Sunday, November 28

Still trying

Ok so I have not exactly been making the 8333 or whatever it was a day. In fact at this point in time I have only just managed to pass the 2000 mark. Leaving me a mere 48 000 words to write in under 2 days. I am tipping that it is not going to happen. I would love to think that I could but as a mother I just can't step away from my duties for that amount of time. Even if it were possible to find someone else to care for them for that time I still could not bring myself to do it. Especially not for the babe. Plus two days without sleep is pretty hard going for old ducks like me. Actually it is not so much the first two days but it is the third day that is the trick because that would be sleep day and sleep and mothering are not the best of friends, especially not if both have been absent for two days.

Having said that though I am not just going to throw in the towel and stop writing. I know that I have missed a few days and I know that I am well of target but you have to agree that recent days, have seen a slight increase.

So in a bid to maintain and possibly even increase my written words I am going to leave my on going tally of words just to see when I do actually achieve the magic 50,000 mark.

In my last post I called for suggestions of goals to set to make up for my premature 21st post. Perhaps I have just found it.


Maybe I should run a poll?


Oh dear :(

So maybe my 21 party was a tad early.

Officially I only have 19 posts (including this one).

How could such a tragic mistake occur? I hear you ask, well really it is quite simple. When I log into Blogger and am taken to my dashboard I am given a list of all my blogs and the number of posts on each one, as well as the date of the last entry (if you are a blogger I know that you know all this but I am hoping I can draw some non blogging readers as well so please bear with me)...Anyways it is here that I saw I had 20 posts not realising that it was a total of 20 post attempts, regardless of whether I have published them or not.

So now the next question to answer is how did this all come to my attention?

Well that to is also rather simple. When I went to see how my 21st post appeared once I had hit the publish button I noticed the column on the right that shows the total of my published posts.

So now the question is what to do? Even when I reach 21 published post I can't really re-celebrate the event so I need to find a challenge to achieve...hmmm... suggestions?

I am 21 again!

Well in a way...

This will be my 21st post on this blog.

I have just spent the past I don't know how long but a very long time searching for an 'easy' way to put some streamers up to celebrate. As you can see by the absence of such streamers my efforts were not very successful. The result of my failings is the pathetic attempt at a post as now I am off to bed.

The back log of existing failed posts it too large to add another to it :( I promise more for tomorrow. In the meantime you could check out here and here. I am not going to tell you what they are, you go check it out for yourself :)

Actually if you are still reading and haven't clicked the yet beware. The first one has a stupid ad dishwashing liquid on it that talks to you. On my old PC this would not have been an issue as I never had any speakers so I wouldn't have heard a thing. My flash new iMac with it's inbuilt speakers means I can now get the audio experiences of the Internet as well. This has proved to be both good and bad.

So why didn't I delete the first link and replace it with something that wouldn't scare the bejezes out out of those with the sound on? Well it also contains an interesting read about a sinful pleasure. Being the reformed smoker that I am I can understand where this is coming from. I miss the time I spent smoking as well. I know technically I have more time as such now but to me having a smoke was a process that I totally enjoyed and do occasionally miss. I can't not see me returning to my filthy ways but there will always be a part of me that gets the whole smoking being cool thing.

Now to find the second link :)

Wednesday, November 24

May they Rest In Peace

Tragically 27 men just lost their life. Another mine collapsed, only this time they did not make it out alive. After the recent efforts in Chile, China and not so recently Tasmania I think that a lot of people just assumed the New Zealanders would be successfully rescued.

My heart goes out to the families and loved ones who are suffering at this terrible time.

If by chance you have no idea what I am talking about you can read more here

Stop Wasting TIME!!!

That is what I need to have shouted at me on a regular basis.

Of course that is easier said than done, especially since for the most part of the day I spend my time with those unable to use the English vocabulary as needed.

Finding my inner voice is not always either and even when found it can be hard to hear. I wonder why that is? Possibly because there are so many different mediums and messages going in that it all just becomes a jumbled mess. Actually it is even more than just going in, there are messages being sent as well as processed and digested.

Right now as I sit here typing I can hear a car motor running right outside my front door, the music of Meatloaf as he sings "For Crying Out Loud" Summer screeching and...

oh wait that has all changed now. I got caught up looking for the link above, sending a fb message, and then put a child back to sleep...

So where was I?

NaNoWrimo. 8333 words a day. Right

As a starting point for an idea - write a story to match the name of the last song you heard

Van Morrison's Days Like These is playing now so I guess that will be the first cap of the rank so to speak!

*Unfortunately time did not permit me to get much out but I promise it will be out soon

Tuesday, November 23

Let's get started

Ok here is what I am going to do. After much thought, well actually maybe only a little, if much thought had of gone into it I might have come up with a different decision. Anyway. Even though there is barely a week left in the month. And even though I will need to churn out just over 8 thousand words a day, I am going to give it a go. Right here on my pretend parenting blog I am going to try and post a novel in less than a week!

How exciting!!!!!

Now because at this point I am slightly desperate for words they will not exactly be a novel as such. The majority of words will come from a fiction based thing but I can not guarantee that it will be coherent or the one story. This late in the game I think I am allowed to use a few rule stretches. As such post such as this and the one below will be included in the total.

Now that is out the way let me see how much I have gotten out the way already

Some things seems to never change

Of course they do but at times it just doesn't seem like it. Like my writing. Or rather lack there of. When I started this blog I promised myself that I would not bore my readers with the constant barrage of complaints about me not writing that seemed to fill my other blogs. Yet here I am, a mere 17 posts into this new venture and the only words I seem to be able to type out are about me complaining...gggrrr...

Maybe now that I have that out the way I can move on to other things. Though as you can imagine I have plenty of viable excuses for not regularly finding the time to write (here or anywhere else for that matter). After all I am incredibly busy. A SAHM is no easy task. There are committees for Parent Wellbeing, Fundraising, Finance as well as helping out in classes and of course all the usual mum/wife/just generally looking after people, but moving along again.

This of course is now the 23rd day of November, and as I have previously mentioned that means NaNoWrimo (note to self must go back and finish NaNoWrimo post as at this point in time it is has not been published) I know that there is still 7 days left in which to write and therefor I technically still have time to finish I am just not sure I really have it in me. After all to come up with fifty thousand words before midnight on the the thirtieth I would need to spit out an average of 8333 a day. Not impossible really but would certainly take some dedication.

Gosh that really will take some doing...This little effort is just over 300 and has taken the better part of an hour...I don't think I will even waste my time on doing the maths to work out based on that how many hours my 50 thou will take :(