Thursday, May 15

A few words

Life is a constant barrage of activity. There is always something that needs to be done yet there rarely seems enough time to get it all done. (My lack of entries here is testament to that)

Some might say that my journey through the ocean of life of late has been rather choppy. It certainly has not been smooth sailing of late. However it was nothing a harden sailor, such as myself, couldn't handle. Just between you and me though I probably could be doing a slightly better job.

I mean sure I have not been a messy bundle curled up on the floor but I certainly haven't been standing strong at the helm directing my boat as needed. I have just left it to steer itself! Which on the whole hasn't been to bad but it is fair to say that my boat has veered slightly of course to say the least.

The good news is that I am slowly clawing my my back and the waters appear to be calming a little. I just need to remember that it is all about perspective really.

Credit for the photo must go to Marco Caliulo His great shots can be found at stock.xchng

Sunday, May 4


As we travel through life there are times when we suddenly awake from the daze that is our perception of reality.

Generally this awakening is rather sudden, possibly even considered by some as rude. While that may be so, it is in fact irrelevant, as generally speaking, such reality checks are more than needed if not long overdue!

Recently (today) I was given such a call. I don't really like sharing great personal details so please be with me if it seems sketchy in places. I was informed that people don't like the way I speak. Naturally, I was hurt and instantly became defensive, however imagine my pain when I stopped and heard myself the next time I spoke.

This person was right I had not been speaking very nicely to them. While I felt pressured and uncomfortable to even be in the same room as this person (and others), my current situation prevented me avoiding contact with them. I thought I had been making the best of it, but today I find out that I had been making them less than welcome.

I tried to defend my actions by explaining how I felt.

In case you are interested, I feel very hurt by these people, well one in particular. If our relationship was a business transaction, they have everything to gain, while I only lose. The problem is winners don't care what other's may lose, that's what makes them a winner. I must make sure I am the winner. Oh no wait, this is not a race, there doesn't always need to be winners and losers. We want win-win.

Then when I thought about it some more, I realised with an attitude like mine, I deserved to feel bad. I have been behaving in an unbecoming manner. I haven't really given these people a chance to let them put their cards on the table. A chance to show they may have something to offer in the exchange.

Maybe there is no need be so defensive, perhaps it doesn't really hurt to let people in sometimes.

Further reflection led me to the awareness there are actually a whole range of different people in my life that when I think about it are currently complaining about the way I speak to them. I know that life has been a bit rough for me lately but I really had no idea how poorly I was coping.

The great news is that now I am aware of a need to change I can. So when I have to meet with these people again I will just take a deep breath, let down my guard and show a vulnerable side so that we can all be reminded that I am, lucky everyone else, only human.

I may even find a way to entwining this new attitude with the Quit Club

Thursday, May 1

The Good and The Bad

It is a well known fact of life that with good comes bad and vice versa. I have always been a big believer in the two going together. If there were never any downs then we would never know when the ups are about.

For the most part of my life I travel along in varying levels of up. Without bragging or being conceited I feel that my life is truly blessed. It is full of goodness, love and happiness and I don't really think there is much more I would ask for.

Having said that though, when the downs come, I swear it is the biggest roller coaster dip you have ever been on. I am currently in the process of a down at the moment. Any way the point today is not to whine about how crap I feel my life is at present, but rather illustrate how even simple activities can be full of both good and bad.

  1. It was good that I managed to get some washing done today. It was bad however that a tissue managed to slip in with the dark clothes.
  2. Again it was positive to do the washing (we are all down to our last pair of knickers), however now it all needs to be folded and put away!
Ok so it is not an extensive list yet but at least it is a start!

Credit and thanks for the photo go to LadyAustin who can be found at stock.xchng

Pig Personality Test

So by drawing this pig I was able to gain insight into my personality. Very exciting! Here are the results