Sunday, April 27

Value Your Parents

So today my dad was taken to hospital, nothing serious just one of those things that take you by surprise. (Well not really a surprise as he is a 79 year old with many serious health concerns but get my point)

Naturally such an event makes you stop and consider various aspects of your life. Not being really ready to deal with these thoughts just yet I thought I would seek refuge online.

Needing to boost traffic to my parenting site I registered with link referral. The first site I am sent to review today had this beautiful piece a daughter had written to her elderly mother. It was all rather touching, so much so I have been prompted to share it with you.

edited 22/11/12
I am going through and fixing any broken links, which this post had a few of.

Sunday, April 13

Fantastic Site for Children

One of my fellow writer friends has just launched a great new blog full of original children's nursery rhymes. They are hilariously funny and provide a refreshing change from the standard rhymes that currently fill the minds of out little ones.

Have a look and check it out Funny Rhymes