Monday, May 30

Monday Madness

28th May

Well that was that.

Turns out daily posting is not my thing.  (Not that I am overly surprised but hey I like to keep on trying these things)  I am trying not to beat myself up to much about not even making it to ten straight days of posting.  I am just going to be happy with the ones that I got out.  Though I must admit that the last few were a bit iffy.  I mean Thoughtful Thursday could well be a good idea but I definitely think that it needs a bit more thought, don't you agree?

Anyway life has been somewhat busy of late.  I am really trying to engross myself with human interaction. I know that this can at times be somewhat dangerous but I feel that all odd are in my favour at this point in time.  Today was another wonderful day spent doing cakey things.  Not as many or as stunning as last week but still wonderful none the less.  Today we made little frangipani flowers which I felt I struggled with.  They were very fiddly and I couldn't get the hang of them.  It was really interesting to watch her do it though.  She makes everything look so easy.

Back to today, two days later no less and still no posting.  Lucky that I am here really.  But here I am so that must be good.  The weekend was once again jam packed with action and madness.  There were two birthday parties plus one we never made it to.  Which I feel terrible about, as it was with a mum who I really love to hang with but don't get to very often.  Unfortunately hers was the last invitation that we received and it over lapped with a prior engagement.  On top of that it feels like the middle of the local winter and the party was at the water park.  My poor little blossoms are already using every once of their strength to fight of seasonal flus without adding a chill.

Last night we went here and listened to Carl Riseley.  Let's just say it was nice to be out and I am glad that they were free tickets.  Free tickets you say?  Yes that's right free tickets I said.  Clever duck me won them on the radio the other day.  Which was more than a bit cool and I must say a huge thanks to Territory FM.  No wonder they are my most favourite local radio station.

Today was spent as a major clean up.  I can not begin to explain just how much crap I have somehow managed to acquire.  Hopefully I will be able to work through it all tomorrow. 

Today's photo is from stock.xchng I got it by searching for plug.  My original search for unplugged did not really give me much joy and while this is not exactly what I wanted the shade of orange made it somewhat irresistible.

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Thursday, May 26

Thoughtful Thursday

Your mission, should you choose to accept it is to find something thoughtful to share.

Personally one of my favourite places for online reflection is Wisdomology

When it comes to the real world though places like this are perfect for quiet reflection

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Tuesday, May 24

Day Eight

Yay! Eight straight days of posting.  That means it has been a whole week of posting.  I must admit the only reason I am here is because I don''t want to have to start again.  After all, I am nearly a tenth of the way through my challenge.

Today I got up super early (6.13) made muffins and scrolls.  They were yummy but we still ended up late to school.  I can't remember the last time we weren't late actually.  Mornings are not a fun time at our place at the moment.  After yet another sock battle with DD2 I was ready to go back to bed by 9.  Instead I visited mum, helped her change her dressing, plus a few other little jobs.  When I did make it home, DD3 had a sleep, and I cleaned, tidied and responded to a few emails.  As well as hanging out some washing and folding a little as well.  Oh and did I mention the sweeping and mopping?

Once DD3 woke up we dashed down the shops to buy the last few things needed for dinner.  I was determined to make my first ever lasagne,  I find it hard to believe I have never made one before but I certainly can't recall when that might have been.  Turns out that I have quite a knack for making lasagne.  It was seriously yummy.  

Anyway because of all of this and a whole lot more, this is all you will get out of my tonight.

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Monday, May 23

Even the best laid plans

The start of yet another jam packed week.  Jam packed with what I am not sure yet but if previous weeks are anything to go by I am sure I will find plenty to do.  It seems as if I have a knack of finding things to do.  Especially if the things stops me from having to do the housework.  Oh, the dreaded housework.  I swear I am constantly plagued by the mundane and never ending repetitiveness of it all.

I know that part of being a woman/mother/person means that housework is just part and parcel of the job description, but I still despise it with a loathing passion.  Yet at the same time if the truth be told I do find it strangely satisfying and even rewarding (shh don't tell though).  It is just one of the many daily difficulties that I tussle with.

Generally speaking I am a 'go with the flow' kind of person.  As long as the majority of the boxes are checked then near enough is good enough.  Possibly not the best attitude for ultimate success but if you mix a bit of the greatest good for the greatest number then surely an even balance can be created?  

I know that planning and preparation and all that type of stuff has some super huge positives at times but for some reason it never seems to go to plan for me.  Take today for example.  I had planned to come straight home from dropping the girls off at school.  Well straight after I dropped into see mum and help her out for a while.  After connecting the washing machine and a few other little odd jobs we were suddenly on our way to a shopping expedition.

The lasagne I had planned on cooking for dinner didn't eventuate.  Much like the clean and tidy living area I was  hoping for.  On the up side, because in my world there is always an upside, (though today the upside was super easy to find)  The girls did end up with some lovely winter woolies and we also got a new, super chic black dinner setting.

Even though I was shopping all day I didn't seem to make it to the shops that sold food.  I thought that I would have to resort to baked beans, bacon and eggs.  Which might be great for a Saturday night but not really what a possible mother of the entrant would serve.  Thankfully though, after a quick peak in the fridge, I was able to whip up something much yummier instead.  In fact I am surprised at just how well it all came together.  I had no idea my fridge was so well stocked!

Here is what I did.

Well this post, which is nothing like what I had planned to write when I started has no taken some three hours to write due to the up and downs of being a parent and having a kitchen to clean.  On the up side though I did actually manage to get two posts out so yay for me!  I am hoping to get to my second hundred much quicker than my first.

Don't forget to click the box.  Once a day.  Every day.  One click that's all it takes...
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Meatless Monday-Cheesy Potatoes and Veg

Now a little while ago Nic over at From Highlights to Housework started a Meatless Monday link up.  Now she has been busy having a baby and what not but I thought that I would still create a MM dish so here it is.

In case you are wondering the inspiration behind this particular masterpiece? It was all that I had in the fridge!  

8-12 baby potatoes, quartered and tossed to fry in butter it one roughly chopped onion.  Add a few cloves of crushed garlic or a couple of shakes of garlic powder.

Chop two carrots into 2inch square cubes (or there abouts)  Add to potatoes.  Gently move around fry pan to avoid sticking and burning.  Once a light crispy outer has appeared transfer to oven proof dish and sprinkle with your favourite cheese.  Place in a moderate oven for around 20 mins or until potatoes and carrots are soft.

Meanwhile back at the fry pan, squeeze in some lemon juice and add some asparagus stalks, capsicum, mushrooms broccoli and a few sliced beans.  These really only need to be cooked for around 10 mins so time it to be ready at the same time as the potatoes.

Once potatoes and carrots are soft remove them from the oven.  Place a few spoonfuls in a bowl.  Add a few spoonfuls from vegetables in the frypan.  Sprinkle with a little more cheese,  (I actually tore up a few shaved slices of jarlsberg.

Eat and enjoy!

Now I know that this is supposed to be a meatless post and so far it is but I just wanted to mention that if you were cooking this on a meaty day then you could easily and some bacon and salami when the potatoes are cooking.  Another meaty alternative is some sliced chipolatos.

I must say that I was rather surprised at how well this meal was received by everyone.  When DD2 asked what was for dinner  and I said potatoes and vegetables she kicked up a right fuss.  When I put the food in front of her she gobbled it up in like two seconds flat!  Go figure!

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Sunday, May 22

Inspiring Interview Number One

Now I have been going on and on about this for ages.  Trying to build some sort of mystery and interest in it.  Personally though I would not blame you for thinking I was never actually going to get around to posting it.  After all it was nearly a week ago that I went and met with my first inspirational woman.

For those who have not yet worked out who this talented lady, is I would like to introduce Anna from mangolime  Anna creates gorgeous children's clothes and modern cloth nappies (MCN) right here in little old Darwin.  I have always used cloth nappies.  The thought of using those awful plastic alternative has made me cringe.  

I have at times been slightly envious of the no wet patch advantage that disposables have, but it is still not enough to make me use them.  Actually that is not true I used them when DD3 was about 6 weeks old for my brother's wedding and then when we went camping with overseas visitors.  I had massive issues out there using them.  We were surrounded by this beautiful bushland yet my poor little darling was expected to be covered with those awful plastic things.  Needless to say there was a bit of nappy free time.  Everyone else on the trip convinced me there was neither the space nor ability to store and wash cloth nappies.  It turned out they were wrong on both counts, but by the time I realised that, it was too late. Back to the inspirational Anna though.

What is it that I find so inspirational?

Well basically she had a problem and found an awesome solution to it.  One that she could sell to others and help save the precious environment one nappy at a time.  How could that not be inspirational?  Especially since the beautiful nappies she makes are not only reusable but also free from wet patches.  For a simple terry towel user like myself she is a dream come true.

In case you are still wondering what it is I am talking about here are a few pics.

mangolime nappy in action
mangolime dress (has a matching nappy)

one of the first mangolime nappies I got

I know that this has not exactly been much of an interview as such but some things just can't be helped.  When we met last week we were both short on time and me being me, took a little while to feel comfortable.  Don't get me wrong Anna is as warm and welcoming as her wonderful creations are.  Everything that held me back was all in my pretty little head and slowly I am working around it all.

Anyway if you would like to see more of Anna's beautiful work she is currently a guest WAHM on the FireFly Collective otherwise check mangolime for more details.  Anna and I will be meeting again in the near future as she is kindly making DD2 a bit of a birthday skirt, (but shhh don't tell her) So maybe I will try the whole interview thing again then.

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Thanks for stopping by and may in every way this be a special day x


Today has not really been a great day.  Which is just plain stupid.  It is a Sunday,  Sunday's by nature are suppose to always be a good, if not great or possibly even wonderful day.  It is the Sabbath, the day of rest, and all that.  It is the day that family catches up and spends time together.  A day of enjoyment and good food.  Egg and bacon for breakfast, roast for lunch or dinner.  You know what I mean?

Well my Sunday has been nothing like that.  Not even close.

It makes me want to go ARRRRGGGGHHHH!!! 

I have been in the worst mood all day long and I can't really explain why.  I guess the main reason is because I couldn't do any of the things the I wanted to and actually feel rather terrible for being so selfish and self absorbed but I just didn't want to be any of the things that I had to do today.

Now it is time for us to go to my mother's.  So I can't even start to tell you all about it.  Though since really it is all just about me whinging you are not really missing much.  Maybe a good feed will cheer me up and I will come back with something awesome to share.

In the meantime here are a few more of my fav shots.  I just love scrolling through my old photos

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Saturday, May 21

5 Days...100 Posts!

Sounds rather impressive doesn't it?  Almost sounds like I might be eluding to writing one hundred posts in five days.  After all it really only equates to twenty posts per day.  Which is technically doable as there are twenty four hours in a day and generally speaking I can get a post up in less than an hour.  Actually in an ideal world I could get a top quality post out in around twenty minutes.  Which means I could knock twenty posts out in around 7 hours.  I could what!!  Clearly that is not anywhere near a reality I know.

The reality I know though says that this is my fifth consecutive day of writing!  So well done me and on top of that this is my one hundredth post on APL. I am rather chuffed by the fact that the two just happened to coincide.  Adding to my extreme happiness is that I have recently had a few rather nice little comments from various readers.  Naturally I love getting beautiful compliments but I also just love to know that people have taken their time to stop by and have a read.  I know how busy and hectic life can get.  Which makes time ever so precious.

My precious time today was spent creating these

Actually...truth be told I only created the love hearts.  The rest (as in the main part, the actual yummy cup cake) was made by the my dear friend over at House of Cupcake  Let me tell you I had THE best fun ever helping her make these.  We did some other pretty awesome stuff as well but I don't have photos.  Dummy here, was so excited about have some total child free time, that I to take my camera,  The ones above we taken on my phone.  Which apparently can take a rather nice shot.!

Since lunchtime yesterday I have been aware of the fact that my next post would in fact be my muchly anticipated hundredth post.  I have spent this entire time thinking about how this post would go.  This is not even close to what I originally had in mind.  My original idea.  Which I actually started writing, on paper no less, at my mum's yesterday while I waited for her deliveries to arrive.  Why was I waiting for her deliveries I hear you ask?  Because she was off having a rather laregish lump from her back.  My mother though is a whole post in itself though and not one I am sure I want to write now so let's keep moving right along.

This wonderful hand written post was a list of 100 Things That Make Me Happy.  I never made it to one hundred.  In fact I didn't even get close.  I think I got to twenty.  I say I think because I don't actually know where this piece of paper is now.  Maybe in the car, maybe at my mum's, all I know is, it is not sitting here at my desk right this very instant.

So for now my 100 Happy Post can wait.  It will however be added to the To Do List.

Thanks once again for stopping by, may lots of fairy wishes and butterfly kisses come your way

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Thursday, May 19

What a day

I feel like this has been the first time I have sat down all day.  Of course I know that is far from the truth.  While I feel I may have been incredibly busy all day long the results seem to speak a different story.  Every where I look I see several half finished, possibly even a few nearly finished, chores.  I can't actually see anything that has been successfully completed yet though.  No matter how hard I look.

The thing that I struggle with the most is clothes.  There are always so many clothes that need attending to. They need to be...

This post was actually started on the 15th (yes as in four days ago,Sunday actually)  I spent all weekend trying to get the house work under control.  Or at least manageable.  I knew that I had a busier than normal week ahead of me (sorry got distracted...The NRL Footy Show is on and 6 days out from the first State of Origin  Queensland is hoping (expecting?) to win their sixth straight series.  Which as a proud supporter  I am rather pleased about.  Unfortunately for my dearly beloved hubs, he is under the misguided impression (as are a few others) that NSW will somehow be able to perform a minor miracle and win two of the three games.

Again though I digress.  So easy to do though when there is so much going on.

My mind is still whirring with all the information gained from day two of my training thing.  DD3 was just absolutely wonderful again.  She took a little more management than yesterday but all things considered she was still a super star and I am just thrilled that I was able to attend with her.   Considering they were all about positive behaviour though it is not overly surprising for her to be welcome.  I do however think they were surprised we both lasted through every session!

Anyway back to starting this post four days ago and only publishing now.  I am very close to cracking the 100 post mark and I want it to be something special.  Given my brain activity over the last few days I am not sure a post today would actually make the special mark.  Talking of special posts go and check these two posts out.  The first is over at Hello Owl and is about how she convinced her hubby to pose naked with her for a national magazine.  The second is at The Artful Parent which I have only just stumbled across and let me tell you I like it a LOT! Go on go check it out.

Oh and I haven't forgotten about my Inspirational Interviews either.  Small steps I guess.

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Wednesday, May 18

Day Two - Yay!

So today was not nearly as bad as what I thought it could be.  In fact it is possible to say that it was even a good day.  Surprisingly I was not late.  I managed to easily find somewhere to park, find where I needed to go and to top it all off DD3 was an angel and the strangers turned out to be quite welcoming and lovely people.  I also gained a lot of new knowledge and food for thought.

Only being up so early and not having an midday nap has left me one tired mumma so I am not sure you will get a whole of sense out of me.  Instead I give to you some of my favourite butterfly photos

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Tuesday, May 17

Day One

Ok so I am going to count how many days in a row I can post.  Fingers crossed I make it into the thousands though quite frankly I would be happy just to make it to ten.  Only time will tell I guess.

I am absolutely knackered.  Last night I stayed up way too late.  Especially given the early start for today.  Which I was only a little late for but still, late is late.  In an effort to return to my conscious effort to improve, I have decided that I need to be a little more critical of myself.  Life is all about a careful balance, which at times needs careful and constant consideration.  Tardiness is no longer acceptable and I must change my ways.

(slow deep breath)

Tomorrow will be the real test though.

Tomorrow I have to 
  • leave the house just after 7am (this is approximately an hour earlier than normal)
  • interact with unknown quantities of strangers all while ensuring DD3 is happy and quiet
deep long breath out. straighten back. big slow breath in... and go.

Oh and did I mention the half hour drive to search for a room in a building I have never been to before.  On the upside I do get to check out a rather new school and learn all about positive behaviour support.  Must always remember the upside.  I like to think that I do but sometimes I know it is easier said than done.

Anyway that is it about it for now.  In light of tomorrow I am off to sleep.  You see on top of the already mentioned I would also like to bake some muffins, wash the dishes, fold all the laundry, iron some clothes, dust the fans, fly to ... oh wait... where was I? 

That's right I still need to tell you about some of the exciting things I have planned.  Well to start with there is my Inspirational Women Interviews.  The first of which I hope to have out before the end of the week.  I already have two more wonderful women with whom I want to share with you.

The other big thing is photos.  I am going to be needing a photo for every single post.  Some of these I will take specifically for the post.  Others may come from my personal collection and others again will be sourced from various places around the net.  I will also be taking suggestions and requests.  If you have a photo you would like to see featured on A Parenting Life (APL) drop me a line in the comment box.  

On that note I need a photo for today.  
(scratches head and creases brow)

Ok photo sorted (which  you actually already know as it is at the top of the post).  It is a landscape shot taken nearly 12 months ago.  It is somewhere in Kakadu National Park.  Darling Hubs took it while we were playing tourist with some much loved English family. (longing sigh)

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Monday, May 16

Point + Shoot: Making Pancakes

Once again I have decided to play along with Sunny + Scout and Point and Shoot.  This weekend for us was pretty much a stay at home kind of weekend.  Hubs had to work for a while on Saturday and Miss L went shopping with the neighbours for a while but apart from that we all pretty much just stayed at home which I just loved.  I knew that I had a big week coming up so I wanted to take the chance to just chill and enjoy the girls while I could.

In between my endless efforts to get on top of the housework we took time out to make pancakes.  This was DD3's first time helping in the kitchen.  Miss L and DD2 thought that it was rather amusing to teach her how to taste test.  To them cooking is more about tasting than actually cooking.

The photo which I love (for obvious reasons) is in black and white to hide some of the mess and clutter that we were meant to be getting rid of.

Wanting to try something new and exciting we tried to make double chocolate pancakes.  They sorta turned out ok.  Sorta.  Unfortunately the original mixture was much nicer but there was not nearly enough of it, compared to the abundance of the awful chocolate ones.  In a desperate attempt to make the chocolate pancake disasters more appealing I turned them into this
Just in case you were wondering it is layers of double chocolate pancakes (they have white choc chips in them) with a delish raspberry butter and whipped cream.  Served with a drizzle of chocolate sauce.  Yum.  It actually tasted a lot better than this photo would suggest.  Well if a sickly sweet kinda I just want lots of sugar kind of way.
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Monday Madness

With another Monday out the way I feel that it was all a little mad.  Enjoyable, but still a little mad.  Actually I think it is only an indication of how the rest of the week is going to go.  All of a sudden human contact seems to once again be heading towards new all time highs.  

Today saw me have a close one on one with an almost stranger.  And in her house as well.  Tomorrow is filled with canteen roster and school council meetings.  Followed by a 2 day positive behaviour thing with a few people from school.  Gosh my head spins just thinking about it all.  Seriously I just tried to make a date with my next inspirational lady and my head now feels like it is wants to explode.  I ended up closing the email and returning here.  Scheduling can be done later.  Much to my dismay I am slowly coming round to the need for a schedule.  Back to today.

Back to today where somehow I managed to step inside a wonderful woman's home and see the magical little space where she creates some of the most beautiful things I have ever seen.  Today where I sat in awe of some very gorgeous fabrics that I just knew would soon be beautiful clothes.  I actually got a little overwhelmed by it all and forgot a lot of what I wanted to ask.  Thankfully though they are only minor details and can be found out later.  I had thought about walking in with already written questions, but I did not want to appear too nerdy.  One of my strongest early memories about school is being called a square... Moving right along... ... ... 

More important though, than any interview I may or may not have carried out, I had a wonderful relaxed chat with a woman I really enjoyed getting to know and I hope you will too.  I found it warming to know that there were many similarities to be found.

All in all, my first Inspirational Interview went rather well.   I am rather looking forward to writing it all up and sharing it with you.  I am still not exactly sure when the final version will be ready but naturally as an APL avid reader you will be the first to know :)

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Saturday, May 14

Happy Halloween!

Editor's note: This is the final of the unpublished posts.  Fingers crossed from here on in I stay on top of it all and there is no more of this unfinished post nonsense.

Or not...depending on which side of the river you come from.

I live on the Australian side of the river where traditionally Halloween is not one of the festive seasonal events that we take part in. At least that was the way it was when I was a kid. In fact I can barely even remember the day as a child. My nine yr old just went to her second fancy dress Halloween party.  This time she had a black cape and hat and was a "Vitch" which apparently is the result of mixing vampire and a witch.

Personally I am reluctant to be fully supportive of the whole Halloween thing. I fail to see how encouraging our children to take candy from strangers is a good thing. However if the event can be celebrated without that taking part then hey who cares? At the end of the day it is the great time of the year to have a party.

The weather is starting to change (pretty much regardless of where you live) Hot is going cold and vice verse just as the droughts and the rains move from one place to the next.

As it turned out between then and now there were significant floods throughout the Eastern and South Eastern states of Australia.  In fact the were record rains across the country.  Which may have caused more destruction than good.  As I write large parts of America are also bracing for the devastation that excess water brings.  This comes after significant earthquakes in New Zealand and Japan that have left thousands without homes.  Not that any of that has much to do with Halloween but since my last sentence was about the weather I thought I would give an update on it.  Winter is well and truly on the way now.  So far it looks like it will be a cold one.  Records have already started to fall.  I wish I could be like Tony Abbott and not believe in Climate Change

Oh me oh my!

Editor's note: This is for some reason a previously unpublished post.  The only thing wrong with it really is that it is a little on the short side. 

Hard to believe that it is already the fourth no sorry wait fifth of November. That means there are about fifty odd days till Christmas!

Of course for those in the amateur literary world there are only 26 days in which to deliver a minimum of 50 000 words for the annual National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) This will be my third attempt. Last year I fell rather short of the mark. The death of my father the month before fills in as a lovely excuse for my failure but deep down I think if I had of tried just a little harder I would have been successful. The first year I managed to just scrape over the line in terms of words but the actual quality and story left more than just a little to be desired.

In some ways it is slightly crazy I guess to just sit down and spit out around 1700 words a night but at the same time it is exciting and challenging. Unfortunately though at times it is just overwhelming and put in the too hard basket. Which is where I have been the last four days :(

On a slightly positive note I do think that I have a story line (it may still be a little loose but at least it is something right?). I know that it is possibly a bit cliche and done a hundred times before but I think this year I will write a love story.

In case you are wondering, NaNo last year was a complete flop for me.  I barely even made it to the 10,000 mark.  On the upside though I have recently been writing a little more frequently than ever before

Thursday, May 12


I have spent some time recently thinking about ways in which I can expand and improve this wonderful blog.  After all, if it is going to make me rich and famous there is going to need to be something pretty special about it isn't there?

Anyway one of the many gazillion ideas that I came up with was to interview some really cool people.  I think I may have mentioned this in an earlier post but as of about ten minutes ago, I have now actually organised a possible interview with a rather cool person.  Well at least I think she is rather cool and I am pretty sure when you see the beautiful stuff she makes you will agree.

I have been lucky enough to gain a muchly sought after custom slot which means she will make something just for me.  The best part is I get to be a little selective in terms of material.  The photo is a little hint as to one possible selection.  Oh me oh my!  I can hardly wait. 

Now the question remains when do I reveal the first really cool person?


Well while I ponder on that why don't you go vote for me here
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Tuesday, May 10

This and that

Not really sure where to start or what to write. I guess I am just here to maintain momentum tonight.
I had an awesome but tiring day at the Territory Wildlife Park today. Thankfully the rain helped keep things lovely and cool.

That was the start of a post way back on November 29 last year.  It really was a wonderful day.  I think.  I mean looking back now I can't for the life of me think why I would have gone to the wildlife park then but apparently I did.  The girls should have been at school and I can't recall any visitors back then to warrant a day off...

Wait!!  Stop the press.  After much brow scrunching and deep thought I remember!  My wonderful sister had come to visit for a few days and we decided a day out was in order.  Bet you can all rest easy now you know that.

So why do I have the start of that blog post and not much else?  Regular readers will know that if a post is started I will keep it till I am able to find the right words to publish.  Last week I noticed that I was nearly at the 100 post mark.  Which I must say is just a little exciting.  Actually it is a more than a little exciting.  A little exciting was my 21st post in case you missed it.  Ironically the 21st post was only one day before the feeble attempt I started this post with.  The only problem is that at least 5 of the nearly 100 posts are not exactly published :(

Truth be told there were actually a few more than 5, not too many mind you, just a couple.  There was no way that I could possible recall what they were really about though, so I had no choice but to delete.

Here this is what I had to started on the 13/12/2010

Ok so on the whole I feel that I have made steps forward. I have seriously cut down on my time wasting (aka fb games). Today I managed...

One could only imagine what it was I actually achieved.  In fact feel free to offer suggestions or guess.  One thing that is clear however and that is I was not really getting a lot of writing done around this time.

So on the 20th of November a novel have not I. My attempt to be a NaNoWrimo 2010 is not going very well at all. In fact it is probably fair to say that it is officially non existent. I wonder why I ever thought I had what it took to be a writer. I am sure I can write and at times it is even readable and may possibly even stretch to being mildly entertaining at times. What I lack however is perserverance, dedication and....

Clearly I was lacking in dedication, I couldn't even finish a sentence.  In my defense I must remind myself that I do have three children to keep me occupied.  Perhaps all my perseverance and dedication is all used up with them?

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Sunday, May 8

Living With Fairies

Those that know me well know that I have a love of fairies.  There is a part of me that knows they exist but because I have not been blessed to see them yet there is a part of my brain that refuses to truly acknowledge it.  I live in hope that one day this will all change and I will have the confidence, faith and knowledge to openly walk around saying that fairies are as real as you and me.  Until then I will just continue to wait for them to reveal themselves.

Anyway a few years ago I read a book written by Doreen Virtue. It was the first book I had read since I don't know when.  As much as I love reading it seems to be something I rarely make time to do.  The main reason for that is because I tend to get so engrossed in the fictional world I tend to forget there is a real one I need to be part of.  Not exactly great when you are a mother.  So the fact that I was in a library looking for a book and then actually managed to read said book was pretty amazing.  In fact it was so amazing (well at least to me) that I thought perhaps it was a message from the fairies.  Perhaps the long awaited sign was finally being shown.

For around six months or so I think it would have been fair to say that I became fairy obsessed.  I thought that perhaps if I spoke about fairies to others then they would see my dedication and I in turn would be able to actually see them.  Truth be told I would even be happy to just hear from them.  Anything really.  During this time I had a birthday and whenever any one asked me what I would like I would just reply with something fairy related.  My wonderful brother and his lovely wife gave me a set of Doreen Virtue Healing with the Fairies Oracle cards which is what this post is all about.

Every now and then, and not nearly as often as I should I get the cards out and see what they have to say.   I have always loved the idea of being some sort of psychic tarot card reader or such.  So far not much has ever come of it though.  I guess I have an issue with the little books that generally comes with the cards explaining what each card means.  I sorta think if you are reading someone's fortune through cards you don't need a book to tell you what they mean.

Tonight happened to be one night that I got the card out.  I sat there shuffling away with a rather blank mind.  After a few minutes or so I guess I began to lose concentration as a few cards fell out and onto the ground.  Which I took as a sign to stop.

These were the first five cards that fell

Rise above Problems
Letting Go
Peace of Mind

The next six were

Positive Expectations
Body Movement
Parenting and Children
Higher Consciousness
Magic of Nature
Family Harmony

As I read through these I feel that they are all incredibly relevant to my life at the moment.  There are more than a few Problems that I need to Rise Above at the moment.  Most of these revolve around Parenting and Children.  If I am able to rise above these then I am sure Family Harmony will follow.  Peace of Mind will come once I give in to Letting Go.

Exercise and not being lazy, or at least being active must surely involve Body Movement.  Naturally Positive Expectations should always be created and maintained as should Kindness.  Which is something I have been trying to impart on both the two bigger girls of late.  To round it all off hubs and I began discussing today the possibility of a Vacation in the not too distant future.

For now however it is getting late and I should really be considering bed.  Here's to a good week!


Editors Note:  I actually began writing this post on the 19th Feb.  I tend to have a rule that involves never deleting a post attempt.  Instead after a while I go back, have another look and try my very very best to get the post published.  I am still not sure how to actually finish this one but since today is Mothers Day I thought it somewhat appropriate to post it now.  To all the mothers out there I hope you had a wonderful day and were showered with appreciation and love.  To my own mum, I love you oh so very much and am more than thankful (even if I don't always show it) for all you do.  To my own beautiful children thank you for making me a mother.  It truly is the best gift a woman can ever be given.

We all have them, or at least had one at some point.
Photo credits here
Many of us are one, some want to be one,
Others try to be one while some never get the chance,
And others shouldn't be given the choice.
There are thousands of ways to be one, and no two are ever the same.
It is a bond that can unify and split, in almost the same breath.

Being a mum is tiring. It really is hard work,
With little recognition, but plenty of complaints.

Yet somehow it always seems worth it, even through the hurt.
A little smile from a tender child can ease away it all.
From the darkest days with the greyest clouds to the golden glow of children's glee

Saturday, May 7

What's Your Passion?

Do you even have one?

I don't think I do.  (I can barely scrape by at saying I even have a hobby and I am pretty sure that a hobby is a great start to having a passion)  I mean sure there are lots of things that I feel strongly about and lots of things I like to think I do.  There are even lots of things that I support and agree with and try to live by, and Lord knows there are certainly many hobby like activities that I try my hand at.  But at the end of the day I am not sure I could honestly say that I feel passionately about something.

There is of course one thing I guess I could say that I am passionate about and that is my family. Making sure that their life is as wonderful as possible is certainly something I feel passionate about but that is just part of being a mum isn't it?  Only the notion of 'being a mum' varies not just between mums but between people as a whole.  For some it is a walk in the park, you know the stuff dreams are made of and all that.  For others it is a sleep deprived nightmare that seems to never end.  For me it is mostly the former, though recently it feels as if it is heading towards the latter but that is not what we are here about today.

Back to passions and being passionate.

Being passionate about something involves a certain level of dedication and commitment, which in turn needs a relatively high level of energy to maintain.  This is where passionate becomes a little tricky for me.  I start with the best of intentions, full of dedication and being committed to the cause (whatever it may be).  My energy levels are higher than high and enthusiasm runs through my veins like a life giving blood.  Only somewhere all of this always seems to get lost and I end up far from the original plan and expected outcomes.

(short sigh, contemplate deep one but can't really be bothered)

Most people expect I have a passion for writing and given my desire to be a famous writer who can really blame them?  The thing that stops me from really thinking I have a passion for writing is the fact that I don't really do a lot of it on a regular basis.  I mean I can barely manage a daily post here let alone anything of substance or importance.  People continually say that I if I just write readers will come.

Really?  Is it that simple?  Is that really all there is to it?  Surely there is a certain level that I need to get to in order for it happen? If so where is this level and will I be there soon?

Enough of my self wallowing for now though.

I know some wonderful women who are passionate about creating beautiful things and over the coming weeks I will be sharing these with you.  In the mean time tell me what is your passion?

Oh and don't forget to click the button below, a new window will open (which you can close as soon as it loads or not what ever tickles your fancy, was just letting you know the vote is registered as soon as the window is loaded) Thanks for your time and make sure you come back soon
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Monday, May 2

Masterchef Returns!

Which I am just a little bit excited about.  I am not exactly close to the Masterchef standards but I certainly do appreciate lovely food and would love to be able to improve my skills in any way possible.

In honour of the return of the Masterchef team to our screens I am going to share with you a little apple creation I just cooked up for dessert.  Hubs and I cooked a marvellous  roast pork dinner tonight and as a result of me being rather over zealous in my apple peeling there was a some leftover apple sauce.  The apple slinky I got for my birthday has really made peeling and cutting apples so much fun that I tend to over use it whenever possible.

Not wanting to be wasteful I thought a bit of an apple dessert might be called for.  So I cranked the old gas oven back up and grabbed a piece of puff pastry out of the freezer.  Once the pastry was soft enough I sliced off about a third of the sheet and lay the bigger piece in a greased shallow ceramic dish (about 15cmx5cmx3cm)

I then spooned the apple mixture over the pastry.  There was probably about a cup and a half of apple all up.  Which I had just cooked on the stove for about 10-20 mins with a little sugar and water.  I then stretched out the remaining pastry strip and after turning in all the dish edges placed over the apple.  The top actually turned out to have a few overlapping thin layers.  I then covered the top with cinnamon sugar and brushed lightly with milk.

If you can't find a dish an alternative is covering a sheet of pastry with a thin layer of apple and then loosely rolling.  Gently press down on the roll the blunt side of a bread and butter knife.  Again cover with cinnamon sugar and brush with milk.

Place in oven and bake until pastry is light and puffy.  About 20-30 mins (I think...times and measurements are not really my strong point)

Anyway the real kickers for this dish were the tinned caramel, melted chocolate and whipped cream that I served with it.  To make the cream just a little sweeter I added a bit of icing sugar.  I know I know not exactly weight loss approved but very very yummy which is what I love most about Masterchef.  They don't worry about the weight loss factor is all about taste
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