Friday, August 26

One step forward, three steps back

That is the best way for me to describe today.  I did actually start a post entitled Monday Bloody Monday but I felt terrible using such language in a title.  In fact I am not even sure about having it in my second sentence.  Which is a tad on the strange side as there are times I could easily be mistaken for a trooper with the words that roll off my tongue.

Now a few weeks ago I joined in with Karlee over at The Mother Experiment for a series she called Me and YOU.  The idea was that bloggers could link up and work on improving various aspects of their life.  For me this tied in perfectly with another link up I had been meaning to join in on called Making Goal Monday.  I was determined to make some serious changes in my life and what better way to do it than setting goals?

Not wanting to set myself up to fail I thought that I had assigned myself somewhat achievable goals.

How wrong was I?

What you just read was a post I started four days ago.  Yep four days ago.

In my defense I have managed to post a few times in recent days.  For those who may have missed them, here is my WW post, here is my Thankful Thursday post, this will take something ironically titled A Mistake. With this final one being the Things I Know.  What I didn't do though was set my goals out for the week.

Nor did I take time to reflect on how I had gone on achieving my goals from last week.  That is perhaps based on the fact I don't think I actually managed to achieve anything.  Well actually that is not entirely true.  We managed to arrive late to school each and every day.  While I may have woke up on Monday morning to a clean and shiny house it did not really stay like that for long.  I did not do my daily load of washing or folding or dishes on at least three days.  I think I might just stop now.

(holding head in hands and rubbing eyes)

It is late now and in between flipping through some more great blogs, playing sims (I know) and watching My Name is Earl I have pretty much lost my train of thought.  Lucky tomorrow is a brand new day.

Since this makes for a nice little round up of the week I am off to


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