Saturday, August 6

It's been one week...well nearly (actually not even close any more)

* this is one of those posts that I have started but never finished.  I am not sure why I refuse to delete.  I mean I am well aware of the fact that  that what you are about to read is not about to change the world in anyway.  And actually there is probably somewhere between little to no chance of even remotely affecting your life so what does it matter?

Well chances are that it probably matters very little now but then, when it was written it meant a lot.  Well enough at some time to get written anyway...

Seems like the middle of the week is my prime writing time of late.  I notice that it is one day off a week since I last wrote.  Bizarrely my last post focuses on the fact that it is a week since I last wrote.  Feels like a definite trend was trying to form there.

I have seen a few people commenting of late that they have been delayed with their commitments because life has got in the way.  I guess that is what has been happening to me.  I have been out living.  It can be rather hard and tiring at times.  

We have just come home from a long weekend away on a beachside retreat.   Three days of relaxation and bliss.  (Well apart from the bushfire scare but that is another post)  What really amazes though is that I come back and instantly feel drained and over powered

Back to now

Despite all the hard work that comes with returning from camping I am pretty sure I would almost go every weekend.  I love the nothingness of it all, yet you are always being busy.  It is so easy to stay clean and tidy as there is so little that needs doing.

(super deep sigh longing to get away again)

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