Tuesday, March 31

I'm a Winner!!!

Today I received an email telling me that I had just won second prize in an online competition.

As you can imagined I was more than impressed. I could hardly believe my eyes. So what was it all about I hear you ask? Well I recently signed up to a new site called Kree-ations. It is great for mothers, those that care about the environment or craft lovers.

Please go and have a look, who knows you could be the next winner

Wednesday, March 25

Three in a row

Well sort of.

I am not sure how much of a post this will actually be. At least I am trying though.

I have been struck be a severe case of the can't be's. Actually it is not really the can't be's.
It is more of a shut down. I am drained and tired and sick of the world and most of the crap that is in it.

Ok maybe that is a bit harsh but I am sure you know where I am coming from. I at near the end of another long day that really saw not much being accomplished. To top it off, this really long day is just another to add to the succession of long fruitless days I have been experiencing lately.

Last week I lost count of the number of people who told me that I seemed flat. Personally this perplexes me as flat is somethig I certainly am not. Slightly rounded with a squishy middle is a much more accurate description.

Thanks to mordoc for todays photo. Small prize for anyone who can guess where I got it from

Oh how things can change...

This post was supposed to start like this...

I'm Pumped!!
Tonight my basket ball managed to come within two points of not losing a game. Compared to the previous deficits of sometimes well over twenty this was a huge improvement

...However by the time my lovely little laptop decided to turn itself on and open a new document for me, I found my thoughts spiraling off into their own random tangents.
Rather than the planned discussion pouring forth my mind had more pressing matters which it wanted to contemplate.

Sitting here ready type out some inspirational piece based on the great high I am getting from being part of a team all I can actually think about is

I wonder if rings make fingers swell?
If red cars go faster do red fingernails make you type faster?
I wonder how many other people are aware of the fact that their nose and ears never stop growing

And other such burning matters that really do not have much impact to reality at all...

Perhaps it is symbolic of my life. It feels like it is spiraling off in more than just random tangents. I am in dire need of direction, purpose and most of all a driving motivation. Stuck in a vortex of blind acceptance, I still manage to float through life based on the flow of whatever is going. There is no order, rhyme of reason.

Silver lining to all this I guess is that at least I managed a post for the second day running! (Mind you if I refer back to my original posting rules this would probably not pass as the word count is just under 200 but I am sticking with it being better than nothing!)
eds note: I took so long playing with the format of this post that it is now past midnight and therefore it has saved the date as the 25th but I assure you it is my second day in a row for posting

Many thanks to slafko for today's photo. I found this interesting image on stock.xchng.com after I pressed the randomizer button...nothing like living life on the edge hey?

Monday, March 23

Happy Birthday!!

So today is my 31st birthday.

Happy birthday to me. It is also my sister's birthday only she is 24. Having exhausted all possibilities at the toy shop my mum decided that a sister was the perfect present for my seventh birthday. As it turned out it was the best present in the whole world.

In the 24 years that we have shared our birthday, up until today, there has only been one other time when we have been apart. I hated it. My sister was over in England for her 19th. While it probably wasn't my worst birthday, (surprisingly that award goes to my 21st), it certainly won't be featuring in any best of editions either.

This year is pretty much the same. No complaints as such (apart from my sister's absence) but also not really what I would call great. There are times when the silver lining can become some what faint or tarnished and this was one of those times. I would like to point out though that I am not complaining as really all I wanted was to spend time with family and that happened so at the end of the day that is all that matters.

Anyway as seems to be happening a lot these days, this is a post that I started and failed to get to posting status in the one seating. Needless to say what ever my original point may have been, it is now lost. At least I got something out though!

Today's photo comes from banj0e who can be found on my fav photo site stock.xchng.com

Thursday, March 19

Happy St Patricks Day

Alright I know that I am two days late but I have a very valid reason. While I am far from Irish, I still hold a deep respect for the potato loving leprechauns. The colour green is number three in my all time favourite colours list.

Anyway I can hear you all saying if "St Paddy's day really means so much to you why has it taken so long to post about it?" Well there are in fact a few possibilities. Allow me to enlighten you.
  1. In true Irish spirit I got blind rotten drunk and it has taken this long for my delicate body to recover.
  2. I am just incredibly slack
  3. I have been suffering in a personal turmoil as St P Day resurrects some painful history that I do not know how to deal with. It just so happens that this is the 10 year anniversary.
  4. All of the above plus a few others that have managed to escape my mind at this particular point in time.
There are two correct answers up there, can you work out which they are? Leave a comment and let me know.

Today's image come straight from woodsy He has a great collection of images that are worth checking out. I actually think I have stumbled across some of his work in previous searches, when time permits I will confirm which ones they are.

Wednesday, March 11


One of my biggest problems as a writer is that I have a tendency to write about things that are actually part of my life. Now this on itself is not really the problem as I believe that I have a way in sharing these things in an entertaining manner and there is generally something for everyone to walk away with.

My problem lies with my readership.

As I am still only in the developmental stages of becoming a break through writer I really should promote myself to family and friends. Which means I then become very wary about what I share within my random walls...Can you begin to see the problem now?

Ed's note: This post was actually posted on the 19th of March (more than a week after it was started!!
What kind of wanna be writer have we got here? )

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Tuesday, March 10

100 Posts and a Change of Address

That's right ladies and gentlemen. A drum roll if you please. This is officially my one hundredth ramble. It has taken a little over a year but eventually I have reached a little milestone. Here's hoping that the next hundred come a little quicker :)

Anyway all this time I have actually been hosting my blog at rhiannasrandomrants, even though the header is Random Rambles. Well today I discovered that I can easily change it to be http://rhiannasrandomrambles.blogspot.com/ which I find very exciting. Of course this means that my existing links are not longer in existence. Which sorta bites a little bit. Perhaps I will have to do something about it.
Also my share button isn't working anyone have any suggestions?

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Monday, March 9

A Busy Day

I bet you were thinking that after all the work I did here on the weekend, I would now go MIA, well let me shout all you non believers down! I am here baby and I am here to write!

Well actually I just wrote a great post about my little fairy friends and how they helped me out during the day.

I must say though on the whole it has been a fairly busy day despite it being one full of changes. Everything I went to do was canceled. I had back up plans however even they went astray at times. In the end all's well that ends well I guess.

Ok so maybe my little catch cry earlier that was I here to write was a little over extended. It really is passed my bed time and I have been highly productive so I am thinking rather than ramble on about nothing I might just leave it here.

I haven't done my linkreferral links today and it doesn't look like I will get them done. (well at least not tonight) I have however washed and folded well over three loads of washing, which deserves me a huge cheer as I hate washing with a passionate vengence. My post for today at the fairy garden was also a 700+ worder so that is also worthy of a bit of a back patting!

Thanks and credit for the photo goes to Nafrea from my very fav photo site stock.xchng.
Click here to view Nafrea's profile

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Saturday, March 7

AddThis Button, please share me

So I am trying to add and AddThis button to my posts. I have somehow managed to do this on My Fairy Garden yet it is proving to be a little tricky over here on Rambles.

The joy of an AddThis button is that it allows readers to easily share any posts that take their fancy. So with the click of a button you can recommend my post to any number of social bookmarking sites.

Why would you do this?

Well firstly it would increase my exposure which may in turn increase my hits which may then in turn mean the odd extra cent for me here and there. I am a huge believer in every bit counts!

Any back to the button. If all has gone to plan the button should look like this

Bookmark and Share

Just move the mouse over it to see your options. Some may require membership but others will not. Thanks for making me feel special by sharing me with all you know.

If all goes well and according to plan then this button will be found at the end of every post. I have a terrible feeling though it will only be on post from here on in. Oh well, can't win them all I guess...

A Sign of the Times?

Excuse me if I seem a little disjointed in this post. I am still shaking from a near on encounter. Actually all it really turned out to be was a severe case of a rather over zealous imagination. Still left me feeling a little rattled though.

Here's what happened

It is rather late (after 11.30pm) on a Saturday night. I had been tirelessly working on my layout revamp and decided that it was time I take a well earned break. I ventured out to my small front patio. There was a slight cool stillness to air. Just enough to take the stickyness off the skin but not really enough to drastically reduce body heat.

Anyway, as I sat there deciding which mindless electronic device I was going to whittle my time away on I noticed a car doing laps of the complex's car park. On the third time round they parked in an undesignated area. It is not a very large area nor was it ever really thought out well.

Despite a strong urge to tell the driver to park in a designated park I figured now was not the right time to play parking inspector.

As the car doors opened I heard cheerful banter of young male voices. Followed closely by the sound of aresol spray cans. Instantly I assumed that they were in fact trying to graffiti a parked car. My next thought was, that is wasn't just any old car but it is mine!

The more I listened the more convinced I was of what was happening.

I could feel my heart begin to race as I contemplated how I would catch these little vandals. Not ever being one to feel fear, and often lacking in common sense, I got up and turned the light on and stood in a position to clearly survey the situation.

Standing there waiting for my dog to realise there may be some action about to occur, I saw four bodies move away from the cars and head towards one of the units down the far end. I took in a breath as I went to call out to them, I was overwhelmed by the aroma of deodarant.

Suddenly through the fog of their 'shower in a bottle' spray I could see what was really going on. These young men were not here for some personal vendetta against my car or me. They were here to pick up the young women from number 17.

Quickly I jumped back into the shadows and turned off the light. I must remember more often it is not always about me.

Sitting back down I willed my heart to please stop beating so hard and fast. I couldn't believe that I had actually thought so ill of people. I know that society is full of undesirables and the world is not always a nice place however for the most part I manage to block these factors out and only see the good in people.

Tonight was far from that.

At no stage did I give these guys a chance. I am just so thankful I entered the realms of reality before I actually confronted them. I guess with all the crime and horror that fills the newspapers these days I am not entirely to blame for my over reaction.

Have you ever misread a situation as badly as this?

Nothing like a coat of paint!

As some of you may remember I have recently expressed a desire to make some cosmetic changes to my rambles. Well I would like to unveil to you the new and improved Random Rambles. I still need to add a few more widget/gadget things down the side but so far I think it is a step in the right direction.

I would also like the chance to welcome the 2 new recent followers and invite anyone interested in staying up to date with the crazy world I live in to either join the followers list or hit the subscription list.

I am also a huge fan of comments so please feel free to leave any thoughts you would like to share. Nothing like knowing people are reading to keep me writing!

Let's Get Political...

As a general rule I tend to stay away from political content. There are a few reasons for this. The first being is that politics takes a lot of brain power. Now I know that I am not exactly lacking in that particular department. Quite the contrary. In fact I am well aware of my brain's capacity I just choose not to utilise the majority of it.

Now I don't know why that is, but it is.

Anyway recent events in the political sphere has caused me to think outside my own little box.

Pacific Brands, the creator of iconic Australian labels such as Chesty Bonds, King Gee and Kasyer has decided to sack some 1800 Aussie battlers. These national top sellers are now to be manufactured overseas.

Naturally public outcry has ensued. After all the current economic downturn means need to support local industry is stronger than ever. With those in the know predicting an escalation of unemployment in coming years, possibly even months, one can't help but wonder why Pacific Bonds would want to lead the way.

To add flame to the raging fire that has union members up in arms here are a few interesting side notes that you may or may not already be aware of.

It has been revealed that in the past two years The Australian Federal Government has given Pacific Bonds $14.5 million. Now while on the surface that sounds very nice and is incredibly generous, it must be pointed out that this money was essentially that of the average Australian taxpayer. And nobody ever asked them if they were interested in investing in what has turned out to be not such an Australian Company.

Apparently Pacific Brands has been planning this move for 18 months. Which is only six months after the Government first started handing out fist fulls of cash.

Pacific Brands head honchos earn ridiculously high wages which were recently raised to even crazier levels. It escapes me how you could possibly run a company into the ground, force manufacturing operations overseas and screw over so many people while taking home such a huge slice of the pie.

A large proportion of Pacific Brands Australian workers are migrants and skilled only in the textile industry

I fail to see how brands that are supposed to be representative of the Australian way of life can possibly be made overseas. Chesty Bonds and King Gee are widely seen as representing the different forms the strong Aussie bloke may take. While Kayser has the sexy yet incredible practical and sensible Aussie sheila down to a tea. There is always something to suit everyone.

Now however these great labels will be forever referred to as sell outs. When the going looked like getting tough they got going before it happened. Far cry from being Aussie I say.

So for all those out to buy some knew socks jocks or undies with the soon to be paid second stimulus package... think again... maybe blowing it on the pokies isn't such a bad idea after all, just make sure to have a drink at the same time :)