Monday, August 15

Monday Mention - Daisy, Roo & Two

Yesterday as I trudged my way through the battlefields of housework that is my home I pondered on what earth shaking event I could blog about.  Unfortunately for me I did not exactly come up with much.  You see for as much as I long to be a famous writer, making the time to actually write is still much easier said than done.  Depending on the time of day I can come up with an array of reasons as to why  my screen remains blank.  Surely this is not the path way to becoming a writer.

What I have found works though is regular themed posts.  For some reason, weekly link ups like Thankful Thursday, Wordless Wednesday, and Things I Know seem to get at least a few of my juices going.  Actually if I were to guess the reason for my interest in these things it is because for the most part they have a way of increasing my readers.

One of the crazy ideas I came up with yesterday was to host a link up of my own.  Possibly Sunday Shout Outs.  The idea being to share a favourite link/blog/product/whatever.  Of course my lack of self confidence automatically had me question whether I would get any one to join in which in turn convinced me it was a bad idea.

Thankfully for me the wonderful Tammy over at Ramblings Of A Brokenhearted Mummy had the perfect solution for me with her Monday Mentions.

So before this Monday runs out I would like to mention Daisy, Roo & Two One of the blogs that I have recently stumbled across and just fallen in love with.  Daisy feels like a kindred spirit that I have known forever.  Her grounding honesty coupled with a warm humour gives new light to life and all that it brings.

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  1. I had a little giggle reading this post. I also mentioned Daisy, Roo and two in my Monday Mention with Tammy!

    I've taken a leap of faith & started my own Tuesday blog hop, "Taste of Tuesday's". Would love you to join in.

    I've also got a page where I've listed other blog hops throughout the week.

  2. oh that is funny, just shows what a great read she is. Will head over and have a look at your Taste of Tuesday. Thanks for stopping by.


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