Friday, August 19

Things I Know

With another week slowly coming to an end the first thing I know this week is that I am more than ready for the weekend.  And I wish it were going be one of those weekends that last for much longer than just two days.  My sister is coming for a visit this weekend and the time always flies way too fast when she is around.

I know I wish she hadn't moved away.  I know why she did though and I know that deep down somewhere inside me I do understand and am super glad she is happy.

I know that I am feeling slightly burnt out.  It has been a big week at the school and there is still much to do.  I know I wish that I had not put my hand up for any of the things that I have.  

I know that at the end of the day it will all get done it is just the quality that will be questionable.  

I know the motto "at least I am trying" gets me through a lot.  Maybe too much.  Maybe I should still try harder.

I know that I have great abilities, what I don't always know though is how to use them.

I know there is so much I want to do, or think that I should do.  I know very little of that may actually happen.

I know I love the way that DD2 shows me her arm muscles with every bite of her cheese and spinach leaf sandwich.  This is currently her favourite food because she wants to grow up to be big and strong.

I know that once I press publish there will probably be another ten things that pop into my head that I will think will be better to use than the ones I have.  I know this because that is what happened yesterday when I did my Thankful Thursday post

And finally the last thing I know for this week is that while it may make me feel super good to get a blog post up first thing in the morning, it doesn't exactly help get the kidlets to school on time.

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  1. "I know that I am feeling slightly burnt out. It has been a big week at the school and there is still much to do. I know I wish that I had not put my hand up for any of the things that I have."

    This! I relate to this so much. Big hugs to you. I hope you can get the things done.

    Perhaps we can practice saying 'No' together :)

  2. My Miss 4 has been asking me why her muscles aren't getting any bigger when she drinks so much milk. That's bones, sweetie. Lol

    And try not to spread yourself too thin, next time say yes to less and truly let yourself shine :)

  3. You also know the story of my life obviously. I know you are not the only one to feel this way so hang in there! x

  4. Oooh, it's hard not to put your hand up for things when you think you can do them. The fact you even think the quality will be questionable means other people's standards are probably nowhere near as high as yours so what you perceive to be not so good will no doubt be spectacular to them.

  5. I know that feeling well. I often feel burnt out to the point of feeling like I can't do another thing but I still put my hand up.

  6. Hi there!

    I know that you are being the best you you can be!

    Linking up from things I know.


  7. Oh I hear you! Doing too much is very overwhelming, particularly when you're not enjoying it at all, not at all.

    I hope you enjoy your weekend with your sister and you two have a lovely time catching up.

  8. I've been feeling burned out too so I have been trying togo to bed early but then I have no time to blog or do the social media's hard juggling everything, I hope you feel more on top of things soon!

  9. I love that DD2 is eating cheese and spinach leaf sandwiches. How fabulous! And go the muscles! :)

  10. I know I love all your comments ladies, thanks so much for stopping by and taking the time to say hi. Fairy wishes and butterfly kisses all round

  11. I know I enjoy reading your things I know each week and always can always relate!


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