Saturday, June 30

The one where Julia Gillard interrupts me

When I was younger I never spent a whole lot of time dreaming of what I was going to be.  There was no aspiring doctor, vet or nurse in me.  Nor did I have a burning desire to become a lawyer, teacher or the like. I did briefly entertain the idea of mechanical engineering but then when I looked into it is seemed much more technical than I was really interested in.

From there I decided my best bet was journalism and then writing.  In terms of a "dream job" all I could come up with was being the first female PM.  However I figured someone like Natasha Stott Despoja was probably going to beat me to it though so didn't ever bother in that direction.
Natasha Stott Despoja, the woman I expected
to beat me to the title of first female PM
As it turns out I was right in that someone would beat me to it.  Just wrong in the woman.  Not that I am saying old Jules isn't the right woman either cause I am not.  I love the fact that there is a woman at the helm of this great nation.  The fact that she has red hair is even better.  Being a redhead was always something I had wanted to be.
Julia Gillard, flying the flag for women
and redheads the world over
My parents had successfully drummed into me the you will go to university concept.  I did.  Twice.  Unfortunately though two half degrees don't really add up to a complete degree, leaving me, with not a lot in the terms of formal qualifications.

*Gets up to get more coffee, put washing in machine and neatly rearrange the leaning towers of dishes that are slowly starting to build, once again.  Comes back to discover notification of new email in inbox.*

I don't know about you but if I am at the computer and I see that I have an email, I need to check it there and then.  Because you know it could be from someone really important.  There is always some chance that a publisher has come across my work and wants to write their next best seller.

As it turns out this email wasn't that kind of email.  In fact, it was none other than Julia Gillard herself.  Yep you read right.  As I am sitting here writing about her she sends me an email.  It's like we must be connected or something.  I wonder if I am on her list of influential blogging mummies.  Mr Awesome was only telling me the other night about a article he had been reading about the PM and her thoughts on the blogging woman.

While it was super sweet of him to show that he was sharing an interest with me, it was the way he thought I had heard nothing of the concept before that got me.  The irrational hormonal side of me wanted to scream Yes I know! Eden and a whole bunch of other really big bloggers got to have morning tea with her the other week.  Thankfully I kept her in check and just smiled with a thanks darl, I'll check it out later.  After all he did mean well.

Naturally the email from the PM wasn't about my blogging prowess.  Or if I could suddenly become one of her advisors.  It was actually a generic one that thousands of Australians would have received today.  In fact for some reason I received it twice.  Thank goodness emails are free hey?

Apparently some carbon tax thing comes into effect tomorrow.  Julia just want so make sure I understood how it was the right thing to be doing, blah blah blah.  My eyes did start to glaze over as disappointment set in.  Not about the tax thing mind you, about it not really being from Julia.

I guess this is one of those faceless men they harp on about at times
But enough of that for now.  I  am not sure if I want to get all political here.  Well any more political than this.  The only reason I even mentioned Julia was because the bizarreness of getting an email from or even about her while I'm typing about her made me totally lose where this post was supposed to go.
Something about helping kids realise their dreams, lacking in confidence, being unsure, who knows.  My head is just jumbled up with stuff at the moment.  Recent conversations with Mothers of Olympic champions have certainly given me a lot of food for thought.  Make sure you tune in Tuesday for the second part to Raising a champion is no easy feat.  I catch up with Pam Sullivan, mother to former world recorder holder and Olympic champion Eamon Sullivan

Thursday, June 28

Thankful for Mr Awesome

Now I know that I have probably already banged on before about how awesome Mr Awesome is, but he is so awesome I feel the need to bang on some more about it.

Take this for example

Your  eyes,
Your hair.
The sweet smell you leave in the air.

Your smile,
Your look.
All from a kids fairytale book

Your face,
Your skin.
To hide you away would be a sin

So kind,
So sweet.
For you my heart will always beat.

You're a gift from above.
My one and only true sweet love.

I came across it a few weeks ago when I was cleaning up the top cupboard in our bedroom.  Mr Awesome had written for me many moons ago, back before we were married even.  I had totally forgotten all about it till I saw it again.  Though I couldn't recall why he had done so.

Trying to think back I couldn't even pin point when he had written it.  All I knew was that it wasn't for anything like Valentine's Day, a birthday or even an anniversary.  Reluctantly I asked Mr Awesome if he could remember any more about it.  I say reluctantly because when someone (who is far from a lover of literature) writes you a poem like that it is possible a little rude to tell them that you don't remember why they did so.

As it turns out there was no special reason.  It was simply one of those just because things.  Or as Mr Awesome said, "Don't you remember? It was just at that time when we left little notes and stuff for each other."

How could I not be thankful for such a thoughtful, loving and caring man?

Only it is more than all that soppy stuff.  He is also understanding and supportive.  He never comes home and complains about my poor housekeeping or the fact that dinner might consist of a frozen pie with a packet of salad from Woolies.  

On top of that he just knows when I need him most.  He also makes the best hot water bottle I have ever come across.  Snuggling up to him on these cold winters nights of late, warms me no end.

He is my love, my life and I am oh so thankful to be his wife.

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Tuesday, June 26

Raising a champion is no easy feat

Sport is something I love.  Sure I don't play as much as I should but I certainly love watching sport.  All sorts of sports as well.  Be it rugby, AFL, cricket, whatever, I don't mind, I am happy to watch it.  As you can imagine a sporting fan such as myself gets rather excited about the prospect of the upcoming Olympics.

I LOVE the Olympics.  Like seriously love the Olympics and have done since I was just a young child.

I will certainly not be one of those complaining that normal programming has been rescheduled to fit around whatever is happening at the Olympics.  Instead I will be planning my days around what is being shown when and juggling repeats of what I missed with the live action I don't want to miss.  All very technical and requires rather thoughtful planning.

With approximately thirty two days and fifteen hours (at time of writing) to the kick off you can imagine my excitement.  Likewise you can imagine at how chuffed I was when I received an email a few weeks ago asking me if I was interested in chatting with a few Olympic mum's.

Ah...hmmmm.... let me think about that...would it be wrong to respond with a resounding Hell Yeah!

Procter & Gamble (P&G) the company behind brands such as Pantene, Oral-B and Gillette is a Worldwide Olympic Partner and as such have launched a Thank You Mum campaign and enlisted some Mother's of the countries elite athletes to be Mumbassadors.

Last Friday I was able to catch up with Karen Seebohm, mother of champion swimmer Emily Seebohm.  It was one of the loveliest conversations I have had with a stranger for quite some time.  Mind you by the end of it I felt like I was chatting to a fellow mum that I had known for ages.

In the last six years Emily has gone from being relatively new to the sport of swimming to a household name.  As the London Olympics approach she is seen as one of our greatest medal prospects (no pressure though Em!)  Though already having represented her country at world championship competitions, the Commonwealth Games in Delhi and the 2008 Olympics in Beijing, pressure is something that Seebohm can take in her stride.
Growing up with two older brothers, and later one younger, being competitive seemed to just be part of Emily's tom boy nature.  According to her mum she was never one to be held back purely because she was a girl.  If anything that just added to her determination.  She always wanted to be out there with the boys doing whatever they did if not better.

With her father having played some eighteen years with Glenelg football club in the South Australian league and her mum playing representative netball, sports and being active was a big part of the Seebohm way of life.  In the summer, which was the off season they would all be down at the local surf life saving club.

Despite always being around the pool, as her mother was a swimming instructor, Emily was what some would call a late starter when it comes to a career in swimming.  She was a little over 12 when she decided to start swimming competitively.  Within twelve months the head honchos of Australian swimming had approached Seebohm after realising her potential for greatness.  At the tender age of fourteen Emily was swimming for her country and hasn't looked back since.

While her mum says it has been an incredible journey it has not been without sacrifices.  Like 4.20am training sessions, double gym sessions and then returning to the pool for afternoon training.  Which also meant little time for friends outside swimming. There are few teenagers who could understand the dedication and commitment needed to achieve all that Emily has at such a young change.

As a mum of a daughter close to when it all started for Emily, I couldn't help but wonder if my girl would have what it takes to represent her country.  Because you have to admit it that must take a lot.  In fact Karen confirmed for me that it does.  However by the same token it must be a pretty awesome feeling to watch you child represent their country at an elite sporting level.  I mean I burst with pride just watching them down at the local hockey field.  Imagine what it must feel like to listen to the national anthem being played because your child could swim faster than seven others.  Who just happened to be amongst the fastest swimmers in the world.

A.M.A.Z.I.N.G  I tell you, it must just be amazing.

Watching your country's flag being raised in honour of your child's sporting prowess must just leave you breathless.  With all of Emily's successes, Karen is one mum who knows exactly what that feels like.  Sadly however, despite all we spoke of, the awe of it all over come me and I neglected to ask her what it really is like, watching a stadium full of people cheer and applaud as a gold medal is draped around your child's neck.  Since she has been there and done that and all.  And will hopefully be doing it all again over in London in just a few short weeks.

One thing I did think to ask Karen about though was the downsides to raising an Olympic medal winning child.  She then went one to tell me about the constant pressure she felt.  Pressure to make sure  she was eating not just well but in a manner to adequately fuel her body for all it went through.  Because let's face it elite athletes such as Emily Seebohm put their bodies through some pretty grueling tasks.

Karen also spoke of how she felt constantly on edge making sure that Emily was getting enough sleep.  Reminding her brothers that if they came home late at night (early in the morning) to be mindful of the fact that sleep was a very important part of Emily's training schedule.  Karen even joked how it was not uncommon on a weekend for Emily to be getting up to go to training just as her brothers and their friends would get home from a night out on the town.

I really do admire the commitment that athletes like Seebohm have.  I am not too ashamed to admit I wished I had it.  More so I wish I knew how to instill it in my children.  Even just a little bit.

Perhaps it comes with having the talent?  Not that I want to take away from all the hard work that I know Emily and her mum have done to be where they are now, because I know that hard works plays a very large part in all the success as well.  As Karen so rightly said it was a tough but rewarding job, one that she feels she was given because she was up for the challenge.  I couldn't help but agree.  It certainly takes a special kind of mum to be able to raise a champion like Emily.

It also takes a special kind of mum to raise siblings that are so accepting and supportive of all that needed to be done to help get Emily where she is today.  Family holiday's are no longer to where ever you wish.  Instead they are based around swimming meets and world championships, and of course the Olympics.  Both Emily's parents and her three brothers will be going to watch her swim in London.

The family even moved house and took a larger mortgage so that they were closer to the pool, to make things easier.  While Karen didn't give specifics she did say there were a few other things over the years that the boys went with out because of Emily's swimming.  Karen also spoke of the respite she felt when Emily went away to training camps and meets.  It gave her a chance to focus on the boys a bit more.

As a young woman in sport it is fantastic to see that Emily's management have been able to secure sponsorship from brands such as Pantene and Uncle Tobies.  Karen agreed that it really felt like Emily 'had made it' once this big companies started to show an interest in her.  Given what a wonderful ambassador Emily makes it seems only fitting.  She is an inspiration to young girls the world over.

With Emily and her family due to leave for London in a few short weeks I would like to wish them all the very best.  I know that I will be cheering all the way for Emily as she does her country proud.  After such a lovely chat with her mum I almost feel like I know her.

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Monday, June 25

Monday at the Movies - Charlie & Boots

Being a lover of not only Australian movies but also both Paul Hogan and Shane Jacobson, I can not believe it has taken me so long to getting around to watching what I am sure will one day be seen as an Aussie classic.

Released in September 2009 it just so happened to have the best opening weekend for any Australian movie that year.  After watching it I can totally understand why.  Watching it was a wonderful journey filled with a range of emotions and beautiful images of this great country I proudly call home.

Charlie & Boots (Directed by Dean Murphy) is the story of a father and son who embark on a road trip from Warrnambool, Victoria to the Cape York Peninsula.  Boots played by Jacobson, recalls that as a child Charlie (Hogan) promised to take him fishing there one day.  After the death of Gracie, the pair's wife and mother, Boots decides that the time to do that is now and bundles Charlie of on a spur of the minute adventure.

To say that the two have a strained relationship at times is somewhat of an understatement.  Charlie is a cantankerous Aussie farmer who would much rather be sitting in his darkened lounge room mourning the loss of his wife.  He clearly has little time or patiences for his eldest son who opted for city living rather than a life on the land.  Naturally the tension between the pair allow for a few humorous moments.

Along the way they encounter Jess.  A sixteen year old hitch hiker on her way to Tamworth as she dreams of being a singer.  After over hearing a conversation between Jess and Boots, Charlie begins to see his son in a different light.  It is thanks to Jess the whole tone of the trip changes and Charlie starts to relax and actually enjoy the time with his son.

Now before the movie started I was under the impression that it was a comedy.  With Hogan and Jacobson, how could it not be?  Ten minutes into it though, with tears streaming down my face I wondered how it could possible get a laugh out of me if it were all about the death of a much loved wife and mother.  Thankfully it was able to move on from the sadness with ease however there was more than one occasion where I was reaching for the tissues.

Both actors need to be commended for the emotional journey that they take the viewer on.  It is one that touches the heartstrings, warms the heart and leaves you feeling all warm and fuzzy.  Which is pretty much all I ask of a film.  Though the heartstring pulling I can sometimes do with out.

While there were times I felt the Australiana themes may have been a little strong or overdone it did also make for a great advertisement for this wonderful country I call home.  The scenery was beyond picturesque and allowed for the perfect backdrop for some of the more deep dialogue that took place.

All in all this was a great movie and I highly recommend it.  It makes for a great couple movie, with Mr Awesome enjoying it as much as what I did.  Which is always nice.  Charlie & Boots is one of those movies with far reaching appeal and suitable for just about any audience.

Friday, June 22

Snapping out of it

I don't really know where to start.  
Sure the beginning is widely accepted as the most sensible starting place but rarely am I sensible or widely accepted for that matter.  
Aside from that the beginning feels so far away I am not even sure where it is any more.

Deep breath.

There are things in this world that makes us happy.  As much as these things differ from person to person they still have a touch of universality to them.  For me writing makes me happy.  People reading that writing (or rather Google stats telling me people are reading that writing) makes me happy.  Running makes me happy.  As does a house that is clean and tidy, children's laughter and an abundance of free time.

Sadly none of those things have been around much lately.

Children have been unwell which has cut short both laughter and free time.  A shortage of free time also means no time for things like running or writing.  There are a thousand excuses for the state of the house though.  The main one being I just don't want to.

Maybe I am stuck in a rut?  Maybe I should just put it down to winter blues?  Or perhaps the end of a long term at school.  I don't know.  They all sound like cop outs and weak excuses to tell you the truth.

You see, there is the rather large part of me, yelling at the rest of my feeling sorry for myself being, telling me to snap the hell out of it.  Actually in my head I use the f word but I really don't like to use such words here (insert wonky halo).  

At the end of the day I really don't feel that my complaints are justified.  Because let's face it I am incredibly blessed.  And in more ways than one.

The sick children I speak of are nothing more than coughs and colds.  A result of their tropical little bodies not adjusting to the temperature changes and being stuck in over air conditioned buildings for most of the day.  They are run down and exhausted from all that life entails, and like me just trying to hold out for the greatly anticipated school holidays.

They are not suffering a life threatening ailment or even a condition that is life debilitating or even anything with even a hint of seriousness to it.  They are just not their normal healthy happy selves.  Instead they are whingy, whiny and slightly more demanding than what I can rationally deal with on a regular basis.  That's right them not feeling the best is starting to be a slight inconvenience to me.  (Please step aside and make room for Mother of the year)

There are mothers out there who have chronically ill children.  Who spend not days but weeks at a time, sitting next to a hospital bed that is occupied by their child.  Who do so with a strength and grace that I hold full of admiration.  I wonder how on earth they manage, but then I know of the powers that a mother can call on when she needs it most.  I am blessed that I have never had a need to call on them personally.  It makes me ashamed though to complain because I am fed up with the constant sniffles and coughs that we have been plagued with of late.                  

The lack of time I speak of?  That I am trying to blame on sick children.

Well I am sure that if I stopped shooting silly little coloured balls at other silly coloured balls I would probably find myself with a lot more time on my hands.  For some reason my mind seems to be oblivious to the fact that if I spent less time mindlessly escaping into a world of bubble popping, ball shooting fun, I would quite possibly be able to squeeze in a bit of exercise or wordsmithing.

Only I can't see past that because I am so desperate to escape from it all that I just run as fast as I can to the nearest, quickest exit.  Idle games are ideal for that...

It is like a vicious circle of sorts.

More deep breaths.

I keep going to type that this has been a tough week for me (again).  It has been.   Well the dramatic and prone to exaggeration side of me thinks that it has been.  The other side of me is again snapping me back to reality.  Compared to many my week has been a walk in the park.

I have not just under gone life saving surgery, like a fellow blogger has.
I have not been left floating in the middle of an ocean because I was trying to flee my home in the hope of safety, like those off of Christmas Island have.
I have not just lost my best friend in a terrible motorcycle accident, the second close friend to lose their life in as many weeks, like a friend at school has.
I am not starving or fearful of where my next meal may come from, like so many around the world, particularly in West Africa.

Instead I have a roof over my head, food in my fridge and three beautiful children, who may at times drive me to distraction also fill my heart with love and laughter.  Not only that I have more possessions and toys than many will ever have.  The reason why my home is so untidy is because it is filled to the brim with stuff.

Yet I have the overwhelming urge to complain.  Which is why I have not been writing.  Who wants to read about such trivial complaints when there are real problems that they could be absorbing?

I know that it is all about perspective and apparently from my perspective this is what is important in my life but really?  Really?  Surely there has to be more?

One thing that my head keeps saying, that is not shouted down but some other part of my complex thinking unit, is
This too shall pass
In the meantime, thanks for reading my drivel.  Make sure you come back next week.  I am off to interview a mother of an Olympic champion.  That should bring some perspective.

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Wednesday, June 20

Wordless Wednesday - Praying

Fairy wishes, butterfly kisses and love filled prayers for a beautiful lady in a tough time.

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My Little Drummer Boys

Monday, June 18

The real reasons behind it all being quiet on the writing front

The other day I wrote a post titled All quiet on the writing front.  It was a little explanation as to some of the reasons as to why I have not been as frequent in my post as I would like to be.  In case you didn't read it (or can't be bothered to click the link about to go and read it) I blamed poorly children, school fundraisers and the busyness of life as a whole for my absence both here and over at Making it Matter.

What I neglected to say though was that sadly am slowly falling back into my old ways of mindlessly wasting hours on pointless and essentially stupid games.  It is like I will not rest till I am at the top of the leader board of every game my Facebook friends play.  Okay every game is a bit of an exaggeration but even one is too many.  The fact that there is also one that no one else I know plays is also sign enough that things are starting to spiral out of control for me once again.

A few years ago when I first discovered the joys of Facebook, I would spend hours and hours (no exaggeration) playing a whole new world of games that had suddenly opened up before me.  I had farms, cafes, shops, cities, the whole works and jerks.  Somehow I managed to exist on only a very short amount of sleep and seemed to program my waking life around what needed to be harvested, sold or hatched.

If I put as much energy into life as I did these virtual worlds my house would be immaculate and my second best seller already on the shelves.  Realising the horror of what was going on (and my obvious addiction) I deleted all games and friends that I knew purely from gaming.  As lovely as some of them were, our only connection was time wasting games and I needed more than that.  All of this was made easier by the fact my computer had crashed and burnt and therefore replaced with my lovely Mac.  I did not want to pollute such beauty with such poison.

Suddenly my days seemed to have more hours in them and I found myself  with much more time on my hands.  Children stopped being late for school because Mummy had to just get these last few fields of carrots harvested.  Dinner started to be served at a reasonable hour and life in general started to run a bit smoother.  To top it all off I suddenly had more time to write and slowly but surely my blog started to grow and readers started to follow.  Life was so good that it started to feel like dreams really could come true.

Anyway fast forward to now and all of that seems to be slowly slipping down the drain.

Over the last few months, but more so the last few weeks I have found my defenses are low and I am letting terrible old habits creep back in.  Thankfully I have managed to limit myself to timed games with limited lives so that I don't have to rely on my non existent self control to make myself stop.  However there are now so many of these to choose from that by the time I have done the rounds of them all the lives have been restored and I can start again.

Mind you before I turn myself completely black and blue from the self beating I feel I deserve for succumbing to the perils of mindless games I should stop and look for a positive spin to put on it all.

hmmmmm.....scratches head.

The only bright side I can come up with at the minute is that at least I am aware of my problem and can do something about it.  Naturally this is easier said than done.  You see I need to look at the reasons behind the attraction to these mindless activities.  Why is is that I feel the overwhelming need to let myself get sucked in to these pointless and time consuming games?  What is it that I am trying to escape? (other than the never ending towers of dishes and piles of clothes waiting to be washed, folded or put away)

So there you have it.  My secret is out and the truth has been told.

Friday, June 15

All quiet on the writing front

To say I have been a bit quiet on the writing front of late could possibly be the one of the largest understatements of the year.  Life seems to have been on one of those terribly busy runs leaving little to no time for me to spend in front of the computer.  The odd occasion that has seen me with nothing to do  has generally been when my poor little eyes are so tired they fail to remain open long enough to get an sentence out, let alone a decent post.

So what has been taking up all my time and leaving me feeling more than just a little exhausted?

Lots of really non exciting things like poorly children, a school fundraiser that I helped cater for, and just generally trying to keep Mount Washmore and the Leaning Towers of Dishes under control.  Throw into the mix another wonderful weekend away camping by the beach, a sixth birthday and lots of thoughts of my dad who would have turned 83 this week and your are starting to get an insight into what has been going on round here.

Madness I tell you.

Naturally detecting that my defenses were a bit low Miss Eleven has taken every opportunity to push the boundaries just a little further than normal.  Add that to the raging hormones preparing to run rampant through her little body and you can only begin to imagine the world of fun we are both experiencing at the moment.  Though in fairness to her there have been some days where she has been beyond awesome, leaving me to wonder if I have in fact created some Dr Jekyll hybrid child.  The joy of puberty I guess.

Mind you my own mind and body are so busy on their own emotional roller coaster that I am sure the rest of the family is wondering if I myself am not Mr Hyde in disguise.  Some days in the last two weeks have been really tough.  So tough that Mr Awesome even bought me home these one day.
Not exactly the most beautiful flowers but I didn't mind at all.  This was definitely one of those moments that was all about the thought.  The day he brought them home had been a particularly tough one for me.  We had spoken a couple of times that day but I didn't think I had let on just how low I was feeling.  To have him pick up on that anyway and give me these just warmed my heart no end.  No wonder I call him Mr Awesome.

Before you get the violins out for me though it has not all been doom and gloom.  In fact there have been some rather lovely little surprises along the way.  Like having a PR company ask me if I was interested in working with them.  Ah yes of course I am.  Which again may well be one of the biggest understatements of the year.  This is one mummy blogger who is only to happy to sell herself out and pretend like she has some real journalistic skills.  Stay tuned for some rather exciting interviews over the next few weeks.

With twenty minutes till school drop off time I am not exactly going to win any mother of the year awards though so I should probably snap back to reality and bundle them all off.  In the mean time though I will flog this blog With Some Grace  Head on over to check out some more great posts.

Thursday, June 7

Thankful for being a quitter

Last Thursday (when I actually started this post), May 31st was World No Tobacco Day. A day where people the world over, are encouraged to quit smoking. For many years I would dread this day rolling around as it was a constant reminder that I was horribly addicted.  I spent a long time thinking about being a quitter before I actually got around to it.
I am thankful that I have been smoke free for around 880 days. Which is around 30 months or two and a half years.
Go me hey?
Only it is not just go me. It is go Mr Awesome as well. We both quit at the same time, though I feel it was a lot tougher for him than I. You see I wanted it a lot more. Don't get me wrong Mr Awesome did want to quit as well, he must have or he wouldn't have be able to stop, I am just not sure he would have thought of it then, had I not been harping on about it so much. Plus his addiction had been going for much longer than mine.
Not that any of that matters any more. I am so thankful that we are both quitters. Thankful not just for the increased health we are experiencing but thankful for all the money we have saved as well. I recently purchased a packet of Winnie Golds for a friend and nearly fell over when the attendant said that'll be $19.40!
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Wednesday, June 6

Days like this

Some days are bleak and black.  Without hope and often reason.
Some days I yell and scream.
I don't like those days.  No one does.
Some days I want to curl up in a ball and forget it all.
I don't like those days much either.  No one else sees them though.
Some days I want to cry.
I don't though.  I worry I may never stop.  No one sees these days either.

Most days are not like these.
Most days are filled with love and laughter.
Most days I wonder how I ever got so lucky - you know, having it all.
Most days I don't want to be anyone else.
Most days I just love being me.

Today is not one of those days.
Today I want to be anyone but me.
Today I want anyone to come and be me.  To let me escape.
Today I just want to get away from it all.

Tomorrow brings with it a brand new day.

Wordless Wednesday - Watching the day end

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Tuesday, June 5

Dear You Know Who You Are,

Thanks to our recent interactions you have been on my mind.
In fact you have caused my chest to tighten, a lump in my throat to appear and even at times a near tear to my eye.  The feelings you've caused and the emotions evoked lead me to feel like I am starting to choke.

I mean you no ill and never meant to offend.  
I thought that our agendas were some how alike.  Both in the hope for the greater good.  
You know, that future hope for those children of ours.  
The best education, with great possibilities, for one and for all.

Time, it is precious.  
Both yours and mine too, the same is for everyone.  We all know this is true.  
But sadly there will always be something left waiting for someone to do.

And please don't misunderstand, I know that it is ok to stop and say no.  
No one expects anyone to just do it all.  
It was not what was said, that is not in dispute.  It was how it was said and the message that sent.

I am sorry once more that it has come round like this.  It is not what I want or set out to achieve.  I honestly thought that our teams were aligned.  I dislike ever feeling a line in the sand.

Anyway that is all I really wanted to say.  Hopefully now that is out of the way, we can move on from here and let it wash clean away.

Fairy wishes & Butterfly kisses