Thursday, May 28

Thankful Thursday

The brain is a funny thing sometimes. Like how all week long as various things happen to me, my brain thinks "Oh that would be a great inclusion for Thankful Thursday this week" Then when it actually comes time to write the post it goes blank.

Completely and utterly blank. Unable to think of a single thing that could make the post readable. Which then sends me into a bit of a tizz because the reality of life is that I have an abundance of things to be thankful for.

My life is an incredibly blessed one.

I get to spend each and every day with the man of my dreams, the love of my life, my one and only. We have three amazing daughters who are beautiful inside and out. We are somehow able to survive (some would say comfortably) on only one wage in one of the most beautiful places in Australia. I could not be more happier about our decision to stop and stay in the South West for a bit.

And while all of that is something to be incredibly thankful for, and I most certainly am, it is not something that makes for great reading week in and week out.

So what else am I thankful for?

This week I am thankful that Zany did such a great job in her class performance at assembly. After just five weeks of ukulele lessons she was able to play two songs. One of which is right up there on my most favourite songs list. Mind you I can't help but wonder if Tom Dooley is really the most appropriate song for nine year olds to sing given it is all about a man who will soon be hanging from a tree. The other song, Mary Mack, made my heart swell as well as it took me straight back to my own school days.

I am thankful that this school has so many opportunities for the girls. There is a music teacher, a performing arts teacher, sports teachers, specialised language teachers, art teacher, as well as class the classroom teachers. All of whom seem to be talented, kind and caring.

Monday is a public holiday here and I am super thankful for that. Hopefully the weather will be lovely and we will get to go camping for a night or two. As freezing as it may be I love the idea of sleeping out under the stars. I do miss it so.

Last night was game one of State of Origin. I am thankful that it was shown live on free to air here, given this is quite possibly the least rugby league state in Australia I wondered whether it would be shown. Not only am I thankful it was but thankfully my team was the winner and great game was had.

My final thanks for today is for the fact that Lovely realises the importance of being a part of a team and being committed to that team. Her hockey team played last night meaning that she would miss most of the big game, much to her disappointment I might add. Despite this she still went and played.

So what about you? What are you thankful for?

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Tuesday, May 26

Changing to find the right words

It's fair to say that writing here on this old blog of mine has taken a bit of a back seat of late. Partly because of the busyness of life and partly because I just haven't been sure of what to say. Which quite frankly has made me a bit sad.

A Parenting Life has always been a place where I could find something to say. Sure it might not always have been the best of things but it was at least something, which is always better than nothing.

Anyways while I lamented over not being able to find the right words to write here it seemed like I had only one option.

Start a new blog.


I struggled to find the right words for here so surely it would be easy to find some words for a new blog with a fresh new start?

Well the first post was, but then I realised I didn't like the dodgy header I put together in a rush and suddenly not only could not share my new space with anyone but nor could I find words for there either.

This wonderful new blog title sat empty for well over a week while I tried desperately to think of something of worth to say. My answer to finding my words again just made the words even harder to find.

Oh the sighing.

To make things even worse stupid Facebook made things next to impossible to change the name of my page from A Parenting Life. I reluctantly went about setting up a new one only given how long it has taken to build my community I wonder why.

Anyway yesterday I bit the bullet and managed to actually write something that I deemed worthy of being able to post in my new space. I still don't know exactly what to do with my old space though. There are so many words and so many memories it doesn't seem right for it to just stop being.

For now though it will be and I guess over time everything else will work itself out.

Joining in with Jess for IBOT
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Monday, May 25

Where nobody knows your name

Back home, before we started #ouradventureofalifetime, I had not lived anywhere else. For thirty six years I lived in the one city. Which meant I knew a lot of people.

In my much younger years I worked in one of the most well known shops in town and partied like there was no tomorrow. Which meant a lot of people knew who I was as well.

Which was kinda cool. It left me feeling a bit like a rock star. People were forever saying hi or giving me a smile as they walked by. It felt good.

Even after I had left that job, stopped partying and started to grow up and become a mum, I still felt like I knew lots of people. There would be no ducking down to the shops without making sure my clothes were at least somewhat respectable because what if I saw someone I knew?

Not that I was full face of make up kind of person or even anything remotely like that, but the full of holes house clothes were exactly that, for the house. Certainly not for wearing to the shops regardless of how quick I thought I was going to be.

Nearly fifty percent of all shopping trips took longer than they should of because I would inevitably bump into someone I knew and got chatting with. Now the check out operators look at me strangely as I try to make conversation with them as they pack my groceries. If I don't my whole day could pass without adult conversation.

It's a funny thing moving to a new place where you know no one. Or at least next to no one. I can count on one hand the people that I know where we now live. Which obviously makes the chances of me running into anyone at the shops somewhere between none and buckleys.

Which in some ways is not a bad thing.

Yesterday I procrastinated on going to the shops despite desperately needing some milk. I just couldn't face getting out of my house clothes. And thats when it dawned on my that it really didn't matter if I went to the shops in my daggier than daggy house clothes and double pluggers because I am just another face in the crowd that nobody knows.

Mind you as I was wandering around the shops gathering my milk and things (because it is impossible to go to the shops and only get what you went for) I walked past a lady who was also clearly wearing her house clothes. Only she had taken it one step further than I and was wearing socks with her thongs. And was clearly not phased in the least by what anyone might have thought. 

Her partner sheepishly pushing the trolley a little behind her perhaps not so much but again that seemed of little concern to sock and thong wearing lady.

Because at the end of the day what others think, whether they know you or not, is not what matters or counts. As longs as we are comfortable in what we wear or what we do or what we say that is all that matters.

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Thursday, May 21

Thankful Thursday

Another Thursday is rolling round and rather than have my post already written, scheduled and live on the blog I am sitting on my couch wondering what it is I am going to be thankful for this week.

The possibilities are almost endless. It has been another rather lovely week here. Nothing overly spectacular but nothing overly awful either. Though there were are few awful moments, like when the car didn't pass it's registration inspection.


Thankfully though after forking out quite a few hundred dollars the mechanic was able to fix everything that was wrong and then pass it. Even more thankfully Mr Awesome's dad, who I guess could be referred to Mr Awesome Senior, kindly helped us with finding the necessary few hundred dollars.

Other good things to happen in the week include

  • getting the hot water system and toilet fixed
  • having plenty of crochet time
  • some new watercolour pencils, though a good colouring book currently eludes me
  • getting a top up on our broad band which means I can spend today continuing my How I Met Your Mother marathon
  • Mr Awesome cleaning the kitchen last night so I can enjoy my marathon relatively guilt free
  • scoring a blender, scales with a mixing bowl and an electric beater for $20
  • getting electric blankets for our beds before winter proper arrives 

What about you?

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Thursday, May 14

Thankful Thursday

Another Thursday is rolling around with the Wednesday night that preceding it finding me somewhat drained and void of coherent thought. Not really the ideal situation for someone who has a blog linky to host but thems the breaks. Since very few people have been stopping by on a Thursday (or any day for that matter) I guess it matters little.

But moving right along.

As much as my mind might be drawing blanks I have so very much to be thankful for,


  • Teapot getting an honour certificate for settling into school and being so enthusiastic
  • The teacher calling me the day before the assembly so I could be there to watch it being presented
  • Netflixs. I have been totally enjoying reliving the early seasons of How I Met Your Mother, and what has been even more enjoyable has been Third Rock From the Sun. Of course watching hysterically funny sitcoms is not conducive to blog post writing.
  • A most wonderful Mother's Day. It was not flash nor fancy but it was a most pleasant day that involved a sleep in, breakfast cooked and relatively no bickering between the girls. To top it all off there was delicious pizza, roast pork and a sticky date pudding complete with caramel sauce.
  • Getting my new blog up and running. It can be found here if you are interested. And there is a Facebook Page. Though there is not a lot happening on either yet as I am still trying to find my feet. All in good time though.
  • Having a massage, manicure and pedicure. Complete with champers.
For now though it is way past my bed time. Thanks to HIMYM this post has taken a ridiculously long time to write and quite possibly has little of worth in it. 

I promise I will try better tomorrow. Maybe.

Please though tell me what you are thankful for this week.

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Saturday, May 9

A fresh new start

looking across some rocky water

Sometimes when you least expect it someone will make an offhand comment and it will suddenly sound like the best idea ever. That happened to me just the other day and now here I am with a fresh brand new blog just waiting to be filled with my words of wisdom.

There are still many creases to be ironed out, layouts to be designed, Facebook pages and various social media channels to be changed or created. I am still deciding exactly what path I will take. I am in love with the idea of a rebrand and something new and exciting but the thought of losing all my followers makes me a little sad. 

For now though the domain is secured and working so that is the first step done and dusted. 

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I should have known better

Remember how on Tuesday I wrote about the fact that even though Mount Foldme was slowly engulfing my kitchen table on the surface it appeared that in some ways I was feeling more together than I had ever felt? I should have known better

Yeah well it turns out if you are going to brag on the internet how awesome it is that your children are finally sleeping through the night they will immediately stop sleeping through the night and you will suddenly find yourself incredibly sleep deprived.

That's right folks sleep has become a thing of the past in this house. Well at least for me and The Little Two. The first night Teapot woke up screaming not long after midnight.  Some how I managed to squeeze myself into her single bed. Actually there was no somehow about it, I spent the entire time laying in my left side which meant I greeted the morning not just bleary eyed but also with pins and needles in my left arm. Which of course then meant I would spend the entire day worrying that I had somehow caused my blood clot to return because there was a chance that was how the original clot was caused.

Sigh. It is exhausting just dealing with my thoughts some days.

The next night Zany felt left out of the night time shenanigans so she thought she would join in. Teapot stuck to slightly after midnight for her first wake up and not two hours later Zany started to call out. The rest of the night was spent alternating between their two beds as apparently it was the night of the never ending bad dreams.

After two nights of next to no sleep facing the days suddenly seem less than appealing. Thankfully I live in a worlds where Netflix exists and suddenly having all day with no children around seems a little more appealing than it previously has. Yes that's right I miss having the kids around all day.


So two nights of no sleep have lead to two days of back to back episodes of How I Met Your Mother. Which I must say for someone who doesn't normally watch TV feels kind of strange.

Then in my half dazed TV induced coma a passing comment in a text message suddenly made me come alive and I flew into a flurry of activity madly making some rather dramatic changes that halfway through suddenly became a lot trickier than my not quite awake self could comprehend. Which with the dawning of a new day I am now wondering if I should actually keep going with it or not.


Change. So exciting yet so daunting as well.

But enough of me for now. Joining in with all the Weekend Rewinders
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Thursday, May 7

Thankful Thursday

This week my thankful post is going to be short and sweet. While as always I have much to be thankful for, time is not exactly on my side right now. Mind you I only have myself to blame.

Even as I was writing my post on Tuesday about how I felt so together, I knew that I was jinxing myself for days to come. Be that as is it may I just had to get the words out and I am glad I did. It helped me to see how thankful I am to have been able to survive all those sleepless years.

I am thankful for
  • Teapot slipping into the school routine without any more tears
  • Miss Cinders sharing her awesome jam drop recipe
  • The possibility of having some work. Though it is only one day a week and only commission based it is flexible and better than nothing
  • Being able to walk home from school with the girls and stop for a play in the park
  • Children who on occasion wash their plate without being asked
  • Finally beginning to understand how the whole doing a bit of housekeeping every day makes it easier in the long run
  • A Facebook friend who every day shares one good thing, sometimes more. It really does warm my heart to see people stop and see what they have
  • Another Facebook friend who left me this message Hi Rhianna , I thought of you today, I was shopping and passed a craft stall and there it was a beautiful tin with the wording "Butterfly Wishes" written across it and the rest was covered in butterfly's. Made me feel good. thanks.
So what about you? What are you thankful for this week?
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Tuesday, May 5

Below the surface

As I walked back to my car this morning after the morning drop I passed another mother. She was calling out goodbye to her eldest daughter while juggling a little baby and waiting for the middle child to finish eating what looked like a piece of toast. Though it could also have been a pikelet from the school canteen.

They were late and the mother looked rushed and frazzled. I gave her a smile and said hi as I walked past. Partly because I recognised her daughter from Teapot's class and partly because I knew only too well mornings like I imagined she had just been through.

You know the ones, the kids won't get out of bed and when they sit down to eat their breakfast it turns out the milk container is empty, not that it matter because the kids probably had no intention of actually eating breakfast anyway. From there you move on to getting dressed and they can't find their shoes, or their socks, or a clean pair of knickers or anything that they need. The lunch boxes didn't get unpacked from the day before and when you go to make the sandwich you discover that the bread is in fact mouldy and quite possibly the ham has a slight green tinge to it.

And if none of that is enough you are trying to operate on less than two hours sleep because the baby is teething and woke every half hour to tell you about it. Oh and it is cold, so cold you couldn't blame the kids for not wanting to get out of bed and beginning what seems like another awful day.

As I passed her though and in one quick glance assumed what her morning had been like based on my on previous experiences, it dawned on me just how different things are for me now.

It turns out all those well meaning "it will get better" comments that are thrown at mothers with young children do possibly hold some truth. I momentarily contemplated offering such words to this mum, but then I remembered how much I wanted to stab eyeballs with a fork when they were kindly directed towards me so I refrained.

You see when you in the throws of barely staying afloat and each moment of each day is a struggle just to get through, the last thing you want or need is some well meaning words from a woman who on the surface appears to have everything all under control.

Which when I stopped to think about it for a moment I would quite appear to be such a person.

Mount Foldme slowly taking
over the dining room table
For the first time in my fourteen years of mothering I am regularly sleeping all night without being woken up by a child. It is the most amazing feeling ever! Especially since rather than sit up blogging all night I am going to bed at a respectable time.

School starts so much later here that we actually manage to get to school on time rather than our regular ten minutes late prior to #ouradventureofalifetime. Again a rather awesome feeling. As is getting lunches made because suddenly the mornings feel to have so much more time and I am more rested than ever before.

It is all a weird feeling, this being on top of things. Even if it is only on the surface.

For as much as I might not be late to school or wake up feeling rested or have  baked yet more yoghurt dough products (which weren't as good as my last batch I might add) we can't actually eat at the dining room table because it is covered in clothes patiently waiting to be folded.
The tissue box in question

What's worse is that as I just went to snap that photo I discovered that the bird has totally destroyed the end of the box of tissues that I was supposed to take to school a fortnight ago. And to top it all off because I stopped to chat to a friend that popped over and write this post dinner preparation has not been done and there are a million things that need to be done after school pickup that will prevent me from doing it then.


On the upside though it is Tuesday and I have blogged.

Joining Jess and the IBOT gang

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Friday, May 1

Getting my creativity on - Crochet

Despite the burning desire to be a writer rarely do I think of myself as brimming with creativity. Truth be told it is only on the odd occasion (especially of late) when I even think I may actually have a way with words. I just keep plodding along here because a) I am an eternal optimist and b) writing helps to clear my mind. But enough of my self doubt and low self esteem, while they may quite possibly make for some great blog posts, they are not the topic of conversation today.

Today is all about creativity.

The lovely Deb over at Inner Compass Designs has launched a brand new linky this week called The Creativity Tree and while I may not always be able to see my creativity in the best light I do like to try and create whenever possible.

Most nights see me sitting down and crocheting. Much like writing I find it soothes my soul and clears my mind. Though again like writing I often doubt my ability and whether it really counts as being creative.

I currently have two projects on the go.

The first is a blanket made with these squares

I also have a lovely navy blue that I will make alternate squares out of. Actually the navy will be the main feature as I have more navy than purple wool but so far this is all I have made.

The other project I am working on is this

A chevron granny. I had no idea that this was even possible until I came across a how two by the awesome Mikey over at the Crochet Crowd. If you are in anyway interesting in crochet this is the place to go. By far the easiest to follow tutorials I have come across. The video for the granny ripple can be found here

While this final project is actually finished it is one I hope to repeat sooner rather than later because I want to look at more of them hanging around on every window.

Flower garlands. This one I whipped up while we were in the Sterling Rangers on #ouradventureofalifetime

To see what other creative juices people have flowing head on over to Deb's
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