Friday, August 12

Televison - The Greatest Invention of All Time

Or is it?

I mean if we really stopped and took the time to think about there is possibly some other invention that has saved a life or at least greatly improved the quality of life for someone which could possibly be seen as slightly greater than the old box but Televison - The Nearly Greatest Invention of All Time doesn't really seem to have the same ring to it.

The greatness of television debate has raged since the screens were first invented (which according to Wikipedia people first started to investigate the possibility way back in the late 1800's who knew. On the whole though it was not until the 1930's that the first actual sets entered the scene with some countries not actually getting televisions until as late as the 1990's)

Personally I am not a huge television fan.  I can sort of see the attraction but I by no means plonk myself down on the couch to watch endless hours of drivel (mainly because that would interrupt my precious computer time)  I also don't generally let the kids watch a great deal, though they do watch more than what I am comfortable with but sometimes a gal just needs a bit of piece and quite and let's face it that is one of the great things about TV.

Now when I sat down to write this post I had something pretty impressive that I wanted to share.  Rather than just cutting straight to the chase I thought that I would take you on a bit of a journey.  Share some information that you might not have already known and possibly learnt something myself (hence the stop over at Wiki).  Only somewhere along the line I seem to have gotten a little lost and no longer remember my original idea.

In between writing these four little paragraphs I have; cleaned up a toilet mishap, resolved three minor opinion differences, had five conversations regarding numerous subjects, smiled 4 times at the cuteness in the actions between the girls and won 7 rounds of tetris battle (my new favourite way to waste time on facebook)  No wonder I have lost my train of thought here.

More distractions (should read went to Helium site to look for old article on TV, got distracted by possibility of actually getting paid to write, lost touch with reality and for a fleeting moment actually contemplated writing 1500 words on the importance of being part of a community in under twenty minutes with three kidlets hanging around who are currently being amused but none other than...)

Clearly I should just go and do my TIK post

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  1. oh the joys of blogging with children around. as far as the tv goes - it is a winner in our house particularly with the little lady. I see it as time out. We all need it and besides I love a good dose of 30 Rock!!

  2. I love the fact TV only ABC 2/4 keeps my boys entertained while I blog ...I watch very few programs myself.
    I can identify with distractions ...oh is that my son choking on an apple BRB.

  3. Good job for the getting the post done... better then I could do as tv is not even a good distraction in our household. Which I kind of like but at the same time would love a few moments of peace!


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