Wednesday, October 31

The Mining Town Supermarket

It had been a long day. A really, really long day. Again. Lately every day felt like it was longer than the last. Which would have been bearable Sally were able to get more done. Instead it seemed like she was constantly achieving less and less. All the while her to do list was growing at exponential rates. She knew that life wasn't meant to be easy but she didn't understand why it had to be so damn hard all the time either.

Taking a deep breath she tried to regain some composure. She could feel herself beginning to crumble and more than anything she didn't want that to happen. Standing in what felt like the longest line in the history supermarket checkouts, with what was possibly the slowest operator since time began was not the time to burst into tears over the crapness that was her life.

With there still three people in front of her, two of which had rather full trolleys, Sally wondered whether she really needed what was in her basket. It never ceased to amaze her how supermarkets had endless checkouts, yet there was never more than one or two open at a time.

While she may not have had much to buy it was her dinner and fresh milk for coffee in the morning. Neither of which she really wanted to go with out. Especially the milk. She went with out coffee this morning and it was a less than perfect start to what turned out to be a far from pleasant day. She really didn't want to start tomorrow the same way. As it was her life felt like groundhog day, without her aid.

Sure the was still time stop on the way home and grab a bite to eat at the local diner, but they didn't sell milk. She was not going home without milk and that's all there was to it. Thanks to the size of the town she lived in there wasn't even another supermarket that she could go and try her luck at, which was probably why there was only one checkout open with the world's slowest operator on it where she was.

Sighing she slowly shuffled forward. One trolley down, one hand basket and another over flowing trolley to go and it was her turn. At least now she was close enough to grab a magazine and flick through it in the hope that time would pass quicker.

Nearly twenty minutes later she was finally on her way but at least she had milk and there was now a chance that at least tomorrow could start better than today. At least it couldn't start any worse. Since tomorrow was Saturday, with meant no work and possibly a little lie in, and now having milk the day was actually shaping up quite nicely.

Walking down the road towards home Sally could feel the heaviness in the air. It hadn't rained for months now. A layer of red dust seemed to cover everything, hovering, waiting for the next object to stick to. It was the one thing that really drove her insane. She longed for the rains to come and wash it all away, taking with it the stifling heat that even after the sunset would linger until the early hours of the morning and returning the moment the sun rose.

Even after five years of living there she still couldn't adjust to the ridiculous weather at this time of year. The nights were nearly as hot as the days and the seemingly endless wait for the relief of coolness that would come with rain. Of course within two months of the rain starting to fall she would then have to start worrying about flooding. Mother Nature sure could be a bitch about things at times, there was no doubt about that.

Opening the front door to her boxy little unit Sally was greeted by a gush of warm air that was desperate to escape the walls it had spent the day invading. Turning on the fan she hoped the blades would quickly move the stillness about and cool things, if only by a degree or two. At least it would be something.

Picking her shopping bags up she trudged through to the kitchen, on the way turning on lights and more fans as she passed by the switches. Momentarily contemplating turning the air conditioner on she decided against. As much as it might bring relief it would also cost a fortune and just make tomorrow seem even hotter.

Truth be told she had never really been much into creating such false environments. She couldn't see how it could be good for the body. How could it ever acclimatise to the heat if she kept subjecting it such drastic changes?

Plonking the bags down she opened the fridge and pulled out a beer. Enjoying the blast of coldness that came with opening the fridge door. Once again finding herself consider the air conditioner, even if just for a little while.

Twisting the top of the beer bottle she swigged down the icy cold liquid. Gone were the days where she elegantly sipped expensive champagne from crystal glasses. Living in the middle of no where, surround by rough and tumble miners she quickly learnt to adjust. As an environment protection officer amongst miners, life was hard enough. Being a woman added to that ten fold. There was no need to stand out further by drinking the likes of Don Perignon.

Not that the local bottle shop sold such luxuries anyway. Sally was actually that they even had any champagne on the shelf. However after sampling both brands they had she quickly decided to find a new beverage of choice. At least beer was relatively cheap, drinkable and helped her fit in just a little. Well as much as her highly educated, big city living self could fit into a narrow minded, close knit and very small mining town could.

More coldness and another moment of relief as she opened the fridge door again to put the milk away and look at what she could add to her shopping for dinner. She had purchased a big juicy T-bone to cook up but could no longer be bothered. Between the heat and the lateness of the evening she was fast losing interest in eating. Another swig of her beer and she found herself putting the meat in the fridge as she headed to the cupboard in the search of a tin of baked beans.

Finding none she decided that eating was over rated and headed to the couch with her drink. She could recall her father saying 'there is a steak and two eggs in every can' referring to his beloved beer as her mother harassed him for not sitting down to eat a meal with them at the dinner table. She hated it at the time but now understood. A few more beers and she wouldn't need dinner either and chances were pretty good she would forget how hot and uncomfortable she was.

After an hour or so of channel surfing and more beers it was finally bed time. Sally picked her weary self up out of the couch and trudged down the hall to have a shower and then send herself off to the land of sleep.

An insight into why I write

I should be doing the dishes.

Or hanging out the washing.

Or sweeping and mopping the floors or any other number of things that come under the dreaded banner of housekeeping. But I am not.

Instead I am here. I just can't face being anywhere else right now. I feel so totally overwhelmed by life as a whole that I just don't know where to begin. Blogging seems like the only way to try and make sense of it. A way to shuffle the pieces around in the hope that I will see the best way to put them altogether.

Someone close to me, very close to me actually is faced with a rather dire situation. I want to help them but just don't know how. I don't even know if there is anyway I can help. The solution involves money and I just don't have any. Nor do I have a magic wand to make some appear.

The worry of it all is literally keeping me awake, stopping me from eating and keeps me constantly on the verge of tears. I feel physically ill just thinking about it, which kinda sucks because I am thinking about it ALL THE TIME.

All of this is amplified by the fact I can't go and talk to my dad about it. Which makes cry even more. I have no doubt that he would be able to help find a solution. He was always good like that. My head just can't stop thinking if he was here it would never have got so bad, in fact it would probably never even have happened in the first place.

Writing it all out was supposed to make me feel better. So far it hasn't.

Writing is like my best friend. It listens quietly and patiently to whatever drama my head is trying to comes to terms with. It lets me say things I wouldn't ordinarily say in person. Words that if I said out loud I fear I may choke on so I don't even try to say them, instead bottling it all up waiting to explode under the pressure of it all.

Writing lets it all out. It stops me from exploding and keeps me together.

Tuesday, October 30

Help! A NaNoWriMo Plea

In just a few short days it will be November. A time when wanna be novelists the world over throw caution into the wind and embark on a crazy adventure and attempt to write fifty thousand words (or more) in only thirty days.

And you guessed it, I intend on being one of those sleep deprived crazed wanna be novelists. Which kinda works out well for me because some would say I am already on the side of crazy and thanks to my recent aversion to sleep I am already deprived there as well.

Way back in 2008, when for some reason life seemed somewhat simpler, I heard about NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) just a few short days before the start date. To say I was keen was an understatement. I couldn't wait to get started, sitting up till midnight so I could start writing the moment it was the first. Come the end of the month when I had reached the goal I was beside myself with joy. Perhaps even over the moon.

It was one of the first times ever I really thought that I might have what it takes to crack this writing gig dream. Sadly though I no longer have a copy of that manuscript. Which kinda sucks. Actually it bites big hairy balls but what can you do?

Yes I know you can back up.

Well guess what smarty pants, I did. I even had a back up of my back up and today I am still left with sweet FA. But that's ok.

Well actually I have to make it ok because I can't do anything else about it. The story is still inside me, I think, perhaps even deep down know, that when the time is right the story will just write itself. Oh how I hope that time is now.

While I may have passed the required word count my story wasn't actually finished. I couldn't end it. The main character (Rayisa) had to deal with the death of her father (Grayson) only I just couldn't write it.

Naturally I felt rather close to Rayisa and she may or may not have been loosely based on myself, just as Grayson may have  resembled my own father in a few ways. At the time Dad was still alive and killing off Grayson felt like I was writing my father's yet to happen death.

Fast forward to November 2009 and I coming to terms with the fact that Dad is no longer with me. It seemed like the perfect time to write the rest of the story or perhaps even a new one. It wasn't. Neither was 2010 or 2011. Fingers and toes are crossed for 2012.

Only this year I don't think I am going to try and write THAT story. This year I am going to do things a little different.

This year I am going to go for

Thirty stories in thirty days.

Brilliant hey?

Rather than one long story I am going to try and write 30 pieces of flash fiction in 30 days and still reach the fifty thousand words. But I am going to need your help.

Now you probably don't know this, but I have another blog. One that is specifically for my fiction work. It is a little on the small side at the moment but that is all about to change. It is where I plan to post each of my thirty stories.

As you can imagine coming up with that many different ideas is not going to be easy and this is where you come into it. I want you to give me prompts for each day. On Friday when I was Flogging with Grace, I put a call out on Making it Matter for some suggestions.

The response was awesome and I have a few ideas to get me started but I need more. And what better place to ask for help than the #IBOT community?

So hit me a location, genre or theme, and an object or any other details you think should be included. Here is what I have been given so far

As you can see I still have a way to go before I get to 30. Thank you to to those who have already helped. Feel free to leave suggestions in the comments below or on my Facebook page and make sure you swing by Fly By Fiction after the first to see how it all unfolds.

Monday, October 29

If you're happy and you know it...

Clap your hands?

Or at least let me in on your secret so I can join in because quite frankly right now happy seems like a distant memory.

Ok so maybe that was a slight exaggeration. But honestly, right here, right now, as I sit sweltering in front of my beloved Mac happy is the emotion I am least likely to use to describe how I am feeling. Unless of course it was opposite day or we lived in opposite land.

The rational side of my brain, or what is left of it, knows that things are not that bad. In fact it is the rational side that is saying yes sure write this post and even post it, but do it when people are not likely to read it. Because lets face it things have been a little bleak around here of late and I am sure whatever readership I may have has heard just about enough of my recent poor woes is me.

Lucky for me though I am firm believer in the whole this is my blog and I will cry if I want to. If you are one of those who has had it to the eye balls with current levels of whinging turn away now and come back tomorrow.

Tomorrow there will be a new post filled with hope and enthusiasm and the whole poor bugger me theme will be no where to be seen. Well unless you decide to scroll down to far, do so at your own peril.

October is a hard month.

The school holidays don't go for nearly long enough. One week is barely a break let alone enough time to recoup and gather enough strength to make it through the final ten weeks of the school year.

October is also the month where I had to say goodbye to my dad. Every time I see an old man I want to cry. Today as I stood at Leonard's waiting for easy way out of dinner I saw an old man walk past with a younger woman. She could have been his daughter, a friend even hired help, but you could see she cared for him. He wore shoes similar to what my dad did. Most old men up here do. By the time I got my chicken tears were gently rolling down my cheeks.

Silently and slowly. Much like they are now. God I miss him.

Of course the weather doesn't help either. The build up is certainly building up. Waiting for rain is much like waiting for Godot. Only worse, because waiting for rain leaves you with a salty stickiness on your skin. It is icky and yucky and hot. Really really hot. It makes everything so much harder to handle.

Like it is not already enough of a struggle.

Drained does not even begin to explain the empty hollow shell that I currently feel like. Everything, and I mean EVERYTHING, is such a mission. If it weren't for the fact my too hard basket was already overflowing I would just put everything in it and go back to bed.

Bed and sleep feel like my only sanctuary. Of course not when it is night time though. They are solace I seek during the day. Or at least last week and possibly this week they are. I'll get back to you on next week.

Sunday, October 28

Instagram Weekly

Given how few photos I took last week and the fact they are only of food I nearly wasn't going to bother this week. But then the linky junkie within kicked in and well here I am.

Kitchen failure. These were not light and fluffy, nor did they melt in my mouth.

Thankfully the gingerbread biscuits for the school disco turned out much better.

These little beauties cost me $5 however they meant I saved a total of $19 when filling up the car. Win win I say.

Pastry. Yum. So easy to use and so many different uses. Last year I shared ten easy ways to use pastry. I think perhaps an update is in order?

My Orange Vegetable flan. Yum, yum and yum.

My camera roll does actually have quite a few non foodie shots that needed a tweak here and there but for what ever reason never got it. Who knows maybe they will get it this week? I am sure you will all be waiting with baited breath.

Joining with Tina and the gang

Thursday, October 25

Thankful for a wonderful community

Being able to feel part of a community is a wonderful thing. Being able to feel part of a hard working, committed and friendly community is an even more wonderful thing. Being able to feel part of a caring and supportive community is also a pretty wonderful thing. I am thankful to be able to say that I feel like I am part of a few communities that have such qualities.

The first of these is at the girls' school. Miss 11 has been there since she started pre school in the year that she turned four. It really is a beautiful place, full of wonderful people. This is her last year there. In fact really she is down to her last few weeks of primary school.

Next year sees her embark on the journey that is middle school. It still seems so early in life to be sending them off to there already. I am really not ready to be a mother of a middle school child. I guess it is slightly better than being a mother of a high school but at the end of the day there really isn't much in it. But all of that is a post for another day. Today is about awesome communities I am part of now, not about to be part of next year.

Last night the school council hosted a Halloween themed disco for the kids. It was two hours of non stop howling fun. Including apple bobbing, homemade lemonade and gingerbread cookies. Completed with hotdogs and watermelon slices.

The parents of a transition student organised the disco. While another family provided some glow sticks and novelty toys. A group of wonderful mums, as well as a few dads, all pulled together to prepare and then serve all the food and drink.

While the effort wore me out a little and the noise and people weren't exactly my idea of fun it was great to see the kids have such a fab time in a lovely safe environment. A good strong supportive school community provides such a wonderful environment for society.

My heart also swelled to see everyone come together and share in the good times. Not to mention the old fashionedness of it all. As lovely as progress is, sometimes it is nice to take a step back in time and appreciate the simple. Last night was one of those times.

Thanks to this rather special community I also got the pleasure of meeting Ernie Dingo the other day as well.

He stopped by to check out our community garden. It is pretty awesome I must admit. These mums (and again a few dads) have done a superb job and driving this little project. One that only a few short years ago seemed nothing more than pipeline dream.

This year for father's day there was enough basil harvested that we were able to make pesto and sell it as gifts for dad. In fact each fortnight there is produce for sale at assembly. All just so so awesome I tell. Especially when you see the faces of the kids when they spend time out there. Each class got the chance to make the pesto and then eat it.

Even Ernie got to sample some of the pesto. Served on our environmentally friendly disposable plates - fresh banana leaves. It is fast becoming a favourite amongst many of the students.

Do you know how great it is watching kids going from oh no I don't like stuff like that (fresh homemade pesto) to yum that is the best thing ever?

Pretty great let me tell you.

Made only greater by the fact it is the direct result of a beautiful community spirit that just seems to grow from strength to strength. It is amazing what people, both men and women, can achieve when they want to.

When minds align and opinions are both heard and valued everyone is left feeling like a winner. And as we all know winners are grinners and the more grinning we can create in these tough days the better. I am thankful that the school community promotes all these things.

The online communities found via the likes of Thankful Thursday and Flog Your Blog Friday (both of which this post is joining in with) are also pretty amazing ones that I am pleased to feel a part of

Tuesday, October 23

Yesterday was an awful day

Not in a somebody died or I got attacked by a thug awful.
But more a could anything else go wrong and are you sure it is not ok to throttle children at times kind of awful.
There was no doubt that today was Monday and there was no doubt that I was still thinking (or rather hoping) it was Sunday.

Some time in the last week or so I did notice that the car seemed a little slow to start. Being anything but mechanically inclined I didn't really spend any more time thinking about it though. Which is a shame because if I had of I might have got the batteries looked at prior to discovering them not charged this morning.

Being a big non environmentally friendly but incredibly cool to drive anywhere 4WD my car has two batteries. One takes care of powering the engine and the other is used for charging various things that need charging. Previously if the first battery went flat there was a little button I could press that would then kick over to the other battery and all would be fine and dandy. Of course today though even that battery is as flat as a pancake.

Thankfully though after I spate of misfortune on the road trip we are now the proud owners of a roadside assistance membership. Or at least my husband is. Which meant shortly after arriving at work he had to come home and wait for the car to get fixed.

You can but imagine the sort of joy that would bring.

Walking back into a house with three children bouncing off the walls like rubber possessed beings. Two relishing the thought that maybe the car will stay broken all day meaning escape from the perils of school. The other beyond excited about the prospect of having their playmates around all day long.

And Me.

Beside myself at the thought of having the bigger two around on a day when I thought to be free of them. It sounds so awful when I say it like that. But right now I feel the need for all the freedom that I can get my grubby little hands on.

It has been super hot and sticky. The rain still not even close enough to be hoped for let alone promised or expected. Clouds slowly filling the sky and trapping the hot air below. Captivating the heat so it lasts even longer. Speculations of showers becoming even fainter as the clouds drift off elsewhere to ease the burden of the rain that they contain.

The children can not stay home today.

I need to wash clothes and put others away. The same can be said for dishes as well.
I need to clean and sort and stuff.
I need to blog and I need to just sit and think and be.
I need them to go to school.

Did I mention the washing machine is one the blink?

Naturally the repair man will come as soon as he can squeeze it in. Whenever that may be.

On the upside, because there is always and upside.

The car got fixed and while we have to pay for the batteries at some point, that point is not now. Which is good. The branches of the money tree are a little sparse at the moment. I can't but wonder if will ever be in full bloom though.

As always there is more, but I am sure this is enough awful for one post. It was enough awful for day no doubt about that. Only there were times, as I often do, as I am sure most of us do, when I heard something that made me go, my awful is not nearly as awful as that awful.

Tomorrow is always a brand new day.

Monday, October 22

Instagram Weekly

The last time I posted (nearly a week ago) I wrote of signs and how I thought the universe sent them to me. Right now it feels like the sign being sent to me is not to bother with this post. It has taken me all day to get this out. Even now as I enjoy the quiet of nearly all children in bed it is not as easy as I desire or expect.

Since all Instagram posts go via my phone it is generally easier to at least start this post through Blogpress on my phone. This makes sense since I thought all Instagram photos automatically saved to my camera roll. For some reason last week that wasn't the case and most of my photos are awol from my camera roll.  Which means I need to do it all through the computer and download the photos from Instagram and blah blah blah.

So without any more grumbling on the ease or lack there of, in getting this post to you I give you my week that was.
Clouds at sunset over my back yard. 
Reminded by Tina the other week how fun it was to play with different filters 
I thought I would give it a go myself

Same clouds, just different filters. I like trying to get my art on

Saturday was Mr Awesome's birthday.
His brother gave him some perfume. Those boys make me laugh

Choc cherry slice made specially for Mr Awesome's birthday

More yummy birthday food. Home made apple pies, nutella parcels 
and spinach and ricotta things (that weren't home made).
Oh, and some fruit to balance out the pastry

Mr Awesome and I off on a bus catching adventure for hot date night.

There were a few other photos I took in the week but for one reason or another I never got around to Instagramming them. I had planned to maybe throw a couple in here but this post has already taken more than enough time to get up. Oh the things we do for blogging hey?

If you want to see more of my incredibly exiting photos check out the box in my side bar or click here

In the meantime though, head on over to TGDM and check out what everyone else has been up to on Instagram

Tuesday, October 16

A sign. Or not.

I am a big believer in signs.

No not those types of signs.

The signs that the universe sends you to help steer you in the right direction. I have mentioned before, and probably on more than one occasion how for a large portion of things I am happy to let the powers that be take care of things.

In the past this has worked incredibly well for me. The powers that be have strange way of coming though for me. Sometimes when I least expect it and often in ways I never expected.

Every now and then though a sign will come through and I (being the know it all that I am) think I know better and just ignore what to some may well be blatantly obvious. Right now just happens to be one of those times.

As I type it is ridiculous o'clock (aka 2.37am). Miss Two thought she would try her hand at projectile vomiting earlier this evening. For the record she is not too bad at it. Distance is not great but volume is right up there. However now that she knows about the bonus points for getting it in the bucket I am hoping that is where all future deposits will go.

Due to her current desire to empty the contents of her stomach I decided that perhaps she should be excluded from the bedroom this evening. Which also means I am excluded from the bedroom tonight. Cleaning spew off an air mattress in the lounge is much preferable to changing the bed sheets in the middle of the night so I am not exactly complaining.

Especially since I now have an air mattress. Previously containment to the lounge room with vomiting child meant a night on floor on a thinner than thin mattress. Given that Mr Awesome has to get up and go to work it doesn't seem fair for him to be disturbed so I take one for the team and sleep on the floor. Fun doesn't even come close to describing it all. Mind you the whole air mattress, which is only a new thing, almost makes it bearable.

Though I can't help but wonder why my sense of adventure isn't more excited about camping in the lounge room. The children certainly see it that way with Miss Eleven pleading to join in. Poor thing was forced to remain in the comfort of her air conditioned bedroom on her bed.

Anyway many hours ago now when Miss Two was drifting off to sleep I found myself doing the same. Feeling a little uneasy in the stomach myself I didn't bother fighting the sleep thing, despite it being prior to 8pm. This also had the added benefit of me missing out on the regular bedtime fun of getting the other two to sleep.

This also explains why I am awake now. After years of unbroken, disjointed and minimal sleep, my body is under the misguided impression that after five hours of sleep it must be wake up time. Hence why bed time is never early.

Always looking for the bright side though, I figured that being awake now would give me the perfect chance to get my IBOT post out the way. Seeing as some how Tuesday seems to have once again snuck up. I much prefer having my post all scheduled and ready to go rather than trying to squeeze it in while reading all the other posts that have linked up.

Only the universe tried to send me a sign. One that said get off the computer. Within minutes of setting myself up Miss Six was awake and standing before me. Something about a sore throat, not feeling well, blah blah. Just go back to sleep was all I had in me. After all I was all ready to start blogging.

Thankfully she willingly complied and within seconds was curled up next to her sister on the air mattress. Back to it I went. Or so I thought.

Again the universe tried with the whole sign thing. This time it shut the power off. Which gave the new UPS thingy Mr Awesome bought home on the weekend a chance to beep away. Reluctantly I turned the computer off and sat in the darkness listening for then expected cries of children without electricity.

After a minute I was relived to realize I was still the only one awake. Phew! Now back to blogging. You see universes for as much as you may be trying to tell me not to bother I will not give in. Or so I thought till I picked up the iPad with it's 11% battery.

By now though the universe could see my dedication and relented. Switching itself back on so that I could get this out. Which I know you are just stoked about.

Does the universe send you signs?
Do you listen?

Joining in with Jess and the crew for #IBOT

Sunday, October 14

My Instagram Week 3

That's right folks, I think this whole Instagram weekly is going to be a stayer. Tina is a wonderful host and as you all know there is nothing I love better than a bit of linky love.

So with out further ado, here is what this week saw me sharing over at Instagram.

Yep that was me running.
Followed by me after running (the next day) Which just happens to be one of my fastest runs ever. It has been hot here lately.
The 28 degrees was at 11pm and the 24 degrees was before 8am. Crazy I tell you.
The sunset was something I was trying for a new header. I didn't go with it in the end but I might fiddle with it some more.
The flowers were from a lovely friend on Saturday. They were closed when she gave them to me so it was lovely watching them open all week.
Finally, as you have probably already noticed, the header I am currently using.

Friday, October 12

Why won't you sleep?

Sleep deprivation is part and parcel of being a parent. I know that. After eleven years of mothering I get the whole running on empty with next to no sleep. Really I do.

What I don't get though is why the hell an eleven year old refuses to sleep each and every night. Without fail. There is no getting through to this particularly stubborn mule that sleep is an essential part of life.

And even if by some miracle unbeknownst to the rest of the world she doesn't need sleep, I do. Around seven hours a night, though I would happily take five if it were unbroken and not following a three hour fight trying to convince someone else of the importance of sleep.

It is not for the weak you know darling? Even the toughest roughest so and so's sleep. So why won't you?

After a long week of cleaning, sorting, reorganising and just generally trying to restore some sort of order to the place we call home, the last thing I need, each and every night is a fight over why you need to go to sleep. #FFS!!!

The first night sure, I can come up with plausible excuses to explain your resistance. The last few days have been tough. The anniversary of Grandpa's death is difficult for us all. Going back to school can make one anxious. It is hard to break out of the holiday routine of later nights. I get that. I do.

But it can only be used so many times. And you have used up all those times.

My patience, understanding and general caring have packed up and walked out the door. The only ever agreed to stay while sleep was part of the deal. Without sleep there is no patience, understanding or cool calm collected mother. Instead there is a grouch grumbling tyrant that could quite happily stab you in the eye with a fork or perhaps some form of blunt instrument.

Said tyrant is also likely to yell, scream and be unable to listen to reason. Not that you are forthcoming with any reason or explanations. Which then of course leads to even more angst and frustration.

The upside to all of this? Yes there is one. There is always an upside, just sometimes it is harder than others to see.

This time the upside is that I get to join in with the lovely Miss Cinders. Who on a Friday, when the week has suddenly become too much and too long likes to lose her shit and asks others to join on in.

Lose Your Shit Friday

So here am I with my tired cranky pants on. Letting the world get on top of me and wishing I could just stay in bed and start again tomorrow. Or perhaps even the next day.

You see because it is not just the child refusing to sleep that has my knickers in a knot. Oh no there is so much more.

Like the fact said child is also refusing to eat her lunch. Which I lovingly make each and every god dam morning. I detest making school lunches with a passion but the current economic climate prevents any other option. If she brings home an uneaten sandwich one more time I may well just ram it down her precious little throat.

It's not like I don't ask her each and every morning what she would like and will she definitely eat it? To which she always assures me she will. Don't even get me started on the lying... Or the inability to listen, anyone would think ears are merely painted on or solely for decorative purposes... Or the attitude...

Then to top off my sleep deprived frustration of today I discover that some twat (myself) failed to close the fridge properly at the rather ungodly hour of one am, some fifteen hours ago. You can only begin to imagine my mood when I discovered this tragedy a few short minutes ago. Compounded by the fact that said fridge just happens to hold alcoholic beverages that I just so happened to be about to treat myself to.

Explosion point really is imminent.

Thankfully part of LYSF is that you need to include five awesomes. So here it goes.

  1. I was clever enough to make a few changes blog changes here and there. Including a funky new banner that I just love more every time I see it. Which is nice because to start with I had my doubts about it and just went with it because at least it was new.
  2. The discovery of some groovy new apps and free photo/graphics editing programs.
  3. The fact that it is Friday afternoon and Mr Awesome will shortly be home and has the weekend off.
  4. A few new followers around the traps. This always makes my heart swell, especially if the numbers have been stagnate for a while. Which they have been.
  5. Even though there is the need for a quick tidy up, the majority of the house is looking rather spick and span. The girls bedroom and under the stairs have both been decluttered and now no longer resemble the junk pile they did at the start of the week.
Make sure you swing by Saturday Morning Ogre Mum and find out what has got everyone else going off.

Thursday, October 11

Knowing little and flogging less

There once was a time when I would sit down on a Thursday night, filled with the anticipation of writing a more than awesome post to schedule bright and early for Friday morning. If by chance I could not think of said awesomeness then I would just share some of the things I knew and hope it would turn into something that resembled awesomeness.

Sadly, as far as I know, Things I know, is no more. Which is a bit sad. Well at least for me it is. Because now when late Thursday night rolls along and I am desperate for inspiration I have no where to share what it is I know.

For a brief moment when I heard that Dorothy was taking a break from TIK I contemplated sending her an email offering to babysit for a bit. But thankfully reality set in.

The whole regular and consistent thing does not really work well for me. Not when it is something I have to do. If it is something that I feel I have a choice in, there is slightly more chance but even then it can be doubtful at times.

When Karlee asked me if I was interested in taking over Me and YOU, many, many, many moons ago I was over the moon. However within a few short weeks I was left feeling drained and empty. I don't want to walk down that path again at the moment.

Right now I am feeling rather great about my blogging so I am cautious about anything that may change that. Of course I would feel even better about my blogging if I was attending the ProBlogger Training Event today.


I really would like to say that one day I will get to one but honestly...

Unless of course by some crazy act of blogging gods there was a conference held local. Which of course there won't be. Who wants to come to the hot sticky mess that is D-Town?

Double sigh.

At least I can still Flog.

Thankful Thursday - A random collection of things that make life great

It is late Wednesday night. I have spent most of the evening tweaking and changing things here on the blog. Hopefully you are are regular reader and have already recognised that though. If you are not and this is your first time here, thanks for dropping in and I hope you stick around. There are some mighty fine words to be read amongst these pages, even if I do say so myself.

I should really be going to bed but with all the changes and excitement I couldn't not write a quick post. Especially since tomorrow (which is now probably today) is Thursday which means Kate is getting thankful and encouraging everyone else to do so as well. And as a regular reader would know I just love being thankful.

As much as I love being thankful though I also love my sleep, so in a bid to appease both my needs I present to you a hodge podge thankful list.
I am thankful not just for the gesture of beautiful flowers
but also for the fact I have such a thoughtful friend

This week I am thankful that

  • I was able to purchase a new domain name. In case you hadn't heard the new address for these words of wisdom is
    I am oh so excited about this.
    I don't know why but for some reason having that blogspot in my address was slowly driving me insane. Given all that I have to deal with in life as it is, I do not need blogging to add to my craziness. Especially given that essentially blogging is seen by many as therapeutic.
  • I had the knowledge to make most of the changes to the blog all by myself. There is still one teeny tiny detail I am yet to resolve but for now I can live with that. For some reason, unbeknownst to me, unless a post title link is given my side bar is shown as a footer.
    If you have any hints please let me know.
  • After two days of rather arduous and boring cleaning the girls now have a tidy bedroom and my kitchen is looking somewhat organised and together. There is also next to no washing waiting to be done.
  • My mum was able to swing by and help me stay focused so that I could get what needed to be done in the house. Her doing a fair amount of the work was also greatly appreciated.
  • The lady in the front office at school having time to sit and talk to Miss 6 when she fell apart after lunch the other day because she was missing Grandpa. Bless both their beautiful hearts.
  • Even though I had two trips to the emergency department last week, both times I was dealt with in a professional and quick manner. Resulting in me not being there longer than what I needed to. And by that I mean in and out in well under two hours on both occasions.
  • The whole family has its health. I know a few people around the traps at the moment that have some less than desirable health issues to contend with. Having the healthy children, husband and self that I do, really is such a blessing.
And finally this week I am thankful for Kate, today's hostess with the mostest. I love that because of her each week, I and many others all take stock and stop and think of the many blessings with have. For we really are blessed. Not only does Kate encourage me to be thankful but thanks to #OperationMOVE she gets me moving and active as well. In fact Kate was one of the original instigators of me learning how to run as well. For which I am beyond thankful. Especially since this week I finally cracked the whole 5km in 30 minutes.

What are you thankful for today?

Joining in with
Thankful Thursday

Tuesday, October 9

Bullies bully the bully?

While I was flogging my blogging With Some Grace the other day I found myself discussing the recent actions of Alan Jones. In many ways I felt that when our local radio station decided to not air their regular hourly segment featuring apparent best of Mr Jones each day that they may have been denying freedom of speech.
As it turns out Australian doesn't have a constitutional right to freedom of speech. It is merely implied or expected. Thanks to my lovely readers Blundermum and Cassandra for sharing this with me. I did mean to look a bit further into it myself however Friday feels like it were only yesterday.

Time, as always, seems to be flying by.

Anyway back to Friday's post. There was so much there that I didn't say that I thought I would add some more. Well that and the fact that this morning Mr Jones went to air without a single ad being played for the duration of his show.

Before I get too far into it all though I just want to clear up a finer detail. On Friday I thought that the comment was made in the privacy of friends. In actual fact it was at dinner function organised by the Liberal Party.

Oh how this discovery made me shake me head.
In the privacy of his home then his behaviour is easier to excuse. The privacy of a Liberal Party dinner, where his fifty minute speech was recorded not so easy.

I know media and politics go hand in hand but seeing the relationship so blatantly intertwined sends shivers down my spine. Especially given the influence this man is seen to have. For as many people that want him taken off the air there are just as many who want him left there.

This morning Jones station, 2GB, put Alan on air without a single sponsor. The only breaks were ones that advertised other 2GB shows. It will be that way for the next two weeks. Not that I listened to any of the show but I have read that during the show and in recent interviews, Alan Jones has claimed that this whole ordeal has been taken over by bullies.

Bullies, particularly those of a social media nature have apparently turned Alan's sponsors against him. They have been left with no option but to pull their support else face public backlash. Which has apparently included some rather serious threats to sponsors.

Yes that's right one of the most influential and well paid radio personalities in the country, who has an opinion on everything and never holds back on sharing said opinion has fallen victim to cyber bullies. Or so he claims.

Given the tenacity, authority and aggression I have at times heard Alan Jones speak with I struggle to see how he can complain about the actions of bullies towards him. Especially when it comes to trying to convince people to change their thoughts and beliefs. Is that not the pot calling the kettle black?

Joining in with
Fairy wishes & butterfly kisses

Sunday, October 7

My Week According to Instagram

That's right folks I had so much fun compiling all my Instagram photos of the week that I am back for more. Unfortunately last week I had issues getting four photos up. Because I know how much you wanted to see them...

Top left is my watermelon and bean salad. On the right my ever constant and generally growing tower of dishes. Bottom left is Saturday's bento lunch for the kids. And lastly a few cards I drew while Angel talking.

This week started nice and early with the first rain of the season

My toes still spontaneously start wiggling every time I see this photo. I can't wait for there to be more. Everything always turns so green and lovely with the rain. The freshness in the air after a shower lifts even the weariest soul.

Later that same day I got my Martha Stewart on and made these little beauties

Banana and chocolate chunk muffins. Yep chunk not chip. We still have some solid little Easter eggs left and I whizzed them in mixer for 5 seconds to make them chunky. Oh my they were yummy.

Next is this beauty. Taken on Wednesday evening.

It is followed by this one

The two are related. To find out all the gory details though you will have to read about it here.

After reading some of the lovely lunch ideas over at Delightfully Tacky Lil Squirts I have been feeling a little inspired to go to a bit more of an effort with regard to lunches. Especially this week with them at home.

This was triple decker, ham cheese and salad sandwich. Cut into what are commonly known round here as funny triangles. Inventive huh?

And last but not least

Taken Saturday night. My mum and I dropped into the pub for a quick toast for Dad.

So there you have it, my week on Instagram. If you haven't already, follow me there as well at @aparentinglife

-fairy wishes and butterfly kisses

ps: don't forget to check out some of the cool blogs that have joined in today with Tina's blog hop

Saturday, October 6

Sometimes things just need to be said

As a blogger, perhaps even just as a person, there are things that I just need to say. Things that if I kept to myself it is quite possible that I may just implode. This is one of those posts. It's strange though, because as much as I want to share, as much as I need to share, the words aren't easy to come by.

There is this little voice saying don't worry about it Rhianna. They don't really need to know.

Which is true, maybe.

Surely if I need to say this as much as what I feel I need to, then you my dear readers need to hear it?

Only it is not just you that need to know what particularly crazy notions are flying around my pretty little head. There are people in the real world that would benefit from the knowledge I am about to share. In fact anyone that I come into contact with today may be better off if they knew as much about today as what I do.

Naturally I can no more verbally say what I need to than I can get it out in writing. Every time I try the words just seem to get stuck at the top of my throat. My eyes begin to well and every inch of my being goes into overdrive to stop myself  from dissolving into a flood of tears. Instead a torrent silent runs down my cheeks.

Three years ago today, my life changed. And not really in a good way. It was one of those chapter changeovers, one ending and another beginning, if you know what I mean.

The day that I had spent many a years fearing and dreading, eventually occurred.

My Dad died. Today is the third anniversary of the passing of my muchly loved dad.

There, I said it.
Man it sucks.

Really really sucks.

To say I miss him is an understatement. As everyone who has lost someone dear to them knows, there are no words that adequately describe the emotions of death.

For the most part I can go around my daily life coping just fine with it all. He was an old man who had lived a wonderful life. His last years was full of illness and pain and his passing finally brought relief to all of that. As much as I miss him, I loved him more and watching him go through what he did I can find comfort in the fact that he is no longer suffering.

Every now and then it all gets a bit much for me though and the sadness of no longer having an earthside father tears me to shreds.

Today is one of those days.

Friday, October 5

Can you draw a line on freedom of speech?

Generally I am not one to be getting all political. But every now and then something comes along and my mouth, or perhaps fingertips, can not be stopped. The whole incident between Alan Jones and our fearless red head leader of the country, Julia Gillard is one of those times.

In case you by chance are not an avid fan of this shock jock or Australian politics and have missed all the excitement let me bring you up to speed.

Within a social setting loud mouth Jones essentially said that the recently deceased father of our Prime Minister died with shame based on some of her actions at times.

Now before we go to much further there are a few things I need to say. Firstly I cannot stand to listen to Alan Jones. My preferred radio station plays his apparent best of for an hour every week day. I am glad that during that hour I have things other than listening to the radio to do.

On a good day I find Alan Jones to be one eyed, condescending and deeply in love with Tony Abbott. I am too polite to share how I feel about him on a not so good day. That being said I am not sure he deserves to be taken off the air though.

There is no denying that what he said was hurtful, uncalled for and totally out of line. But he did not say it to Gillard's face, in fact he did not even say it on air. He said it in the company of what he thought were friends, who he was probably trying to impress with his stupid dry sense of humour.

Forgive me if I am wrong, but we do live in a free and democratic country don't we? Freedom of speech and being able to say what we think and how we feel is one of the many reasons people go out of their way to come here.

By demanding a radio station cancel a show based on what the host said in private is surely crushing that whole freedom of speech concept isn't it?

The brand sponsorship being pulled however is another matter altogether. If sponsors would rather not be associated with such scandalous, hurtful remarks then more power to them. It is their money,their brand,their decision on who represents them. It is by no means the same as telling him he can no longer speak.

Just to add a further twist to my thoughts, had the radio station decided to sack him I would have fully supported the move. Again their money, their choice and all that. My issue is with the concept of not liking what someone says and therefore wishing to cease the opportunity for them to be heard.

Does freedom of speech have a line that can be crossed?
Are the times when people should be stopped from expressing their point of view?

Joining in with

Thursday, October 4

Thankful Thursday - Great Medical Care

When I posted this image on Wednesday night, I wondered if it would be possible for it to last all night

What I didn't say was that after an afternoon full of heartbreaking tears Miss Two fell asleep in a heap in my arms. A young friend had kindly helped her up off the ground by pulling her arm. The young friend is incredibly kind and loving towards her. In fact she makes a wonderful big sister. There was no vigor or extra strength to her actions yet Miss Two was beside herself saying her arm was suddenly sore.

Knowing the children like I do I couldn't see how the arm could possibly be hurt by what went on. Yet there was no denying the pain she was exhibiting in her arm. Being the ultra relaxed person that I am I wasn't overly concerned. Something similar has happened before and after a couple of hours it went away.

With that in mind we went for a swim. You know to help her take her mind off it and all.

And because that is what we were about to do prior to this all taking place. There was no way that the others were going to give up the highly anticipated afternoon swim. Not for all the screaming two year olds on earth.

For the most part Miss Two did not complain about the aquatic activities. That is not to say however that she relished it either. The others were blissfully playing and not arguing so I was happy to let the majority rule for as long as harmony did. Miss Two just had to ride this one out as far as I was concerned. (please excuse me as I have to rush off to pick up my Mother of the Year Award)

Anyways after next to no sleep last night because Miss Two screamed in pain whenever she moved I decided that a trip to the emergency department was in order. The first for this particular child and possibly only the second time as a mother. Which is certainly something I am extremely thankful for.

Of course to look at the photos you would not think we had any cause for concern. This was one time however where the pictures and reality didn't quite match. As it turned out only medical attention was able to fix my baby's poor sore arm.

Thankfully it was nothing serious and easily rectified. The doctor, who was awesome, said it was a pulled elbow. Which funnily enough was also what the triage nurse said. All in all I must say it was a rather pleasant experience.

We were there barely an hour, all the staff we dealt with were professional, friendly and just what you would hope to find in an ER. I walked away with my faith in the medical system strongly in tact. And for that I am super thankful for. I am always dubious of medical practioners so I am always pleased when they exceed my expectations.

So today for Kate's Thankful Thursday I am thankful there was nothing seriously wrong. I am glad that help was so easily found and that now all is as it should be.

What are you thankful for this week?

Wednesday, October 3

Wordless Wednesday - The Hen's Lunch

Rather than a trashy night on the town to celebrate the final days of being a single lady my beautiful sister decided that a rather delicious lunch was more in order.

This super yummy post is joining in with Wordless Wednesday over at

My Little Drummer Boys