Monday, August 15

Making Goals Monday - Wk 2

Making Goals Monday
So last week I finally took the plunge and linked up with Sarah over at Accepting and Embracing Autism and dived head first into making some goals.  Not wanting to overwhelm myself I kept it all pretty simple.

  • Write at least 5 more posts

  • Exercise for at least 30 minutes, three times (will try and bump it to every day but don't want to set myself up for failure straight away)

  • Not waste hours and hours and hours on stupid mindless games that have no bearing whatsoever on real life

  • Sounded pretty easy really.  Only reality was not as easy.

    I did manage to get my five posts done.  Actually I managed 6 so that is not a bad effort at all.  One of them was even a non link up post!  Yep that's right somehow I managed to write a post totally unrelated to anything at all.  (It is here if you are interested)  So far so good but here is about where it ends.

    I did not even come close to exercising for 30 minutes three times last week.  I took the kids for a swim yesterday afternoon and that is it.  I don't think I even stopped to think about fobbing off exercising.  Pure and simple exercising was not even close to my radar last week.

    That just leaves the not waste hours and hours and hours on stupid mindless games that have no bearing whatsoever on real life.  Which I guess I could maybe, sorta, say I kind of cut back a little.  I know there was one day were I didn't even go near the computer all day long.  Instead I devoted myself to cleaning, tidying and decluttering (which by the way is a never ending battle)

    So where does that leave me now?

    The way I see it I have a couple of options.  I could easily just give up and forget about making goals.  Only we all know how important goal setting can be.  I have been harping on about goals since almost time began.  Well at least since this blog began.

    After much thought I have decided that this week I will take a new approach.  No more of this taking it easy and giving myself a somewhat free ride.  This week I am going to give myself a lovely long list of goals in the hope that the levels of achievement might also increase.

    1. Make significant progress with the school birthday celebrations
    2. Maintain some form of order within the house
    3. Sleep (regularly and at night like most normal people do)
    4. Write (something awesome)
    5. Be active
    What are your goals for the week?  Come and join in here

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