Thursday, August 25

A Mistake

So I have been a bit AWOL this week but I guess that is only to be expected.  After all I am a mum to three who has a tendency to over extend herself.  With only one week till the dreaded school birthday I am trying not to crumble under a falsely perceived pressure.

I have not made the time to blog this week and I must say that I miss it greatly.  I made time today to get my Thankful Thursday post up and I really felt a bit pleased with myself.  It was nice to feel like I finally managed to achieve something this week.  Even if it was a somewhat dodgy post that I have thought of ways to improve from the moment I hit publish.  Live and learn, so they say.

I have found myself saying that a lot lately.  Live and learn.  So true in so many ways but I can't help but wonder if sometimes it is easier said than done.  Like you would have thought that by now I have learnt why I am always late for everything and be able to prevent it from happening, but no.  Perhaps I am just a slow learner?

Sally could feel her eyes burning, pleading with her to just let them close. It felt like a good month or more since she last slept. The waves of exhaustion were sweeping through her body but she dare not let herself drift off. After all she had witnessed in the last few day she began to wonder whether she would ever sleep again.

Straining her ears she tried to listen for footsteps. There were none. There had been none for hours now. In fact it had been so long since she heard any sound from the outside she had started to wonder if her ears still worked at all. Despite the lack of sound she still couldn't bring herself to leave the safety of her hiding spot.

The jewelry store that had once brought her nothing but love and joy was now the final resting place of the one she loved. They had gone in that morning reminiscing about the first time they walked past. Hand in hand sharing some popcorn left over from the movie they just watched.

Instead they ended up fighting off a crazed zombie that had cornered the store owner. The death and destruction was almost too much for Sally to bear. Every shard of glass looked like it was dripping with blood. Blood that was once inside her lovers body.

Tomorrow was a new day.

That was my entry for the flash fiction challenge.  I called it A Mistake

245 words of drivel.

It was supposed to be a masterpiece.  A horror set in a jewelry store that at some point mentioned popcorn.  Written in 48 hours no less.  I won't mention the fact that I actually paid to be a part of all of this.

(hangs head in shame)

I can't believe that this was something I really wanted to do and I basically let opportunity slide through my fingertips due to time restraints and poor management.

Oh well not much point dwelling on it again.  

I have been so busy beating myself up about this I have had no time or inclination to actually get back to writing.  Which means I missed my Making Monday Goals and Me and YOU posts.  I am torn between putting it in here and starting a new post.  Given that it is nearly midnight on Thursday maybe I should just starting writing the new posts for next week and write this one off all together?  

Decisions, decisions

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