Saturday, August 20

Now or Never

That is the point I am at in a number of significant life areas right now.  Actually, come to think of it significant life areas might be a slight exaggeration but if I don't play it up I might just end up putting it in the already overflowing too hard basket.

As a SAHM I feel that I have a responsibility to be involved in the school community.  Which I am totally fine with, I love being in the know.  Especially when it comes to my children's education.  However sometimes I can't help but feel a little too involved.  Or perhaps a more accurate description is I can't help but wish others were more involved so there would be less for me to do.

This year the school celebrates it's fortieth year of educating students.  Or as it will say on the massive cake that will be made Congratulations on 40 Fabulous Years of Putting the Child First.  Now without sounding too tragic the girls actually attend the same primary school that I went to.    Which basically means I feel somewhat compelled to help record some sort of history of the school.

How does all of that relate to a blog post?  There is only a mere 2 weeks till the big day.  Only 14 days till it is all over and done with.  So that means there is probably only 10 days left for me to find a heap of old people interview them, make a kick ass video about it all and write the most awesomeness account of it all.  If I don't start it NOW it will NEVER get done.

(breaking out in sweat with short sharp breathes)

Why is it I only seem to like the idea of writing?  Why is it that the actual writing or being a famous writer is so god dam hard? Oh that's right if it were easy everyone would do it...oh wait thanks to the Internet and the likes of Blogger everyone is doing it...

On a side note.  This post (titled Now or Never) has taken three days to get up and since I want to get a grateful post out I will be scheduling the post for nearly 24hours.  Just thought you should know.

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