Monday, August 29

The Start of Another New Week

So Monday has managed to sneak itself back onto the agenda meaning that a new week is upon us.  Last week was a bit of a right off for me, particularly in terms of blogging.  I did not get up my Monday goal stuff instead using what little time I could find on Monday to do a Monday Mention.  Which as it turned out proved to be rather pointless as the lovely host of Monday Mentions was herself having a tough week and was unable to host.  Thankfully for me though my week did pick up and I managed to get a few posts out.

In terms of making and keeping goals though I have somewhere between little and nothing to report on.  Which is a bit disappointing to say the least.  Especially when I read about all the wonderful progress others are making.  Karlee over at The Mother Experiment really is a bit inspirational with the way she keeps putting herself out there sharing how she is trying to change.  Mind you I only have myself to blame about my own lack of change and there is no point whinging and whining about it all.  After all each day is a new beginning and I do believe the same can be said for each week.

So when I first began with this whole improving me stuff I was going to concentrate on my efforts on home maintenance.  Simple things like folding the washing as soon as I got in off the line, or not leaving the washing sit in the washing machine or on the line for day(s) and a similar story with the dishes.  Stuff that I think for the most part the rest of the world just accepts that they have to do and gets on with it.

As I write, (which I would just like to point out I actually started some five hours ago but unfortunately got slightly distracted with various meetings, keeping a toddler entertained, grocery shopping and school pick up) my house is somewhat of a disaster zone.  There are more than a few dishes to be done, plenty of clothes to be folded, a good couple of loads to wash and just general housey stuff that needs to be done.  Not to mention all the school things I have volunteered to do before the week's end.

On top of all of this I had also been linking up with Sarah over at Accepting and Embracing Autism for her Making Goal Monday blog hop where I had been making silly little goals like I will exercise 3 times a week and goodness knows what else.  Perhaps I should make a goal of not putting so much on my plate?

In my defense though last Sunday I managed to get the house into tip top shape and it felt as awesome as it looked.  It might not have been a designer magazine picture but it sure looked snazzy to me.  For the most part I was able to maintain it, well sort of, at least for a couple of days however by the end of the week I was nearly back at square one and looking around the place now it may actually have hit a new all time low.

(deep sigh)

So where to now?

Part of me doesn't want to set anything for this week as I know I will be incredibly caught up with the school's birthday but then I know that without goals it can be difficult to actually achieve anything.  Come to think of it even with goals it can still be difficult to achieve anything.  So here is a list of some of the things that I must get done this week.

  1. Create a 2 minute video to show at assembly (all footage, well apart from one interview has already been taken it is just editing)
  2. Film final interview
  3. Create a full length video of all interviews recently conducted
  4. Write character profiles for those interviewed, well at least 3 of those interviewed
  5. Scan piles of old photos and turn into a slide show
  6. Help decorate a huge cake (and boy do I mean huge will hopefully get some photos up)
hmmmm ... ... ... 
... ... ...  that doesn't seem nearly enough but right now that is all I can come up with (lucky me)  

I will also try and maintain create some domestic order within my four walls more commonly known as home.  How about you? What goals are you going to aim for this week?  Go here and here to read more and join in the fun

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  1. Thank you so much for taking part in my blog hop. Hope you have a great week. Sarah

  2. My pleasure Sarah, thanks for hosting, hope you have a great week as well :)

  3. I think I actually need to start making goals (writing them down) every Monday. I think I would be much more focused. Thanks for the idea!
    Following you from the hop and happy to be here.

  4. That is a lot going on!!! Speaking to some school mums today we decided that this is a really tough time of year. Our school has a lot on at the moment and it has been really hard to keep on top of all the different things happening.

    Wouldn't it be nice just for once to let your guard slip and not have a disaster zone to deal with as a consequence?


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