Saturday, April 30


I haven't been able to think of a title for this post yet which means I am not really sure what I am going to write about.  I have started about five different ways so far but none of them seem quite right.

It has been a few days since posting.  I had the submission posts for that mummy blogger position I mentioned earlier to get out of the way by the 29th.  I managed to send them through in the very early hours of the morning of the 29th.  I have not heard anything yet so I am just hoping the email went through.  My internet connection can get a bit weak at times so there is a chance it dropped out while the mail was sending and....blah blah blah....sorry I digress so easily

Now where was I?

Oh that's right I wasn't really anywhere.  Just rambling away.

The other night I came across a blog that I just could not stop reading.  It was about a young woman who watched her husband try and hang himself.  She ended up being asked to turn his life support off some 100 hours later.  Despite my burning tired eyes I could not stop reading.  This woman is just amazing.  If you are struggling through your day and need some inspiration check out Lori

Sometimes I wonder if I really will ever be able to make it in the world of blogging.  My life is too happy.  Well not too happy for my but too happy for others to want to read about it.  Each day I really do feel blessed to have such a wonderful life.  Surely that is not going to attract regular readers?

After a more than crap day at work, away from your kids, in a job that probably pays next to nothing, are you really going to want to sit on the computer and read about my fun filled, foot loose and fancy free day, where my biggest problem was deciding on the park or the beach?

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Wednesday, April 27

Man oh Man

I can feel it all building up again.  You know... all that stuff that makes life hard...

Only it is stuff that you can't really complain about because it is the stuff that life is made of.  It is also stuff that some people would possibly give their right arm to be able to do yet I just take for granted.

You know stuff like helping out at the dates at the park...of course there is also the stuff like the washing and the dishes and cleaning and the ....somewhat endless list that comes with maintaining a house with children in it.

Who would give their right arm to do dishes and such?  Well I imagine a refugee in trying to survive in some desolate camp would be rather pleased to have the time to worry about when she will find the time to wash last night's dinner dishes.

I think I may have over committed myself a little bit.  Saying yes is always so easy.  The actual carrying out of the yes it sometimes a different matter though.  I wish I took the time to think some things through a little more before saying  Yes! That is a great idea!

(deep deep deep sigh)

Well staying up blogging about it all night is probably not actually going to achieve much so I think I might call it a night.  Before you go anywhere though have you voted for A Parenting Life in the People's Choice Award?  If so thanks.  If not what are you waiting for?  The button below will take you where you need to go.
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Tuesday, April 26


photo credits here
For some sleep is like a past time and then for others it is more like a luxury.  Some can drift of to dream land in almost an instant while others battle to get their eyelids closed long enough for sleep to occur.

Personally when I decide it is time to sleep I am asleep within minutes.  There is no mucking about.  No tossing and turning, just sleep.  Of course still having young ones means that I may not actually stay asleep for too long but you can't have it all.

Unfortunately Miss L does not have the same sleep skills as I.  To her sleep is for the most part a waste of time.  It interferes with things she wishes to get done.  Never mind the fact that her young body needs it to grow and replenish.  Now some might say that her refusal to sleep is a direct result of the manner in which I treated her as a baby.  To that I would say shut up!  I did what I thought was best and at the time it worked for us.

Controlled crying is not something that I support.  Particularly for little ones.  In my opinion there is plenty of time for them to come to terms with the fact they can't always get what they want.  Needless to say my babies get cuddled and fed to sleep and laid down when I am sure they won't wake.  When they are too big to go to sleep in my arms I lay next to them.  When Miss L was little I had all the time in the world, it didn't bother me if I fell asleep with her or if we had no routine.  There was really only her and I that it didn't seem to matter if we weren't in synch with the 'real' world.

For DD2 going to sleep takes on average 10 minutes and it is one of my favourite times of the day.  It is when she will tell me the most beautiful part of her day.  She is happy and relaxed and you can just tell that she is going to drift off to somewhere beautiful.  As a baby we would play Nina Simone singing Here Comes The Sun to her to let her know that it was time to sleep.  Rarely would we ever have to play it more than twice before she was soundly sleeping.

As for DD3? Well still to early to tell really.  She goes to sleep with relative ease still, though there have of course been instances where she has protested and needed a little convincing of how tired she really was.  We have a bouncer chair thing for her that we gently bounce her off to sleep in.  If When she wakes in the night, a quick boob sends her straight back off.  Why can't it be that easy when they are bigger?

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Monday, April 25

Point + Shoot: Cake and flowers

I really like this Point +Shoot game over at Sunny + Scout

This is a snap of the fondant flowers that I made to decorate the birthday cake I made for my SIL's 21st birthday cake on Saturday.  As it turned out I did not use most of them and they didn't really work in the way that I had hoped but I did have fun and the end result looked rather lovely

I have plenty more but I am hoping to use them for my application for the Mummy Blogger position.  Time is running out for me to get that in.  I really don't want to leave it till the last minute but every time I try to write for it my mind just goes blank.  Nothing like cracking under pressure hey?

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Toddler Talking

For many parents the development of their toddler's vocabulary is a much anticipated event.  It is one more step down the road to better communication.  The once bawling baby can become a talkative toddler able to share some of the amazing thoughts that constantly fill the mind of it's inquisitive brain.  

A toddler with an extensive vocabulary is almost a parents dream come true.  With a vast array of words under it's belt the average toddler opens up a whole new world of communication and experiences.  As the toddler learns how to express themselves with their new found words parents gain a greater insight on how to interact with their child.

According to general consensus the average eighteen month old  can speak between five to ten words.  The comprehension though is much higher at 50-100 words. By the age of two years a toddlers vocabulary has doubled in size and has the possibility to increase by ten every day.  By the end of the toddler stage a babbling youngster can have the command of around 800 words and understand at least a further 400 more.

So how is it possible to help your child's vocabulary reach it's full potential?  

The easiest way is to talk to them and start early.  From the moment they are born, and perhaps even before, babies need to be spoken to.  While you may not think that your new born is really interested in the colour of the sky or any of the other words you may say to them, the sound of a loving parent's voice can provide endless comfort in the strange new world that babies are confronted with.  This constant conversation is also setting the foundations for open lines of communication later  in life as well as familiarising the infant with words and sounds.

Within months your child will begin use their vocal cords in ways other than crying and before long simple constant sounds such as goo, gaa, mmm, ta, daa etc can be identified.  The next stage sees these sounds progress to small words, like mum, ta, dad etc.  Generally somewhere between 12 – 18 months children begin to mimic words as the vocabulary sets up for one of it's quickest increases.
By continually engaging your toddler in conversation you are expanding their vocabulary and encouraging a thirst for knowledge.  

Pointing out your surroundings increase observation skills and provides words for your child to become accustomed to.  It also creates a sense of familiarity which in turns sets an ideal learning environment.

Children of any age learn best when in comfortable, familiar environments.  Ensuring that your toddler is in one of these as much as possible allows them to get the most out of life.  After all in some ways almost every hour can bring a new learning experience for youngsters

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Sunday, April 24

Happy Easter

Photo credits here
Quite frankly the best thing about Easter is that we get a five day weekend.  Other than that it does not do a great deal for me.  Of course any event which celebrates with the giving of chocolate is a little bit awesome, now is not exactly a point in time when I can readily afford to indulge in such gluttony.  Twelve months post birth and I still wearing my maternity tops because they are the only clothes that nice hide my baby bulge.

The whole treasure hunt for the eggs thing though is insanely cute.  Even DD3 (just turned one) quickly gasped what the day was about.  Naturally eggs for her to find were visibly hidden.  The look on her face was pure bliss.  As wonderous as her face was though I resisted the urge to photo her.  Now I know that may sound a little strange as getting 'that' shot would provide a timeless memory but sometimes I feel that the camera just gets in the way.  I find that I get so consumed with trying to get a perfect memory I forget to enjoy it.  Today was an enjoying day.  My camera has had a bit of a work out of late so it was nice to just be in the moment.  Plus all the use lately meant that the battery has gone flat and finding the charger is a little tricky.

Actually it is not so much the charger as the cord that connects the charger to the wall.  I know exactly where the charging unit is but unfortunately the cord is another story altogether.  So for now it can stay in the too hard basket.  Mind you I seem to put more into that basket than I take out.  I should probably look into that

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Saturday, April 23


Something I am sure many of us struggle with.  I know I do.  However it is a part of life and is something that needs to regularly be done.  Of course more often than not in my house it is easier said than done.

The lack of interest in housework in my house is not limited to just myself.  Quite understandably the girls are not exactly the most tidiest of people.  I say quite understandably because children learn best by example.  As much as I would love the girls to not follow the drop and release technique once they no longer have a use for an item, I don't really expect this ability to just magically develop.  It needs to be nurtured and gently grown.  

The best way for this to occur is for me to stay atop of everything.  Not exactly an easy task for a housework challenged person such as myself but it must be done.  

In a bid to create some motivation towards housework I have decided to try and enforce a new personal rule.  After my husband and children my next most favourite thing in the house would be my lovely Mac (which other Mac owners, computer geeks and Internet junkies would understand), as such I have decided that I will only allow myself computer privileges if all the housework is done (or at least under control, I doubt it will ever really ALL be done).  

So far though not much has gone according to plan...

That is the current state of my kitchen sink.  Actually when you look at the benches and the total amount of dishes that need doing it is much worse than this picture portrays.  My absence here though could no longer be over looked I honestly felt that if I didn't get a couple of posts out I would explode.  Though neither of them have actually turned out they way I thought they would when I started.  Not that that is anything new.

I really wanted to talk a little about what the posts of this submission thing might look like.  I would dearly love a 'real' blogging job.  It would be like a dream come true.  Getting money for rambling about all the fun I have been having... (deep sigh if only)

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Where does it all go?

This was taken out at Harrison's Dam late 2010.
It has no real relevance to the post whatsoever,  but I really like it
I don't know about you but for me time just seems to disappear.  

I seem to get so caught up and involved in the moment that the moment starts to exist for minutes that then turn into hours and and then days and then before you know it years are passing by in what seems like only slightly longer than a second.  

Time is something that I regularly struggle with on a number of different levels.

Sometimes I wonder if I even have any concept of time at all.

I am always late.  And I mean always.  I can't remember the last time I was even close to being on time let alone actually making it early for something.  Though much like a good wine I think I am improving in this area with age.  I think that sometimes time goes faster than we give it credit for.  It is like someone has hit the fast forward button and time just becomes a blur.

It amazes me to think that it has been around four days since I have been here.  Mind you it has been a particularly blurry and busy four days.  On the upside though it has been a nice reminder as to one of the many reasons I hope never to return to full time paid employment.  It is not so much the actual doing something that causes the problem it is the fact that if I do something outside the house it stops me from being able to do stuff at home (ie housework, sleeping, blogging).  

You see my two days hanging in the school canteen (which I totally loved) were followed by Good Friday and my SIL 21st birthday lunch for which I had agreed to make a cup cake for.  The cake turned out ok, possibly even good, I have to wait to look at the photos before I pass final judgement.  I know I had a lot of fun making it and it tasted alright so it was worth all the effort.  There are plenty of photos to share I just need to go through them.  I am thinking that it might make a good application post.

Early last week I expressed an interest in a 'Mummy Blogger' position on another site.  So far the response has been promising as I have been asked to submit three possible posts. A cooking project, a children/family post and a free choice.  I am thinking that the 21st Cupcake Cake could be a good cooking project and the cardboard car hubs and DD2 made fits the family one.  Leaving just one idea still to be found...

Anyway this post has taken up much more of my time than it should of (and I am still not really pleased with it).  Sometimes finding the right words is no easy task.  Finalist for the Best Australian Blog have been announced and sadly (though not really surprisingly) APL didn't make the cut.  Maybe next year huh?  Voting for the people's choice award though is still open and you can vote on through the button below.  
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Tuesday, April 19

No! Don't do it!

That is what I want to scream at people who look at websites likes this Though for some reason, which I am still trying to discover and totally understand, I found myself doing earlier this evening.

I mean sure, baby number three took it's toll on my once youthful and skinny posterior but I am also quietly confident that with enough time I will be able to return to my pre-baby self. Or at least I thought I was until recently.

After thirty odd years of not giving my weight or physical appearance much thought it is strange for it to be suddenly that has become so time consuming. Without sounding too cocky or over confident I feel that it is fair to recall my youthful appearance as nothing to be sniffed at. Granted I was never award the Miss Australia title much like my parents had me once believe I was apparently destined to but I do feel it is fair to say I had all the right bits in all the right places. Which counts for something doesn't it?

Monday, April 18

Point + Shoot

I first heard about Point +Shoot over at hello owl a few weeks ago.  Since then it has been on my list of things to do.

Yesterday was an action packed day celebrating Miss L's tenth birthday.  Naturally there were many photo opportunities.  Unfortunately though there were not as many 'perfect' end results as I was hoping for. But there were still plenty of keepers.

The birthday girl

The birthday girl's lunch

The cake, not the fanciest looking, but since we were out and about the most practical and super duperly yummy.  Was an Apple and Raspberry Muffin Loaf (I sort made it the recipe up)

DD2 in her most beautiful Monsoons & Mangoes skirt.  A very clever local lady who makes unique clothing.
There will be a post shortly of her awesomeness so stay tuned

DD3 enjoying the beach on sunset

A beautiful end to a beautiful day

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Another Day...another...

.... ... ... feel free to insert as applicable.

I actually started this post at about 10.30 this morning.  It is now twenty past four.  This is as far as I got on my first attempt 

So far for me it has been another rushed morning, which saw us unable to locate necessary items (such as school uniforms and socks).  To improve the situation (not) I discovered two day old watermelon in DD2's school bag.  Eventually we arrived a good fifteen minutes late for school (I think that is actually a new record for us as well).

In between all of this there was the constant discussion with Miss L on why she is actually going to school today.  She felt that her birthday yesterday granted her the "I'm too tired to go to school" excuse.  When that failed, the absence of her latest 'bestie' (who is apparently too tired to go to school today because of her double training session yesterday) became the next reason.  Which much to Miss L's disappointment failed to sway me.

Part of me thinks I will not actually progress much further now.  I feel like I have been on the go all day long yet not actually achieved anything.  Well at least not anything of great importance or even highly noticeable.  Though I guess everyone would notice if I didn't have the food to put on the table for dinner tonight.

Yep! I was right didn't get a whole heap done.  It is now 11.09pm.  Twelve hours have passed since I first sat down to write this post.  On the whole I guess I did make some progress on the whole getting the housework in order thing but as always there is so much to do.

Anyway on that happy note I am going to leave it here.  I feel sleep is my best option at the moment.  If you haven't already can you please swing by and vote me.  Many thanks and here's to another tomorrow!
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Saturday, April 16

Actual Action.

Tomorrow sees DD1 hit the big old double figures.  Which is a pretty big deal.  It means I have been a parent for a decade.  That is a long time. When I think about it there are few people who I have known longer than Miss L.  In fact a lot of the people that are currently in my life are there because of her.  Just another way in which she has improved my life.

We have an action packed day planned tomorrow.  We will meet a friend from school at the Pet Expo, after which we will head to the Wharf for lunch which will then be followed by a dip in the Wave Pool (which reminds me I must call and check they are open, I was told of a rumour they were closed tomorrow)

Should we have any energy (or money) left we will go to the foreshore for a much loved Mr Potato Man potato.  In between it all we will try and do a photo shoot so the girls can model and show off their beautiful new Monsoons and Mangoes creations.  I just love the way that home made clothes are making a comeback.

Personally I grew up in handmade and I loved it.  I even worked at a flash surf shop in my teen age years and for the most part had homemade clothes.  Lucky for me though my mother is a very crafty being and was able to make the time to create special treasures for me to wear.  I must admit though that I am feeling very inspired lately.  I think I am almost at the stage where I am ready to push myself a little further and try something new.

Just the other day Miss L had a skirt with a broken zipper that after a bit of thought we decided could be given new life with a few modifications.  Of course said modifications have not actually occurred yet but at least we are thinking about it.

Of course thinking about it is not always enough.  Who ever said that it is the thought that counts didn't actually put enough thought into their statement.  Some times thought is not enough and actual action is required.  Which is actually the story of my life.  I need to create some actual action.

Speaking of which here is a sneak peak of my to do list for this afternoon

  • blog/write
  • run
  • mow lawn
  • clean kitchen
  • card
  • present
Oh my I think I might stop now before I get to carried away.  I haven't even gotten to the shopping for dinner/breakfast/snacks and of course the preparing of said meals/food yet or the thousand other things that keeping jumping into my head.

While I go and get started you go and vote for me (if you haven't  already)

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Friday, April 15

Darwin Life and Home Expo

The first ever DarwinLife and Home Expo was recently held at the Darwin Convention Center.  This is one of the newer parts of town.  To me it seems so modern and flash.  Not like the dusty little town I vaguely remember as a child.  Now it really does feel like a thriving city, a place where all the cool people want to hang out.  

There has been a conscious push to enhance the greenness of the place as well lately.  It is funny for me to think what this place once used to look like.  Some would say it was just a wasted space while others saw it as a precious environment.  Either way now it is a commercial enterprise disguised as a public place.

But enough of that for now after this is the recount of a day of fun and frivolity.

This was an attempt at getting arty with the camera.  I really like balloons and there were lots of them around.  They just looked to bright and cheery bouncing around in the air.

Now I know that any blogger worth her weight would be able to tell you what kind of car this is but I would much rather keep you in suspense
And again trying to be all photographer like.  Another thing I have noticed in my blog travels is that a lot, ok most, possibly even all, bloggers seem to take and share lots and lots of photos.  I guess that is just the visual world that we live in these days.  I think I still need to practice a bit (lot).  Turns out there were nearly as many things to photograph as  I expected

Finally the refreshing ale that we stopped for after we had finished looking around.  This really was one of the loveliest days we have had for a long time.  The was no worrying about housework or washing or dishes that needed to be done.  There was also no arguing, bickering or constant I wants.  The free give aways at all the displays satisfied all the girls wants

Best Australian Blogs 2011

So I think that I have been accepted as a last minute entry in the Sydney Writer's Centre Best Blog 2011 competition.  Now to be honest I am not really to sure on many of the details.  It was all very last minute and a little rushed.  I actually thought I had found out about it too late but figured it couldn't hurt to try.  Which as it turns out might actually have paid off.

I have found myself on the People's Choice List and I believe that the list can be found here.  It is alphabetical so I am on the first page.  (A Parenting Life)  This is a one only vote.  Unlike the Top Mommy Blog button there is no need to go back every day and vote.  Once is enough, though you do need to click through till you get to the Finish button. 

 I am sure you know how much I appreciate you taking the time to go and vote for me.  The prize is a writing course which I would dearly love but more than anything I want to use this as a chance to share A Parenting Life with people.  Though I must be careful that I don't get to caught up in the whole how many readers thing.  I think that could be tricky.  I mean the most important thing is that I increase the frequency of writing which will in turn increase the quality of what is written.  Which will then take those few steps closer to reaching my dream.....(oh it sounds so easy when I say it like that)

(deep sigh, back arch and a good stretch)

All this excitement is almost too much to handle.  Must write.  

Before I got all caught up Best Australian Blogs 2011 I was going to write a post about my future plans for APL.  I have been spending a lot of time reading other blogs of late and I have noticed that all the good ones seem to be loosely themed.  Or rather have loosely themed pages.  Such as Nic and her Meatless Monday and the Push game (which I am yet to be part of but it is on my list of things to do) over at hello owl I am still working out the details of what my feature will be but I can see some organisational changes coming in the not to distant future so stay tuned.  Choose a follow preference or 'Like' my FB page and never miss a post again :)

PS Dont' forget to vote

Thursday, April 14

At least it is something

Despite the burning eyes and the ridiculous hour I feel I should make an appearance.  After all if I can sit around and play silly Zuma blitz or whatever I should be able to spit out a few words here.

(Long deep sigh)

To tell you the truth I feel a bit drained.  This is just such a busy time of the year for me (when isn't though?)  In a few short days DD1 (who I am now considering calling Miss L) will be turning 10.  Hard to think that I will have been a mother for a decade....

Anyway I would actually like to be in bed but I need to wait for the cake to cool down.  Miss L requested a chocolate cake to take to school tomorrow. Being the good mother I hope to be, I baked her requested cake.  Unfortunately though I didn't put the baking paper in properly so there is not an even round edge.  I am trying to convince myself that it is a flower shape but I am just not sure.

After all, she is taking this to school.  I would hate for her to be picked on because of my baking inadequacies.  Sure she should be thankful that her mum has gone to the effort to make her a cake but if it looks silly...

See for yourself

Hopefully in the morning it will look better covered in a beautiful chocolate icing, hopefully.

For now though I need get this silly editing job out the way.  Oh what's that? Didn't I mention that, in amongst everything else I try and do a bit of freelance editing here and there.  Actually I really only have one regular client and she is not exactly regular.  She has been seeking my services for well over 12 months now, possibly even close to two years.  She translate Korean into English and I polish it up for her.  Sometimes it is an enjoyable read, other times, like tonight it seems more like crazed jibberish.  But hey, makes me feel important and gives me some money to play with.

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Tuesday, April 12

Breast is best

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Recently I was involved in an online conversation regarding breastfeeding.  I used it as an opportunity to flaunt a Helium article that I wrote way back in 2008.  Unfortunately though my true feelings towards breastfeeding were not accurately portrayed.

You see I love breastfeeding.  To me breastfeeding is one of the most beautiful things I have ever experienced.  It is by far one of the my biggest mothering highlights.  I can not accurately describe the warm fuzzy glow I feel in my heart when I think about how much I love being able to be a breastfeeding mother.  Only the above articles does anything but give that impression.

Feeding with DD1 had been a breeze.  It clearly confirmed to me that I was meant to be a mother.  Everything came so naturally it felt like I was born to have babies.  I remember feeling quite sad about weening time.  This occurred somewhere between 2 and 2 1/2.  I am not sure why I chosen then it just seemed like the right time.  DD1 wasn't pleased about it all but was relatively accepting of it all.

After such a wonderful experience the first time round I was sure that the second would be a breeze.  How wrong I was.  This time round there was cracked nipples, pain and even at times blood.  The beauty and joy that I was expecting was no where to be seen.  As you can imagine I was gutted.  The midwives assured me that my attachment was fine and that they could see no reason for my discomfort.

Knowing what was on the other side if I just kept going I preserved and after a few weeks, actually quite a few weeks of covering my nipples in lanolin, the pain was gone and breastfeeding was everything I remembered it to be.  However I felt quite betrayed.  My mother assured me that I had been using the lanolin while I was still pregnant the first time round but I can't recall.  I know I certainly don't recall any pain either.  From that point on I decided that as much as I loved breastfeeding I needed to let other first timers know that it was alright if it hurt at first, they just had to stick with it.

DD2 and I went on to be a feeding team for just over two years.  This time however I was devastated to end the feeding relationship and she was less than impressed about it as well.  Unfortunately DD2 had began to become rather possessive of my attention and felt that feeding was the best way to retain it.  Since to me that did not seem right I decided it was time to ween, regardless of neither of us wanting to.

It was not a very easy time for either of us and I suspect that it probably even took it's toll on DD1 and Hubs as well.  It is interesting to note that the article, titled "What you need to know about breastfeeding" that I was passing on to an expectant mum in my virtual mother's group, was written roughly around the time DD2 and I were ending that precious aspect of our relationship.  Which sort of explains the negative feel to the article.

I still stand by everything that I said in the article I just wish that I had of taken the time to put a slightly more positive spin to it all.  No where do I mention the beauty or love that can be felt when a mother feeds her child.  There is no mention of that special connection that a feeding mother feels as she looks down at her suckling young.  Instead I offer the words of a woman who knows she has dutifully fulfilled her required tasks and is in some ways now rendered unneeded.

(Deep sigh)

I have thought about changing the article to bring some of the positives into it all but I don't really want to.  As a high ranking article it is not really in my best interest to change it.  On the other hand I would be gutted to think someone might read it and then decide not to feed.  Oh the quandaries of being a writer...

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Monday, April 11

Good times

So today has been rather exciting for me.  Though the excitement is probably oIy something that other newbie bloggers would understand.  As I have already mentioned today saw me accepted into Top Mommy Blogs Directory.  Hopefully that will help more readers come across me.  So far I have already jumped by about 300 places.  I started this morning at 699 and am currently sitting at 318 so a huge thanks to all that have voted.  Remember you can vote once every 24 hours.

Adding to my excitement I am slowly making ground in working out some formatting and technology issues.  I have just managed to create a blog button for the site.

blog button

Granted not the most advanced button but for now it will do the job.  I still want to find out how to create a link so that I can share the button on other pages but at least for now this can be used as a banner at TMB

I think I may also have managed to change the date and time stamp for my posting.  I find it incredibly annoying that posts are stamped some 14 hours behind when I actually wrote them.  Another pleasing achievement for me today was putting a voting banner on all my future posts (yay me!)

Well for now that it all.  I should be doing dinner and a whole heap of mummy type things.....

If you haven't already today don't forget to stop by and vote :)

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