Saturday, August 6

Being Grateful

Today is Saturday which means over at Maxabella loves it is time to share what we are grateful for.

Now I know that on Thursday I was thankful and perhaps there is little difference between the two but as far as I am concerned one can not be too thankful or grateful, especially when one is as blessed as what I am.

I am grateful to all the people who have stopped by to have a read lately.  I have noticed a bit of an increase in traffic and this really makes me grin.  I haven't bothered to take a look at the length of hits yet but the pure fact more people are even loading the page makes me want to write more.  My new motto is write and they will read 

I am grateful for the fact that I am not going to give up.  Not on this, not on my family or my commitments at the school.  Fingers crossed that I get to writing the posts regarding exactly what this is all about.

I am grateful for the fact that blogger automatically saves what I am writing.  I think that it is one of the best filing systems I have ever come across.  For years I have struggled to keep track of my writing as wonderfully as what blogger does.  Thanks to blogger's awesomeness I was able to have the below carefully put aside till I was ready to use it

Yep, that's right time again for the weekly link up with Shae's Things I Know

 and this week I am slightly torn on what it is I know.

(deep sigh)

I know that my heart goes out to all who have ever lost a baby.
I know I wonder how they go on after such an event and I admire the strength and courage it takes to deal with such tragedy.
I know that...

Unfortunately this post remains unfinished,  In fact it has actually been discarded now.  I am grateful to be blessed with my beautiful children.  I know that this almost really goes without saying but there are so many times during a day when I honestly think how lucky I am because of my girls and wonderful husband.

The blogs I was reading at the time of the post all seemed to be mums who had Angel Babies.  Which I think is a beautiful term.  One of the groomsmen at our wedding lost his first son two weeks before our wedding.  He was two weeks old, born at only 24 weeks.  It was a strange time as another very close friend was diagnosed with breast cancer.  Seven years (and one week) on from that day I am grateful that on the whole those near and dear to us have come out stronger than ever before.  I am also more than grateful to still have the love of a wonderful man.  I can't even begin to imagine where I would be without him.

Anyway I could actually gone on forever about all the stuff I am grateful for but then you wouldn't get to read about all the other grateful people here.

xx Share the love with fairy wishes and butterfly kisses so that in every way this is a special day xx

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