Monday, December 31

Life without connection

It has been a busy couple of weeks here. As I suspect it has been at most places. It is after all one of the busiest times of the year the world over. Of course you have no idea just what I have been up to because the universe decided that I was to have some time out from the technological world.

It all started the Saturday before Christmas. Some lovely friends from interstate had dropped in for a visit. They have a daughter five weeks younger than Miss Six. The two were tummy buddies, sadly though they never got to spend too much time together on the outside before the move was made.

Anyway they are visiting their old stomping grounds for Christmas and had popped in for a swim to cool down, only with them came a rather large electrical storm. Needless to say the swim was postponed. While we waited for the storm to pass I went to put the kettle on for a cuppa. It just so happened that as I touched the tap, lightning struck somewhere rather close by. I got the shock of my life as I felt the electricity travel up my arm and out my shoulder.

At the same time as this the lights went out and the power surged. It was all very exciting (for want of a better word) till we discovered that the modem no longer turned on and my shoulder throb for the next two hours.

Our Internet provider supplied us with the modem and are sending out a new one which normally takes three days. Apparently over the festive season though this may extend to three weeks. Or at least it feels that way.

To begin with I was not too fussed about the lack of Internet. I still had some access via my phone and not having wireless was just one less thing to argue with Miss Eleven about. However on Sunday when I dropped my phone, smashing the screen and rendering it useless I started to feel a little closed in as social media and all the Internet contains was quickly and almost literally slipping through my fingers.

Despite it being Christmas Eve I traipsed all the way into the city to the phone repair man. You can only imagine my excitement when I discovered he was closed until the 27th. Three whole days away. My mind began to boggle trying to come to terms with no phone for three whole days. It already felt like an eternity.

Being a silver lining lover I decided to run with the notion that disconnecting was a good thing. Because let's face it, it was. As much as I missed not sending mass texts messages of joy, goodwill and love, I did enjoy just chilling with my girls and living in the moment.

Towards the end of the three days I realised I could put my sim card in the iPad. This did give me access to most things but, just between you and me, I liked not feeling the need to constantly be checking in. Plus Miss Eleven's constant complaints about not being able to check in with her Facebook friends made me realise just how involved this house had become with social media, the Internet and the like.

Once I had dropped the phone off at the repairers though I was more than keen to retrieve it. Waiting all day for it to be ready felt like forever. I was so pleased to be able to race in and pick it up, five minutes before closing time. I did think it was strange the way it kept saying 'searching' but my sim card still wasn't installed so I didn't think much of it.

I wish I had of because putting my sim card in didn't fix the problem. In fact there was nothing I could do to fix it myself. Mr Awesome kept saying to check in with what Google had to say but I was just too distraught to think straight. I was fine with a short imposed break but I was just about at the end of my tether by now.

When I took it back to the repairers the next day it took them all of two seconds to fix and show me how I could of *easily* done the same. Or I could just not smash it to smithereens in the future. Though my elation was short lived because it was my mother's birthday and there was no way I could do anything other than spend the day fussing over her.

Imagine my excitement when late on Friday night, nearly one whole week without my phone, I finally get some time to sit down and flitter about social media. Imagine that excitement fading faster than a setting sun when I get a text telling me I have reached my data limit for the month.

Suddenly human implosion seemed very possible.

Then to top it all off, just as I began to get into a slight flurry over how I would be able to be ready for the first IBOT post of the new year, Mr Awesome informs me that we still have an old dial up modem that would give a slow connection to the Mac.


Deep breath and lots of them.

-fairy wishes and butterfly kisses

Friday, December 21

Things I Know About My Blogging in 2012

It is hard to believe that the dawning of 2013 is nearly upon us, bringing to a close the year that was 2012. Weeks ago Grace mentioned that her Flog Yo Blog Friday for today would be a reflection on the year. A month by month blow of what went down. She hoped that others would join in, hence all the notice and stuff.

When I read it I got excited. I love having a bit of an idea to get me started. Plus with all the notice it was something I thought I could have already and waiting to go come Friday morning. Naturally though this is not how things panned out and Friday morning came without sight nor sound of a post being anywhere nearly ready.

In fact last night when I was wrapping presents, (which I naturally had to take a photo of and share on Instagram because I am a wrapping ninja and all), I was totally considered just putting up a post saying

Sorry I am busy wrapping presents and waiting for the world to end, no FYBY or TIK for me this year. Merry Christmas and thanks for reading

Or words to that effect.

Only where is the fun in that? Plus given that I am a self confessed linky junkie as if I could really not join in on the last ones for year?

I know that January saw me join in the Photo A Day Challenge for the first time. I didn't quite get every day. I did try again in February and managed even less. I gave up after that. I think that my favourite post for the month was this one on body image

I know that February was an awesome writing month for me. Or at least I thought I did some awesome writing in that month. After much thought, and re-reading I have decided that my favourite post is one called Sometimes I Forget to Remember

I know that March is one of my all time favourite months. Each and every year. Celebrating my birthday probably has something to do with that. This year was one of my best birthday's ever! Despite my initial doubts. As for my pick of the posts for this month? Well it would have to be I Think I Thought I Knew. Sums me all up right there I reckon.

I know that April saw me still flying by the skirt tails of my birthday. The height of my excitement was sky high when I when sky diving. Mr Awesome got me a tandem skydive for my birthday. It was truly awesome (as is he).

I know that May was a really hard month. I wrote little and seemed to spend a lot of time in Struggle Town. I don't like there. Not many people do actually. Too many people seem to spend too much time there. Mind you it is all just part and parcel of being a mum some days I guess.

I know that June was another quite month on the writing front. I also know however that June was the month that I really felt more like a writer than ever before. I was given the opportunity to interview Karen Seebohm. Mother of Olympic champion swimmer Emily Seebohm. She shared with me what it was like to raise a champion.

I know that July saw me write my two post read post ever. The first is about friends and coffee. Turns out there are lots of us that would like more of both. The second was an interview with Eamon Sullivan's mum. I know that interview made me feel all kinds of special.

I know that August was a fantastic month. Or rather there were a couple of days in August that were rather awesome. Like the day someone offered to take me the Kenny Rogers concert after reading this post. Oh man what a night that was.

I know that September was when we went on our road trip to Cairns. Best time ever. My baby sister married the man of her dreams and it was all just too beautiful for words. I am so thankful to have such a wonderful woman in my life.

I know that October is my least favourite month ever. If it were possible to rewrite the calendar and exclude October I would. Of course then Mr Awesome wouldn't have his birthday, but I am sure he would adjust. I know that I thought I was all kind of awesome when I tried to take on the big issues and discussed bullies and freedom of speech.

I know that November was supposed to be all about fiction writing. I also know that I didn't write nearly as much as I thought I would. In fact all in all it was a dismal effort on my part. I still live in hope that I will get round to using all those lovely ideas that I was provided with. November was also the month that the diary closed and mo's were grown

I know that I am glad it is December. December is all about good times with family and friends. It was also the month that I had this post featured in the Digital Parents weekly newsletter. Made me feel all kinds of special.

And there you have it ladies and gentlemen. A summary of all that has gone down here at A Parenting Life in 2012. While I still have your attention, thanks so much dropping in. Especially those who keep on coming back. Fingers crossed that many first timers will quickly become greatly loved returns.

Wishing all my fellow floggers and knowers the very merriest of Christmas wishes and the happiest of happy new years. May your dreams come true and you never feel blue. May your days be filled with love, laughter and loads of fairy wishes and butterfly kisses.

Wednesday, December 19

The Indoor Play Centre Thing

As I sit here I am trying not to cringe. As one generally does when one finds oneself in circumstances that are less than favorable. Perhaps if the noise levels were not quite so high I would not be so on edge. Sometimes I wonder if I have super sensitive hearing because I often feel things are too loud when others don't.

Why does children having fun have to be so darn noisy anyway?

In all my eleven, nearly twelve years of mothering I have never really got the whole indoor play centre thing. Needless to say it is not something we partake in all that often. Which is good because when we do go it makes it all the more special.

Today is one of those special days. We were supposed to be catching up with some friends who will be leaving town in a few weeks. Only stupid here got the day wrong so if I want to see my friends I get to come back and do it all again tomorrow.

Oh yay.

What I don't get is how parents, mainly mothers going by those currently in the room, can justify regularly paying to sit and watch their children run around and scream under the pretense of having fun. The park pretty much has the same effect only it is free and outside. Which means the whole noise level factor is much easier to deal with as the excess sound can escape into the big open spaces.

Of course on days like today

Where big black clouds fill the sky park play may not be everyone's cup of tea.

Back to the indoor centre.

Everyone here seems to sit with their faces in pain, sipping coffee that based on facial expressions one could only assume was bitter and awful, while the fruits of their loins run havoc and try to break sound barriers.

Have I mentioned the noise?

There are eleven tables currently occupied. All but two of them are by women sitting alone. One or two are idly flipping through the newspaper. A few are engrossed in their phone. I wonder how parents survived this prior to smart phones. All look like they want to be anywhere but here. Which I totally get. I want to be anywhere but here as well.

So why do they come?

Why would you purposely choose to come and sit in a room full of people and be on your pat malone? To me it is nothing short of torture. I am well aware of my loneliness and I don't really need to be surrounded by people who are clearly in the same boat.

Sure if all these lonely people began interacting with each then that would be a different situation. But they don't. Everyone just seems to sit there looking around, staring mindlessly into space, all the while ensuring eye contact with each other is never made.

Or maybe it is just me? Maybe I have it all wrong. Maybe for all these other women this is their alone time. Or their fun time. Or their something that I just don't get. I certainly don't get how a mother could bring her days old baby into such a place. Each to their own I guess.

-fairy wishes and butterfly kisses

Tuesday, December 18

All I Want For Christmas

Is to be famous.

No not really, but I could certainly handle being a little more well known so please feel free to share and tweet with all your friends.

A little while ago Essentially Jess shared with her #IBOT faithfuls her Christmas wish list. She then tagged the lucky five blogger of the mo's to share their own Christmas desires. From there, there has been a tagging frenzy that has seen some of the most heart touching Christmas wish lists ever.

Santa sure has his work cut out for him. In case you are interested a few of my favourites can be found at

Anyway the very very lovely Kirsty over at My Home Truths, thought it would be nice if I share with one and all my heart's desires this festive season. As I started pondering over this I began to wonder if I had taken the time to do a similar list last year. Turns out I had. It is interesting to see how things have changed, yet also stayed oh so the same.

I am rather glad though that this year I don't feel so much of a need to get Santa to change things about me. Like a new haircut and clothes. I am still totally in love with my new do that I got at the start of November. Though part of me wants to go back to the hairdresser, just cause she is such an awesome kind of lady.

So what do I want this year?

I would really love for someone to

My airplane ticket has been purchased, accommodation is sorted. The last teeny tiny detail left to sort is the ticket to the conference itself.

If by chance you are interested in helping me out in that department, I promise you would get your monies worth. Your brand would be mentioned left, right, and centre from now until well after the said event. Ok that may be a slight exaggeration but I do assure you a fair deal and value for money. Feel free to check out my advertising page

While I am making crazy bloggy wishes, I would also like to be able to just drop everything and write the moment the urge hits. Regardless of dishes that may need doing, washing waiting to be hung or hungry mouths waiting to be fed. They could all just be put on the back burner the instant I am inspired and have something to say. They could also just wait there patiently for me till I was done and ready to return from the realm of writing.


One of the things that hasn't changed over the last twelve months is my ability to keep house. Or perhaps lack there of. Since I didn't get my desired visit from Mary Poppins last year I am going to try for something a bit different this year.

This year I wish for a
Cleaning Fairy

How awesome would that be? Even if she was just a dishes fairy I would be over the moon. 

Of course I can hear Mr Awesome reading this and saying that rather than a fairy, or her magic wand, which would be my next request if a fairy were unavailable I should just give in to his desire for one of these
But I just don't want one. And besides you still need some fool to constantly pack and unpack it. Don't need one of them if you have a cleaning fairy now do you?

Next on my Christmas wish list for 2012 is for breast cancer, actually all cancer, be a thing of the past. In the past week I have heard of two beautiful women diagnosed with this dreadful disease. Breaks my heart. I know that they are both two super tough cookies and will take this battle head on, but I also know I would rather they didn't have too. I wish that no one would have to.

But sadly that is just not the way the world works. At least not at the moment.

One thing I do really really really want is for my girls to have happy and full lives. Ones where they know not of serious worry. Are free from serious harms, including the likes of school yard and cyber bullies. Ones where they feel nothing but love and give out nothing but kindness and compassion above all else.

And my last wish for this year is that my book was more than just a concept in my head. More than just jumbled words floating around in the vacuum space of my mind. More than just a heartbroken memory that I once had on a dodgy usb stick. 

So there you have it, all I want for Christmas 2012. Gleefully joining with a brilliant little post that quickly gathered momentum over at Essentially Jess

Who just happens to be the hostest with the mostest for Aussie blogging's favourite Tuesday link up #IBOT! 

Which of course this post is joining in with, because it is Tuesday and I have blogged! Not only that but I just love a bit of comment love, makes sure you are out sharing as well.

Oh and since this is the last IBOT for the year I would like to wish all IBOTters a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. May they both be filled with fairy wishes, butterfly kisses and plenty of cheer.

Sunday, December 16

Tomorrow is always a brand new day

This post has been sitting, in my draft box, waiting to be written for around three days now. For some reason the words just haven't seem to be there. Even now I am not sure if they are but I can't hold off any longer. I need to try and get some of it out.

I know that the beginning is always the best place to start but sometimes in life the beginning can be a tricky place to find. Life is but a cycle and as such with it's constant goings round, beginnings and endings can sometimes blend into one. Making it not only difficult to establish where they each stop and start but also the difference between causes and effect.

The last week has been a tough. Though I seem to say that a lot I think. Perhaps this was just a particularly tough day because of so much going on.

Children graduating primary school, new paths being forged while old ones cease to exist, no longer needing to be walked. Hearing of two breast cancer diagnosis and immediate removals of lumps and breast. Mass murders, brutal senseless and unnecessary attacks on innocent lives. Radio pranks blamed for suicide and a media frenzy around issues that at the end of the day should be nothing at all.

My head feels like it wants to explode unable to cope with the emotion of it all.

What is the world coming to?

Oh that's right, come Friday apparently the world is coming to and end. Miss Eleven has heard bits and pieces of this notion. She is on the verge of being beside herself with worry at times. When I look up into the sky and see cloud formations that I have not really seen before, I too struggle to not get caught up in a conspiracy theory about it all.

The crazy weather the world over doesn't help in that department either. Guess which city was one of the first mentioned to get flooded in the doomsday movie 2012?

Oh that's right it was the same that got flooded just recently. New York.

Deep breaths.

Thankfully as long as I don't think about it, I don't worry to much. It all just really serves as a great reminder though

Fairy wishes and butterfly kisses to one and all.

Friday, December 14

Things I Know About Blogging Awards, Me and Life Itself

Oh hai!
It is Friday, which means of course it is the day to flog the things you know so here I go!

Things I Know

I know that seeing this post gave me all kinds of tingles with a heap of warm and fuzzy thrown in. It also makes me want to break out into song every time I see the title... Sunshine, lollipops and rainbows...

Our knowing hostess with the mostest Miss Cinders, along with the ever so lovely Rita over at The Crafty Expat have kindly bestowed upon yours truly

I know this kind of bloggy love just leaves me tickled pink and I am ever so thankful for the honour.

I know there have been many a time when I have read other bloggers receiving and handing out the same or similar awards and my heart has dropped a little when the realisation my name is not on the list hits. Reading blog rolls a similar effect. 

I know that some days it is hard for life to not be a popularity contest.
What I don't know is why I have such an urge to be popular. I have never been a popular person, the in crowd has never once let me in and for the most part I have been fine about that. Why now do I crave the attention so?

I know that there are a heap of question about me that need answering (as per the award) so I should probably get on with that. Because I just know you are dying to find out more about me

  1. Favourite time of the year? Change of seasons. Up here we only really have two seasons, The Wet and The Dry. The lead up to both is very exciting but for greatly different reasons. I am not sure I could pick one of the other. They both seem to invigorate my soul equally.
  2. Favourite festive movie? Hmmmmm... movies and I are not really friends. I don't have any real favourite movies full stop, let alone a festive one. Does Love Actually count as a festive movie? Anything that has old Hugh in it has pretty much got my undivided attention.
  3. What is your passion? Writing. Oh and the girls.
  4. Favourite colour? There was a time when I was obsessed with yellow. I had a yellow couch, sheets, kettle, toaster, teapot.  I loved yellow. As did the someone special I was in love with at the time. When the love dried up I stopped having a favourite colour. Since then I have never been able to commit to a new favourite colour. I did however manage to find a new favourite love and someone special so that is all that really matters.
  5. Favourite time of the day? Writing time. Failing that bedtime, particularly if it involves children going straight to sleep.
  6. Favourite flower? Hmmmm... Am I the only one that doesn't really have a favourite flower? If someone is going to the trouble of giving me flowers I am not overly concerned what flower it is. Beggars can't be choosers and all that.
  7. Favourite non-alcoholic beverage? Totally the most boring answer in the world but by far the answer is water. When you are as constantly as hot and sweaty as you are when you live in the tropics, water really is your bestest of best friends. Or at least it is for me.
  8. Favourite physical activity? I have two. They both are three lettered words. One is run and the other, well you can work that out I reckon.
  9. Favourite vacation? Going to DPCON13 in March. Oh, hang on that one hasn't happened yet but I sure am looking forward to it. I guess my next pick is our road trip to Cairns
I know I am glad to be at the end of that list. Talking and thinking about me is not always top of my list of things to do you know.

I know that coming up with ten bloggers who haven't already received this lovely award is not exactly easy. That is of course not to say that I can't think of lots of inspiring and positive bloggers, because I can. It is just once again I am late to the party and everyone I know seems to have this little beauty already.

I know that all the bloggers I am about to mention are awesome. In fact they are more than awesome and I genuinely find them an inspirational. All for very different reasons.

I know that you should totally go and check out the following Sunshine Award recipients

I know that I have no expectation for any of them to write a post about this. In case you didn't know, Christmas is just around the corner and everyone is flatter than flat out. I just wanted to let you (and them) know how wonderful they are.

I know that I am super glad I can officially say that the school holidays have started. We are not going anywhere or doing anything unusually exciting, just hanging at home with those we love, in a totally relaxed and chilled out kind of way. Bliss I tell you.

What is it that you know?
 Head on over and join on in.
What's that you want to flog?
Go here

Tuesday, December 11

So much to say and so little time to write

It feels like forever since I was last here.

Though really it was only a few days ago since I last posted about the things I know about dentists. There are few things that I would like to add to that list now that I think about it some more. Or rather as I have been healing from my wounds.

I will add it to the ever growing list of things I want to write about it. It is nice to know that I have so many thoughts to chose from should I ever be graced with the time to idly write.

Of course it is also incredibly frustrating that I never seem to be able to find that elusive time.

But I digress.

Back to my few days absence from blogging that feels near on an eternity. Mind you those few days have been jam packed with all kinds of actions and emotions. Both in terms of my own little corner of the world and the world at large.

My head is just bursting with all that has come with the announcement of a royal baby. Something that should have been nothing but a joyous occasion forever tainted by society at large ridiculous behaviour. This also added the the ever growing list I mentioned above.

There is no denying that the festive season is well and truly underway here. Whether or not I, or any one else for that matter, is actually ready for it however is another question altogether.

Between pre Christmas dinners, catch ups and get togethers, not to mention all that the final days of the school year entails, this rather shy social butterfly feels like she is flitting from event to event barely stopping to smell the flowers let alone taste the pollen. Every thing is just go, go, go.

Which as with most in life comes with both good and bad.

It is good in the way I don't have a chance to stop and think about all that needs to be done. Bad in the way that there is so much to be done and so many people to see. For the most part I am just doing. There are only three more days of school left. Three days that apparently can not be missed because they have the talent show, awards ceremony and year six final assembly in them.

After that I am sure things will slow a little.

You know before the rush of Christmas really starts.


I can't really believe that my baby, who is really eleven and not at all a baby, will soon have completed her primary school education. Where oh where did those years go? This too is on my never ending list. I get slight heart palpitations when I think that next year I will have a middle school student in the house

For now though it is Tuesday and I am blogging 
with all the cool kids that make
the coolest linky around.

Friday, December 7

Things I Know About Dentists

For weeks now I have been battling some tooth issues. I had hoped that the power of positive thinking was going to wish it all away. Sadly though that was not the case.

Apparently that is not the way to deal with infections inside your gum though. Neither is chewing through pain killers like they are candy, though that does at least mask the symptoms so it is easier to ignore said problem.

According to my lovely dentist (no seriously he really was quite lovely and incredibly gentle all things considered) the only way to rid oneself of a gum infection is via medical intervention. (Who would have thought huh?)

Deep down I did know what he said to be true. Which was kinda why I was sitting in his chair in the first place. What I don't know  however is why it took me so long to get to the chair.

It is not that I am scared of the dentist or even fearful in anyway, I just don't like going. Mind you apart from one crazy lady I don't know anyone who actually likes going to the dentist. Which is a shame for dentist really because so far all the ones I have met have been really rather lovely.

On the whole I tend to find going to the dentist a rather draining experience more than anything. Draining in that I use a great deal of mental power convincing myself that all will be well. Perhaps if I went on a more regular basis for check ups and the like rather than only when there were rather severe matters at hand to be dealt with things would be a little difference. Perhaps if I was a multi millionaire I would be able to afford such a luxury?

So in light of Wednesday's experience here is what I know about dentists

 I know that it wasn't nearly as terrible as I was expecting. In both terms of expense and pain.

 I know that the pain after it has been a lot worse than I was expecting. A lot worse. But when I think of all I had done I guess it is not that surprising. Not that I want to share two many details as I find it rather embarrassing, but I do have a few stitches.

 I know it is hard not to worry that there is still some infection left and that is why it is still painful. The dentist assured me though that what he was doing would get rid of all the infection.

 I know that dental equipment has really come forward in leaps and bounds.

I know that it I was super impressed the way the x-rays taken didn't need to be developed as they were automatically transferred to the computer screen.

I know that the fact even I could see there was a problem in the x-ray meant I probably should have made an appointment at least a week ago. 

I know  that I was so incredibly thankful that the dental surgery was able to squeeze me in on the day I finally got the gumption to call and make an appointment. 

I know that even though it still wasn't a cheap exercise, it was a lot cheaper than I expected. I know that having private health insurance is great and I am so glad we somehow find the money to pay it each and every month.

I know having teeth removed feels to me like an integral part of me ripped from my soul. I think that is why I put it off for as long as possible.

I know that I just love joining in with Miss Cinders and Grace to flog all that I know

Wednesday, December 5

Reindeer Handprint T-shirts

Now I know yesterday when I shared my cute flower headbands I said that today would be about bunting or over the top hair clips, well guess what, since then I came across something even cooler that I just couldn't wait to share.

Today on let's get crafty special that is this week I give to you Reindeer Handprint T-shirts.

Make a reindeer head out of handprints

And of course they are totally easy to do.

What you will need

Fabric paints and markers
Child to supply handprints (though adults hand would of course work it is just nice to include the kids :)

What you will need to do

Being the visual kind of person that I am, Jess drew a picture to help with the planning.

scribble down a reindeer shape

Take the cardboard and place it inside the shirt. That way the paint won't seep through to the other side.
Paint child's hand and place down on the shirt. Repeat with the other hand.

Reindeer antlers are made with children's handprints

The hands will form the reindeer antlers. It works a little better if you have the base of the hands tilted in towards a little more than what I have shown here.

Next paint the face. As you can see from the drawing the head is a triangle with round corners, if that makes sense.

under the handprints go a face shape
As you can see the painting of the face is very serious business.
Using some black paint add some eyes and nose. Unless of course you want your reindeer to be Rudolf and then you should use red for the nose. And there, ladies and gentlemen is one quick and easy hand print reindeer.
Eyes and a nose to finish the face

Add your own personalisation to the bottom of the shirt.

Handprinted reindeer shirt

Prior to washing the shirt you will need to iron the picture with a clean piece of paper over it so that the paint sets.

And if reindeers aren't your thing then you could always try your hand at a Christmas tree

Christmas trees can also be made from handprints

What's more if you don't want to use a t-shirt the kids could make the pictures on paper instead. They would make lovely wall hangings for the festive season.

Make sure you    and share with your friends

Tuesday, December 4

Cute Flower Headbands

Hello and welcome to day two of Rhianna Gets Crafty. Yesterday was all about the button bracelet and today is all about cute flower headbands.

Once again they are quick and simple and highly effective. 

Tomorrow I am not sure whether to share some easy bunting or these lovely over the top hair clips.
The girls wore them to carols by candlelight the other night. Well at least they were wearing them at the start of the night.
Some how one may have ended up on my head at one point.

As Christmas quickly approaches I have the overwhelming desire to make stuff.  And with the school holidays only days away I need to find stuff to do with the kids, so it is all a win win really. Especially when you take into account my desire to blog my way to stardom. Leaving you the really winner because you get the low down on some simple things to make and do.

After all what is a mummy blogger without a bit of craft now and then?

Mind you, just between you me and the fence post, my craft skills are somewhat lacking at times. I always seem to have dreams of grandure that are hard to fulfil. Thankfully though I am slowly discovering activities that are not only within my capabilities but also the girls. So let's get back to today's material flower headbands.
My desire to know how to make material flowers has been unfulfilled for a very long time. When I found out just how easy they were at a recent Spotlight in store demonstration I couldn't wait to get home and give it a go.

All you need are
Five circles of material.

These ones are about 8cm in diameter. It is hard to say really as we didn't measure them. Miss Eleven just traced around the inside of one of my bangles.

Clever thing that she is!
Fold a circle in half and with a needle and thread sew along the round edge of your now semi circle. Just do a loose running stitch a couple of mm long. When you get to the end pull the thread tight so that the edge pulls together. Then do the same with the next circle just adding it to your existing thread.
After the fifth petal is attached do a few little stitches into the first petal to secure it all in place. Now all you need to do is add a button to the center.

I initially sewed the button in place because I had no other alternative. However I have since come into possession of a hot glue gun.

Oh me oh my!

How I ever survived without one before I do not know. If you really don't want to fork out the $20 or so for a gun and 50 glue sticks so be it. Sew your button on, it is possible, a little tricky to ensure it is securely fastened but certainly doable. If however you are a little flush with cash and it is burning a hole in your pocket go and get one of these little beauties. I foresee much use of it in my future.

Back to the headbands though.

Once the button is on you need to attach your flower to your head band. Depending on the look you want the possibilities are almost endless.

You could measure out a piece of braided elastic as I did in the picture at the top of the page. It was prior to my glue gun ownership so I just sewed them on the elastic. As you can see I made three flowers and popped them in a row.

Alternatively you could get a pre purchased headband like this

And attach the flower to it. Made oh so easy with a glue gun and a strip of material. Attach the flower to the material and then the material to the headband.

And there you have it. A lovely new original headband.

Feel free to this to your favorite board and share with all your friends.

Joining in with Jess and the gang for #IBOT. 
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Monday, December 3

Quick and Easy Button Bracelets

As Christmas fast approaches I tend to avoid the shops like the plague. I love that Christmas is a time for giving gifts but where ever possible I like to give gifts that have a more personal and homemade touch than what can just be found at the shops.

For years my homemade and personal touch was a photo in a decorated frame. Some years I tried to scrapbook a page to put in a decorated frame. It wasn't long before people seemed to tire of it though and I had to look for new ideas. Which have ranged from cushion covers and coasters to plants and handmade pottery. Some of which have worked, others not so much.

One of the things I am loving this year, especially for the girls to gift to their friends at school is these button bracelets. I first saw these months ago and while I thought I had bookmarked the page, I hadn't. So using only my limited memory I got out some buttons and thick elastic and gave it a go.

The results spoke for themselves and before I knew it I had button bracelets for everyone. The first few that I made used big buttons and literally took all of fifteen minutes to make. Though with hindsight I should have spent a bit more time really securing the buttons on as the girls did manage to loosen the odd one here and there.

The next batch were a bit more adventurous and a lot more time consuming. Since they were actually going to be presents for some newly turned seven year olds though I thought it worth the extra effort

With these ones I used all sorts of different sized purple buttons. I secured them to the elastic with some rather lovely (and very strong) metallic thread that I purchased a few years ago when I tried to use it to crochet necklaces. Total failure that was. In terms of holding these buttons in place though, perfect. Mind you any old thread would do the trick as well.

So here is what you need to do.

  • Grab some 20mm braided elastic and a heap of buttons. Well 10-40 depending on size of buttons and length of elastic.
  • Measure the elastic to go around the wrist of the recipient. Mind you I guessed for the girls and went with about 15cm which gave me about 1.5cm over hang at the ends.
  • With your needle and thread secure the two ends to form a ring.
  • Begin sewing buttons on to elastic, ensuring they are secured tightly. I sewed mine very, very close together, with one button actually being under the other. Which created a nice layered effect.
  • Keep adding buttons till you are back at the start and the elastic can no longer be seen.
Easy as huh?

Not only do these make great gifts, but they are a lovely activity to do with the kids during the holidays as well.

Only don't be like me and forget to bookmark this awesome page.

Make sure you

Button bracelet tutorial

Oh and just in case you are after some more great quick and easy ideas check back tomorrow for some gorgeous material flowers that go great guns as headbands!

Sunday, December 2

Instagram Weekly

Another week over, a new one set to begin. What better way to look at the week that was than through the eyes of Instagram?


A stripey selfie on Sunday, clouds floating by, Jam Drops thanks to awesome recipe over at Saturday Morning Orge Mum and the lights waiting patiently to be wrapped around my humble home

Getting ready for Christmas. After ten years of a rather lovely fibre optic tree we went for a change this year with purple. I love it to say the least.

More Christmas treasures waiting to go up. I needed to pull them out a week early so that it wouldn't all be rushed on the first.


Getting my craft on with material flowers and bows. There will eventually be a post on these little babies I just need to fine tune a few things. Dishes, dishes and more dishes, it truly is a never ending battle. Miss Six lost a tooth, the fairy forgot to come, a letter was written. Whoops. More crafty flowers, this time as a headband.

More clouds, though not nearly as exciting as recent weeks, possibly due to my photo taking abilities or lack there of. Oh well. Me all ready to party at the #fybfxmas party. Just between you and me the whole cracking good Christmas comment that I posted with it really cracked me up! More flowers, bows and gorgeous jam drops. Man have I got those things sorted now.

Buttons, buttons, buttons! Saturday saw me getting crafty yet again. This time it was making button bracelets. Again a post will be written so stay tuned.

The button bracelets were presents for twins that had invited Miss Six to their party. The bracelets were not only a hit but also held the wrapping paper on the bubble bath saving me from using sticky tape. I felt so environmentally friendly. Me after a run. Actually after a shower after a run. In the mirror I looked a lot redder. Beautiful lights hanging in my garage. And last but not least, me trying to be all arty with my photos. I was going to save it for next week but I needed it to even out the photos for this post.
Don't forget to

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