Tuesday, March 29

Will I or won't I?

Sun rising over grasses and open space
I have been sitting here for a while now wondering on whether I should do a post or not. On the one hand I did manage to spit a few lines out earlier today so there is no 'real' pressure to post. On the other hand though I have seen some particularly appealing blogs tonight so I am feeling rather inspired. Actually I need to clarify that a bit.

One of the blogs that I read is by a beautiful crafty lady who lives in the same town as I. She makes the most gorgeous clothes and introduced me to the term 'upcycled' I suffer amazing jealous awe of her as she is one of the truly blessed that appears to be living the proverbial dream. What I also find astonishing is that I have actually met her in real life. A few years ago though before she was well you know all famous like she is now (ok maybe famous is a bit of a stretch but she has over 1000 facebook likers so she is at least well known)

The other blog I stopped by to read, is I believe also fairly local which got me thinking maybe I should try and organise a little local blogging thing. In the past week I have come across quite a few wonderful local women who have an online presence in one way or another. For the most part they all seem to have a rather crafty side to them and are able to make a range of beautiful things which they are able to sell. I wish I could say the same for me.

(deep sigh)

Unfortunately though one of the blogs I came across today did make me shudder. Now I feel terrible about this as I by no means wish to be associated with the the grammar and punctuation police BUT...

Not using capital letters at the start of sentences is just wrong! The first time I let it slide, after all no one is perfect but then when I kept appearing as i my body began to twitch as I realised this author had no respect what's so ever for the English language. I know that I am no expert and I know that I have made many an error when it comes to spelling, grammar and punctuation but at least I try and do the right thing. Mind you I must say that apart from the terrible typing in this blog (which I am fairly sure most people wouldn't even notice) the blog in question was actually quite appealing to the eye and very well set out. As I was scrolling through it I couldn't help but wonder how my own blog creation compared. Of course my self criticism is somewhat harsh given that I generally strive for the elusive 'perfect' but that is a whole post in it's own

Increase Traffic

One of the ways in which I help drive traffic to my site is through LinkReferral and their new sister site LinkReviewer. Basically it means I go and spend time looking at other people's sites and then the same will happen to mine. There is also the option to write reviews which is supposed to increase the traffic to your site as well.

All in all it is not a bad system. Sure visiting other people's sites each day takes away from my own precious writing time but it really does drive some traffic in my direction. Plus the review side of thing makes you feel all warm and fuzzzy. To date I have only had really positive reviews, which is great as they encourage me to plod along. Which is not always easy. I am not a plodder. I am a sprinter. I want results NOW or better yet 5 minutes ago.

The other good thing about these programs are that at times I have come across some really great sites. These give me ideas about where I can take my own little web space to and areas I should work on improving. Naturally there are some that show what not to do as well.

Today however as I am dutifully clicking and reading away all I seem to come across are Christian sites. Now on the whole I guess I am somewhat of a christian. I mean I believe that there is a God out there (at least for the most part) however the Bible is not exactly part of my regular reading. I respect the fact that people align themselves to a belief system or religion and can dedicate their life to following that but it is just not for me. Personally for me I like to shop around, take all the best bits and just make up my own.

Anyway I guess I should get back to it, I am sure DD3 will probably not be sleeping for too much longer. I am thinking of going and joining her so that generally means she will interpret that as being time to wake up.

Monday, March 28

Meatless Monday

The wonderful Nicole over at From Highlights to Housework has started a link in with the theme of Meatless Monday's. Now to be quite truthful there would be a revolt in this house if I said we were going meatless once a week. My family is very happy in the carnivore category. However what they don't know won't hurt them.

You see if a meatless dish is just placed before them they will devour it in an instant. (Hunger is said to have that effect on people) Yet if they were to be told that they were venturing down the path to vegetarian there would be protests and false claims in the hope that I would cease to consider feeding them such food. So tonight we will be dining a very yummy cheese mac served with a side salad (and if I had of thought of it a bit earlier garlic bread)

Now I know that there are some wonderful (sic) boxes that you can get microwavable cheesy mac, but I don't have a microwave and making your own is really really simple.

4 eggs
cream/milk (about 250ml in total use one or both)
300 grams grated cheese

Cook pasta as per normal, only drain and remove from heat 2 minutes earlier
Beat together eggs, cream and cheese.
Pour over pasta while still in saucepan, mix in
Gently heat saucepan while stirring. Continue to cook until egg mixture is no longer runny and is sticking to pasta.
Remove from heat and serve

Optional extras for the pasta include peas and corn (not very popular with some here) and if it weren't for being a Meatless Monday recipe some fried bacon and onion and garlic are a nice touch.

The salad tonight will probably be a bit boring, just lettuce, baby spinach leaves, cucumber, and tomato. The kidlets are such pasta fans that is all they will probably eat so the salad is really more for me. Which means I am thinking the corn and peas I didn't add to the pasta can go in the salad!

Sunday, March 27

Things I would change - School

Another weekend over, another week about to begin. So incredibly glad that this week just happens to be the last week of the school term. I tellya it has been a long hard 10 weeks. I don't know how the teachers and kids get through it. It is a shame that the break will only be for a week but the coming term is a good one. Even though it will have eleven weeks instead of ten there are plenty of public holidays thrown in there so it sort of balances itself out.

Personally though if I was in charge of the education department I would be making some rather radical changes to the system. The first of these would be to scrap the 4 ten week terms and replace them with 5 eight week terms. To me the last two weeks and especially the last are just a nightmare and a waste of time so let's just get rid of them. Of course the whole two semester thing would not really work very well with my theory so perhaps semesters will just have to be thrown out the window.

Alternatively we could do some changing of the week stuff like have Wednesday's as a half day or better yet a free day. Of course this would only really work well for SAHM such as myself but hey you can't please everyone all of the time can you? Perhaps the half day would work better on Friday and that way everyone can have an early knock off and just enjoy being with family.

Wouldn't that be nice? Could you imagine if everywhere everything shut down at say 1pm Friday, leaving people no choice but to be with family and have a fun time. Hmmmmm...... A nice sounding dream to me.

I would also change the start time for schools. Ours is currently 8.15 and it is just not doable for us. A much more reasonable time to start is like 9 though even 8.30 would be a big help. It is surprising the difference that fifteen minutes can make. Mornings are really not my forte. It is not that I am not a morning person, I just need a bit of time to sort myself (and kids) out and quite frankly I would rather do that later rather than earlier. Of course the down side to starting earlier is that you need to finish later but maybe they could just lose a bit of lunch and recess?

What would you change about school if you got the chance?

Saturday, March 26

The sooner you do it the sooner it's done

Makes sense really doesn't it?

Of course if you are a prized procrastinator such as myself then such words are really like water off a duck's back.

Sometimes it is just that I don't want to do it, sometimes it is just that I can't be bothered to do it and sometimes I just hope that someone else will get up and do it. Why I don't know as nine times out of ten I end up having to do it anyway. You would think that by now I would know that I should just be done with it and get it out the way but nooooooo that is all to easy.

Instead I put it off and wait a while. I'll distract myself or pretend to be busy. Sometimes I will even go and tackle other jobs in the hope that it won't still be there when I am done. Rarely is that ever the case though.

What am I talking about?

Well the picture gives it away but if you haven't caught on yet I am of course referring to the dishes. I hate washing dishes with a passion. While online the other day I mentioned to a chat friend that I had dirty dishes that I should be washing and she said "the sooner you do it the sooner it's done" (she is good for great lines like that times) Lucky that she was not with me in person though as I could possibly have given her a little love tap for her remark.

Anyway I did think that it would be a good blog post so while the dishes may not have gotten washed I did get a post out so not all bad I guess :)

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Friday, March 25

Come on Baby Just Ride With Me

That is the line from my new CD that is continually playing in my head. Well when I say my new CD I mean the Meatloaf CD Hang Cool Teddy Bear that my mum kindly purchased for my recent birthday. I say purchased because I suggested it would be a great present and then proceeded to drive her to the shops so she could get it. Once at the shops I then went and found it and gave it to DD3 to hand it to mum.

In case you are wondering it is an awesome CD, especially if you are a Meatloaf fan. In fact I can not begin to explain just how much I love, love, love it. But then that is how all his music makes me feel. Always has and by lord I hope it always will. His music just seems to take me away to another place. Somewhere a little rough and uncouth yet still safe and beautiful. I put this down to the songs and their lyrics.

Meatloaf has a history of his music telling a story and this addition to the collection is no exception. Each song as a tale to tell in it's own right and then they can be pieced together to form a bigger picture. When you listen closely to the lines some of them are actually quite touching
You know that I'll give you all the love that I have

If it wasn't for you there would be no me

When they knock you down, you gotta get back up again

I could go on almost forever but I am sure you get the drift. If you are interested in reading more about the lyrics have a look over here

As I may have already mentioned I have been a Meatloaf fan since a very early age. For the greater part of my life though I have kept my love locked away. While I struggle to understand it, but apparently not everyone is of the same opinion as me. In fact some have never even heard of this iconic superstar. (If this applies to you check this out) After getting tired of continually explaining who he was I decided it best if I just locked my love away and didn't mention it on a regular basis.

Of course since getting the new CD on Wednesday I have listened to nothing else. Already the girls and I have lines and nearly songs memorised and are constantly humming tunes when the CD is unable to be heard. Naturally I have not been able to hold off on sharing my appreciation of this great gift and to my surprise today I finally came across another fan. Actually this was the second fellow fan in nearly as many months, which honestly to me is nearly unheard of. Especially since the woman today has actually seen Meatloaf live in concert. I am only just a little jealous. That would be like a dream come true.

Thursday, March 24

Not in an ad break

After many attempts I have realised that it is not exactly easy to write a coherent blog post in the space of an ad break. In fact even using a succession of breaks does not work to well either. I kept telling myself that as a mother I should be an expert at multi tasking but this time it just doesn't fit.

I have been suckered into the teenage feel good 10 Things I Hate About You The young Heath Ledger is quite easy on the eye in some ways, though I am sure my main attraction to him is that he is an Aussie (always a patriot). But back to the movie. I just love the way that the life of an American teenager is portrayed. Everything is just so well....perfect. Though it is like a surface perfect so I guess it it not really perfect.

Anyway now that the movie is over I have the perfect opportunity to write only of course it is nearly too late and it won't be long till the baby starts to stir. I think she may be growing a few more teeth as she is a little unsettled. Now that the super moon has been and gone I can't blame her restlessness on that.

As always I have been thinking a great deal about the blog and how it should take form. Today I toyed with the idea of starting reviews. I have done a few in the past over at Helium (ok one) and they are not too bad in terms of being easy to write but I am not sure if I could continually think of things to review....

(deep sigh)

Today felt like a hive of activity and I am rather glad it has passed. Well it seemed like a hive of activity but really there was not a lot to it. Just lots of driving really. Lots of to-ing and fro-ing, passing past the same places way to many times in the one day. It almost felt like I was just doing a perpetual circle of dropping people/things off and picking things/people up.

Drop kids off at school, visit mum, do a lunch delivery, try to go shopping pick sick child up, visit mum again, home to rest sick child, back to school pick up other child, home again, back to mum, then school meeting then hockey training that wasn't on....grrrr....finally home

Tomorrow will be a definite at home day I think

Tuesday, March 22

Happy Birthday

In around two minutes time my baby sister will turn 26. I am waiting for the precise moment so that I can tag her in a fb update to wish her well for our special day. Only mine will start 90 minutes after hers due to time differences.

My sister, who naturally I love dearly, was born on my seventh birthday and will for always and ever be the best present I could ever be given.

What I do not love however is when we celebrate in different parts of the world, though at least this time she is still in the same country. I can't really complain though as I think this is only the fourth time we have not been together.

Anyway to my dearest bestest friend and sister may you have a wonderful day full of fairy wishes and butterfly kisses.
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Saturday, March 19

To Pierce or Not ?

While I am no longer as pierced as what I once was I am still a somewhat silent support of body jewelry. I say somewhat as I must admit there are some piercings that I have looked at and questioned why but I guess each to their own.

I have had more than just my ears pierced, though now it is only earrings I wear. Two out of three DD have their ears pierced. I do plan on DD3 getting hers done I am just not sure when it will be. I have to wait and see how she feels about it. I don't think I could really get it done much before two but at this point it is totally a wait and see. DD1 got her's done at about two and a half and DD2 was a few days before her second birthday.

Both of them wanted to get them done and were happy to go through with it. On both occasions there were only a few tears and no infections. In fact both the girls took perfect care of their new decorations. I would simply spray the lovely cold solution on and they would happily turn the earrings themselves. We may have done it nearly 100 times in the first 24 hours but hey at least they were always clean.

Now I must say that neither of them exactly asked of their own accord if they could have earrings. But once the idea was put in their head they were more than keen. They both had a fascination with my earrings, continually playing with my pretty ears. I would ask them if they would like their own pretty ears. Naturally they said yes.

I explained that it would hurt, but not a lot, it would be more of a surprise and much like getting their injection needles. Since they were such brave girls then getting their ears pierced would be a walk in the park. Especially since the end result would be sparkling little stones at the bottom of their ear lobes. They still agreed that they wanted earrings.

I can honestly say that on both occasions I felt more pride in my daughters than words can explain. They just sat calmly on my lap and got on with what had to be done. They did say that they weren't sure if they really wanted their ears pierced after all. I told them that was fine but we would then have to take out the one that was already in. After a bit of thought they both decided they still wanted to go through with the second ear, which made me more than a little pleased as at the end of the day I wanted my daughters to have earrings. To me female ears just don't look right without earrings.

However just because I like earrings does not mean I would be able to be fully supportive if in the future they decide that ears are not enough. On particular people I think that other facial can be particularly appealing. My favourite place to see a hunk of metal pierce the skin is towards the outer end of the eyebrow. Time will only tell how I will feel about the DD's getting anything other than their ears pierced though. At this stage I think I am not going to be a fan.

DD1 has at times put a little diamonte type sticker on her nose and pretended that it was in fact a nose stud and it has driven me insane. I hate it with a passion and vengeance and I don't really know why. I try with all my might not to let her see my disdain for it as I worry in some rebellious teenage stage she will get it down for real and that is not a path I really want either of us to walk.

So what about you? Do your girls have pierced ears?

Thursday, March 17

Blame it on the moon

Man I have started the start of this post so many times and I just can't seem to get it right. (Grrrrrr)

In fact I have sat here so long it is now nearly bed time and I still have a blank page and given the amount of already unfinished posts I don't want to add this one to the pile. I really need to get into the habit of writing every night. Actually I would love to be in the habit of writing for around 3 out of every 24 hours. Yes people's that is right I think I would be at my happiest if I spent 1/8 of every day of it sitting in front of my lovely shiny big iMac screen typing away on the glorious wireless keypad. (Yes I am still in love with my iMac I am so in love with it that it actually counts as part of my birthday present despite the 5 month time gap. The mac brings so much joy that there is nothing I could want)

Where was I?....

Yes that's right, needing to write and it being nearly bed time.

Today has been a massive day. There was a school fundraiser which pretty much took up the day and evening. It was all rather enjoyable and I like helping to bring people together. The thing I don't like though is that afterwards I always seem to think of ways things could be done better. Which reminds me actually I have been thinking a lot lately about the concept of perfection. I think there is a great post in there somewhere once I manage to get my thoughts together.

But again I digress...according to the title of the post (I tend to always title first as then it gives me something to focus on, of course doesn't always work) I am "blaming it on the moon" so I imagine you have been sitting there wondering what exactly was blamed on the moon and why. Well basically everything. When all else has failed and you can find no other reason for why something has happened, it must be the moon's fault.

At least that is the way I think.

All the terrible disasters happening around the world...I rationalise it by blaming the moon. Given the relationship between the tide and the moon it is rather feasible. My recent bad moods and raging hormones...well I wouldn't be the first woman to say her monthly cycle was in line with the moon.

Saturday will see a full moon. Apparently it is a spring equinox moon, closest the moon and earth will be in however many years and all sorts of things. If you have any good links on the subject please share. So if on Saturday night you think of it, go and check out the moon, apparently it will be a stunner, and while your there ask her to be a bit kinder for a while.

Wednesday, March 16

My Place and Yours

Today I am going to play along in a little game hosted over at hello owl (one of the wonderful blogs I have stumbled on lately and just fallen in love with).

Each Tuesday Danielle posts a themed photo and asks readers to do the same. This week the theme is W which I thought gave me the perfect opportunity to share the wonderful Water feature that clever hubs made.

I have had problems finding a photo that really does it justice so this one will have to do, the best of a bad bunch if you will. At night it is a truly magical little corner of the garden as it is surrounded with some solar powered lights that create a beautiful glow.

Cheer up Charlie

That is what I tell the girls when they are sad and that is what I need someone to say to me today. For the second day in the row I have driven the girls to school on the verge of tears and I have no idea why. Well actually maybe I have a little inkling but still no reason for me to be a tear drop.

Yesterday the tears were bought about by an old man the drove past me. He took me by such surprise that I nearly drove into the median strip. I have always had a bit of a soft spot for old men (not that kind of soft spot) and since dad passed it has only gotten stronger.

My dad (rest his soul) was an older man, which I never really realised till I was in my early teens, and even then I never gave it much thought. He was tough and strong and never really looked like an old man as such until he was well into his senior years. Anyway I always thought how lucky my dad was because unlike many people his age his family was still with him. There was never any real doubt that he would go before any of us. He never had worry about being lonely in old age as he had a young family to keep him company. So when I see a more senior gentleman I can't help but wonder if he is lonely or luck my dad and blessed with a young family that as my dad always said keeps him young.

Back to my point now.

The old man that drove past me yesterday taking me by such surprise not only looked like my dad but also drove a very similar car and even seemed to drive in a manner much like dad did before he stopped driving. So tears yesterday are sort of explainable. Tears today though....

(deep sigh)

Got nothing. No idea at all. Maybe it is just that time of month again, though that seems to have come around rather quickly, especially since I am still not actually on that wagon yet (one of the many joys of breastfeeding). Maybe it has something to do with the full moon rising, which is still a few days away. Maybe it is just because at the moment everything seems too hard. The house is a disaster zone (not unusual), no one ever seems to help fix the disaster zone (again not unusual).

Or maybe I have just had enough. Driving home from school I knew that DD3 would fall asleep guaranteeing me some quality writing time so I was thinking about what this post would see. My initial title was not Cheer up Charlie but more along the lines of

It's All About Me
Well I wish it was all about me. As a mother it is rarely ever all about me. That is one of the most endearing qualities of a mum, the way that she puts everyone else's needs before her own....

Generally speaking I am pretty fine with it not being all about me. In fact I love it not being all about me, well I used to. Right now, yes, I want it to be all about me, but of course that is not how it works is it?

Why the sudden change of heart? Well I am not really sure. It is my birthday next week, which normally I would be more than just a little excited about but at this point I am not. My sister, who shares the same birthdate, will not be here which always makes me a little sad. Actually a lot sad. Really really sad to tell you the truth. I thought the more birthdays we had apart the easier it would get but it turns out to be the opposite. I know that it wasn't that long ago she was here and it probably won't be that long till she comes again, but it won't be next week. To top things off my brother will also be out of town which just adds to my woes. The downside of being part of a close family I guess.

Back to it being all about me, or not as the case may be.

All I really want to do right now is just write and write and write and then write some more. I keep seeing some wonderful blogs with great followings and I just want to be the same! (little foot stamp) Right now! (patience has never been a strong point)

Well after all that I must say I am feeling slightly, actually maybe a lot better, than when I started. Now to go and be productive in the real world I guess

Photo credits today go to me!

Monday, March 14


To all the wonderful people that have shown me kindness towards my writing I want to say a big thanks! Last night I went to bed with a mere nine people liking the FB page for this blog, only to check in this morning to have hit the 23 mark. By early evening I am at just below 30 and absolutely astounded.

I mean I know a few of them are dubious and there possibly by force (ie family and polietness) but there are also a few people on the list that I don't know. Which let me tell you I am more than just a little excited about.

Of course I must admit that with the new somewhat visible readership I do feel a little nervous. I feel a slight pressure knowing now that people think I am wittyor interesting or any of the other lovely things that have been said about me. What if suddenly I lose it and become dull and boring?

(deep gulp)

(deep breath) (short sigh)

Fingers crossed that doesn't happen and instead the momentum can grow and I shall one day prosper. Seriously though I sincerely appreciate everyone who stops by and has a read. Feel free to comment at any time, I really do get a buzz out of knowing who stops by.

Also I am interested in some suggested post topics. I often have the opportunity to write but sometimes my mind is blank so having a list of suggestions could be rather handy.

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Knowing how often to nurse

One fear that is commonly held by new parents is how often to nurse their new baby. I would like to take this opportunity to assure all parents that they need not worry. Help is at hand.

I believe that the answer to this, and many other parental concerns is simple, trust your instincts. Parents of today need to develop their confidence and listen to not only their baby but also themselves.

While to some, on the surface, parenting may not seem very natural, the bulk of it actually is. New parents need learn to trust in their own judgment. By all means research and learn about different current thoughts and practices, but then parents need to make their own decision based on the circumstances relevant to their family's situation. Knowing when to nurse is no exception. Listen to your baby and your body, and you will always know what is right. This is particularly true for breastfeeding mothers. On many occasions the mothers body will tell her that feeding time is coming near as the breasts fill with milk. Read more

Sunday, March 13

Just like Mum

Do you want your daughters to be JUST like mum? As a daughter did you want to be just like your mum? Are you just like your mum? Or the complete reverse? More than likely it is somewhere in between. Recently I have found myself pondering a lot over such questions. That and thoughts about role models.

Essentially as mothers we are also role models to our children. We tend to spend so much time worrying about outside role models (peers, celebrities, teaches) and the influence they have on our children that we may not always stop and look at the example that we are setting.

Recently I have been taking the time to think about the example that I set for my girls and I must admit there are times when I have not been happy with what I see. Thankfully though I have the good sense to not beat myself up about it too much. Instead I am going to turn it into a positive and change for the better.

And really at the end of the day it is all for the better. Spending less time on a computer and more time outdoors being active is a good thing. Trying a little harder to maintain tidyness is good thing and when I know I am on top of the clutter I am sure I will have more success in getting the girls to pick up after themselves. Right now it is rather difficult to enforce a 'everything has a home' policy when there are no homes for a lot of things.

Speaking of which I guess I had better get off of here and get started!

Saturday, March 12

Live and learn

That is what I am trying to tell myself. As long as we learn from our mistakes they were worth experiencing.

About six weeks before Christmas, maybe even a little longer, my old desktop crashed and burned. When I took it to the trusty repair man who had previously managed to bring it back to life a few times, he informed me that he was rather busy and would not even be able to look at for nearly a week. Now due to my Internet addiction, I began to feel rather uneasy. The thought of not being online for possibly over a week was almost too much to fathom.

As it was hubs and I had been discussing the possibility of purchasing a shiny new iMac for some time. (yes that's right we are members of the Apple fan club) As much as I dearly wanted one I just could not justify the money. Especially while I have a working desktop.

Only now the desktop wasn't working and getting fixed was quickly becoming a less feasible option. After a quick chat with the sales guy and a few
demos of just what an iMac could do I was soon walking out with a rather large box tucked under my arm.


It turns out that the iMac was all I hoped it would be and a whole lot more. One of the selling points that one me over was the iPhoto feature. It is a wonderful way of storing and viewing precious photo memories. Which are of some importance to me. So you can imagine my excitement when I went to plug in my external hard drive ready to copy said precious memories on to new flash toy.

Now imagine my heartbreaking as a few bright sparks and little fizzing sound later my hard drive no longer seems to be working. That's right folks the back file of almost every shot I have ever taken in the last 4 years plus a few extra disks from days gone by was gone. Lost in a computer void I had no chance of venturing into.

Hubs did take it to a few places (along with the old desk top) but without much luck. The only options remaining were going to cost close to an arm and a leg or a month's worth of food. Neither of which were viable so I had sadly resigned myself to never seeing the photos again. I did manage to find a few disks around the place that meant all was not lost. This all happened around the time that Queensland and Victoria flooded so it was rather easy to be thankful for what I had.

Then out of the blue one day, a ray of hope. Hubs had been talking to a one of the IT guys at work and it just so happened he dabbled in a bit of data recovery and would be able to try and retrieve our stuff. At the time of hubs sharing the joyous news with me he made it sound like this would be a mate's rates type of thing.

Cutting a long story short he managed to save our files only apparently our understanding of the mate's rates concept varied greatly. After a few discussions we managed to come to a mutually agreeable figure (which was still more than I
expected but apparently I am out of touch). I am still unable to decide if it was all worth it as the files are yet to be received at this end.

Anyway getting back to my point.

All this time I had been under the impression that the only thing of interest to me was the photos. I knew there were songs and videos on there as well but they are of little interest to me. They are out in the public domain and can easily be replaced, my personal photos are not. As such I have constantly repeated the phrase 'I just want the photos back...nothing else matter'.

Well today that all changed. I came across something else on there that I would dearly love to see again.

Way back in November 2008, I participated in my first NaNoWriMo I successfully reached the 50 000 word mark but never bothered printing the complete manuscript. After all it was at best a very rough draft. Regardless it was proof that I had some claim to the notion I had it in me to be a writer.

As you may have by now realised, today I became aware that the only copy of this untitled work was on that external hard drive.

So the lesson to be learnt?


In fact don't just back up. Have a few extra back ups around the place. In fact given how small some usb devices can be these days you could never have too many back up copies of things that are important to you.

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An Irish Wish

ST Patricks day will always hold a certain special place in my heart for a variety of reasons. One of which is that I quite like the Isle of Green. Given that I have some Scottish and English ancestry I am not entirely sure where my love of the Irish stems from.

I think I love the way that they are so at peace with the whole Irish joke thing. Any nationality that is so fine with being the brunt of so many jokes can't be all bad. Or perhaps it is their love of beer, or perhaps my love of Guinness, or maybe it is my attraction to leprechauns, who knows. Either way in my book the Irish are well deserving of a day of celebration that people the world over partake in.

There have also been a few significant events in my life which have occurred on St Patty's day which to a certain extent I recall with rather fond memories but I will save those for another day.

Now I know that St Patrick's Day is still some five days away but I just received this Irish wish email that I am supposed to forward on to all and sundry to receive some good luck. Personally I am not a believer in the whole email chain luck thing but I do particular like the wish that it shared. So rather than clutter up my friends inbox I am going to share the wish here instead.

May there always be work for your hands to do
May your purse always hold a coin or two
May the sun always shine on your windowpane
May a rainbow be certain to follow each rain
May the hand of a friend always be near you
May God fill your heart with gladness to cheer you

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Tuesday, March 8

First Steps

As you know this little beauty of a blog is still in the early developmental stage. I am like a pre walker who is ready for take off. My balance is nearly there, I am just teetering on the edge waiting for the first step, only not sure which foot to put forward first.

Earlier today I thought that perhaps I should post some of my Helium articles here as there are some great parenting hints and tips in there. Plus it would have the added bonus of generating some more traffic in that general direction. Which in turn would have the added bonus of me earning a little money.

It is tough though I want to be here just because I love it, which I do, but at the same time if I am here then I think I should be making a bit moola out of it as well. I mean if everyone else is cashing in on the whole Internet thing why shouldn't I. After all I spend so much time on the dam net that I should get a little in return don't you think?

See money has never really been of much importance to me. Before being a mum I was a hard worker and have always been gainfully employed. I mean I am still a hard worker now and the jobs I did may not have been physically challenging but I always gave my best and did an honest day's work. I have pretty much always loved whatever I have done, if I didn't like it I gave it in and found something else. I never had a dream job as such but I always had enough money to get by without to much trouble. Actually to tell the truth I am of the opinion the more you have the more you spend.

Lately though money has become a bit of an issue. You know the saying if it doesn't rain it pours? Well it is pouring here. If it is not one thing it is another and to tell you the truth I have just about had enough.

(short sigh)

Deep down though I know I don't really have anything to complain about. After all there are no holes in the roof so even in the rain we are still dry. We have food on our table and love in our hearts and really that is all that matters. A bit of pulling on the old purse strings here and there and all will be okay.

But enough of the doom and gloom as really things are looking up. Readership is slowly growing here and I have plenty of ideas. Plus I am actually writing a little. As for the Helium thing well part of me just wants to bombard with all my great articles and the other part thinks I should maybe do just one a week or so. Have like a Helium Friday or something? Any thoughts?

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Monday, March 7

About Me

In a recent online conversation I suddenly realised that more often than not I will neglect to introduce myself. I much prefer to be an observer rather than a participant. Well at least in the first instance. There generally comes a time when I can no longer just sit in the corner and quietly watch what is unfolding before me. Then one of two things can happen. I either run away screaming or I dive in head first.

So on that note here is me taking a dive. Here are 8 things all about me

  1. I am a SAHM mum to three beautiful girls, 10, 5 and 1, well that will be how old they turn this year, two of which happen next month. I love being a mother more than anything. Never in my wildest dreams did I actually think that my calling in life was to mother but now that I know it is I feel like a certain peace surrounds me.

  2. There has been times in my life when I have actually been involved in formal paid employment, though I hope to never have to return to those days again. Aside from being the best mother I possibly can I also hope to one day be an acclaimed author. I am not really sure on the book's details yet but I know some where deep inside of me there is a best seller of some description inside of me it is just a matter of uncovering it.

  3. I am also an Infant Massage Instructor. Though to tell you the truth I have never really instructed very many people. The hermit in me has made it difficult to put myself out there. I am rather passionate about the power of love and touch though.

  4. I have at times been called a hippy and I have one friend that refers to me as an Earth Mother. I believe in angels, fairies, and all things magical. I will let the powers that be take over at times and trust the universe to take care of certain things at various times. I am not a huge fan of mainstream and like to take the alternative (what ever that may be).

  5. I love the idea of homeschooling but lack the self discipline to actually carry it out. Plus teachers are a qualified trade as such and who am I to take that job away from the employment lines. I think that the education is flawed but show me something that is not. I am fairly involved in my children's school and find it hard to understand how other parents appear to not value education.

  6. When I form an opinion it is held pretty fast and you can be hard pressed to get me to change it. I will always listen to another's opinion but often adopted an each to their own type of attitude. I worry a lot about offending people. I know that there are few who think the same as me and past experience has shown me that not everyone has the same each to their own approach. I tend to steer away from the it's my way or the highway kind of people.

  7. I have a tendency at times to go on and on and on, both in person and when writing. I have at times been talking, thinking I was telling the best story in the world only to suddenly realise the person I am telling has tuned out. At least when being read it is easier for people to pick and choose what they want to be a part of without it being so obvious to me.

  8. I just love love love Kenny Rogers and Johnny Cash. And Meatloaf. I wish that my taste in music was hereditary so we could all enjoy the same stuff. My children are much more in tune with my husband's song choice than mine.

Saturday, March 5

Tidying Up

Something I constantly need to do much more than I actually do. Though I am fairly certain that I am not the only person to suffer from such a problem.

Anyways, one of the things I thought I might start to tidy up is the unfinished blog posts I have slowly been accumulating. Looking at the list of posts I decided to start at the bottom and tackle the subjects that had been on the list the longest.

Dated the 18th December last year it read as follows

I can't believe that this time next Christmas will be done and dusted. There are still so many things I had hoped to do. Fingers crossed that I managed to find the required desires to to get on with it.

One thing I have been meaning to do for a while now is links to a few of my favourite pages on this big wide web. To start with they will be sites that belong to people I personally know. Feel free to add your own suggestions and I strongly suggest that you check them out.

The first of these is....

And that was as far as I got. I am guessing that the link I would have been put up would have gone to either Nicole at Highlights to Housework, a fellow SAHM blogger trying to get the best for her kids, or Anna who is behind the brilliant mastermind behind the gorgeous mangolime I am just in love with her beautifully made MCN's. They provide lil T with a very stylish behind. In fact today's photo is a close up of one of the first ones I ever purchased. I am looking forward to her next growth spurt just so I can justify getting some more. I really should put on my to do list asking Shannon from Sparkels Photography for a photo shoot of DD3 in some of her funky underdaks.

Well I think that this will just about do it for now. No need to ramble on too much when there are still some nine posts still awaiting completion

Golly, golly, golly

So much going on. So many ideas constantly buzzing about, if only it were easier to get them all out and happening. Since I last posted I think I have attempted two other blog post which as yet have not made it to being published, plus a thousand or so other great ideas that failed to successfully form. Right now is really not the best time for me to try and write but I fear if I don't publish something right this very instant I will be forever doomed and never have a snowball's chance in hell of becoming the acclaimed writer I dream of.

Silly me was temporarily been under the misguided impression that I was slowly getting on top of things. I mean the housework had been kept to a semi well maintained status for a few days in a row, my writing had seen a slight incline in quantity and just general harmony seemed to reign. I have had a significant slap in the face in recent days and the reality of just how much work I have before me has become apparent.

Rather than tackle these difficulties face on I took the run and hide approach. It is my preferred option at all times, despite it's repercussions. See when you choose to deal with something later it is always worse. Time is not always the healing friend it is made out to be. Sometimes with time comes more. More mess, more troubles, more to do. Just more. Take the dishes for example. The longer you leave the washing up the more there is to do. So when you finally get round to doing the breakfast dishes form three days ago they now include plates from an extra five meals. A once three minute task is now an epic job... speaking of which...I still need to do.

Since it is a Saturday there is hope that I will be able to return once all the kidlets are in bed. DH is about to take them for a swim to ensure that energy levels are as depleted as possible. Tomorrow sees us heading to a Wiggles concert which is just a little exciting. There is also a chance we might have a picnic as well. For now though it is a quarter past housework time.

Tuesday, March 1

Still no recipe

For the past two days I have been thinking about how I would do up a recipe post of the most amazing dinner I cooked on Sunday night. Part of me wishes I had of been aware of how great the meal would be, so I could have preempted the possible blog post and taken a photo. But alas my psychic skills were apparently on hold that night.

Anyway right now I have much great things to worry about than the lack of a photo to include with the recipe post. I fear that I may actually have forgotten what I did that made the dish so very yummy.

You see it was not a very well planned out meal. It was thrown together on a whim, based on what was readily available. Here are few of the ingredients that easily come to mind; lemon, chicken, onion, rice, red capsicum, mushrooms, butter, ok so maybe I remember more than I realised...baby spinach leaves...hmmm

I think a recreation is going to be called for. That way I can overcome the photo issue as well...

In the meantime here are you my captive audience and I am struggling to think of how to end this post. Perhaps you should go and read some of my work over at Helium