Sunday, August 13

Sunday afternoon

I’m just here, sitting on my front porch on a sunny early Sunday afternoon.

It’s not long after 1. SO what if I am still in my sleepwear. It is Sunday.

Mr Awesome has just finished mowing the lawns. Two other neighbours have recently began tending to their own grass needs. 

Our nearest neighbours, and by that I mean the only people we share a boundary line with are currently outside sitting on said boundary line. They are both very close to 100 and are waiting for some family member to return with a car so they can go to some place. 

This was all ascertained moments ago when plans were just made with said family member moments before they walked off down the street. I am just trying to look incredibly busy so that the possibility of interaction is minimised if not avoided.

Mr Awesome is now returning the cars to their preferred parking arrangements in front of the house. We don’t actually have a driveway as such. The cars are just parked on the lawn in front of the house.

I refuse to move mine as it means the contact with the elderly neighbours will be definite. 

And really I just can’t.

I know that on the surface that sounds terrible but I spend my entire working day interacting with people I would perhaps prefer not to. It just gets a little exhausting after awhile.

As usual Mr A has taken one for the team and engaged in the awkward interactions. 

He appears to have escaped relatively unscathed. He was given the details as to why they are outside as well as some generally old person small talk.. I remain in my position as I still fear that any movement will lead to conversations I just don’t have the energy to have


It’s now much later in the afternoon, perhaps even early evening now. (For clarity it’s nearl quarter to six), make your own mind up!)

I am not longer sitting on the front porch. Which can I just say I love being able to do. There is something I find quite appealing about the concept of a front porch. Anyways for now I am Oort the back. My chair is incredibly uncomfortable and it is probably well past time to move Mr A has just (finally) returned from inside with bottle of wine. Heavens knows what else he was doing in there because it felt like he was in there for an eternity.

Mr A is currently giving an explanation of his absence. He has apparently prepped dinner, which means he took something out the fridge and turned the heater on.

Yesterday Mr A and I went for a walk. Well actually we took Lily the Dog for a walk before we took her for a wash. It was all quite a delightful experience and left us both wondering why it was not something that we did on a more regular basis.

I mean, naturally I have a few suspicions as to why that occurs but here is probably not really the place and now is most definitely not the time to go into all of that.

It did however also present we with a n opportunity to take some random photos whic I did delight in