Friday, August 5

Things I Know

With Friday been and gone (albeit just) it is time once again to link up with Shae over at

Yes, yes I know that the whole two button might be seen as a bit of overload but I just luv em!  

And yes, yes, I know I have mentioned before how impressed I am with having buttons to give to others but I think it is way cool and I wish that I could do it (For the record I worked out how to make a button but I can't work out how to get the code underneath for others to copy and paste)   

Ok so here is what I know this week

  • Turns out I am really liking the whole linking up thing.  Not exactly the award winning writing that is going to make me famous but certainly a great way to pick up a bit of traffic.  Which is always lovely.   And inspires me to write more which could possibly be getting me closer to becoming famous.
  • I am glad that I only heard about Blogopolis around two weeks before the actual event.  That tied to the distance I would have to travel meant I did not even have to contemplate the possibility of going.  This in turn made it easier to accept that for a thousand other reasons I probably wouldn't have gone anyway.
  • Despite doubting whether I would actually have made it to Melbourne if I lived somewhat closer or discovered Blogopolis with time to arrange attending there is a rather large part of me that wishes I had of been there.  After all, all those awesome bloggers in attendance just had a wonderful learning and networking experience.
  • Even though I know I am not the only blogger to have not gone to Melbourne last weekend it sure doesn't feel that way.

So what do you know? Play here

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  1. I didn't go to Blogopolis either - so you are not alone!

  2. So wonderful to hear Kirsty! :)

  3. Love that you love the buttons :D
    I didn't make them either-I have zero idea about anything design wise ;)

    See you at blogopolis next year hey?


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