Friday, May 31

Things I Know About Getting Race Ready, Bike Riding and Sick People

Hard to believe that once again Friday is upon us, which means time to share all the things I know this fine week.

With the big race only two sleeps away excitement levels are high though there are plenty of worries and doubts that keep trying to rain on the parade. Nothing like good internal conflict to battle through the days with.

Anyway enough idle chit chat, here are the things I know this week, if you know stuff, and I am sure you do because we all know stuff, head on over to Miss Cinders and join on in

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I know that not having a car for a few days last week made me question how much I really need a car. Realistically most places we go are well within riding distance. Even for Miss 6.

I know that riding a bike rather than driving somewhere takes more thought and planning. And obviously more time.

I know that whoever said half the fun is in getting there, must have been a regular bike rider.

I know that while theoretically incorporating bike riding as my main form of training appeared to be a good idea, the practise may have actually proved other wise.

I know (now) that the extra resistance of the hardest gear on my bike going up a slight incline was not the best idea but made me feel like super woman at the time.

I know that the tight feeling I keep getting in my right calf is hard not to worry about. In fact there are far too many muscles that are feeling tight at times for my liking.

I know that throughout each day there are many times when I stop and take a few breaths and tell myself not to worry...about my tight muscles, injuring myself, or not finishing the a whole bunch of other things.

I know that watching the rest of the house fall like flies with flus and stomach bugs has also caused me some concern and many a deep breaths.

I know that I am done waiting on sick people. In fact I am just done with sick people. Or at least sick people in this house looking for my sympathy. Stop looking there isn't any I ran out days ago.

I know that must make me sound like a terrible mother. I am not I assure you. I just get sick of sick people real quick.
image source
Where sick people belong

I know that I think sick people should just go to bed and stay there till they are no longer sick. They should not crowd my couch and lounge room and expect me to wait on them hand and foot.

What do you know this week?

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Wednesday, May 29

From the beginning to rubbish

While the beginning is generally recognised as the best place to start, sometimes finding where the beginning actually begins is easier said than done. But then chances are you already knew that. It is not exactly a startling revelation and aside from all of that I am fairly certain that I have already started at least one post like this before.
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I was going to go and search the blog for the word beginning and see how many posts showed up but I didn't want to lose my train of thought. (We all know how easily that can happen) There is a search bar just to the right though so feel free to go and have a look yourself.

For me finding the beginning is often tricky. It must be, how else can I explain my constant delay in starting anything and everything. If there were ever to be a procrastination championships, and providing I could be bothered to enter, I am quietly confident I would be the winner. I take procrastination to soaring new heights.

Thankfully I am acutely aware of my ways, and as much as possible I try to trick myself into getting things done. And when I say trick I guess I actually mean bribe. In much the same way as I reward the girls screen time for doing jobs (at least when I am the pro active super mum that has the energy to limit screen time which is probably not as often as it should be) I try to reward myself the same way. Only I have a credit account that I have kinda been abusing of late.

With my big race only a few days away now I have pretty much spent the last week and a half running, cycling or thinking about running. Giving up the car for much of last week was a great experience but also took a lot of time. And energy. There were also a lot of things that didn't get done.

The first of which was blogging. 

At the start of the month I was all guns a blazing. One particular day saw me post something on all three blogs. I was on top of the world and in my mind on top of the game. Looking back I was obviously delusional to say the least.

Not surprisingly the attempted revival of Making Time to Make it Matter with the #BlogEveryDayInMay challenge was a total flop. I think that was the main reason I didn't do it here. Much better to have the failures hiding in the corner, a little out of sight rather than in full view. 

But then again maybe that is what I need? A more constant reminder of what I need to do.

Or perhaps I just need to work out what it is I need to do and get on with it? I am such an over thinker at times that often nothing ever ends up actually getting done. Who ever said that it was the thought that counts was a big fat liar. Thoughts do not always count when it comes to action. 

Right now though the pungent fumes wafting from the rubbish bin tell me the thing I need to do most is take out the trash.
image source

Who empties the bin at your house?

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Thursday, May 23

The post that was supposed to be "On Being A Crier" but turned out to be a ramble about Lovely's schooling

Sitting here, warm tears gently rolling down my cheeks, a slight sniffle stuck in my nose, there is no denying that I am a crier. A big fat sucky la-la one at that.

image source

I have just gotten off the phone with the Assistant Principal from Lovely's school. 

My head hurts and my nose is now snuffy more than sniffy and the tears have all but gone. Leaving behind red puffy eyes that look like they could do with a week of sleep. Or perhaps that is given away by the black bags underneath them. Either way I feel both drained and relieved. 

Hopefully the right thing has been done.

Lovely (formerly Miss 12 because I couldn't think of anything else, until it suddenly dawned on me that Lovely might work, Miss 3 is now Teapot and Miss 6 is still TBC but more on that later) started a new school this year. Middle School if you will. Which is years 7-9. The final years 10-12 are completed at another school which I think is High School but who really knows and right now who really cares? It is hard enough coming to terms with the fact she is no longer in Primary School (Trans-6) But I am digressing.

Last night Lovely told me how she felt about a particular teacher. Without going into all the details now it was not exactly a glowing report. I assured her that today I would call the school and discuss some of what she had brought up, but she needed to remember that it was not always possible to get exactly what you want.

At that stage what she wanted was to change schools or at the very least never have to go to this particular's teacher's classes ever again. Both not the most reasonable of requests given there is a part of me that questions how much the teacher really is at fault.

Don't get me wrong I am not dismissing her claims, but she is a child and she is prone to exaggeration. So all that is said must be taken with a grain of salt, at least till other information is available.

Anyways I am actually quite concerned about her learning. Or rather lack there of. 

Without too much mother bias coming into play, I do believe she is quite a bright child. Sadly though, and perhaps with too much mother honesty she is also incredibly lazy and getting her to do the bare minimum somedays is a mammoth task. 

As someone that often struggles with motivation and procrastination in epic proportions I understand her desire to take the easy way out. Who doesn't want the easy way out? 

As a mother though I know that the easy way out is not always the best option. I know that sometimes hard work and determination are what is needed to get you through. As is doing things you may not necessarily want to or understand why you need to.

I never applied all of myself to my learning and with hindsight I wish I had of. Sure I got good grades but if I had of worked just a little bit harder I could have gotten great grades. At this point Lovely isn't even bring in the good grades.

Naturally I want the most for my girl in life, what mother doesn't? Only I know it does not come down to only me. They need to follow instructions and try their best, give it their all and all that. And that is where the biggest problems are here.

How do you create the love of learning? Or even an interest in learning?

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Tuesday, May 21

A recap of recent times edition

Hello Tuesday!

Where did you come from and how did you get here so quickly? (again)

Being Tuesday it can mean only one thing.
Click here to join in
Regular readers would know that I am a regular participant of IBOT and have been for quite some time. In fact I am #teamIBOT member because I just love IBOT that much. I can't even remember how I first came across it but I am glad I did because when all else fails I always seem to come up with something to blog about on a Tuesday.

Though it is not just about the writing and getting a post out. IBOT is also all about reading and sharing some blogging love as well. Checking out the IBOT posts each week means I am pretty much guaranteed to read some of the best posts of the blogosphere all found in one easy location.

Total win-win I tell you.

But I digress, as much as I love all that is IBOT I hadn't meant to gush about it today. What I meant to do today was alert your attention to some of my recent posts. For whatever reason they seem to have slipped under most readers radars.

City to Surf 2013 Here I Come!

Fast forward to two weeks from today and I can guarantee that I will not be sitting in front of the computer as soon as I get up. Well as long as all goes to plan (touching wood and all that) Last night I entered in the local city to surf fun run. I am beyond excited! Read more

Things I Know About Machines and Being Mother of the Year

It feels like forever since I have shared some things that I know. So rather than tackle the washing or empty the dishwasher I decided the world would be a much better place if everyone knew some of the things that I do. Read more


Behind the Camera (aka Photos of Me)

It is with great pleasure, that for the first time, I am joining in with fellow #TeamIBOT member iSophie's  groovy new linky. This is the second month it has been running for however last month I didn't quite have my act last month so I couldn't participate. This month however I am on fire with having my act together.
Read more

Happy reading! For more great posts make sure you head on over and check out some other IBOTters
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Sunday, May 19

City to Surf 2013 Here I Come!

Fast forward to two weeks from today and I can guarantee that I will not be sitting in front of the computer as soon as I get up. Well as long as all goes to plan (touching wood and all that) Last night I entered in the local city to surf fun run. I am beyond excited!

A few days ago a friend asked me if I was interested in doing the 4km section of the run. Which brought my attention to the fact race day was only two short weeks away. Which leaves little room for preparation. Mind you last minute always seems to be my style.

Last year I fleetingly thought about entering a few of the fun runs around town but decided I lacked enough running experience and knowledge (aka confidence) to run amongst others. To ease the guilt I felt at not entering I assured myself that I would make amends this year. 

With over twelve months of running under my belt by that time I was certain I would have the skills and fitness needed.


Now those twelve months have been and gone I am suddenly faced with the same dilemmas. The cooler weather is on the way and running season is about to start. Actually I think it probably has.

The other week as I trawled through my Instagram feed I was greeted with endless photos of proud runners completing the Mother's Day Classic. As happy as I was for my friends who completed the run, I was disappointed I had no photo to join in with. In fact for a little bit I got quite cross at myself.

There are a whole bunch of excuses as to why I wasn't there. The biggest of which was I couldn't be bothered. Yes I know a terrible thing to admit to, but at the end of the day that is what it all boils down to. It was easier to say oh the logistics are too hard, I won't bother. I haven't been running enough lately, it will all be too hard, I won't bother.

I am currently hanging my head in shame.

Sure my running hasn't been as consistent as what I thought it would have been. Especially in the last few months. It nearly petered out altogether, but it hasn't. And I won't let it. I refuse to. I want to be a runner. I want to say I ran in a race. I don't want to wait another year for that.

As I went to fill out the entry form for the city to surf I discovered that this year marks the 40th year the race has been run. If you entered the main race there was a hat, water bottle and even a medal up for grabs. I then found myself clicking on the 12km rather than 4km. Who wouldn't want a medal?

I am pumped. I am nervous. I am excited. I don't really want to wait the two weeks.

It just so happens I have some lovely new sneakers
and new lenses for my sunnies.
Last night I went for a run to see if I could at least last that distance. It is with great pride I say I did. Sure there was some walking involved but that's ok. It was certainly a lot more running than walking. In fact the ratio was quite surprising.

Overall I don't think my time was too bad, 1:41:32 if you were wondering.

 Not fast by any means and probably considered
slow by many, but I don't care
At least I know I can move for that distance. Even though it is only two weeks away I am sure that there is still time to improve somewhat.

My plan is to stick to 3-5km runs and just solidly build on that. I don't think I will run every day but I will do something every day. Be it riding, water running or swimming. I will just make sure I am extra active. Trying to ensure my body is a strong as possible without sending it into shock or shut down.

Next weekend I will think about 9km run but will wait and see how my body is feeling. I don't want to over do it or anything crazy like that. The most important thing is that I run the whole race, time is irrelevant.

The super best part about all of this is that the race goes right past my back yard so Mr Awesome and the girls will be able to stand on the balcony and cheer me on. We are at about the halfway mark so I imagine by then I will need a bit of an extra boost. They will then be able to hightail it to the finishing line to cheer for me when I get there.

Have I mentioned my excitement?

Are you a runner?
Do you have any hot tips for me?

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Friday, May 17

Things I Know About Machines and Being Mother of the Year

 It feels like forever since I have shared some things that I know. So rather than tackle the washing or empty the dishwasher I decided the world would be a much better place if everyone knew some of the things that I do.

The first thing I know is that I should have made a coffee before I started. I know that I am going to jump and make one hang on a tick...

...sorry if I kept you waiting longer than expected I decided to empty AND restack the dishwasher while my lovely little machine made my coffee. Go me right?

I know I feel better about sitting here in front of the computer knowing that my dishes are on their way to being clean. I am still not ready to let Mr Awesome know that I am secretly in love with the machine I swore black and blue I didn't want in my house. I certainly don't know what I was thinking, denying us all the pleasure that comes with a dishwasher for all those years.

I know that the coffee machine I won last week

along with the beautiful Viva La Body soap, made fantastic Mother's Day presents.

The fact that we don't actually buy Mother's (or Father's) Day presents made winning all the booty even more special. I know that the $5 in tickets I invested, an hour before the raffle was drawn no less, was one of the best investments I have made for a very long time.

I know that when I started this post I had many things that I knew. I guess getting up for coffee, cleaning the kitchen and being interrupted by Miss Three to fast forward through the ads on the taped show she is watching every five minutes is somewhat distracting. (Yep Mother of the Year right here)

I know that Miss Three just constantly melts my heart. When I was in the kitchen she came and asked for a drink. Which as I was standing right next to the water cooler with a cup in reach I was able to do instantly. As I handed her the cup of cold water her little hand rubbed my leg as she told me that I was a good mum. 

Awe bless I thought. 

Followed by crap on the stick!! I must make her wait so long for things sometimes the excitement of getting what she asked for right away was too much to hold in. Sometimes when she asks for a drink and I am at the computer, or other wise preoccupied, but probably at the computer, it may take a couple of requests before I jump up. (Yep told you Mother. Of. The. Year)

I know that it frustrates me no end that Miss Three is unable to get her own drinks of cold water. Despite our best intentions. We have a twenty litre cooler that sits on the bench so the kids can get their own drinks without constantly opening the fridge. Good thinking right?

Apart from the fact that Miss Three is unable to operate the spout on the nozzle. Which is actually good in that she doesn't just go and play with it as she did our old one, but terrible in that now I have to get her a drink all the time. (Totally a first world problem that only a true MOTY would bitch about)

I know that this post has probably gone on for long enough. That and I really should go and see to some of my wifely/motherly duties. I know that the weekend gets off to a much better start when the house does not appear to be the wreckage of disaster zone.

I know that the #BlogEveryDayInMay challenge that I started over at Making Time To Make It Matter was a great idea at the start of the month. I only wish I didn't have to play catch up in the middle of the month 

What do you know? 
Head here and share along

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Thursday, May 16

Behind the Camera (aka Photos of Me)

It is with great pleasure, that for the first time, I am joining in with fellow #TeamIBOT member iSophie's  groovy new linky.
This is the second month it has been running for however last month I didn't quite have my act last month so I couldn't participate. This month however I am on fire with having my act together.

Kinda, sorta, at least I have something right?

Though I am wondering if this was really what Sophie had in mind?

Probably not, but I am a bit fond of shadow photos. I am wondering if perhaps it could make for a good coffee table book? Shadows of Me. Or maybe Me and My Shadow. Obviously still all very much a work in progress but then what isn't?

Back to the post at hand though. Photos of me, rather than just of my shadow on some nice rocks.

Yours truly with the ever lovely Samuel
Someone has commented that I look as if all my Christmas'
had come at once. HELLO!! That is Samuel Johnston I am
standing next to darn straight it was beyond awesome!!
Regular readers will recall that back in April I got the opportunity to catch up with Samuel Johnson as he swung by on his unicycle. In case you are not a regular reader and have not heard of him before his sister has been diagnosed with terminal breast cancer and this is his way of sending her off with a bang.

Not only that if all goes to plan Sam will also have raised a million bucks for cancer research and goodness knows how much awareness for the cause. If detected earlier Connie (Sam's sister) would more than likely have received a different diagnosis. Be breast aware and don't fall into a booby trap.

To donate or find out more information about Sam's adventure check out 

Me with the One Mob Dancers. 
Still on the Love Your Sister topic, I caught up with the One Mob Dancers who performed for Connie and Sam when they were in town.

I know that I have already post this photo (and the one above for that matter) but just quietly, for me it really was all a pretty big deal. After all it was *swoon* Samuel Johnson. 

Not only that but actually asking these guys if I could have my photo taken with them took a whole heap of courage on my part. There is no doubt that I had my big girl pants on that day. Which by the way felt rather awesome and I was inspired to do all manner of things. Which I may or may not have actually done...

One thing I did do recently was run away to the bush for the weekend. It was just the escape from the drudges of reality that I needed. It turns out it was also the perfect opportunity for others to take a few snaps of my.

Patiently waiting for Miss 3 to adjust her socks
Photo credits for this one go to Miss 12
Me! In all my glory so to speak. This is what two days of camping does for me
And a close up.
A walking we will go.
Though the path doesn't really look very bush like does it now?
Smiling for the camera.
Apparently this was the only photo Mr Awesome could find to post to
Facebook on Mother's Day wishing me a happy day.
Could I look less impressed with the world?
Literally behind the camera.
Hot and sweaty after a run.
Didn't want you to think I was only about glamour shots
So there you have it, a whole bunch of photos of me stepping out from behind the camera. In many ways it feels really lovely to have a bunch of photos of me. Generally speaking I often struggle to appreciate my appearance in photos. Which is strange because looking in the mirror I love what I see much more often than not.

There is still plenty of time for you to set the self timer on your camera or ask the kids or heck even ask a stranger in a park and join on in over at iSophie

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Proceed With Caution

Warning: The following post is a result of my need to dump the contents of my brain. Well at least some of it. It may or may not read with much sense. Read on at your on risk.

I am at that point, which I come to often I must say, where all else must come to a grinding halt and I must write. I can not hold it in any longer. It feels like forever since I made the time to just blindly write. Just purge all thoughts and words that are cluttering my brain. Which is never good for my brain or body. Writing is a lot like running. I need to do both. Often. Running and writing though not at the same time cause running writing is something entirely different.

I wonder if my girls will ever get the thrill of learning running writing? Or will it become obsolete an unused. The demise of english and writing as I once knew it makes me cringe. I wonder how Shakespeare would feel about it?

There was a time when I would read him all the time. Shakespeare that is. That is what school is about. Well it was when I went. Saying that makes me feel old. Really old.

I struggle some days with this whole age thing. How old one is, as opposed to how old they actually feel/look, combined with the appropriate levels of experience for said age. I am sure that by this age my life was meant to have equated to more, yet at the same time that is not to say I am unhappy with my lot.

Actually I struggle with lots of things most days.

Today I struggled to take the child to school and stop at the shops to get supplies for dinner. I cancelled a library play date, that wasn't really a play date so much as me looking after a friend's child while she had a job interview. Nothing that can't be done here really. Which is what is now happening.

It is that time of month, (you're welcome, I know you a pleased to know that, sleep easy tonight now won't you?), the last thing I feel like doing is siting on the library floor playing with two three year olds. Much better they come here and amuse themselves whilst I lay on the couch feeling sorry for myself and the curses of womanhood.

Which reminds me, I really should check in with Miss 12 about the whole period thing... I certainly struggle to think that I have a daughter tinkering on the precipice of entering the passage way all that is womanly. Surely that is still years away isn't? It certainly feels like it should be years away.

On the upside I think I have just about finished a post to young girls of the world regarding the subject. Or at least in my head I have had some good ideas about said post. Sadly my ideas don'e always come to fruition. I can think of at least a dozen instances where I have promised a post that never eventuated. Sigh. One day.

Sometimes my list of post possibilities is so long I get overwhelmed and don't know where to start. So I end up with a garbled jumbled mess like this. Though experience has taught me that some days I just need to get this nonsensical stuff out so there is room for my brain to organise what is left.

Generally though by the time I have sorted it all out, the time for writing has come to an end. I am sent crashing back to the reality of being a mother with the cries of children in need of whatever it is they don't have.

For now though I have at least sorted through a few of the jumbled thoughts that are currently plaguing my internal air waves so I guess I should tend to some of the many other neglected areas of my life. You know like the dishes or the mopping or something equally exciting. Though not the washing. Today is a washing free day on account of me dedicating the start of the week to it.

Oh the joys.

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Tuesday, May 14

Well at least I didn't break my arm..

That is my stock standard reply to any questions regarding Mother's Day. Though occasionally I like to add something about being doped up to the eyeballs on morphine. 
image from here

In what is not exactly some of my finest moments, my second Mother's s Day, as an actual mother, will forever provide the bench mark for rating Mother's Day. Without getting to caught up in the details let's just say I may have been demonstrating my kung fu ability (or perhaps lack of) in an incredibly slightly intoxicated state, lost my balance toppled over and snapped my wrist.

Man how it hurt.

I knew instantly how much damage was done. Mind you thinking back to it now it was probably also a sign that something had to change or it would be more than my wrist that snapped. It was a super tough time in my life. I was a newly singly mum. Who was also relatively homeless (save for my parents, though pride initially prevented me from turning there). All of which can be saved for another day (not anytime soon).

For now all that matters is I have spent Mother's Day doped up to the eyeballs on morphine which combined nicely with my hangover and broken bones. As such all subsequent Mother's Days can easily equate to sunshine and roses for me.

image from here

Regardless of how crap it may or may not actually have been.

This year Mother's day was nothing overly special. Which I was really quite fine about. After two days selling gifts to children followed by the breakfast at the school I was a bit done with the whole Mother's Day thing actually. 

It began with Mr Awesome literally jumping out of bed at the first sound Miss Three made. Quickly whisking her and Miss Six downstairs before they had a chance to disturb me any more than what they already had. 

To show my appreciation for his efforts I refrained from jumping up and racing to the bathroom to relieve my bursting bladder. Which was made not exactly easier by the fact we were sleeping in the air conditioning. Turned on by Mr A the night before in light of the impending special occasion.

Some how, despite three pregnancies and only minimal kegel exercises I was able to drift back to sleep with my seal unbroken. I suspect probably thanks to years of excessive drinking and a dislike for public toilets. But I digress.

When I could finally hold on no longer, and having ensured enough time for Mr A and the girls to whip up a card or two I headed to the loo. Hearing my movement my beloved called out asking if I was up. Confirming that I was up by yelling 'yep' down the stairs, I then headed back to bed eagerly awaiting the gifts I had sold to the girls at the school Mother's Day stall earlier in the week.

If you look hard enough you can
see the new necklace
We always do presents in bed. Or so I thought. 

Apparently not this year.

After about twenty five painful minutes of morning TV due to there being little else to do in the room I texted asking if I was meant to come down stairs or where they on their way up?

I couldn't yell on account of being in the air conditioning and I couldn't play on my phone while I waited on account of my battery being flatter than flat. Totally first world problems I know.

Eventually everybody rambled in with their rushed cards, kind words and best of thoughts. Not to mention a rather cool travel coffee mug and a necklace. As well as a ham and cheese sandwich made with cold toast that I would actually really rather not mention.

From here the morning took a slight turn for the worse which involved tears, frustration and too much love. Again though no need for the details right now. Thankfully this all passed relatively quickly and before long we were picking up Mr Awesome's mum and on route to a caravan and camping expo. 

Cos you know, mum's are all over that stuff. 

They went all out at the expo for mums
All in all the expo wasn't too bad, especially given the fact if all goes to plan next year will see us leading a much more nomadic life. After the expo we caught up with my mum, brother and his wife and child. Followed by some swimming fun and a poolside dinner. 

Tis a blessed life that I lead. 

Best of all there were no broken bones.

How was your Mother's Day?

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