Wednesday, August 10

Trying, always trying

That is what my life feels like.  In both senses of the word as well.  

The past few days have seen my trying to get ahead of the housework.  Yesterday I made a concerted effort to be super productive.  I managed to resist all temptation that the computer world brings me and concentrated purely on getting washing washed, folded and put away.  I did what seemed like a never ending tower of dishes (one that has seemingly returned today)  I even spent some time in the girl's room trying to restore some order there.  Oh and naturally I tried to restore some form of order to the general living area.  

Despite these efforts though I feel as if little was achieved.   Full credit to hubs though, he assured me he could notice a difference.  I am also rather disheartened by the fact that by the time kidlets were in bed and I had filled out our census form I was so exhausted that I toddled myself off to bed.  The downside to getting up at 5.30am I guess.

On the upside though I did try something new for dinner last night.  I made a green Thai chicken curry.  Which was a bit yummy.  DD1 & 2 weren't exactly over the moon about it but they did for the most part eat without complaint.  DD3 is so interested in food that she pretty much eats what ever you put in front of her, especially if it is something new.  It was dead easy as well so that was even better.  I could tell you how now but I could also just put it in a post of it's own and give you the link (which is what I will do so stay tuned)

So far today has been fairly productive though I have spent some time on the computer.  I just had to get my Wordless Wednesday post up.  I thought that I was so good getting it done before 11am only to find that some thirty odd people beat me to it.  Grrrrrr (not really glad to see so many others are joining in the fun if you want to check them all out head here there are some great photos in there this week)  I also managed to get some emails replied to.  

What I haven't done though is the most important stuff, which I should get to now but I just really wanted to write.

The urge to write has been growing a lot lately and I hate it when I can't find the time to listen to it.  How will I ever become a famous writer if I don't actually write?  And when I say write I don't necessarily mean some of the drivel I put up here and try to fob off as words of wisdom.

(short sharp sigh - you know the fed up with is all kind)

Moving along though.  No point beating myself up about it all, best just to keep going and try to make changes.

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  1. Ooh I know the feeling! I spend so much time cleaning up the house and then everyone comes home lol. I fell asleep on the couch last night and didn't get any of the things done I had planned. I spent the whole day trying to play catch up, still not there yet. Small tip RE wordless Wednesday you need to have your post up around seven to be one of the first. Trish ocassionaly puts the link up late Tuesday night too :-)


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