Tuesday, October 18

10 Things You Probably Didn't Know and Possibly Didn't Need to Know

Yep that's right I am finally getting around to this highly anticipated posts.  It has taken me so long that I am sure Karlee over at TME forgot she even included me in on the fun.  Which I am really sorry about because when I read that I was on her list I was pretty darn stoked.  I felt like there was hope for me as a blogger after all, but enough of that for now.

Now we need to get on with working out which 10 riveting snippets I am going to share with you.

My sister and I, she features in one of the riveting snippets
You will have to read on to find out how
  1. When I read that Karlee had passed this on to me I actually felt like I did when the cool kids at school asked me if I wanted to eat lunch with them.  Sadly that was short lived as apparently back then I didn't really cut the mustard when it came to cool.  Thankfully now I realise I am as cool as I want to be, I don't need others to tell me whether I am cool or not. (Though if you think I am feel free to tell me)
  2. Before I actually had more than one child I wanted 7 in total.  My reasoning was 7 kids plus 2 parents makes 9 which means, you can have two sides of four plus a referee for your back yard sports games.  Four is enough players on each team to have a decent game of most sports.  Now I think I am good with just the three kids.
  3. I use to be a smoker.  I started on my 21st birthday.  I gave up before my 32nd birthday and think I am more than just a little bit awesome for doing so.
  4. I have little to no hand eye coordination, particularly in reference to catching balls.  I once helped out my brother's volley ball team because they were short on players.  It was only a social comp but some of the other players (including my brother) had represented the game at state level.  After the first break the umpire called me over to his chair, lent down and said the following "I think you might find it easier to hit the ball back if you have your eyes open when the ball comes to you"  Wise words really.
  5. Despite my current aversion to people I used to be a competitive public speaker and debator.  I really miss both.  There is something particularly appealing about talking in front of people knowing you have their undivided attention
  6. When I was 17 I won a writing competition and got a free trip to Canberra to have dinner with the PM and a whole bunch of other important people.  Since I was under 18 (by like 2 months) I had to have a parent accompany me.  I didn't mind so much though as it was Dad that came with me and we had the best time ever as we managed to scam a bit of a holiday around the country at the same time.  Some of my fondest memories relate to that trip.
  7. The day before my ninth birthday was one of the saddest ever.  My pet dog had to be put down.  All I can really remember is going to a friend's house rather upset (in the hope it would cheer me up) It didn't.  Neither did everyone telling me at least it was happening today and not tomorrow on my birthday.  Really?  When you are that age that kind of reasoning really doesn't work well.
  8. My sister and I share the same birthday.  No we are not twins, there is seven years between.  She will always and ever be the best present I ever receive.  Unfortunately now that she lives interstate my birthday is just not the same.
  9. I am a gunna rather than a doer though I am slowly changing this.  The going to list is always much greater than the actual done list.
  10. I spent more time thinking about this last point than all the others
So there you have it ten things all about me.  Now I do believe that I am meant to name a few other bloggers to go and share their own then things.  The only problem with that theory is that I am sure I am the last blogger to get around to doing this (as is so often the case with me, maybe the last point should have been the term last but not least often applies to me).  If by chance you haven't already done one of these then you should.  Well only if you want to.

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