Thursday, August 11

Thankful Thursday: Trying not to be repetitive

Now as much as Thankful Thursday is a great idea and I just love love love being a part of it, I am a little worried.  You see when I sit down to share what I am thankful for I seem to always have the same things that come to mind.  I worry that you will soon tire of reading how awesome I think my family is but I just can't help it.

My mother has gone overseas for six weeks leaving me to care for her house and two dogs.  Thankfully her house is pretty close to the girls school so it is no trouble stopping in there every day and doing what needs to be done.  In some ways it is very therapeutic, watering her shade house, playing with the dogs.  In some ways it is not, ensuring the girls don't make too much of a mess, walking in and finding a dead dog.  

Yep you read right.  I got there yesterday to find one of the dogs had passed away.  How does this fit into a thankful post I hear you ask? She was old and possibly had cancer and really I think the outcome is for the best.  But here is where I get really thankful.  When I rang my husband and told him what had happened, he came straight round to deal with it all, which gave me the chance to sit down and talk about it with the girls.  

They have both known this dog all their lives so to a five and ten year old it was a pretty big loss.  Apart from the death of my dad and few goldfish this is the only other death they have experienced.  All in all they handled it very well, though DD2 did get a bit hysterical with the tears but she is what some would call a little sensitive at times.

So here is what I am thankful for.  My super super awesome husband, the fixer of all my problems, my tower of strength and sensibility, my bestest friend in the whole wide world.  My everything.  Oh I am also a bit thankful I don't live in England.  (Please if you happen to be a rioter or thinking of becoming one don't.  Go and blog about it instead)

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  1. Oh no! Sad about the dog, but yes, I can definitely see why you are thankful for your husband! Sounds like he is a good man to have in a difficult situation!

  2. Oh so sad about the dog, but what a fabulous hub and I love that youve been able to talk openly and honestly with your kids about it.

    Thanks for linking up!

  3. What a wonderful husband you have!!! Thats so sad when a pet passes away


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