Thursday, October 31

Things I Know About Help

Yesterday was long and exhausting. Emotionally, physically and in every other possible way. In fact it has been a recurring theme for the entire week. Possibly even longer. But  I am not complaining. In fact the only reason I bring it up is to offer some explanation to the straight to the point feel to this post. Time is always of the essence

I know that generally speaking I like helping. It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy to think that I could be of use to someone. Or that I have something to offer that others may need. 

Having said that though, I know I didn't stay back and help clean up after the Halloween disco at school last night. I know I am trying to convince myself an internal beating is not necessary because I did spend a few hours this afternoon making a heap of gingerbread 

I know that over years gone by I have probably done my fair share of event clean ups but when I know the ladies cleaning up like I do I can't help but feel the urge to help them out.

I know though there were plenty of helpers offering to help out on this occasion. Because this occasion also happened to be a fundraiser for a young boy at the school. He was recently diagnosed had a life threatening tumour. He has been whisked away for immediate treatment with his family told to expect to stay away for months. There is a fundraising page if you are able to spare a dollar or two. The link can be found in my sidebar

I know that discovering this is happening to a member of our school community is just heartbreaking.

I know the support and offers to help in a time like this can mean so much to a family in need.

I know that sometimes asking for help is not easing. Even accepting someones helping hand can be tough at times.

I know that sometimes letting people help you is actually a very nice thing for you to do for them. Yes you read that right. Letting someone help you can sometimes be a nice thing for you to do for someone else.

I know that when you let someone help you they generally feel needed, useful and wanted. Who doesn't want to feel like that?

I know that I just loved helping Miss Cinders out with Things I Know while she had a break.

I know that I am super excited to check out Miss C's blog post for today, it has been so long since we heard from her I just know she will have something fantastic to say!

And finally I know that I am super thankful to everyone for being so supportive and joining in the fun of Things I Know while it was here. I hope I will get you see you all still over at Miss Cinders which will now kick off on a Thursday.

So please, tell me, what do you know this week?

edited side note. When I wrote this I had no actual idea what Miss C's first post back was going to be like. It wasn't till I read it that I wished I had of worded things differently. The post is well worth a read and I hope you do.
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Getting my thankful on

You know when you highly anticipate something that you have been waiting for, for what possibly feels like forever and then it finally arrives and you don't really know what to do next? Despite having thought of little else for however long you have been waiting for that moment to arrive.

Well that is me right now.

Pretty Thanks Graphic
Image found here
For as long as I can remember I have dreamed of one day maybe being able to say that I was the hostess with the mostess for a Thankful Thursday link up. Well low and behold that day is here and that moment is now only do you think I can find the adequate (let alone profound) words to mark such an occasion?

Ah no.

In fact on Wednesday night just as I was about to head to bed I appeared to spontaneously explode a tirade of explicatives leaving Mr A to wonder if I had in fact suddenly come down with tourettes or something similar. His quizzical concern was quickly dissipated when I told him it was just some bloggy stuff I had forgotten to do. Oh the life when you've a blogging wife 

Anyway, despite it being only a few minutes after eight o'clock I still took myself off to bed. Because I am nothing if not dedicated.

Actually I was nothing but completely and utterly exhausted and there was not a snowball's chance in hell that I would have been able to keep my eyelids prised open long enough to type a post out. Especially one that was coherent and readable. So off to bed I took myself

And you know what? I am so thankful that I did. Because now I get to sit here some five hours later, wide awake and bushy tailed, hopefully giving you something worth reading. Seriously though I am thankful that I know it is ok to put sleep before blogging.

Of course the only problem is I am not actually sure what else I want to share my thanks for. And just quietly I feel a little under pressure. As lovely as it was for people to tell me that I am such a perfect host for Thankful Thursday because I am so positive, I did start to fear if I would live up to expectations. 

Crazily I can remember feeling the same way after posting a Thankful Thursday about sight, some many moons ago now. I spent the next week wondering how I could come up with something else that I was truly thankful for that would make people stop and think.

I am thankful not just for the kind words and support that my readers and fellow bloggers give to me, but I am also thankful for the way that such words gently encourage me to try just a little harder in many different way and to think about my thanks just a little more.

On that note I should add that I am super super thankful that Francesca passed this lovely little linky on to me. It is the perfect way to constantly remind myself that gratitude is an attitude you can never have too much of.

So what else am I thankful for?

- that my baby (who is three) can still snuggle up on my lap and go to sleep while I blog
- my new little nephew safely came earth side this week
- being able to have snuggles with said new little nephew
- friendship and support both online and real life
- Lovely getting away without too many tears being shed
- No bedtime battles for a week while Lovely is away
- Zany having some inner determination and doing what needed to be done

Though the question really is, what are you thankful for?

Wednesday, October 30

Nothing like keeping it real

On the surface, to those watching in the distance, I must look like the worst mother. Ever. What other type of mother would be rocking up at Maccas before half past seven in the morning?

On a school day no less as well. Not to mention unbrushed hair and slept in clothes. Totally winning all round really?

I did however order them orange juice over soft drink so that must count for something right? Apart from the fact the oj probably has just as much sugar as the soft drink. Sigh. Maybe there isn't such a thing as winning?

I know I have felt far from winning of late. Yesterday as I stood surveying the disaster zone that is my kitchen/house/life is I could believe that I had allowed myself to become so overwhelmed. Incredible new levels have been reached. 

Don't believe me? How's this then,

We had spag bol for tea on Monday night. It was awful. Slightly burnt, rather dry and quite tasteless. Needless to say it wasn't exactly devoured. Nor were the bowls emptied, washed or put away. Instead they sat waiting patiently on the bench. 

Being conscious of how awful a bench full of dirty dishes would in the morning but unable to face actually dealing with them, I cleverly hid them in the slow cooker. Go me huh?

Till I discovered them still there some 24 hours later. Which was just as I was getting ready to serve up dinner and realised I had no clean plates to do so. Yes. We really only have one plate per person. It was Mr Awesome's awesome idea to encourage us to stay on top of the dishes. Glad that all went to plan so well. 

Only it wasn't just the dishes that lead me to feel all is spiraling out of control. Rubbish bins are overflowing, washing, both clean dirty and otherwise is strewn from one end of the shoe box to other. Don't even get me started on the toys everywhere. 

Sigh, double sigh and urgh. 

Oh did I mention that I had to put Lovely on a plane at some ridiculous hour this morning? Which is why we are enjoying the Golden Arches at breakfast time on a school day. 

She is only gone a week. Thankfully. Enough time for a touch of respite for us all, but short enough to stop us missing her too much. It really hits Zany hard when she is gone for too long. 

So here I sit, sipping my latte, drying my eyes and trying to gather the motivation to go and tackle the awfulness that is my home. 

Deeper than deep sigh. 

Tuesday, October 29

Goodbye and Hello

Many of you may remember back in September when I shared my excitement at temporarily being the hostess with the mostest for the beloved lanky, Things I Know.  Sadly the time has come for me to return this little beauty to the ever lovely Miss Cinders.  

However all is not lost and there is light at the end of the tunnel, because all of this change is nothing but a good thing.

Firstly it means that Miss Cinders is returning from her bloggy break, which just between you and me, I am over the moon about. Miss C is by far and away one of my all time favourite blogger. She is so warm and welcoming that you feel at home the moment you get there. Having had the pleasure of actually meeting Miss Cinders in real life I can also vouch for her generosity and kindness. Not to mention amazing sense of humour.

I imagine by now you are probably wondering why if I am such a huge fan, I haven't put a link up to prove the awesomeness that I speak of.  Well since Miss Cinders doesn't finish her break until Friday, her blog is still closed till then. The fact that I am typing all this on the iPad while my beloved iMac is updating may also have something to do with it, but let's not speak of that shall we?

The other great thing about returning Things I Know is that when I saw Francesca say she was stepping aside from Thankful Thursday I was only to happy to put my hand up to step on in. I am sure regular readers are only too aware of my love for a good thankful Thursday. While they might not have been something that I have done much of late it certainly is something I want to get back into the swing of it again.

What better way to do it than hosting a linky?

Truth be told in many ways it feels like a dream come true. Tis but a simple life I love.

I hope that you will be able to come and join me Thursday for my very first bout of thankful hosting and then again on Friday for my final Things I Know hosting. In the meantime, today is #IBOT over at (please excuse the dodgy linking it is again being blamed on the iPad factor and the lateness of the night)

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Sunday, October 27

The passing of Sunday

Image from here

It's  just gone eight o'clock on Sunday morning. I can hear Mr Awesome telling the little one that it is too early in the morning for that. He is refering to her scratching her sister.
It is now nearly five o'clock Sunday afternoon. My day has been little like I envisaged, but that is not exactly surprising or new.

Nearly five o'clock Sunday afternoon is not exactly prime blogging time. At nearly five o'clock Sunday afternoon children are hungry and over tired. Dinner and bed time can not come nearly fast enough, yet they still seem like an eternity away. Many deep breaths and extreme levels of self control are needed.

Yet here I am. Trying to make myself oblivious to it all and just doing what I want for once.

After a day of constant battles that saw no ground gained or winner crowned, in any of the many fights endured, doing something that is purely and solely for my benefit or pleasure seems like the only sane thing to do. All other options seem to be exasperated. Aside from that, I am just crying out to be heard. It is more than apparent that my offspring speak not the same language as I. At least here, in my own lunch box, I feel I can be heard.
It is now nearly quarter past six. The children have been fed and the husband serviced. Part of me is busy beating myself up about not sitting and eating with the children, but there is this other part of me that is quickly putting that part in it's place. A child that refuses to sleep at night has prevented martial activities from taking place for far too long. An opportunity presented and I had to make the most of it.

Besides, what reluctant housewife wouldn't get excited about a husband putting clean sheets on the bed?

In many ways it feels wrong even insinuating that Mr Awesome and I partake in sexual activities. It is not like I think my reader is oblivious to such things, I just don't ever feel that it is my place to discuss such things. I am only too aware that some things need not be said. There are some discussions that need not be had.You can only imagine the angst that I feel discussing the birds and the bees concept with Miss 12. Made worse only by the fact that my discomfort brings out nothing but bluntness. 

Something tells me though, that "so did you know your vagina is going to bleed for days on end every month" is possibly not the ice breaker that I should go with. I just keep telling myself that when the time is right I will magically find the right words. I am nothing if not optimistic
It is now just gone half past six. The biggest downside to daylight savings is the delay in darkness. Not that we have daylight saving time as such, the sun just seems to set so much later. With children being up for over twelve hours, bed time just can't seem to come soon enough.

Not that I want to wish their lives away. I just want today to be over.

I am a firm believer that tomorrow is always a new day, with a fresh start. After all what easier way is there to find peace with the mistakes of today, than with the hope of what tomorrow? I want the reminder of all the things I didn't do or get done today to be washed away with the start of a brand new day. Of course even this is sometimes easier said than done.

For now though its is just past 7pm. Bed time feels closer than imminent. Those few silent moments that parents treasure most are almost within grasp and I just can not wait.

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Friday, October 25

Things I Know About Coffee and Stuff

As I type I am wiping the sleep out of my eyes and trying to kick start my brain into gear. Given that it is already 6.30 am you would think that it shouldn't be too much of an issue. I know there are many a mother that would consider 6.30 to be something of a sleep in.

My mind, although still not quite at it's functioning best, is racing with more thoughts than what it can adequately process. Which essentially means trying to string a sentence together is far from an easy task. I know that I would love for someone to bring me some coffee. I know that coffee is the solution to so many problems (at least temporarily)

mmmmm coffee

I know that I have probably mentioned it once or twice before, but I love my coffee machine.
I know that when talking frothy milk there is no such thing as too frothy (well at least in my book)
know that I am super glad I stopped staring at the blank screen and when and made a coffee, because as a result I now seem to just about have a post.

I know that yesterday I woke with a headache like nothing I have ever experienced before.
I know that because of said headache, yesterday was a complete right off and nothing (and I mean absolutely nothing) got done. (Hence my trying to scramble this post together while wiping sleep out of my eyes)

I know that I still get excited when I see lovely people join in with this little old linky. Thank you to all who shared a link last week. And thanks in advance to everyone who joins in this week. It really is the easiest linky ever to join in with because we all know something. So why not write it down and join on in?

I know that next week will be the last week I host Things I Know. The ever lovely Miss Cinders will be returning from her sabbatical and ready to blog again come November. TIK will be heading back there as of Thursday November 7th. Fridays are a big day at the office for Miss C so Thursdays work much better for her in being able to drop by to all the lovely linkers. The link is open for a week though so if Friday's work better for you, then that's what you can do.

I know that while I am a little sad to be handing the TIK reigns back to their rightful owner I am stoked that I got to have it for the time I did. Though all of this should probably have been said next week, now I don't have anything to say then.

I know that I couldn't wait till next week to tell you because I have some other rather exciting news that I want to share. As of next Thursday I will be hosting a Thankful Thursday link up. Which I am pretty excited about (to say the least) Thanks to Francessa for entrusting me with what is a wonderful linky and I hope you will come and join on in.

I know that this post has now probably gone on for a bit to long (thanks for sticking with me)

What do you know this week? 
Write a post, grab the button below and join on in

A Parenting Life Things I Know

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P.S. I know that if you haven't already entered my giveaway you can still do so

Thursday, October 24

Happiness is ...

... a bright sunny flower
beautiful tropical flower growing by a fishpond

I had these lilies sitting in a pot as part of the little oasis that Mr Awesome has created for me in the Shoebox's backyard. Yes that's right even though we live in a shoe box it is one that has enough of a garden to have pond and a dog. 

However they never flowered due to the terrible soil in the pot, and quite possibly the fact that the pot was far too small for that many lilies. A weekend or two ago my darling Mr made a new little garden bed in front of the newly refurbished pond. He decided to put the poor over crowed under soiled plants in the ground and out of their misery. 

Not only is there now a beautiful flower but more are getting ready to open every day. Plus there are new lilies peaking their little green leaf tips out of the ground. All of which just makes my heart swell and my mouth smile.

... a cooling midday shower

If you are a truly dedicated fan that happens to be up at ridiculous times of the night, you will have noticed a photo I shared the other day showing that at 1 am the temperature was a 29 degrees and not expected to drop much before beginning it's rise with the new day. Which is just crazy and ridiculous and brings me anything but happiness.

The cool sweet rain however. Well that is an entirely different story, when it finally decides to fall that is. It brings me more happiness that words can aptly described.

... going for a run

While the photo may not actually portray my happiness, especially given that whole massive double chin thing, but going for a run really does leave me feeling full of happy. The fact that I can actually say I went for a run is happiness in itself.

... being able to give cool stuff away

This is like a double whammy happiness because I am pretty sure that the winner will get just as much happiness from receiving as I get from giving. If you haven't entered yet there is still time and if you have entered (thanks) and don't forget to tweet everyday for bonus entries.

... joining in linkies and sharing bloggy love

Seriously do not ever underestimate the joy that a bit of comment love can give a blogger. I had someone go to the effort of actually writing on my Facebook page today and it left me grinning all afternoon. 

Happiness is making the most of all that you have

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Monday, October 21

Giveaway - Nana Dot Handmade Baby Goods

Today I am super excited to introduce to you a wonderful new handmade stay at home mum venture.

Nana Dot Handmade Baby Goods

I know that it is not the most wonderful of photo and you are probably wondering exactly what they are, but there were just to many beautiful necklaces for me to choice just one to take a photo of.

Actually even choosing which photo to use once I narrowed down to just three necklaces still wasn't an easy task. Nor was taking the photos for that matter, as seen by the horrible light reflection on the table.

These necklaces are made from BPA free, food grade silicon beads. Which makes them a-ok for your baby to be putting in their mouth (as babies want to do). Making them not only incredibly fashionable but incredibly useful when you are out and about with a teething baby that you would prefer not to drop their teething toys on the ground. 

Yes more dodgy photos of far from dodgy necklaces.
Necklaces that are great for mothers of teething babies to be wearing I might add. Though just between you and me I think they are far to funky to be purely teething necklaces. 

But wait there is more.

I know this may look a little like a bracelet it is not. It is however a sensory necklace for a little person on the autism spectrum. Again though my terrible photography does not quite do it justice. Oh and if you were wondering bracelets can be ordered.

All the necklaces are knotted on a nylon cord with a breakaway clasp used. The necklaces are designed to be worn by mum and as with all teething products should be closely supervised. Care and cleaning of the necklaces is as easy as washing in warm soapy water.

But wait there is still even more!

Nana Dot Handmade Baby Goods is more than just silicone beads. There are also burp clothes, bibs, bandana bibs (great for teething dribble), taggies and even more to come. Though if you want to see those little beauties you will have to head on over to the Nana Dot Handmade Baby Goods Facebook page and check it out yourself. 

What I do have for you though, is the ability to win your very own necklace. Or if you were feeling generous a necklace that you could pass on to a new mum. They do make super cool presents after all.

All you have to do to enter is like the Nana Dot Handmade Baby Goods and click a few buttons on the rafflecopter entry below. Nana Dot is still super new to the land of Facebook so it would be great to give her some loving.
a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Joining in IBOT   fun with Essentially Jess

Oh and for those that like disclaimers, Nana Dot is very good friend of mine who has decided to try a home based business in the hope she won't have to return to traditional employment and instead be able to stay at home and enjoy more time with her three beautiful children. She asked me if I would be interested in hosting a giveaway in a bid to gain her some exposure and help her venture grow. (Just quietly I was tickled pink that she thought I had the ability to help expose her - because that is not some you get asked everyday - Can you help expose me?) Needless to say no payment was sought or given, just lots of love spreading.

Thursday, October 17

Things I Know About Writers Reveal And Other Stuff

Sun setting over the horizon. Amazing

As yet another week draws to a close I know that time is still flying faster than what I would like it. Speaking of last week, I know that seeing eight lovely people joining in with all they know was all kinds of awesome so thanks all round.

I know that last week when I sat down to write my Things I Know post I had a heart skipping moment when I thought that I had forgotten to post my Writers Reveal post only to realise I was a week ahead of myself.

I know that when I sat down to write today's Things I Know post I began to wonder why I never got around to writing my Writers Reveal post for today. Sigh.

I know that know I have just gone and double checked what my prompt was for this month and I am even more baffled as to why I put it off.

I know that by the time you get to the end of this post there will be a link to take you to my Writers Reveal post. The prompt for which was given to me by the lovely J.C WolfeI know that you should totally go and check her blog out.

I know that Emily did a fantastic job with the prompt I gave her.

I know that watching the news coverage of the bush fires saw silent tears roll down my cheeks.

I know I hope everyone stays safe and the blazes quickly die.

I know it is going to be a very long summer for a lot of people. 

I know that it puzzles me how on Tuesday I could go for a run and in 33 minutes travel 5.35km yet on Thursday 5.36km took me 49 minutes.

I know that lately there has not been nearly enough running in my life. I know changing that makes me feel good.

I know that I can't wait to read all the things you know. Grab the button and share your link below

A Parenting Life Things I Know

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Here is that link to the Writer's Reveal prompt I promised earlier.
Linking up with the lovely Bron as well for The Weekend Rewind

Writers Reveal - A prompt from J.C Wolfe

This month's prompt for me as part of the Writers Reveal group at Emily Morgan Writes, was given to me by J.C WolfeNow I don't know why but somehow this all slipped to the back of my mind, and I failed to get my post out on the required day and time. 

My bad and I am super sorry.

Of course thanks to the wonders of modern technology though the post is back dated and if I had of kept my mouth shut you would have been none the wiser!

Only I feel the need to tell you because now rather than being filled with deep and mind-blowing wishes it will be rushed through and slapped together with the barest of thoughts.

A fairy comes to you and grants you three wishes. You can make any three wishes you want, under the following condition:

One wish is just for you,
One wish is for your family,
And one wish is for the world

I think the one wish for me, other than the published book or other related dreams I spoke of last time, is that I wish to no longer be a world class procrastinator. My constant delaying of absolutely everything is holding me back from being all that I can, I am sure of it. This post is quite possibly all the evidence required for proof.

The wish for my family is pretty easy. I wish for them to all live happy and long lives. Filled with lots of love and laughter. I wish for my girls to always be comfortable within their own skin and know that all that they are is more than enough. Though that may all be more than one wish.

As for my wish for the world? Well I don't want to sound all Miss Beauty Queen like but there really is something lovely about the concept of world peace isn't there? Either that or ending the gaps of inequality or hunger.

What would your answers have been?
Are you a terrible procrastinator as well?

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Please take the time to check out some of the other writers taking part this month.
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Wednesday, October 16

Stopping to be thankful

When I first started to blog regularly with the idea of one day being a top notch blogger the only way I could get readers was if I joined a link up.  Almost religiously for twelve months or more I am sure, I would write a Thankful Thursday post. One of my favourite bloggers, Kate, would host a link up and I just loved to join in.  Writing a post about being thankful each week was only too easy and fitted quite well with the theme, if you will of A Parenting Life.

Only times changed and Kate grew and decided that hosting Thankful Thursday each week was no longer what she wanted to do. She kindly passed the link up on to another super cool blogger and went on with being awesome. For some reason though joining in for me no longer had such an appeal and being thankful on a Thursday seemed to just pass me by.

Actually being thankful on any day seemed to just pass me by. 

Which is kind of a shame because there was something really beautiful about consciously thinking each week about what I was thankful for. It helped me keep a sunny perspective when black clouds wanted to rain on my parade.

It feels like there has been a lot of rain of late. Well at least in a metaphorical sense. Every post of late feels like it has a poor woe is me sign attached to it. Not intentionally of course, apparently that is just the way the cookie has crumbled. 

Well no more I say. 

In fact rain, rain go away is what I say. (Again only metaphorically because I would actually love a good real rain to swing by and relieve some of this stifling heat)

So without further ado here are some of the things that I am a little bit thankful for of late.

I am thankful that this little guy has taken to dropping by my front garden

Male crimson finch at bird bath

I am thankful that his little friend has as well, though she is a tad more camera shy,

Female crimson finch hiding amongst the leaves

I am thankful that my bag did not fall off the back of my car when I drove off from the shops today.

My bag sat here for a good couple of km's
before I discovered it's whereabouts
I am super thankful that a kind lady went out of her way to follow me down the road so she could let me know about said bag still sitting at the back of my car.

I am thankful that even after a long day at work Mr Awesome still has time and energy to not just talk to the girls when he gets home but to actually be there as well. You know like really be there in the moment listening and engaging with them.

I am thankful that these little beauties

passed by yesterday and deposited some much longed for rain. I will be even more thankful if they could return on a daily basis sooner rather than later.

I am thankful that Teapot slept this afternoon, allowing me to not only write this post but just gather my thoughts as a whole.

What are you thankful for today?

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