Sunday, November 16


That is the number of words that I have written of my NoMoNo(November Monthly Novel) Which since I am just past the half way mark in time is slightly under half for words. To me time has just become a series of numbers in relation to how many words may be written, still have to be written, and sometimes what I have just written.

Yesterday I managed to write 1600 words in a little under 2 hours. Impressive I thought. It was hand written the old fashioned way so I had guesstimated I had 1000 which I was still happy about as I was certain that I would expand on it in when I typed it out later.

I then spent a further one and a half hours at my dad's using the computer there (my mothers and I would rather not really be using it) and typing it all out. I was feeling super productive and had just about received enough gain to realise this would certainly be worth doing again. When the computer decided to have a temper tantrum and crash. Taking with it my work. I was surprised by how not devestated I was.

You see, since I began writing, I have almost lived in fear of that happening. I thought I had all the necessary precautions. I have auto save activated, a ups and I regularly post on the Internet to have a second copy. When my novel became too big to post I began emailing it to those who showed an interest in wanting to read it. I thought all bases were covered.

And if I hadn't have been using silly word pad on someone else's computer I would have been just fine.

But enough of that as my darling sister re-typed my hand written for me. While I cooked her dinner! So all's well that ends well.

Anyway I will leave you today with a photo I took at Knott's Crossing. One of my favourite places in or near Katherine.

Friday, November 7

I got it wrong!!

So as you may have guessed the novel writing venture has become somewhat of a challenge. At only 5700 words I am somewhat behind on the recommended 10002.

While I was having a little breather I had what some might call an epiphany. I have approached the story from the wrong angle. Part of me wants to jump in and start going on about the changes I want to make right now but then a much louder part says I should provide you with some more random thoughts from my jumbled mind. That way I could save the changes for when it is published.

So here's a few random thoughts

I feel very misunderstood. I constantly query if people will understand what I mean. I am aware of the fact from the moment a thought is put public it becomes subject to interpretation by others. Half the time I don't think I even understand what it is I am trying to say! So you can understand why I question if other people get me.

Generally speaking I feel that a lot of people miss the essence of what I am trying to communicate to them. This is almost always the case in the verbal form as I feel that many people around me fail to hear that alone listen to what I am saying. (ed's note most days are spent with young children).

That all aside I seem to have erected many barriers in my life which prevent me from endless opportunities. Being a woman of the new millennium I am empowered and strong. The only thing holding me back is myself and as of this very moment I have just let go.

No longer will I let fear stop me from living the life I have always dreamed about. I deserve the happy and fruitful life before me. I will share it with all that I can, however if others are not prepared to embrace the hidden joys of life, that is not my fault.

I really need to get on with my novel. I should find a name for it to, perhaps that will help it evolve into something tangible rather than just another wasted idea. I know this post will fall short of the recommended 500 words but at over 370 is good enough for now, I have characters to give life to