My Best Bits

Now I know that over in the side bar there are plenty of posts for you to go back and read through. The only thing is they are all randomly chosen by various widgets, gadgets and programs. None of which seem to let me choose my all time favourite posts.

Which just quietly kinda bugs me. But there are lots of things about blog design that bug me. Most of which is based on the fact that sometimes I don't actually know what I am doing.

Anyways, in a bid to point you in the direction of some of what I think are the best posts here on this little old blog I have come up with this page.

A nice easy collection point for some top quality reading. If you happen to come across a post that you feel should make this list please let me know.

For now though I give to you

 A Parenting Life - The Best Bits

Medication, Nanny or a Housekeeper?

Sometimes I Forget To Remember

The First Date

Becoming A Runner

Raising A Champion Is No Easy Feat (interview with Olympic champ Emily Seebohm's Mum)

Getting to Know Eamon Sullivan's Mum

Dear Me, (The soon to be second time breastfeeding mum)

Hanging with the Love Your Sister Gang and Croc or Two

More on Samuel Johnson Swimming With Crocodiles

Complain I will not because blessed is what I am

A Life of Lost Love

My First Kiss

The Day My Dad Died

One of Those Days

A Birthday and A Sister

The Dairy is Officially Closed

The Mechanic

Why I Believe In Fairies

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