tuesday, August 16

Taste of Tuesday - Makes Me Smile

Yay!! I found a blog hop for Tuesday.  Hosted over at If these Wall these week she is asking for what makes us smile.  Which is lovely, as we should all take the time to think about what makes us smile.

So some of the things that make me smile

  • When great minds think alike (The blog I selected to mention yesterday happened to be the same blog that someone else also mentioned.  Just goes to show what a great blog it is)
  • DD3 successfully using the potty
  • Johnny Cash music
  • Getting comments on my posts.  Seeing new followers and increases in traffic will also bring a smile to my face.
  • The thought of looking at my clean and tidy house (I say thought because the reality is far from clean and tidy because all I want to do is blog or read blogs or do anything to do with blogging as I am convinced once I crack blogging I will get on to some real writing)
For now though I really should go and be productive somewhere else.   You however have all the time in the world :) so please have a good poke around here and then head over to here and share what makes you smile.

Oh and this makes me smile more than anything

the eye closing is on purpose, so use to the flash being bright she closes her eyes the moment I pick the camera up.  How could that not make you smile :)

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I Too Yell

Recently amongst the circles that I follow there has been some discussion on the topic of yelling.  I think for the most part it stemmed from this openly honest post from Daisy with her Confession of a Foghorn

Now apparently this is surprising to many but I am a yeller.  I don't like yelling and it always hurts my throat and I always instantly wish I hadn't just yelled, but there are times when I still go and yell.  And I shouldn't.  For the most part I yell at the one person.  It is generally only one person who manages to find the right sequence of buttons that can create enough force to decimate my self control and allow anger, rage and frustration let loose.  Thankfully for the most part though I can keep it all in check.

Actually for the most part this person is beautiful and caring.  Giving, funny and talented in many different ways this person generally fills me with an abundance of pride, love and happiness.  Perhaps that is why?  You know equal and opposite reactions and all that.  Sometimes it is weeks without yelling.  Well maybe only two but still...  The yelling time is always outweighed greatly by non yelling.  Not that that really makes it all ok.  No one should be yelled at.  Especially when love is involved.  It just doesn't seem right does it? Yelling at those we love but more often than not that is the way it works out.

Only I also yell at my dog.  I know.  Shoot me now.  But he just doesn't listen to me.  He thinks that the rules don't matter to me.  And sometimes they don't.  But sometimes they do and he needs to listen when I want him to.  Surely that is not too much to ask?

Anyway I just discovered something amazing.  My dear old dog responds better to gestures than yelling.  With a stern look and a few hand signals (pointing) I was able to send him outside much easier than when I use my voice.  

Hold on.  Turns out I spoke (wrote) too soon.  

He may have followed my signals to start with but it was all short lived.  He returned and has now closed his eyes so as to not be able to see me.

(deep sigh)

He knows me so well.  With a sleeping baby on my lap there is no way I am able to make him move.  I can not yell or even move myself to drag him out the back and shut the door.  

Back to my yelling though.  So now that I have fessed up what next?  Try not to I guess.  Learn to walk away, find a different way through.  Let it all go and not sweat the small stuff.

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Monday, August 15

Monday Mention - Daisy, Roo & Two

Yesterday as I trudged my way through the battlefields of housework that is my home I pondered on what earth shaking event I could blog about.  Unfortunately for me I did not exactly come up with much.  You see for as much as I long to be a famous writer, making the time to actually write is still much easier said than done.  Depending on the time of day I can come up with an array of reasons as to why  my screen remains blank.  Surely this is not the path way to becoming a writer.

What I have found works though is regular themed posts.  For some reason, weekly link ups like Thankful Thursday, Wordless Wednesday, and Things I Know seem to get at least a few of my juices going.  Actually if I were to guess the reason for my interest in these things it is because for the most part they have a way of increasing my readers.

One of the crazy ideas I came up with yesterday was to host a link up of my own.  Possibly Sunday Shout Outs.  The idea being to share a favourite link/blog/product/whatever.  Of course my lack of self confidence automatically had me question whether I would get any one to join in which in turn convinced me it was a bad idea.

Thankfully for me the wonderful Tammy over at Ramblings Of A Brokenhearted Mummy had the perfect solution for me with her Monday Mentions.

So before this Monday runs out I would like to mention Daisy, Roo & Two One of the blogs that I have recently stumbled across and just fallen in love with.  Daisy feels like a kindred spirit that I have known forever.  Her grounding honesty coupled with a warm humour gives new light to life and all that it brings.

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Making Goals Monday - Wk 2

Making Goals Monday
So last week I finally took the plunge and linked up with Sarah over at Accepting and Embracing Autism and dived head first into making some goals.  Not wanting to overwhelm myself I kept it all pretty simple.

  • Write at least 5 more posts

  • Exercise for at least 30 minutes, three times (will try and bump it to every day but don't want to set myself up for failure straight away)

  • Not waste hours and hours and hours on stupid mindless games that have no bearing whatsoever on real life

  • Sounded pretty easy really.  Only reality was not as easy.

    I did manage to get my five posts done.  Actually I managed 6 so that is not a bad effort at all.  One of them was even a non link up post!  Yep that's right somehow I managed to write a post totally unrelated to anything at all.  (It is here if you are interested)  So far so good but here is about where it ends.

    I did not even come close to exercising for 30 minutes three times last week.  I took the kids for a swim yesterday afternoon and that is it.  I don't think I even stopped to think about fobbing off exercising.  Pure and simple exercising was not even close to my radar last week.

    That just leaves the not waste hours and hours and hours on stupid mindless games that have no bearing whatsoever on real life.  Which I guess I could maybe, sorta, say I kind of cut back a little.  I know there was one day were I didn't even go near the computer all day long.  Instead I devoted myself to cleaning, tidying and decluttering (which by the way is a never ending battle)

    So where does that leave me now?

    The way I see it I have a couple of options.  I could easily just give up and forget about making goals.  Only we all know how important goal setting can be.  I have been harping on about goals since almost time began.  Well at least since this blog began.

    After much thought I have decided that this week I will take a new approach.  No more of this taking it easy and giving myself a somewhat free ride.  This week I am going to give myself a lovely long list of goals in the hope that the levels of achievement might also increase.

    1. Make significant progress with the school birthday celebrations
    2. Maintain some form of order within the house
    3. Sleep (regularly and at night like most normal people do)
    4. Write (something awesome)
    5. Be active
    What are your goals for the week?  Come and join in here

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    Sunday, August 14

    Still Trying to Improve

    Last week I posted about there always being room for improvement.  It was the first in a weekly link up with the wonderful Karlee over at The Mother Experiment called Me and YOU Monday.  

    The idea is that we all take one area of our life that we would like to improve.  For the entire week we focus on improving said area.  For me it was the housework, for Karlee it was stressing, Daisy elected to focus on reducing her yelling, Kristy was hoping for the return of predictability to life and Courtney wanted to work on cutting herself some slack.

    Now before I go on to tell you how I went I must say that I feel a bit out of place.  These other courageous women really put themselves on the line with what they wanted to change.  They put themselves down for some serious internal change and personal growth.  They committed to actively creating positive change within their lives.  Sort of makes my housework goal rather pale by comparison.  Mind you if you have ever stepped foot in my house, you would understand the actual importance of the need for change.

    Housework is not one of my priorities.  In fact I don't think it even comes close to scraping by as a priority.  SomeMost days I doubt if housework even makes it on to the to do list let alone an actioned priority list.  So saying I was going to commit to daily washing, folding and putting away of a load of washing (excluding nappies) as well as maintain a sink free from dirty dishes was a pretty big step.  One that if I managed to pull off would have been nothing short of a minor miracle.

    So... ... ...

               ... ... ... Just how did I go?  Here is a bit of a run down for you.

    Tuesday - Brilliant day!  Managed to get two loads of washing done and put away.  Not only that but cleared the sink of dirty dishes and even made some progress on the decluttering that hubs kindly forced me into a few weeks ago.

    Wednesday - Not quite so brilliant but not all bad either.  Didn't get quite as much done but did manage to get some washing out and possibly put some dishes away.  Photographed washing for rather cool Wordless Wednesday post

    Thursday - A right off.  Nothing achieved or accomplished.  Nothing at all.  Not even close.  Washing still hanging on the line and dirty dishes tower growing nicely.  Could use the death of the dog as and excuse but excuses are for the weak aren't they?

    Friday - Washing still on line.  Possibly washed a few dishes.  Had an awesome time at the wave pool with the girls and really enjoyed the time on the computer in the morning.

    Saturday - Washing finally off line.  Basket still sitting in lounge room waiting to be folded.  Extra child the night before creates more dishes than expected and dirty dishes tower nearly at a new all time high.  Manage to downsize a little.

    Sunday - Day of rest? Not likely! Complete opposite.  Washing is folded and waiting to be put away however, two new loads washed, dried and put away all in the one day!  (Hard to believe I know but true none the less)  Dirty dishes tower finally completely deconstructed and cleaned and even put away.  Most of the dinner dishes are even washed (though not put away and nor will they till morning)

    So it looks as if I will be holding on to the housework for this week as well.  Clearly there is still room for improvement!  Make sure you check back next Monday to see how this week went.  Head to The Mother Experiment to link up and find out more

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    Friday, August 12

    Televison - The Greatest Invention of All Time

    Or is it?

    I mean if we really stopped and took the time to think about there is possibly some other invention that has saved a life or at least greatly improved the quality of life for someone which could possibly be seen as slightly greater than the old box but Televison - The Nearly Greatest Invention of All Time doesn't really seem to have the same ring to it.

    The greatness of television debate has raged since the screens were first invented (which according to Wikipedia people first started to investigate the possibility way back in the late 1800's who knew. On the whole though it was not until the 1930's that the first actual sets entered the scene with some countries not actually getting televisions until as late as the 1990's)

    Personally I am not a huge television fan.  I can sort of see the attraction but I by no means plonk myself down on the couch to watch endless hours of drivel (mainly because that would interrupt my precious computer time)  I also don't generally let the kids watch a great deal, though they do watch more than what I am comfortable with but sometimes a gal just needs a bit of piece and quite and let's face it that is one of the great things about TV.

    Now when I sat down to write this post I had something pretty impressive that I wanted to share.  Rather than just cutting straight to the chase I thought that I would take you on a bit of a journey.  Share some information that you might not have already known and possibly learnt something myself (hence the stop over at Wiki).  Only somewhere along the line I seem to have gotten a little lost and no longer remember my original idea.

    In between writing these four little paragraphs I have; cleaned up a toilet mishap, resolved three minor opinion differences, had five conversations regarding numerous subjects, smiled 4 times at the cuteness in the actions between the girls and won 7 rounds of tetris battle (my new favourite way to waste time on facebook)  No wonder I have lost my train of thought here.

    More distractions (should read went to Helium site to look for old article on TV, got distracted by possibility of actually getting paid to write, lost touch with reality and for a fleeting moment actually contemplated writing 1500 words on the importance of being part of a community in under twenty minutes with three kidlets hanging around who are currently being amused but none other than...)

    Clearly I should just go and do my TIK post

    image credits here

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    Things I Know

    The first thing I know today is that Fridays are fast becoming one of my favourite blogging days as it means I get to share all the things I know with you in one great post.

    I also know that I love reading about all the other things that people know so make sure you check them all out (list is found at the bottom of the post here

    I know that I am glad I gave the girls the day off school today.  After the loss of Such (my mum's dog) on Wednesday we have all been a little drained.  I desperately wanted to cancel yesterday but there were some commitments that I just couldn't (and didn't want to) not meet.  Plus how wonderful is a long weekend?  Today is also the last day we can spend with our beautiful visitors before they return home tomorrow.  I know we will all miss them muchly.

    I know that even though muchly is not really a word I still like to use it sometimes.  I know that other people can make up way cooler words than muchly but that is the best I can do (at least for now anyway).

    I know I love the sound of my children laughing (even if it is because DD3 has just tipped a rather large cup of water over herself which I will now have to clean up)  I know also that I have probably mentioned the love laughter thing before but every time I hear it I think how much I love it.  I love it muchly.

    I know I am feeling really positive about the way this lovely little blog is growing.  I know I still religiously check stats and get way to excited about even the slightest spike in hits but hey what is it they say about small things and small minds...

    I know that I have spent way too much time in front of the computer this morning when I have so many things to do, but hey you can't win them all.

    What do you know?  Click here to join in

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    Thursday, August 11

    Thankful Thursday: Trying not to be repetitive

    Now as much as Thankful Thursday is a great idea and I just love love love being a part of it, I am a little worried.  You see when I sit down to share what I am thankful for I seem to always have the same things that come to mind.  I worry that you will soon tire of reading how awesome I think my family is but I just can't help it.

    My mother has gone overseas for six weeks leaving me to care for her house and two dogs.  Thankfully her house is pretty close to the girls school so it is no trouble stopping in there every day and doing what needs to be done.  In some ways it is very therapeutic, watering her shade house, playing with the dogs.  In some ways it is not, ensuring the girls don't make too much of a mess, walking in and finding a dead dog.  

    Yep you read right.  I got there yesterday to find one of the dogs had passed away.  How does this fit into a thankful post I hear you ask? She was old and possibly had cancer and really I think the outcome is for the best.  But here is where I get really thankful.  When I rang my husband and told him what had happened, he came straight round to deal with it all, which gave me the chance to sit down and talk about it with the girls.  

    They have both known this dog all their lives so to a five and ten year old it was a pretty big loss.  Apart from the death of my dad and few goldfish this is the only other death they have experienced.  All in all they handled it very well, though DD2 did get a bit hysterical with the tears but she is what some would call a little sensitive at times.

    So here is what I am thankful for.  My super super awesome husband, the fixer of all my problems, my tower of strength and sensibility, my bestest friend in the whole wide world.  My everything.  Oh I am also a bit thankful I don't live in England.  (Please if you happen to be a rioter or thinking of becoming one don't.  Go and blog about it instead)

    What are you thankful for? Head over to Kate Says Stuff and join in

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    Wednesday, August 10

    Trying, always trying

    That is what my life feels like.  In both senses of the word as well.  

    The past few days have seen my trying to get ahead of the housework.  Yesterday I made a concerted effort to be super productive.  I managed to resist all temptation that the computer world brings me and concentrated purely on getting washing washed, folded and put away.  I did what seemed like a never ending tower of dishes (one that has seemingly returned today)  I even spent some time in the girl's room trying to restore some order there.  Oh and naturally I tried to restore some form of order to the general living area.  

    Despite these efforts though I feel as if little was achieved.   Full credit to hubs though, he assured me he could notice a difference.  I am also rather disheartened by the fact that by the time kidlets were in bed and I had filled out our census form I was so exhausted that I toddled myself off to bed.  The downside to getting up at 5.30am I guess.

    On the upside though I did try something new for dinner last night.  I made a green Thai chicken curry.  Which was a bit yummy.  DD1 & 2 weren't exactly over the moon about it but they did for the most part eat without complaint.  DD3 is so interested in food that she pretty much eats what ever you put in front of her, especially if it is something new.  It was dead easy as well so that was even better.  I could tell you how now but I could also just put it in a post of it's own and give you the link (which is what I will do so stay tuned)

    So far today has been fairly productive though I have spent some time on the computer.  I just had to get my Wordless Wednesday post up.  I thought that I was so good getting it done before 11am only to find that some thirty odd people beat me to it.  Grrrrrr (not really glad to see so many others are joining in the fun if you want to check them all out head here there are some great photos in there this week)  I also managed to get some emails replied to.  

    What I haven't done though is the most important stuff, which I should get to now but I just really wanted to write.

    The urge to write has been growing a lot lately and I hate it when I can't find the time to listen to it.  How will I ever become a famous writer if I don't actually write?  And when I say write I don't necessarily mean some of the drivel I put up here and try to fob off as words of wisdom.

    (short sharp sigh - you know the fed up with is all kind)

    Moving along though.  No point beating myself up about it all, best just to keep going and try to make changes.

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    Wordless Wednesday

    Playing along with the ever so lovely Trish over at My Little Drummer Boys

    The washing which I have been diligently working through as per here

    Because the washing is boring and yucky here is some beauty to balance it out :)

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