Sunday, January 23


It is something that I am constantly thinking about.
Apparently it is great for people to have time to oneself. Personally I am not sure I am sold on the notion. But perhaps that is just because as a mother alone time is something of a stranger to me.

Anyway this afternoon was deemed as free time. Only it didn't really go as I imagine free time should. I guess it is all about how you define free time. On this point the whole house is at a loss. When I heard that it was free time I thought oh goody I could do some writing.

Instead I ended up giving the girls a manicure, which I must say was great. I had planned to give myself a bit of a pedicure as well but I got bored and lost interest and only managed to take the incredibly chipped and nearly 2 month old blue stuff off.

Right now the children are all gathering round demanding attention and while it may sound terrible I just want to scream leave me alone, just for two minutes please leave me alone.

Instead I will leave you with this terrible post and hope for my time to do a new one soon.

Monday, January 17

You want me?

Earlier today I received a very flattering email. It has made me smile everytime I think of it.

Wanna know what it said?? Keep on reading

Well my dear friend and fellow mummy blogger Nicole over at Highlights to Housework has asked me to do a guest post on her blog.

Given the recent disasters to hit the eastern coast of Australia, she thought it might be nice if she got a few women to share what they were grateful for. My post can be found here

Wednesday, January 12



Stupid Blogger. I wanted to put a picture in of how awful my blog looks but for some reason Blogger wants to put this one first. Which clearly is not awful as it is the new Rambles look for a bit. Scroll down to see the atrocity I was faced with the other day.

Here is a screen grab of the awful layout and colours that I refer to in the next post. OMG! What an earth was I thinking????

Tuesday, January 11


Okay so I just stopped by to check out how I left things and OMG! It is worse than terrible.

As I sat here watching the pictures load, the image that appeared before me was one of terror and disbelief. I was so shocked by what I saw I was compelled to start writing. (Which ok is not such a bad thing)

Anyways I must admit that I knew to expect something terrible but it was just the level of terrible that really surprised me. Actually I am not sure that terrible even really describes the gut turning bile I witnessed... (runs of to find thesaurus)...

There is so much going on in the world at the moment. Currently one of the spotlights is on South Eastern Queensland, Australia. They are experiencing the worst floods since 1974. As I am writing this I suddenly realise that this is also the same year that Darwin had a visit from Tracy.

Now other than a topic of conversation the floods thankfully are not near me and as yet I haven't heard of too many people who know someone personally affected. Time of course will change that. The disaster is still in the making and there is much yet to unfold. Thanks (or possibly not) to modern communication we are able to practically watch the event take place.

My heart and prayers to all who will in one way or another be touched by this tragic time. May the casualties be as few as possible and the loss as little as can be.

Sunday, January 9

2011 The Year of Trying

So welcome to the New Year. (A bit late I know but hey better than never) With DD1 away I am on something of an auto pilot at the moment. It is just easier that way. After all life must go on and all that. Perhaps why the meet and greet group has been such a good idea?

As you may recall I have been stepping outside old boundaries and trying something new. Now I know that the rest of the world has been out meeting people for quite some time but it has not been a regular part of. I look back to my early twenties and I wonder how I ever got by. I mean every day I was out there, in public meeting people talking to all sorts of different characters and apparently loved it. Quite frankly at this point in my life I could not think of anything worse, hence why I am a SAHM (with strong focus on the SAH aspect)

So my first two attempts at this new way of life have proved to be quite sucessful. So far all the people have been incredibly lovely and it has been nothing but a positive experience for me. In fact it has been so positive that I have a further two bookings made for the coming week and I am even considering extending this. However I am cautious not to over extend myself so I will probably refrain.

Other things I am going to try this year include, regular cleaning (I should clarify that regular actually means daily), regular exercise (again daily), and a heap of other fads that will apparently in the end make me feel like a better person. That is not to say I don't currently hold a positive self worth but it is important (or so I've been told) to always strive to improve oneself, at least in some small way.

So far my trying has really just been limited to the meeting people. Small steps. It is only early on in the year, I still have a further three hundred and fifty odd days in which to try. Initially I was going to set myself a minimum of one thing a day to try. However once I started to think about it all I realised that one a day is just not enough. Which poses a problem. You see one a day I think I could actually manage any more could be overwhelming and I don't want to set myself up for failure. I guess perhaps I am just going to have to try harder

Friday, January 7

So far so good

Well the whole walking and meeting new people went really well. The rain held off, while the black clouds prevented not just the sun's burning rays from coming through but held back a great deal of heat as well. We walked for around an hour and a half, covering nearly 5kms. Just enjoying the beautiful views and wonderful company. There was something quite relaxing aout just chatting with a stranger. I guess it is because you know it won't have to go to deep. It is like a first date where you can wet your toes before diving in.

To really top the morning pleasantries right off we managed to prevent any major children upsets or injuries.

This has left me with a rather good feeling about the meet and greet tomorrow. The only destructive factor is the weather. Which of course is beyond control. I must say though that I am fairly confident that mother nature will play along. After all it is for a good cause.

Wednesday, January 5

Trying something new

Now for some reason, whenever I tell this to people in the real world they always seem surprised, but the thing is, I am not really all that big on people. I mean I don't feel the need to have a lot of human interaction. Well at least not outside my little comfort bubble group (which is pretty much just my kids, mum, brother, sister and of course hubs)

Apparently, or so I am told, I am a real people person, what ever that means.

Anyway why am I telling you all this?

Tomorrow I am going to step right outside my little bubble world. I am going to meet a stranger. Yep that's right you heard me a stranger, someone new and unknown. I have a blind walking date with a woman I met over the Internet through a virtual mutual Facebook friend. Even better on Saturday I will meet a whole group of them all at once. Talk about jumping in the deep end!

Why the sudden turn around I hear you ask?

Well I am not really sure. Something just keeps telling me it is the right thing to do. According to Hugh in About a Boy, "no man is an island" Actually now that I think about it I don't think he did ever say it but if you have seen the movie you will know what I mean and if you haven't seen it well maybe you should :)

Ok, taking a rather right turn right about now I am in a quandary.

I just went to look for a link to firstly Hugh and then About a Boy. Finding the link to Hugh was particularly easy as Wiki is a somewhat perfect source. However I did find it rather disturbing to learn that my much loved actor crush is actually heading towards the ripe old age of 51. The startling disturbing notion here is that for me to not see that as old means I, myself must also be aging and that is not something I am ready to part with just yet. I mean I am sort of ok about aging, I mean I still look fairly youthful despite the old silver strand here and there but only if you look really really hard.

So once the realisation of having a crush on a fifty fella passed I went looking for a link to the movie. After all the movie was made some 8 years ago now so if my crush remains on that character it is much easy to accept any age gap. Anyway rather than find a link to the movie I stumbled across a page of quotes. I had forgotten just how many lines really hit home to me in that movie (hence my deep affection for it) Only as it has been a while since I actually last watched it and I am amazed at how much I managed to muck up the usage of my quote. Oh well, live and learn hey?

So rather than a post about my trepidation regarding the forging of new friendships I give to you the strongest of recommendations to go and watch About a Boy