Monday, February 28

Leaving it for later

This is by far one of my most treacherous traits. I am a of the mindset where, later is always better. If it is possible to put something off I will. Doesn't matter what it is or what the consequences may be I just figure that later works well.

Should 'one day' which is much like 'tomorrow' ever arrive I am going to be very busy. I constantly hear myself saying "one day I will..." or looking at a pile that needs to be sorted and think ...I'll get to that tomorrow...only for some reason tomorrow never seems to come.

Still feeling invigorated and not wanting to waste my new found energy, once Little T went to sleep this morning I started to fold some washing that was in the process of overtaking the couch. Now I don't know about you, but to me folding washing is one of the most mind numbing tasks a home carer can do. As I stood there sorting and folding, my mind inevitably started to wander and drift off into nothingness. Which is not necessarily a bad thing. In fact it is not far from nothingness that some of my best writing ideas can stem from. That point where ideas seem to just appear without effort or thought.

Which is what started to happen. While my body went into autopilot my brain began buzzing with what my next post could be about and how I would put into words the recipe from dinner last night (I have noticed that all the 'good mummy blogs' shared recipes)... I suddenly began to think I should be writing instead of folding washing!

Of course if I sat down to write that would mean that the washing would get left...but not seizing the opportunity to write is somewhat of a foolish mistake, as who would know when I would again get the time or inclination and then ideas to do it again? The quandaries of life hey?

The final result? Well there is still washing to be folded, there possibly always will be. Washing is one of those ever more chores. Regardless how much of it you do there will always be more. It is just a part of life. Unless of course some bright spark out there can invent unstainable fabrics to make our clothes out of (hint, hint to any bright spark reading that is looking for something to invent) Clearly there was also a bit of writing so possibly a win win situation?

Sunday, February 27

Oh What a Day!

Today was one of those where all of a sudden, everything in the house must be cleaned, moved and just generally assessed. Anyone who has stepped foot inside my house lately will be able to tell you that it was well and truly over due.

Given the mammoth task it is not surprising to say that there is still plenty for me to finish tomorrow. It was one of those projects where every step led to another five things to do. The end result though is certainly well worth it all though.

The new layout not only feels more spacious but also easier to manage. We have removed a number of common dumping grounds. Hopefully this will curb the tendency to dump. Some members of the household have a terrible habit of just leaving things where they were last used. The concept of actually returning an item to it's 'home' or where it belongs is at times too great to be grasped.

But enough on the awesomeness of my homes new layout. There are so many other things I want to share in the post. Like the amazing dinner I threw together (without having to go to the shops) I just love it when dinner can be done without purchasing a single item. I have been so busy today that the greatest distance I have been from the house was to take the rubbish out. I must also say that this point greatly delights me. I find something very comforting to know that I have not had to venture outside my own little bubble.

So all in all things look like they are on the up. I am somewhat in control of the house, my writing has gradually increased and I am slowly becoming more active. My new Ion Energy bracelet thing seems to be doing just fine so far.

Photo credits can be found here

Saturday, February 26

And Breathe

2...3...4... and in 2...3...4 and

There a certain times today when that little mantra, as such, has run through my head. The circumstances surrounding my breathing and counting has varied greatly. In fact I am almost amazed at how many different situations can use the assistance of breathing and counting.

For example at the shops when children wanted to drag me in different directions rather than scream and twitch I simply took a deep breath and counted to ten, sometimes the tens were rather quick succession but I did not growl or let my temper get the better of me. I managed to restrict my raging urge to a stern sharp voice.

When I was running to the shops and back as part of my 1km time trial, my gasps of breathes, in between my huffing and puffing, were alternated with a run, 1, 2, run, 1, 2, as much as possible. To give me extra inspiration I threw in the odd 'I am awesome' chant. In case you are interested I took 9 minutes. I figure at least that should be easy to improve on. Should being the operative word. I am not exactly a master at pushing myself but that is a whole separate post.

Back to the breathing...

(Big breath in and straighten of shoulders with further breathes to try and regain focus) (Which appears to now be gone completely) :(

... ...
... ... ...

Nope still nothing... I am sure that is because of the awful music that the radio is playing at the moment. It is some techno boppy thing that just does my head in. If my posterior was not glued to this oh so comfy chair or my thunder thighs not achey when I walked I would perhaps go and turn it off or change the station. Since that is not the case though I will suffer, just not silently.

Seriously though I do find that some music will aid in my writing more than others. I have in fact a folder on my iTunes that is labeled possible writing songs. Though the fact that music can alter moods and affect situations is not exactly a ground breaking statement. If by chance you are interested in finding out more check here
(Another short sigh to contemplate what to write next) Which actually turned out to be nothing

Friday, February 25

Get Rhythm

Whenever I am feeling a bit down and out I tend to find comfort in some good old fashioned country songs. I am not really sure where this stems from. Possibly my father, he was a bit of a country, blues and rocking kind of guy and I know my mother likes the odd Johnny Cash song as well. I can't ever really recall listening to a whole lot of music as a child though.

I can remember the odd occasion when we would put an LP on to do the housework and I can remember spending hours reading all the song titles from the Kenny Rogers collection but that is about it, well aside from the parties. I have very fond memories of my parents parties. They would put the speakers in the windows that faced the front yard and we would just rock out. There were always a few other kids my age there as well and we would run and dance and just generally have a good time.

We never listened to much Johnny Cash back then but he is now one of my all time favourites and whenever I feel a bit low he is who I turn to. When I started this post I had intended to put a youtube video of one of his songs but instead I will leave you with this link to an early demo version of Get Rhythm

Uh oh

After nearly 18 months, perhaps even longer the mathematical side of my brain is not exactly in top gear at the moment, I think my body may be getting ready for the lovely (not) monthly red visitor. Some may call it Aunty Flow, Charlie, that time, but to me it is just a down right pain and one that I have not missed. Though I must say I don't use the word pain in terms of actual pain, I (touch wood) have not ever really to be one that gets terrible cramps or any of the other awful side effects that many women suffer from. I just find it a huge inconvenience.

So what has led me this conclusion?

Well for starters I can feel my hormones raging a battle against each other which resembles something similar to WWIII. As a result of this internal feud I have been in a bit, ok a rather bad, mood. The last two days have seen me yell and scream like a possessed fisher monger's wife. Which I think I actually prefer to the blubbering mess that I am today.

(Deep long sigh)

Anyway my house is more than a shambles, I can't even think of an appropriate word to describe just how disheveled the place looks. The washing is piled up almost to the ceiling, actually there are two mountainous piles. One waiting to be folded and one waiting to be washed and then folded. Arrggghh. It is like a never ending battle. One that I don't even feel close to winning and that is before I start on the dishes and just general tidying.

(another deep long sigh)

Some days it is just all too hard.

Wednesday, February 23

Feeling Obliged

That is why I am here right now. I feel obliged to. I had actually sat down to put some music on but then that turned to checking mail which in turn led to ducking into FB for a quick squiz. Socialising in the flesh might not be something I relish but when it comes to an online community I like to check it all out. I guess it is the invisibility that I find appealing. Or at least the perceived invisibility...

Ok well that didn't last long. DD3 decided that she was actually not going to have a sleep now after all. The phone ringing twice probably has something to do with that. As it turned out the phone was little more than a waste of time. The person trying to call me had a very poor connection which dropped out as soon as I answered. So all in all my tranquil writing conducive conditions are now well and truly dispersed. Grrrrr....

Even if I was only here because I was feeling obliged to I did have some really good stuff to share, well at least I think I did. Perhaps it will come back to me. In the meantime you should check out this blog I aspire to this level (though obviously without the drawings as I know that is not something in my artistic repertoire) I have heard that this author actually now makes her living out of new writing and that is what I would love to do as well