Monday, August 22

Monday Mention - Yay For Home

Broken Hearted Mummy
Goodbye weekend, hello Monday!  Not exactly the most favoured day of the week as is generally signals the return to work, school and an onslaught of busyness.  On the up side though, in the blogging world it means a return of the Monday Mention over at Ramblings of Broken Hearted Mummy.  

What's that you haven't heard of them before?  Well click right over and check her out there is some awesome reading to be had.  As a mother to seven, yes that's right seven, Tammy always has lots going on and she shares both the ups and downs of life with you.  

One of the other things that Tammy shares is her favourite blogs.  In fact she is so awesome at sharing she has decide to host her very own link up called Monday Mention where we can all join in and share some blogosphere favourites.

This week I want to tell you about ....(drum roll)....

Written by Shae, a mother of three, Yay for Home celebrates all that is wondrous about the home, not limited to but including, home birth, home schooling and home grown.  In her own words Shae is 

"woman, mother, daughter, sister, wife, friend, feminist, radical homemaker, birthing goddess, breastfeeder, fatty, smart arse, lifelong learner."

Regular APL readers will probably recognise Yay for Home as it is the host of one of my favourite weekly link ups called Things I Know  So head on over and say hi to Shae, like all bloggers she loves a comment.  Then head back to here to find some more recommended reading.

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  1. Hi Rhianna, Just wanted to say Congratulations on being this weeks feature Blog on my Making Goals Monday blog hop. Thank you for taking part last week. Sarah

  2. Awwweeee!!! Thanks Sarah :) I did mean to link up again this week but it has been one of those weeks and blogging has not exactly made it to the top of my to do list. Actually a more accurate statement is blogging has not made it to my action list, it is always at the top of my to do list it is just a matter of whether it actually gets done :D


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