Friday, November 30

Things I Know About Getting Older

I know that as you age less means more.  Which doesn't always make sense.  Less alcohol when older seems to mean more of a hangover than when you were younger.

I know that to cater for this change the type of parties that you are invited to tend to change a little.  Where once a party didn't get started till at least 10 pm it is now well and truly over by then.  In fact the preferred party starting time is now somewhere closer to 10 am.

I know that when I thought of this post two days ago (experiencing the greater than expected hangover from less than what I once drank) I had many more funny points to bring up.

I know that after having sat in my draft folder for a very long time I still haven't recalled any of the funny points I originally thought of. In fact I am even starting to question if I had any in the first place. Perhaps my brain was just addled by the alcohol? Thankfully drinking is not something I  do a lot of any more.

I do however know a few not so funny things about getting older that I am only to happy to share though. Which I know you are just ecstatic about ;)

I know that getting older is far more exciting as a child. As a child getting older means reaching new achievements and more new things to discover and learn. Possibilities are endless and hope abounds. While this may still be true our whole life through, once we are older we tend to think more of what should've could've been as we become jaded by past experiences and lessons learnt and sometimes not, along the way.

I know that watching a child get older, particularly when they are your own, is at times bittersweet. For as lovely as it is to watch them grow and learn and experience the wonders of the world there is also a desire to pause and freeze it all. To hold onto the time that is now.

I know that regardless of how old you are it is important to

and not get caught up in the past.

I know that with one girl teetering on the edge of puberty, another with a mouthful gaps and wobbly teeth and the third gaining new words at knots faster than gusty winds I am only to well aware of what it is like watching children getting older. It is happening right before my very eyes.

I know that watching one's children get older is much nicer than watching one's parents get older. The whole cycle of life thing really does go full circle.

Finally I know that I just love joining in with Miss Cinders and the lovely Grace

Wednesday, November 28

Thursday Thanks

For nearly as long as I can remember blogging on a Thursday has been a day of thanks. Largely in part to Kate who says stuff. She used to host a Thankful Thursday linky that I would almost religiously join in.

There were a couple of things that attracted me to Thankful Thursday. The first being the fact the whole being grateful and looking on the positive side is right down my alley. Because let's face it there are some many things that I have been blessed with. We all have, it is just a matter of looking.

The next reason I loved joining in was the awesome community feeling and sharing. It warmed my heart no end reading all the wonderful things that people found to be thankful for. It was like a great big pot of warm and fuzzy. Just what was needed to get through the final days of a long week.

My final reason for being so infatuated with Thankful Thursday is slightly egotistical. It was a great way to boost my hits. What can I say I am a numbers girl

Anyway regular readers will have noticed that it has been a rather long time since I took the time to be thankful. In fact it was way back at the start of the month where I gave thanks to my awesome hairdresser. Since then I have had plenty of things to be thankful I just haven't made the time to share them here.

There are a few reasons for this. The main one being that Kate no longer hosts the linky. She has passed it on to the lovely ladies at We Heart Life Well we all know how I feel about change at times and for some reason I just can't seem to go with this change. I can't even seem to explain why it doesn't feel right to me. Just one of those crazy crack pot notions that gets caught between my ears sometimes.

Regular readers will also know that I am a linky junkie. I try and link up as much as I can, I don't know how else to get myself out there. For the most part it works well for me, in that I can see more readers on the days I join in but it also means I have to spend a lot of time sharing the linky love. Which I do enjoy, especially when I have all the time in the world to sit and read countless blog posts. It is just that time seems harder and harder to come by.

Something had to give and unfortunately for Thursday it was giving thanks.

Only today I had an epiphany.

I could still do a post of thanks on a Thursday just not link it up! Ingenious hey?

So here we are, with my new, non linked Thursday thanks.

This week I am thankful that

  • I seem to have a few more readers than normal
  • school is nearly over for the year
  • Miss 6 was very understanding when the toothfairy didn't come as expected
  • I went and tried a new playgroup
  • the snot from last week seems to have eased of quite a bit
  • Mr Awesome never complains about my lack of housekeeping
  • it appears as if I may have enough frequent flyer points for a one way trip to Sydney. In March no less, around the time of a certain DPCON13. Totally excited to say the least, now just need to get a flight home and the conference ticket. (Hint hint lovely sponsor waiting to throw money at me)
What about you? 
What are you thankful for?

Tuesday, November 27

Christmas Gift Guide - Havaianas

Have a little person in your life needing a Christmas present? 

Look no further.

Havaianas have released their very popular My Little Pony and Transformers Havaianas with an included corresponding toy, just in time for Christmas.

Uh huh you read right

A pair of incredibly cool Havaianas and a matching collectible toy!

And you can order online and have them delivered directly to your little person's front door. Talk about easy and with free shipping on orders over $49 rather affordable as well. Win, win win I say.

Of course if My Little Pony and Transformers aren't your thing, there are plenty of other great Havaianas to choose from. With summer just around the corner a pair of good quality rubber thongs is more than a must.

The dairy is officially closed.

A reopening is not expected. At all. Ever.
I found this photo here. The closed was all me though
The jury is still out on how I feel about it all. Right now due to some ridiculously strong menstrual cramps combined with my no longer ignorable toothache it is hard to feel anything but the discomfort they bring. The cramps only worsened by the fact there is no need for a monthly cycle. My baby making days are over. If only there was a button to turn the biological clock off when ready.

When my next birthday rolls around in March, I will turn thirty five. Not old I know and certainly not too old for some women to have children at. It is however plenty old enough for this woman to declare herself as past child bearing age.

It's not like I haven't already done my part any way. I have had a child to replace Mr Awesome and I as well as a spare. Or one for the country as some might say. There is no need for me to continue to procreate.

Sure I love having babies around the house, they bring with them a certain aurora that is hard to find elsewhere. Only they do grow up. And that is more what concerns me. Babies I can handle. They cry you give them a boob. They don't want the boob, then change the nappy. Still making a noise then cuddle them to they sleep. Easy. No arguments or complaints, it is a time where the simplicity of life is truly embraced. Or at least for me that's how it was.

Not like when they get older and can talk and tell demand the life they see fit for themselves. Or try to argue reason with you till you are both blue in the face. All of this before they have even reached the doorsteps of puberty. My poor little head feels like it is going to explode when I am forced to acknowledge that my eleven year old baby will have finished primary school in just a few short weeks.

How can that be? How did those days years slip by?

Miss Two has taken the closure much better than I expected. She hadn't really indicated any keenness for the relationship to end but I felt the time was right. I selfishly wanted my boobs back. They deserved to be retired from the milking gallery, having served all three girls very well. For which I feel more than blessed.

The first time I was pregnant the only thing I worried about was not being able to breastfeed. To me this starry eyed twenty three year old amazed that my motherhood desire was actually coming true so soon, it was the most important thing ever. Thankfully my concerns were totally unfounded and baby number one took to feeding like a duck to water. We both did.

The next time round was a different story though. While baby number two was keen and appeared to be doing all the right things I was in a world of excruciating pain. The kind of pain that can only come with cracked and bleeding nipples. I couldn't believe I had spent so long looking forward to rekindling the beauty of breastfeeding.

It was the worst thing ever.

Well at least for the first three months. After that I seemed to have toughen up and it suddenly became beautiful. Miss Two was somewhere in between. I had braced myself for so much pain that what I got seemed quite bearable. Jedi mind tricks and all that.

How did you feel when your breastfeeding journey 
came to an end for the very last time?

Monday, November 26

Confessing. Where should I begin?

As I sit down to write this week's confessions to join in with Kirsty over at My Home Truths I must confess I am not really sure where to begin. Certainly I am not without sin or something to confess to. That is not the problem. No. The problem is trying to decided exactly what to come about. The possibilities are almost endless.


Do I go with my addiction to stupid pointless and rather mind naming games? Or perhaps the continual lies that I fill my children's head with in regard to big fat men dressed in red? Or rather my ability to start a craft project and not see it through?

Then again I could go with some a hard hitting truths about my failure (again) in regards to NaNoWriMo this year. Mind you I do sort of already have that penciled in for towards the end of the week when the month officially ends. Not to mention that may not be the light hearted angle desired for this hour of a Monday morning.

Naturally if I wanted to take a hard hitting truth there are plenty of those to choose from as well. I could confess to this ridiculous fear I am currently fighting regarding a dentist. I spend large portions of each day trying to convince myself that there is no throbbing pain in my lower jaw that as the day draws on gradually travels up to my ear and then temple. Increasing it's throbbing powers with almost every minute. I am sure it will pass soon. Teeth can just fix themselves can't they?

Denial is one of my specialties. Says the mother of an eleven year old daughter still trying to work put how to have 'that' talk. Definitely a confession in there a well I would imagine.

My ability to not feel too guilty about the girls being late for school because I was busy blogging is also a concern I guess. One that I am not really ready to confess to because once the confession has been made something must be done about it. I certainly don't want to do anything about it today because then this post wouldn't be written.

Decisions, decisions.

Have you got something you should confess to?

Head on over to My Home Truths and join in. And even if you don't have a confession of your own head on over and read everyone else's!

Fairy wishes & butterfly kisses

Sunday, November 25

Instagram Weekly

Happy Sunday beautiful readers!

Another week has slipped on by. Leaving behind nothing more than a few happy snaps, or so to speak.

It has been a tough week here. The girls have all been a bit under the weather. Nothing too serious just snot and lethargy, especially in the morning. A change of weather thing, not aided by the peaceful sleep that comes with air conditioning.

Apparently the over night low the other night was 26. Twenty six is great for a day at the beach basking in the glory of a gentle sun. Twenty six is not conducive to a good night's sleep. Especially when there are multiple bodies within the vicinity

But I digress. Back to the photos

First up is a little Christmas Beetle that Miss Two found in my mother's front garden. She would have a happily sat and talked to it for hours. Number two needs no explanation really. As if I could have an Instagram Weekly without a coffee shot. My dearest bestest buddy since the first day of high school gave this shirt to Miss Eleven when she was about two. All three girls have loved wearing it. Finally some clouds. I love clouds.

A sunset. One of the most breathtaking things ever to watch. I never tire of it and trust me I have seen a few. Disgusting left in the fridge too long curry thing on the other hand is something I tire easily of. Took some time out to colour in with Miss Eleven. So much fun. Actually more relaxing than anything and certainly something I want to do again soon. Barbie perhaps need to reconsider what ever it is she has been up to.

Numbers one and two should actually switch places. As that is the order they occurred in. Number two is of the clouds all gathering round me with the promise of rain. Number one is the realization that promise has been broken. Miss Two was devastated when she couldn't go and play at the neighbours with the other two. She was told she had to wait till I folded the washing. Next up, more clouds, again without rain but since it was washing day I wasn't complaining. And last but not least Christmas is starting to appear.
Joining in with

Saturday, November 24

The Internet - How I have viewed it's growth

Recently I have decided to retrace my blogging footsteps. I know that looking back is not always the most advisable way to move forwards but right now it just seems to make a whole lot of sense.

Anyway my first port of call was my draft folder. There were a heap of old posts sitting there with broken links in them. Some have just been deleted not worthy of a second thought. Others have been sent to a new folder where new life may be breathed into them in the future days. And some, are deemed worth of a reshare.

I am fairly certain that my current readers were not around back on January 19th 2008, which is when this post was originally written. The now defunct link was to a parenting site I use to write for, one that is no longer in existence unfortunately.

Anyway I give to you the following

This whole Internet concept is still rather new to me. When I first went to university there was no Internet. I remember huge amounts of hype of the computers in the 'special lab'. I had no idea where or what this meant, except the computers in there were of a much higher quality than any of the others.

When I finally discovered the location of this special lab, I was hugely disappointed. These computers didn't make me type my essays any faster or better. Nor did they do half the things today's machines do! I had no idea what all the fuss was about and made a firm commitment not to be any part of it.

I stood by conviction for many years. I avoided computers like the plague. I even went back to my trusty old type writer for my essays. It was electronic after all.

Over the years I became more aware of this place called the World Wide Web. It sounded fascinating but not for me. I enjoy the simple things in life and keeping up with technology was not a priority for me.

When I finally ventured to this web world it had a name change and now referred to as the internet. I found it difficult to navigate and didn't really enjoy the experience. I had lived without computers and the all the rest of it for this long I didn't need one now.

Around August last year, my husband and I purchased our first computer and quickly signed up to the internet. Which is now known as the Internet. I was quite surprised to see that internet was now worthy of a capital letter. Hard to believe it has evolved so much.

When I sat down to write this post I had something else I wanted to say but I am glad this story came out instead. It is one I have wanted to share for a while. I really was amazed that the Internet had grown so much that it now deserves a capital letter. Where had I been to have missed this milestone?

I will save my original post for another day. My husband is watching Dogma, I had forgotten how amusing it is so I am off.

Friday, November 23

Things I Know About Blogging

Earlier today I posted about being a blogging superstar. Or rather questioning what makes a blogging superstar. Even as I was writing it I wondered whether I should post it or not. Sitting here a few hours after it has been live and I am still wondering whether I should have posted it.

As I have been trawling through my old posts I came across this one It was written just over four years ago as I was attempting my first NaNoWriMo. The only year I have been able to actually reach the other wise illusive 50 000 word target.

Reading through it I was amazed at how so much of what I felt then I still feel now. This is both a good and bad thing. It is great that I realised back then that only I was holding myself back and I swore to let go and let myself be free. It would be even greater if right now I could say that had happened. It would also be great if I no longer felt misunderstood, but I guess that is really just a part of life and interacting with others.

Back today's post.

It had to be written. I know needed to get it out of me. They are thoughts that have been floating around for a while, blocking the exit and entry points for any and all new thoughts till they were dealt with. Only they were whingey whiney poor bugger me thoughts. And really who wants to be reading about that? I know I don't, well most of the time I don't.

Anyway it got me thinking what do I know about blogging?

I know that I love blogging. I love that it gives me an arena to write in, one that provides slightly more opportunity to actually be read than what my personal journal did.

I know that when I see posts not being read it is hard for it not to hurt my feelings. As much as I write to get it out of my head I write to be read as well.

I know that connecting with people is not easy. We are all so busy and there are so many things trying to connect with us it is easy to get lost amongst it all. I know I spend too much time feeling lost.

I know that blogging needs to be something I do for myself not to appease anyone else and it is. But I also know I need to know that someone, anyone is reading.

I know that it is not all doom and gloom.

I know that there is hope and that
Just between you and me I also know how much I love 
and being able to easily create semi groovy graphics. 
I am sure with some time and practice they will turn into very groovy graphics.

I know that compared to some other bloggers I have had some pretty cool things come my way. I know these may not be as cool as some other bloggers again but hey the grass always looks greener doesn't it?

I know that blogging is fickle and uncharted. There are no hard and fast rules, well apart from write and be active within the blogosphere.

I know that at the end of the day I am not about to stop blogging any time soon, readers or not. Eventually I figure write and they will read will apply to me.

And finally the last thing I know today is that I am ecstatic to see that the lovely Miss Cinders is now the host of one of my most favourite linkies ever!

Things I Know

What makes a blogging superstar?

Lately I have been thinking a lot about my blogging. I guess being a blogger and all that is not overly surprising. A blogger should be thinking a lot about blogging. The very nature of the act leads one to do so.

What I mean is, the last few days, weeks even, I have been paying more attention to my blogging outcomes and interactions. I know that all comparisons should be taken with a grain of salt, after all no two blogs are the same. I can't help but notice some blogs seem to attract more than others. Naturally I want to be in the more rather than less, deep down who wouldn't?

deep breath, slight choke, leading to a sigh

I have been at this whole blogging and Internet writing for quite some time. Like years. And years. This blog only dates back to 2008 but I do have a few things around the place that date back to 2007.

I worry that maybe I have peaked and somehow missed it all.

But then I remember how much I really want to be a writer. Not just a writer that is so, purely and simply because they write on a regular basis. That is not why I write. I write because I want people to read my words. I want to share and to connect.

I want much more than that as well. I want to inspire and bring hope. Let others know they are not along and all that. I want to spread love and laughter and bring happiness wherever I can. Really I just want it all.

Yet for some reason it just doesn't seem to be. And I can't help but ask why.
Deep deep down though I know I don't really need to ask, the answer is one I know only to well.

For as much effort as I put into to creating the wonder that is A Parenting Life I should be happy with the outcomes because really they are equal. If I want a greater outcome then it only stands to reason that I need to put in a greater effort.

I just want need to make sure that the effort is in the right direction and that is where in all my problems lay. How does one work out something like that?
Please feel free to offer any suggestions that you may have.

In the mean time I will keep ploughing through the some five hundred posts that are floating around here. I can't really explain why or how but for some reason I feel that the answers I am searching may be lurking in there.

Mind you some of what I have read already have made me shudder and wonder what was I thinking, others have made me give myself a pat on the back just for having a go and others have filled me with hope. If you subscribe to my Facebook or Google+ pages you will be privy to me sharing all my favourite ones.

Or you could of course have a poke around yourself. Go on I dare you. There are plenty of links in the side bar to keep you entertained for hours if not days.

Tell me
What is it I do well?
What don't I do well?
Do you think I have a worthy story to tell?

Go on spill the beans I need to know.

doing the usual Friday Flog WithSomeGrace

Wednesday, November 21

Silver Linings

I am currently in search of inspiration. My inner strength seems to have disappeared so I am seeking of a source to rejuvenate my soul with. Any suggestions are more than welcome!

Looking for refuge somewhere, I stopped by my fairy garden and found an old silver lining post. It seems I have been able in the past to find joy in any occasion! So I will keep looking....

On a brighter note here is a wonderful photo taken at Katherine Gorge recently. It is of Jedda's Ledge, which ironically has great meaning to me, given my certain situation. Of course few know much about this situation as the sharing of intimate details in these avenues at times is not advised!

The above was actually written some time ago, back in 2008. I have decided to go right back to the beginning of my blogging existence. Lately I have been feeling a little lost and without direction. I am hoping that by going over some old posts I will be able to once again find my way.

The silver lining post that I spoke about is on a blog that is not currently live, though I naturally can still access it. My heart was left feeling both warmed and broken after I read the post in question. It is too long to actually post all of it here, especially when most of it is a bit irrelevant, so I will just fill you in.

It essentially rambles on about how no matter what happens I like to look for the positive. I am certain that there is always a silver lining. Which I am. At the time of the post I had just injured my toe and the silver lining was that I had a perfect excuse to sit around and do nothing.

Only there was more to it than just that.

I was only able to sit around and do nothing because of my wonderful mother who came and took the girls for a few hours. Just one of the many wonderful things she did actually. That was the heartwarming bit.

The heartbreaking bit was the way I have been treating my mother of late. My patience has been less than short with her. I have been brash and possible even rude at times. She makes me feel obligated to do certain things and I feel a growing resentment towards her. All terrible terrible things.

Deep down I love her so much though. And in fact I am sure I only feel this way because I love her so much and I am worried for her only I don't know how or even if I can help her.

Even with time though some things don't change. The last line that I wrote back then still holds true today.

Of course few know much about this situation as the sharing of intimate details in these avenues at times is not advised!

Tuesday, November 20

I must confess to being really really ridiculously over the top when it comes to linking up posts

It's late and I am tired. And there are so many posts just waiting to be written. But quite frankly what is new there?

Not much really other than late now arrives shortly before 10pm. I remember, only just mind you, a time when 10pm was still early. In fact there were even a time when it was considered too early. Oh to be young and foolish again hey?

Or not.

Mr Awesome had his work Christmas party on Saturday. It was an afternoon of bowling followed by drinks and dinner at one my favourite restaurants. With the children bundled off for nearly a whole twenty four hours, I was rather excited to say the least. To add to the excitement of it all Mr Awesome and I decided to get our super hero on.

I must confess that I felt incredibly good looking. In fact I would even go so far as to say that I was really really ridiculously good looking.

I walked around strutting my stuff like I was Bat Girl herself and perhaps even a whole lot more. It felt good. Though I don't think I really would like that much attention all the time.

Since Bat Girl likes things short, particularly her dress, I had my super hero undies on so that all modesty could be retained while bowling. For future reference for any one on the hunt for some great little hot pants, the mens underwear department is the place to go.

I must also confess that I have only in the last few days worked out that the camera on my phone has a timer. Selfies just got a whole lot easier. Though I do need to find a much better location, either that or move the dog's bed before I start. Live and learn though.

Back to the party though. I must confess that come Sunday morning when I had to return to the realms of mothering, I was oh so thankful that Mr Awesome called home time when he did. Despite my childish protests. Being young and foolish is not all it is cracked up to be after all. Thankfully though Bat Girl pulled up much better than Bananaman.

And finally, I must confess that I do feel just a little cheeky (not that it will stop me mind you) as this post will link up with

Kirsty over at My Home Truths
Because, well it is full of confessions

as well as Lauren over at The Surprise Beginning
The Surprise Beginning
Because clearly as Bat Girl I am really, really ridiculously good looking. 

How could someone wearing these little beauties not be?

And last, but certainly not least, it is Tuesday and I have blogged so that can only mean one thing...

Head on over to Essentially Jess for the awesomeness that is #IBOT
Remember there is nothing greater than comment love.
Go ahead and make someone's day, leave a comment.

Sunday, November 18

Instagram Weekly

It might be late but it is still Sunday and that means it is time to share the week that was on Instagram. So without further ado

Monday saw me just chilling in the park watching the clouds float on by. Made even better by the fact I go to watch said clouds with the company of the rather awesome Essentially Jess

I do love a good flower photo. I also love that I have these beauties growing in my back garden.

Monday night we went and watched some baby flat back turtles crawl across the sand and head for the sea. This incredibly awesome. Especially since I was able able to get three posts out of the experience.
They are here, here and here incase you missed them.

As you can see I really went all out with trying to get turtle coverage.

And back to clouds. This time of year there are always great clouds floating on by.

Miss Two went to the trouble of making sure the washing wasn't going to fall off the line

Saturday morning saw me in dire need of coffee. It really does make a difference.

Saturday night was Mr Awesome's work's Christmas party. It was a quite affair with some bowling, dinner and a few drinks. Mr Awesome and I got our superhero on to make the most of the night.

Joining in with Tina and the gang for

Wednesday, November 14

Turtles - Wordless Wednesday

The other day we were fortunate enough to watch some baby turtles make their way down the sand to the sea for the very first time. To find out more about it read here. For some interesting turtle info go here

These are few of the photos I took.

 I wanted to be this man. He had so many, ok maybe only three or four, lens attached to his belt. I went to ask him if he was perhaps interested in having me feature a few of his photos on my blog. Only when he said he was doing a feature in National Geographic I didn't bother

 This is the shell from a Green Turtle. It was to show the size of the turtles that had laid the eggs that had hatched. Though we were releasing Flat Back Turtles the size of an adult is about the same

 This is a small Flat Back, sitting inside the shell.

Everyone gathering round waiting for the turtles to be released

And they're off!

We were even able to have a little hold of one

 Perfect way to end the day

Joining in with the lovely Trish and friends for 
Aussie Wordless Wednesday at

My Little Drummer Boys

Tuesday, November 13

Darwin - The Most Unique Capital City Ever

When I first started this blog it was because I had illusions of grandure. I was certain that this would be my first (and probably only) stepping stone to the world of being a big time writer. As such I made a point not to disclose too much personal information. Especially in regards to where I lived and the children.

A few years down the track I am still full of grand illusions but they have changed a little.

For example there will be many stepping stones for me to dance across as I try my hand at this writing gig. The chances of ever making it to the big time are somewhere between not bloody likely and not standing a chance. And all of that is ok. My need to write now is more about myself than signing a book contract, though I will happily sign one if you are publisher in need of soliciting a new (and rather awesome) author.

One of the other things that has changed is my desire to keep my location a classified secret. Reality has set in and chances are if you really wanted to come a stalk me in life not mentioning here is going to stop you. Plus where I live is unlike most places and it is about time I let you in on a few of the rather cool things that go on here.

Like turtles.

Turns out that Darwin, is the only capital city in the world, yes that's right the world, that has flat back turtles nest on their beaches. How amazing cool is that?

How did I discover that I hear you ask? Well read on.

Being the only capital city the world over that has turtles nest on it's beaches means that the local Parks and Wildlife Rangers are rather keen to share their turtle knowledge with members of the public. This means that every now and then when they discover a clutch of eggs has hatched they invite a bunch of special people to come down and watch these cute little critters make their way down to the water's edge.

And you guessed it, yesterday I was able to be one of those special people. Though before I get too carried away with the specialness of it all I should point out there were probably two hundred odd people out there with me.

For twenty years now Territory Parks and Wildlife rangers have been coming down and sharing this wonderful experience with the public and helping baby turtles make it safely to the water. Previously the waiting list has been about two and a half years long. The groups were much smaller and probably offered a lot more to the individual but since not nearly enough people got to be a part of it they decided to change things a bit and I am so glad they did because this was one of the most wonderful things I have witnessed.

Now we didn't get to actually see the turtle nests or watch them come out of the sand because that happens at night on the high tide and just wouldn't be all that safe for lots of people with small children. Instead the rangers check the nests every day and when they see that the eggs have hatched they call up all who have expressed an interest to be involved. The rangers then remove the eggs from the nest and place them in a calico bag till late in the afternoon when everyone can meet down on the beach.

From there Ranger Ray gives a very informative turtle talk. 

Ranger Ray giving us the low down on turtles
After the talk all present form a big line and the baby turtles are placed on the sand and head towards the water. All present then get to watch these gorgeous little creatures head towards the ocean and ensure they make it safe and sound. Did you know that only 1 in 2000 turtles actually makes it to be an adult? They really are not good odds.

If you are interested in finding out some more of what Ranger Ray spoke about there is a whole post about it. And if you come back on Wednesday there will be some more great photos.

For now though joining in with Essential Jess and the #IBOT gang for