Thursday, November 28

Thankful Thursday - Another random and non connected edition

As another week draws to a close it is time to stop and take stock of all that there is to be thankful for. I have spent much of the week tossing up which theme I was going to run with this week for Thankful Thursday. Having every good intention of writing this post well in advance so that Wednesday night was not one that saw me suddenly flipping into a frenzy because I still was without post for today. 

Which of course was not what happened, but that probably is not surprising for anyone.

Last week saw three lovely bloggers join and for that I am of course incredibly thankful. It also saw me lose a few likers over on my Facebook page which I was not exactly thankful for. In fact I may have had a little public outcry about it all. The incredibly kind words that came my way after I had my little (metaphorical) cry about it all however I am greatly thankful for. As I am for the beautiful new peeps that have jumped on board since them. I know that really at the end of the day it shouldn't matter too much how many likers I do or don't have but I would be lying if I said that sometimes there is no denying this whole blogging game isn't a bit like a popularity contest. 

So without further adieu here are some more of the things that have made me go thanks, this past week

  • Winning a book about some PR Queen in Sydney
  • A beautiful friend that offered her time and scrapbooking supplies to Lovely and I in a bid to help some of that teenage angst be removed
  • A teachers strike that enabled us to spend the day with said friend in the middle of the week. 
  • Being invited to a morning tea and dinner as recognition of some of the help I have given the school over the year
  • Mr Awesome not having to be the Chairperson for the Body Corp for another year
  • Wonderfully cool and wet weather
  • A cyclone that didn't eventuate
  • Almost more time alone than I knew what to do with. Well not really I still could have found plenty of things to do if I had more time, but I am most certainly thankful for the time alone I did get.
  • A slight glimmer of hope that Lovely is not going to be a moody teen all the time, or rather signs that some of the moods experienced as a moody teen are in fact on the happy scale.
  • Having a lovely lunch with my mother, brother and the girls.
  • That there are only two weeks of school left
  • Being able to go on excursion with Zany's class
Now you. What has made you go thanks this week?

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Tuesday, November 26

Some blog loving for #IBOT

Hello and welcome once again to Tuesday. The day the Australian blogosphere loves to get it's blog on and blog so they can join in with the ever fabulous

I have been IBOTting for as long as I can remember and by that I don't mean just months, come January I will be able to say years. One thing that I have noticed in all that time is that fellow IBOTers tend to say one of the things they love most about this great linky is the way you are always bound to find an exciting new blog. Which I agree whole heartedly. 

So with that in mind I am going to make it even easier today for you to discover a blog or two that you may not have already heard of. 

Actually scrap that.

Today I am really here to share with you just one blog that I can pretty much guarantee you have not heard of before, but will just love the moment you pop on over.

How can I be so sure?

Well have a look at this

Surely anyone who is willing to share a photo of their kitchen midway through the baking process has to have some sort of star status?

Particularly when they then go on to create these,

and make it all sound so simple.

Of course there is a chance that I could be just a little biased as the blogger behind SEVENo1 just happens to be my baby sister.

She subscribes to the slow blogging concept more than just getting a post up for the sake of it. Which in many ways is great because each post is just absolutely full of awesome, but it also means I have had to wait a while to share her awesomeness, just so there was enough for you to have a really good sticky beak around.

Well it is with great excitement that today is the day!

Her blog is full of simple yet effective craft and cooking ideas, particularly ones centred around parties. Do yourself (and me) a favour and please pop on over and say hi. She even has a Facebook page if you like to stay in touch that way.

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Monday, November 25

I must confess I had a rather perfect time this weekend

Many months ago now the super lovely Jenn wrote a post about her idea of a perfect weekend.

At the end of the post Jenn put it out there for other bloggers to share what would constitute their perfect weekend. As you can imagine I felt all kinds of special at being asked. Having been one of those last picked for anything at school kids I get a real buzz anytime I get asked for anything. And I mean anything. Given that I love Jenn as much as what I do (having actually had the pleasure of meeting her I mean that with all my heart) I was even more excited

Only I must confess that I never actually got around to sharing what would make for a perfect weekend for me.

The main reason for this is because I wanted to do the topic justice and write something totally amazing. Which is naturally all I ever hope to do. And sadly rarely ever get around to. Some days I barely even get to the writing part let alone the amazing bit. But onwards I go.

If you are a dedicated follower (and I know there are some out there and I just want to squeeze you to bits because you seriously make my heart swell) then chances are you notice a bit of an influx of posts over the weekend. You see on Saturday I found myself completely and utterly unattended. It lasted until mid morning Sunday and it was all kinds of beyond awesome.

However there was something a little nice about picking the children up. Particularly given how excited they were to see me. One could have been mistaken for thinking I had been absent a week rather than not even twenty four hours.

What also was rather perfect was the beautiful overcast day that we had been granted. Despite there being a small wanna be cyclone hanging off to the west somewhere. After a quick trip to the shops for food supplies we all head home for some of the best ham and salad rolls I have ever made.

Any takers on what is going on here?
After lunch our family Besties dropped in with a cute and cuddly visitor that kept us entertained for hours. Sadly a friend of theirs had come across an orphaned joey that was still to young to care for itself. As it is such a big job they had asked the Besties to have it for the weekend.

Oh the cute I tell you. As you can see from the photo, little Joey is a bit of a suckler and in the absence of his mummy's nipple he goes for a toe. Which is both incredibly cute and a little heartbreaking. Was lovely for the girls to have a turn at giving him his bottle and a great experience in caring for those who are looking after.

Then as if the day, or even the weekend, couldn't get better we all headed to the beach for a spot of kite flying. The mini cyclone that never showed did provide the perfect wins for a bit of stunt kite flying. There really is something magical about watching kids run up and down a sandy beach chasing a kite.

By the time we sat down for a simple dinner of sausages, corn on the cob and salad everyone was exhausted but oh so happy. I felt more blessed than words can describe and couldn't help but think just how perfect the weekend had been, despite it being and simple and nothing really out of the ordinary it was most certainly a weekend I could live again. Though obviously without the ear drama even if it did just seem to go away alone.

And as I thought how perfect it was, I was once again reminded of how I hadn't shared my perfect day post with Jenn. So here we are and now I have.

As much as perfect could also be whisked away to a deserted island that has a hotel and masseuse or any number of exciting exotic dreams that would never actually happen, my perfect is also a whole heap of alone time with the computer, craft and silence followed by some enjoyable family time with good friends and weather that doesn't leave you melting due to the heat.

Joining in Kirsty and the confessing gang as I confess to my delay in writing my confessions about what makes a perfect day.

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Sunday, November 24

Nothing like really living it up

image thanks to woodsy

And loving every single moment!

Sure there might have been a nano second or two where I thought perhaps I should have felt even just a tiny bit guilty for either a) not bring the apparently sick yet miraculously healed child home or b) keeping Mr A company at his work do, but rest assured it passed pretty quickly once I remembered just how darn amazing it felt to be on my lonesome.

Naturally the writer in me says quick full steam ahead to writers land, get out all those jumbled ideas that rattle around on a daily basis just waiting for the moment to be shared. Which of course is why I am here right now. Not surprisingly said jumbled ideas and thoughts seem to have disappeared, without a hint of a trace of reappearing. Isn't that always the way


In fact sometimes I wonder why I even bother trying to hold on to the hope that one day, just maybe I could be considered as a real writer. But then I tell myself a life without a dream to chase is no life at all. Aside I have a blog that makes me a writer doesn't it? (insert giggles as all the real writers in the world scream at me that blogging is not writing while all the other wanna be writers cheer me on)

The magic of the silence has just been broken. Mr A, decided to drag his sorry self down stairs and ruin my final moments of solace. Asking me to pack away all my craft supplies that are spread over the couch was perhaps not his best idea either. I have little to no sympathy for those with a hangover and fail to see how his self induced headache takes priority over my desire to create at some point today.

The return to the no me time has already begun. I am sure it is not too long till the children need to be collected and the craziness and noise completely return. 

Sigh, sigh and double sigh. Though really I guess that last one should be a triple sigh really shouldn't it?

Instead I will enjoy the final mouthfuls of my now cold but still awesome coffee. As empty as it may now be, the inside of me is filled with a wonderful renewed energy, readying me not just for today but the entire week ahead.

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Saturday, November 23

Completely and utterly unattended

The silence is almost deafening. In fact it is so silent there is a ringing in my ears. I struggle to remember the last such a stillness descended upon the house. 
image from esheep
Of course now that I stop to think how quiet it all is I find my ears barraged with a range of sounds. From cars passing in the distance, to the buzzing of the electrical appliances, not to mention the fish tank aerator, squawking birds flying past and the constant tapping of my fingers upon the keyboard.

Some how the universe managed to swing it that I found myself at home. All alone. Completely and utterly unattended. Which believe you me is completely and utterly amazing. Perhaps even beyond that.

Mr Awesome has his work Christmas party tonight. Which meant that the girls were shipped off to my mum's as I was expected invited to attend said party. All very good and well until when dropping the children off at Nan's the littlest one says my ear hurts mum. And then promptly bursts into tears.

The fact that she willingly took the panadol offered to her was quite possibly a sign of just how much pain she was in. Mother of the year here though decided to ignore it because, well, a night out is a night out, even if it is with a bunch of people I have little to no ability to communicate with. Plus I may or may not have planned to pike early on the night anyway to enjoy some quiet time at home.

Being all organised and not rushing things, I was dropping the children off with an hour or two to spare before the party started. This meant of course by the time the party was about to start I felt obliged to check in and see how it was all going.

Stupid me.

Of course it was going terribly. 

Teapot was still moaning about her ear, while Lovely was still making attempts to escape. It was with great reluctance that I even got her there in the first place. She is currently without access to her iDevice, however felt it was only *fair* she got to take it to the sleepover. Naturally her version of fair and mine are vastly different. The device was left at home and she promised to cry blue murder about it until the situation was rectified.

Poor Lovely is in the process of learning the world does not actually spin on an axis that revolves purely around her. Unfortunately for her, and all involved, she appears instant on doing this the hard way and fighting me every inch of the way.


Anyways being the Mother of the Year that I am, I went on partying. Actually the party was at a bowling alley so I stuck around and had a game. I did not however enjoy an alcoholic bereave. Which was really the only real attraction of going. Instead, deciding to be just a little bit responsible and stay with soft drinks. Once I had remembered how incredibly crap I am at bowling though I decided that maybe it was best if I went and saw to the children. 

By now Teapot had been to sleep for a bit, woken up and was still going on about her sore ear. Lovely had also come to terms with the fact that sometimes I do actually get to pull rank on her and not give in. Aside from all of that the 35 week pregnant lady and the recently engaged chick were well and truly doing my head in with their constant chatter about their impending life changes. Ones that I have already been through and without being rude am not really interested in hearing about from other people I see but once a year. A three year old with a sore ear and her hormonal twelve year old sister suddenly appeared very appealing. (No I don't understand why I don't have many friends do you?)

So I get to my mother's house only to discover that Teapot's ear has had a miraculous recovery. Apparently a bath can fix anything. Oh to be three. Thanks to the panadol for finally kicking in perhaps?

After an hour of hanging with them Teapot informed that she did not want to come home with me. Lovely of course was using every inch of self restraint that she could muster not to scream out how much she would like to come home with me. Bless her. I love it when she shines out rays of hope like that.

I loved her even more when she was so accepting of me returning to the party. There is nothing more wonderful than seeing a child learn a lesson. Even if it will only be temporary before she decides to see how far she can push me once more. The never-ending dance of teenage power struggle.

Of course I had no intention of returning to the party. I am not a very good sober bob. Even there is a drink to be had then I would most certainly like to having it. How else can one tolerate the idiocy of a drunk if one is not drunk also? Plus, the temptation of a silent home is very hard to resist.

So here I sit. Alone and unattended. Basking in the glow of my screen and the silence of my ears. Cautiously waiting for the message to say it has once again all come undone. For now though as I inhale the beauty of solitude I will just enjoy me. Doing things that I like to do, that only benefit me. Like trawling round the internet and catching up on some blog reading and writing.

Button Brain

Digital Parents Blog Carnival

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Friday, November 22

Things I Know that make me go FFS

Now I know that for the most part I am all airy fairy, lovey dovey, Miss peace and happiness, but of late that has not been working out so well for me. So I thought I would try something a little different today. 
I am still sharing some things I know, because Miss Cinders is one of my most favourite blogs and I just love joining in with her. However today I am sharing things I know that make me go FFS and also joining in with Dear Baby G

I know that there is a recurring theme to most of the things that make me go FFS.

Can you guess what it is?

I'll give you a hint, it is a 8 letter word, starts with c and ends with n.

No? Well here is another hint.

I have three of them and honestly I know that some days they should be bloody thankful that they live to see another day FFS

I know that seriously I wouldn't really throttle them to within an inch of their life (and some days possibly even a little further), and I shouldn't joke about it on the internets, someone could get the wrong impression FFS

I know that most of the FFSness around said children mainly revolves around the eldest. Though she manages to get me so worked up that it doesn't take much from the other two to have me screaming and pulling my hair out FFS

I know that is didn't expect the teenage years to be trouble free but I most certainly didn't expect them to be so bloody hard before they even arrived FFS

I know that I have done more deep breathing, counting and walking away in the last two weeks than I have ever done before FFS

I know that it is all hormonal and this too shall pass and all that other crap that is hard to remember when you are actually living in a daily hell because someone refuses to abide by the rules FFS

I know  though that hormonal or not there is still no excuse for me having to ask six thousand and seventy three billion times for the dishwasher to be emptied FFS. The same can be said for putting clothes away and picking up wet towels FFS

I know that rain on my washing days (is it only me who hears Alanis when they read those words?) makes me want to scream FFS very loudly. Even though it justifies me using the dryer, I know have a massive power bill to look forward to. FFS 

I know there is just no pleasing some people FFS.  The fact that I am complaining about not being able to fit *all* my towels in the dryer at once FFS is testament to that. I am sure there are many out there screaming at me but at least you have a dryer FFS. yes yes I know

I know that as much as I don't like to swear on the blog, going FFS all the way through this post has made me feel a lot better than when I was screeching like a banshee at the kids this morning FFS

And last I know that joining in with all these lovely bloggers below makes me go anything but FFS

Weekend Rewind

Some late edition FFS's include the little buttons not lining up where I wanted to and then when the where as good as I could get them there were no links included FFS (all fixed now though) Of course this was after loading the image sent me to distraction and back because the silly programs didn't want to work properly FFS

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Thursday, November 21

Thankful for little things

Thankful Thursday with A Parenting Life Without a doubt my first round of thanks today goes to those rather awesome bloggers who have not only joined in with Thankful Thursday but also added my little button to their blog or post. I know it is only a little thing but every little thing is someone else's big thing. Or something like that.

Seriously though, support via the interwebs is a pretty amazing thing and I know that it is something so many of us are thankful for. Speaking of support, bloggers and new things, one of my regular thanker's has a new series thing launching tomorrow. It is about child led days and going with the flow of what they want to do. Bound to be inspirational I am sure.

image with thanks from here
It is currently 4:06 Thursday morning. I am thankful in some ways that I made myself go to bed with the children at quarter to nine last night. Which I know was late for them and early for me but there is a reason or two for that you see.

We had been out to dinner with a friend who is leaving town. I am thankful that the rain only came long enough to wet the seats and cool our outdoor venue down. We went to The Wharf, a local favourite of many who live here. Actually it is pretty popular with visitors as well and provides great photo opportunities. It is all fenced in some areas so children can run around while their parents sit around and chatter. I am pretty thankful that our friend called shotgun on paying. While we could afford to pay, it is obviously wonderful not too. It also meant that because I no longer had to pay for dinner I could spend a bit more on the grog treat myself to a little drink. And by that I mean two black label vodka ice. 

During the drive in, Mr A, who I may or may not think at times drives like a maniac, had a near miss with car waiting at a round about he was approaching.  So much so he made a noise as he slammed his brakes on. In doing so causing me to look up from my phone only to then make my own noise as I saw our car hurtling towards another. I am thankful it was only in my imagination we were hurtling

He then began to carry on about how my fear of his driving was uncalled for and I decided I couldn't get to the bar quick enough.

Anyway back to my point because it is now 4.25 and I have suddenly got the urge to sleep. I also can not believe that in nineteen minutes I only wrote two lousy paragraphs. Emphasis on the word lousy as well. Grrrrr It is actually now 4.37 and there are obviously more than two paragraphs. 

I am now just thankful if by some chance you are still actually reading this.

There really is so much more I want give my thanks for, only I am thinking that now is not the time. You know on account of it being 4.39 in the morning and all. I have been up for two hours and if I duck off now I can fit in that same amount in sleep. I will be back though I promise.

Thanks again for joining in and sharing the comment love.

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Tuesday, November 19

Keep Calm and Carry on Ironing

the irony of the crinkles in the poster
has me giggling like you wouldn't believe!
Or just chill with an awesome bunch of ladies and some great food and drink as the case may have been.

Thanks to Philips I gathered some of my buddies and held a bit of a British themed ironing party on the weekend.

Firstly let me just say that I feel incredibly privileged to be able to even say I had some buddies to gather. The fact that they actually turned up is even more of a blessing. Now I know generally speaking I don't tend to worry too much about things but when it comes to throwing a party and having peeps turn up I tend to worry like there is no tomorrow.

Thankfully though this was an occasion where I had just the right amount of guests. Given that it was all being held in the shoebox it was lucky the guest list was not too long. Mind you I may have got a tad carried away with the food preparation and prepared enough for a small army.

Apologies in advance for the lack of light in these photos, hint hint if there is a camera company out there, I need a new one...
Just some of the fan fare.
Under the white thing are some scones my mum made. Yes they were awesome
Choc Orange Swirl cupcakes with cute little toppers.
Complete with some chocolate frosting carefully piped on by Lovely
A close up of some of the British food I was sent.
I had a few British guests who assured me authenticity of it all.
These were beyond devine.
Cream cheese, sour cream, smoked salmon and a shallots,all whipped together.
I say whipped because I used my electric egg beater. 
In keeping with the British feel, despite there being watermelon on the table, which is clearly not British just incredibly refreshing, there was also Pimms. Oh and tea, but nobody drank that because, well there was Pimms. Which according to my brief research is the beverage of choice at Wimbledon. Followed closely by champagne (which I also had on hand if you were wondering).

Once everyone had arrived and settled we got straight into the game playing. Because what is a party without games?

The games all revolved around the rather magnificent PerfectCare Aqua Pressurised Steam Generator.

Honestly this iron is the iron of all irons. Even without being a dedicated ironer (and by that I mean someone who may have difficulty remembering where the iron can be found) I can recognise that this little baby is all kinds of awesome and then some.

In fact the look on Suzy's face is testament to just how awesome this little baby is.

Suzy is a regular ironer on account of her husband having an important job and needing clothes that are wrinkle free. Sadly though until the weekend she was oblivious to the fact that not all irons are created equal. A fact she quickly discovered after a few quick swipes of the ironing board with PerfectCare Aqua.

Turns out that all Suzy's years of ironing practise paid off because that lady can get a shirt wrinkle free quicker than you can say Bob's your uncle, not that I ever say that because Bob was my dad and therefore could never be my uncle regardless of how fast you said it but that is probably a story for another day. Anyway Philips had kindly given me an extra iron to pass on to one lucky guest and Suzy's ironing speed and ability made her that lucky guest.

Suz left with one of the biggest smiles and making jokes about the steamy night she was in for as she got to know her new love a little better. Suzy was not the only guest in love with all things iron related and nor was she the only one that left grinning from ear to ear.

Our IBOT hostess with the mostess, Essentially Jess who is a self proclaimed ironing nerd got the pleasure of running away with the rather impressive ironing board

You can check out more photos of the day via Instagram and the hashtag #rhiannasarvotea and if you haven't already check out the YouTube clip of my original review of the iron

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For those that like fine print, I was gifted a PerfectCare Aqua for my original review. 
I was also given heaps of cool stuff (too much to mention) to host an iron party. 
All thoughts and words are totally my own

Thursday, November 14

Regret {Writers Reveal Prompt}

This month's prompt was given to me by the ever lovely Jodi, who is currently powering her way through the arduous task of writing fifty thousand words in the space of thirty days.

I guess my first regret could be that I have not tried hard enough to make time to see if there really is a novel inside of me. The only thing is though I kinda made a rule that I wouldn't waste my energy on regret. In many ways I feel that regret is closely aligned to failure. Not that there is anything wrong with failure as that it means at some point you must have been trying and as long as you try and keep on trying you have never failed. Or so they say.

I guess my other issue with owning regrets is that it is a bit like admitting you were wrong, or made a wrong choice. Which let's face it no one ever really wants to do.

image from here with thanks

Having said all of that though there are some things I have realised I regret and as long as I learn from those regrets then all is well that ends well. 

So what are some of my regrets?

I regret all those times I held myself back. 
I regret the too many occasions I have yelled at my children. 
I regret staying up to late when I have an early start. 
I regret ordering chilli chicken without checking just how chilli it really is. 
I regret not discovering the joys of me time sooner. 
I regret not trying (harder) at school, uni and most things that I do. The balance between laid back and giving it our all can be so hard to establish. 
I regret not discovering the joy of coffee sooner. 
I regret not starting this post sooner. 

A hit and miss kind of thankful Thursday

Thankful Thursday with A Parenting Life For days I have pondered over what words I would use in this post. With so many wonderful things to be thankful for I couldn't decide what way was best to share the joys befallen upon me of late.  Were there some that could be put aside for another day perhaps? Or had I duplicated myself in anyway?

Oh the decisions I tell you.

Naturally though as I sit down to write my mind is free from all such thoughts. Completely and utterly blank in fact.

Add to my woes the fact that it is beyond stinking hot and there is a child refusing to go to sleep and perhaps you can understand my brain's reluctance to think of being thankful. Oh did I mention that I have also somehow once again managed to forget all about my writer's reveal post?

Which is just ridiculous because Jodi, the awesome writer responsible for my prompt, gave me my prompt ages and ages ago. With plenty of time to have got my act together. Again though it was a matter of lots of thought and little action. It appears to be a recurring theme in my life I think.

But wallow I will not. Because thankful is what I am. And blessed.

I am thankful that when dear Lovely pushed my buttons just a little too much I knew to walk away. In fact I knew to walk far, far away. 

I am thankful that as part of walking far, far away I decided to take the rubbish out. I am sure it saved an argument later on when asking someone else to do it for me. 

I am even more thankful that as I left the house to take the rubbish out I was able to grab ten dollars and head down to the shops to get some pasta for dinner (that I forgot to get when I was at the shops earlier). There was something incredibly exciting about leaving the house and not telling anyone where I was going or what I was doing.

I am particularly thankful that the shops are only some five hundred metres down the road. Though I would have been more thankful about a longer distance if I had of taken the time to put my sneakers on because there was one point where walking was just too slow yet as I am only too aware that running in thongs is done at one's own peril I was hesitant to stride it out too much.

Having said that though, I am thankful that I was able to jog for a tiny bit and actually enjoy it and want more. I remember a time where this wasn't the case. I remember when even walking was too much of an effort and I do not ever want to go back to that. 

I would like to be thankful for a few good runs, I hope it will be in next week's post.

Thanks as always to those who joined in last week, as well as to anyone who links in this week. It really makes my heart swell in so many ways. As does the way you spread the comment love.

I would super duperly love it if you put my one of my cool little buttons (code found in the side bar) in your post or blog, but it is no biggy if you don't. A link back works just as well. The link is open all week and you are welcome to add any post about thanks or something that brings you happiness. To me happiness and thanks tend to go hand in hand.

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Wednesday, November 13

Keep Calm and Iron On

Remember how a little while ago I got all housewifey and did a little vlog about the latest and greatest iron on offer from Philips?


Well best you hurry off and check it out, especially if your day is in need of a little chuckle.

Anyway because that was full of all the awesomeness that it was, the lovely PR people for Philips asked if I was interested in hosting a bit of British themed ironing party. Complete with fun and games to use the iron with. Naturally I said yes because who doesn't like to party?

What I didn't think of though, was the actual organising aspect, because that part is perhaps not so fun but thankfully most of the work has been taken care of in the little party pack I was sent. Phew on that front I tell you.

So who's in? Wanna come round and drink tea (quite possibly of the long island and iced variety) and play with my iron?
 photo fwbksignature_zps702ebc7d.jpg
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For those interested I was gifted a Philips PerferctCare Aqua for my original review, I have also been sent a heap of goodies and prizes to make the party as fun as possible. All thoughts, words and opinions are completely my own.