Extra Info

In a bid to let you get to know me a little better I thought it might be fun to give you some inside info into the meaning and reasoning behind some of the phrases you will often here me say

#ouradventureofalifetime - the hashtag for our journey exploring this great nation that we live in

Edna - Our Jayco Eagle caravan that is home for twelve months on #ouradventureofalifetime

Patty - Our car. An emerald green Nissan Patrol we purchased when I was pregnant with Teapot

Summer - Our rainbow lorikeet. She is about five years old and quite possibly the best pet ever. Apart from her addiction to the froth on my coffee.

Tom Ronald The Monkey Dog - Our  ten year old dog. He is a wolfhound crossed with a staffy and has the tendency to sound like a monkey when excited.

The Shoebox - Where we live. A tiny two bedroom town house that somehow we manage to squeeze all five of us into. Plus the dog, bird, fish and a heap of junk.

Mr Awesome - The love of my life and man I proudly call my husband. Even after a decade of being together I wake up some mornings amazed that I get to wake up next to him. He is my dream come true.

Lovely - My entrance into all things parent related. Guaranteed to try me in ways unlike no other. Determined and strong willed she will grow to be a force to be reckoned with. Born April 2001

Zany - The old soul middle child. Filled with a wisdom and understanding beyond her years at times. Born June 2006

Teapot - The youngest in the tribe who's laughter is somewhat infectious. Continually provides me with melt your heart awesomeness. Born April 2010

Making it Matter - My Mantra for 2012.  In all that I do I will make it matter.  Stay tuned for exciting developments here as I show how we can all make it matter simply by changing our perspective.

Constants - The regular things in my life that I want to consciously make matter.  Things like regular sleep, household chores out the way, having fun, being present and not wasting time online.  Regular exercise is also a constant.  Little things that I once thought didn't matter very much at all but that I now know otherwise about.  By making these things matter my life feels like it is turning around.  

Mt Washmore - my ever constant pile of washing.  There is always guaranteed to be washing that needs to be washed.  It is just the size of the pile that varies.  I had hoped that by giving it it's on special pet name that it would perhaps become fun some how.  Not surprisingly this didn't happen

Mt Foldmore - my other ever constant pile of washing. This one is waiting to be folded and put away. Again it is really only ever the size of it that varies.

Leaning Tower - The most apt description of the dishes in my kitchen and the way they are stacked.

Red Dragon - My period.  I did think about Charlie (why I don't know) or my special visitor, or even Aunty Flow but at the time of writing I was not exactly in my happy place.

Me & YOU - Started as a weekly link up hosted by Karlee over at TME.  Is currently held on a monthly basis.  Focuses on areas of your life you want to improve or goals you want to achieve.  Hopefully by sharing the journey motivation and inspiration can be both given and shared.  For a full round up of my Me & YOU journey click here. Ok I lied it is not currently held on any type of basis, it was, but not any more. I decided to leave these words to remind me of what I once did

Positive Step - A move in the right direction.  A move forward, towards happiness. (yes, yes, self explanatory really but I have found my self say this a lot lately.  I feel that with time this will be a pretty big saying in our house so stay tuned)

Besties - A wonderful family that we are incredibly close to.  Actually incredibly close might be an exaggeration as I am currently assessing just how close I really am to people.  The children (ages almost identical) all get along like nothing I have ever seen before.  Despite it sometimes being weeks between visits they always pick up as if they had never been apart.

FWBK - Fairy Wishes & Butterfly Kisses - Possibly the title of my autobiography or first book (which may turn out to be one and the same thing)  If you are down and out, or feeling blue then these are what I send to you.  In my utopia FWBK is widely recognised and shared on the largest scale.  Yep that's right I dream of being known as the person who coined the term fairy wishes and butterfly kisses.