Friday, August 31

I may not be blogger of the year but I am...

On my way to be in the running for a mother of the year title. At least for a little while.

The school is having a car boot sale with each class given the opportunity to host a stall of their choosing. With the trash and treasure, cakes and sausage sizzle already taken care of  I wondered if there was anything left for my class to do.

A few years ago the school came up with the notion of class parents. The primary role of the class parent is to rally other parents to assist with the odd fundraiser/community event through out the year. Being a part of the school community is something I am rather passionate about so I am the class parent for Miss Six's class.

After much brain hemorrhaging I came up with jelly and ice cups. Obviously not in the one cup but as two separate items. I was totally impressed with my brilliance because I was certain that my solution was cheap and simple yet still had a sellable feel to it.

Thanks to some generous parents in the class all the cordial, cups and jelly was donated. Which is a bit awesome because that means everything that we sell is pure profit. Since the class teacher gets to spend this money directly for the benefit of the class the more the merrier.

It is times like this that I am super glad to be in the possession of a chest freezer and a spare fridge. While a more worthy candidate for the mother of the year title may have started making some of these amazing wares a little earlier on in the week I have still managed to allow enough time to make rainbow cups. Well at least two different coloured tiers. That's nearly like rainbow isn't it?

So what's any of this got to do with not cutting as blogger of the year?

Not a lot really. Other than it gave me something to write about which this week I have struggled with. It has been a hectic week filled with nothing other than the anticipation that this time next week we will be off on our adventure. There is so much that I should be doing I seem to have shut down and unable to actually do anything.

My head hurts just trying to think of it all let alone actually be able to coherently write anything.

Which is a shame.

Because there is a post I should have written a week ago, at least, that still hasn't even made it to the pipe line.  Sigh.

Like a few other bloggers around the trap, I was sent some rather cool Havaianas to celebrate the release of a new range of prints that include My Little Pony and Transformers. I know totally cool right? At only $24.95 they are a bit of a bargain as well.

Having had a few pairs of Havaianas over the years I am more than impressed with the level of quality that comes from this brand. I must admit I was just a little tickled pink I got the email asking if I was interested. It was one of those moments where I felt even closer to making it in the world of blogging.

Why I haven't written the post till now I am not really sure. Seems to be just the way I roll. I get what I think I want and then don't really know what to do with it. I can hear my dad saying no brains and happy without them. I have heard him a lot lately. This is both bad and good but best discussed in another post.

You know since this one is supposed to be focusing on these

Naturally Miss Six begged and begged me to let her open the My Little Pony ones. After three days she wore me down though on the pretense she would only try them on once and then they were going back in the box already for when I was able to make time to photo them.

Which naturally still hasn't happened.

I ended up just snapping the above shot on my phone half way through typing this. Though you could probably work that out just by looking at it. Truth be told most of my good photos are taken purely by chance. Hence why I was delaying taking some shots for this.

In my head I had hoped to set it all up beautifully with an air of professionalism...Hence the no blogger of the year, well at least not yet.

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Oh and just so you know all the opinions mentioned about are my own. I was sent two awesome pairs of children's Havaianas that also included a little toy. These initially made three girls smile but then one realised they were too small for her and the other two have done nothing but bicker and fight over who gets to wear the thongs and who gets to play with the toy. I was tempted to title this post The Bain of my Existence but thought it a little too dramatic for what was supposed to be a light and fluffy post. 

Friday, August 24

Thirty Awesome Things I Know About Me

What's a post about me without a photo of me?
During the week I came across this post by Dorothy over at Singular Insanity. From the moment I started reading I knew I was in. The word challenge had me from the get go. Despite recent challenges, like the Blogging Olympics, I am always ready to start again.

Finding thirty awesome things all about me is just my kind of challenge!
  1. Persistent Like when there is a block of chocolate around, I will keep nibbling away at it 
  2. Funny Just keep reading this list, no more need be said.
  3. Caring I am a mum it comes with the job.
  4. Kind hearted
  5. Thoughtful
  6. Helpful
  7. Hardworking
  8. Well meaning
  9. Willing to try
  10. Honest

    Hmmmm ok maybe this is a little tougher than I first expected....
  11. Loving
  12. Passionate (about somethings, chocolate, writing, dare I say it running, sleep oh yeah and the kids)
  13. A way with words.
  14. Compassion

  15. ...yay! Halfway mark. I wonder if I will get there. Actually as I type 15 is still blank. I told Mr AwesomeI was trying to come up with thirty awesome things about me and asked if he had any suggestions.

    His response. "You always do this to me, and the answers are always the same" He then kissed me goodnight and went to bed. I am not really sure what that all meant other than "I am super exhausted from my ridiculously long day at work to pay all the bills so you can sit at home all day looking after children and being a blogger. I don't need to tell you what is awesome about you." Which I guess is kind of understandable.

    Ohh that gives me another one
  16. Understanding
  17. Witty
  18. Not completely stupid, well I can read, write and count reasonably well so that has to mean I am not stupid. Of course I am not perfect either
  19. Comfortable with me
  20. Run 4km. I have propelled my body at various speeds further than this but I am not sure it could really be called running as such.

    Gosh that gets me two thirds of the way there...
  21. Chocolate brownie  and caramel slice extraordinare. You should see the way I can get through those things. Lucky for me? I am pretty good at making them as well.
  22. Well spoken
  23. Generous
  24. Positive
  25. Dreamer
  26. Hoper

  27. Gosh I can't believe I am up to 27 already!
  28. Thinker
  29. Patience (ok so this is at times very selective but I am incredibly patient when there is an understandable reason or cause)

    And the luck number 30 on the Thirty Awesome Things About Me list is... (drum roll)
  30. Resilient. I must be for every knock I get I just keep on coming back, often even stronger.
So there you have it. Thirty rather awesome things about me. So I guess that makes me rather awesome. Oh and if you missed 15 (which you did because I left it blank) that should have been can write well. And 27 is a wonderful mother.
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Thursday, August 23

Thankful Thursday

Last week I was thankful that it was a brand new day. This week I am most thankful for the fact that I wrote that post. Thanks to that one little post I went on to have one of the best nights ever. My faith and trust in the universe has well and truly been reinstated, perhaps even stronger than before.

Here's what happened.

As I was driving home on Friday afternoon, one of my dear readers, who also happens to be a teacher at school rang me. Thanks to a bizarre twist of fate she had a spare ticket to the concert I so desperately wanted to attend. After reading my post she wanted to offer me her spare ticket.

I could not believe my ears. I don't know I managed to remain in control of my car I was so excited and yet dumbfounded at the same time. I just couldn't believe that it was all really happening. You see by Friday afternoon I was just about at peace with the fact that I probably wouldn't be going. I wan't happy with it but I was ready to accept that was just the way things were going to pan out this time.

As it turned out it was only by chance that she read my post. She had originally scrolled past it on her Facebook feed but then when she saw it had a picture of Kenny she went back to have a read. Turns out she is a rather large fan of the man himself as well.

Her husband had just happened to be passing a mate's house earlier in the day who was setting up an outdoor kitchen in his front yard. He stopped to find out what he was doing. Turns out he was going to be a food vendor at the concert and was getting ready for his final inspection by authorities to ensure his equipment was up to scratch. He also had a spare ticket that he passed on just in case he knew of anyone that wanted to go. He didn't at the time but took it anyway.

Unbelievable I tell you. Unbelievable.
Moments after he came on stage. Not the best photo but certainly the best time
The concert itself was nothing short of amazing. I never in a million years thought I would ever get to see such a super star perform. While his face may not exactly resemble that of a 74 year old the rest of his body did. He slowly shuffled across to center stage when he came out and it wasn't long before he sat down. But his voice was still wonderful and really that is all that matters.

For a whole hour I was totally transfixed. Pure and utter bliss.

He played all my favourties and even now I can't think of a song he didn't sing that I wished he had of. For the first few songs I was a little emotional and may have shed a tear or ten. Thankfully it was dark by that time.

Music is an amazing thing. It has a way of transporting you through time and space. It makes you feel things that you wouldn't normally. Sitting there on that hill, surrounded by some seven thousand other people (which is what a sell out crowd is up here) listen to one of the greatest names in country music I could suddenly feel my dad by my side.

For nearly three years I have been waiting to say that I could truly feel my dad's presence. There is no doubt that he was sitting there with me on Saturday night. For that I am incredibly thankful as it was one of the nicest feeling ever.

Yes that is my forehead, proof that I really was there

So there you have it folks, dreams really can come true. For that I am eternally thankful.

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Thankful Thursday

Tuesday, August 21

What to do, what to do?

I know the beginning is always the best place to start but sometimes the beginning is not always that easy to find. Now is one of those times. My poor mind is in such turmoil it doesn't know if it wants to implode, explode or try and do both at once. Not exactly what you want at nearly 10 pm. Especially when the night before saw you sitting up to all hours. Followed by the broken sleep that comes with being a mother.

Deep breath

Miss Eleven left on her school camp on Monday. She is gone till Friday. I guess that makes this the midway point. While her absence brings a slightly calmer air to the place I naturally still miss her. Well actually we all do. Miss Six has been beside herself from the moment I picked her up from school on Monday.

As she opened the car door to climb in the tears started and have hardly stopped since. Which is crazy because let's face it Miss Eleven is not always the picture perfect big sister. In fact at times she is the polar opposite. She has little patience for her little sister.

This is not the first time she has been away from us for an extended period of time. Though it is the first time she has been away without any family members with her. I had wanted to go as a parent helper but was told by the little madam that I was not welcome. Apparently in her eyes I am too involved with the school and I should let others have a turn.

Given I wouldn't have like leaving Miss Two behind and I am not sure it would have been fair (or easy) to take her, not to mention what it would have done to Miss Six, I didn't put up much resistance to her pleas. Only right now I wish I had of.

The school was rather keen for me to attend, knowing the rapport I have with a lot of the other students already. Miss Eleven was right when she said I am too involved with the school. Right now though I wish I hadn't of listened to her.

The students were allowed to take a mobile phone with them, though it has to be in the hands of the adults apart from the ten minutes they are allowed to call home each day. Only Miss Eleven's phone is with the wrong carrier and doesn't work at the camp ground. Naturally.

Thankfully one of the lovely teachers let her send me a text this evening asking if I could call. After waiting all night last night to hear from here I didn't bother keeping my phone close to me tonight. It took nearly an hour till I saw the message.

Tonight was movie night at the campground so they were still up. I was so pleased to speak to her. Until she told me her tent mate had moved out. Apparently there had been a disagreement. She didn't really go into details. Luckily though another girl in a different tent wanted to move out.

Mind you as lovely as it was to be asked if I would go and visit her (a three hour drive) it also broke my heart. It means she is feeling very vulnerable. It means I am left with a rather hard decision.

Technically speaking I could go out there tomorrow. I don't have much on. It is however a three hour drive just to get there. It also defies the point of the independence that is supposed to come with the experience of a school camp. Especially after she fought so hard to convince me it would be better if she got to do this alone.

I just want to cry.

These are the times that being a mother really bites. Actually it might even be the time that being a mother sucks big hairy dog balls as well.

 photo fwbksignature_zps702ebc7d.jpg

Getting out more than you put in

Not exactly the life lesson you want to teach your children but one I appear to have a great knack of installing in mine. Particularly the somewhat lazy pre-teen. Who of course is the last person that needs to know leaving things to the last minute pays off.

Last Friday the school had it's first science fair to coincide with National Science Week. Having dreams of being a writer, science has never been something that has interested me. All the rules and explanations that go with science just don't appeal to me in anyway. At all.

In fact during my final years of high school I was delighted to discover that there was a maths unit I could take that would double up as my science component of my education. While maths may also be rule based, I could somehow get my head around them much easier than those that were associated with the traditional sciences like chemistry.

Needless to say the prospect of making not one, but two science projects, was not exactly appealing. So I didn't encourage the girls in anyway whatsoever. (Mother of the year coming through)

Only on Wednesday, when children were finally shuffled off to bed and our quality TV viewing time began I discovered something so awesome and so easy that I just had to get Miss 11 to enter it in the fair. While I may have said to her "I am sure this will win you a prize" in a bid to gain her interest I never for a moment really thought she would get something. Especially since come Friday morning, we were still trying to get our act together enough print out the words to accompany the project. The words which took her all of two minutes to write mind you.

After wandering around some of the other experiments, which consisted mainly of volcano explosions, I was still doubtful whether we had a prize winner on our hands. Some of the other children had gone to a lot of work. Possibly spending at least a week or even more on their work. Unlike the last minute rush job experienced at our house.

Apparently though if your last minute rush job involves something that few other people have seen your lack of effort can be rewarded. Yep. She got a prize.

So in a bid to ease my guilt at leading my children down the same fly by the seat of your pants and hope for the best path that I have walked for far too long I am going to share with you this award winning project.
Fellow leave it to the last minuters, I give to you the Homopolar Motor (say that a few times fast after a drink or two). While it may sound rather impressive, it is actually one of the simplest forms of a motor and is so so easy to make.

All you need is a battery, piece of wire, a screw and a magnet. Put them together as shown.
When you place the wire near the end of the screw it spins round like crazy, which is a little tricky to see in the photo but very cool to watch in real life. And there you have it, the most easiest science project ever.

It's Tuesday and I have blogged. Yay for me!
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Monday, August 20

Getting Away

Urrrggghhhhh she screamed. She felt like pulling her hair out and seriously contemplated the action as there was a possibility that the pain involved would be a distraction from the emotions that were currently rampaging through her system. Taking a deep breath she tried to calm herself down. The shaking had eased off somewhat, though there was still the odd tremor now and then, but on the whole her blood had ceased to boil and was now only a slight simmer.

She rested her head on the steering wheel.

Another deep breath and she felt almost together. The sound of the baby stirring in his car seat brought both comfort as well as more anguish.  It reminded her that she was still without a clear plan.  In fact she was actually without any plan at all.  She was suddenly realising that she had not thought any of this through at all.  Everything had happened so fast that there was no time to stop and think about it.

How could they possibly have had a baby in such a place?  And not just any old baby either.  No.  It was her baby.  Her precious little bundle of joy that she had been forced to hand over.  Her flesh and blood that was practically ripped out of her arms the moment he left the safety of her womb.

She still couldn't believe that she had really agreed to it all.  But they had been so convincing.  They had made it seem like there was no other option.  They made her believe their lies and doubt her ability.  How could she have been so stupid?

Now was not the time to think about any of that now.  What ever lead she had was quickly diminishing. She wondered how long it would be before they noticed he was no longer in the nursery.  She shuddered just thinking about that awful place.

Her head was well and truly pounding.  She felt fuzzy and unsteady.  She must have hit her head as the car spun out of control.  It was hard to decide what to do next.  Turning the key in the ignition all she heard was the engine whir.  There was no way she would be able to get it started.   She unclipped her seatbelt and turned to look in the back.

Brenton was still snuggly in his car seat oblivious to it all.  Which she was rather glad about.  The pour little soul had already seen enough drama without watching his mother slash kidnapper aquaplane across a puddle in a hurried escape.

Taking a deep breath and pulling herself together Rebecca opened the car door and got out.  She had no option but to carry on by foot.  Opening the back door she leant over the car seat and place a kiss on Brenton's forehead.
"It's alright darling, mummy is here now.  Everything will be alright and we will never be apart again" She whispered into his ear as she lifted him out of the seat.  She pulled him in close and wrapped her arms around him.  It was much colder than she expected.  Darkness wasn't too far away so she knew it would only be getting worse.  Thankfully her jacket was thick and warm.  She knew that if it came to the worst it would be warm enough to wrap the baby in.  There was no way he would be getting cold.

With a final check through the car she decided there was nothing else of use in it.  She had wasted enough time and needed to get moving while there was still some light.  She looked over at the quickly setting sun.  It was the direction she had just come.  Turning away she hoped that neither her or her son would ever have to return.

While every inch of her being wanted to run she knew that she had to conserve her energy.  She would be of no use to anyone, least of all her son if she didn't think sensibly.  After all she had been through in the last few weeks she certainly did not want to fall in a heap and lose it all now.  So she resisted the overwhelming urge to run and just kept on walking. It felt like she had been going on for hours but she knew it was unlikely that even an hour had passed since her escape.

The sun was gone now, though it still wasn't dark dark.  There was a twilighty glow that was holding of the inevitable darkness.  She felt a chill go through her bones.  She couldn't tell whether it was from the cold or from thinking about the onset of darkness.  Either way it didn't matter, she was powerless to do anything about either of them.

Looking into the distance she could see a beam of light coming towards.  Still not really sure of what the next step of her plan was she decided the best thing to do was get out of sight.  Whoever it was coming towards her was heading towards where she was trying to escape from.  There was no point risking being taken back there.  She could feel the shivers starting to come back.

As she headed off the road and into the dense scrub she was a little relieved to be in the bush.  It was the first time ever though that she had felt that the outdoors was her friend.  It meant that she would be able to easily hide from any passing traffic.  She was certain that someone would start looking for her soon.  In fact she was surprised that she had not seen any cars coming from behind her.  Surely they knew by now that she was gone.  

The outdoors was not exactly somewhere she felt comfortable.  In fact the bush was probably her least favourite place in the world.  She was a city girl.  She loved looking at skyscrapers and bustling people.  Open spaces, trees and animals had little to no space in her life.  Oh what she would give to be surrounded by crowds of people right now.  She found it comforting to just blend into a crowd and feel unnoticed.

Sitting on the ground behind a shrub she watched the car pass.  Torn between relief of not being seen and yet still being alone she could feel a tear roll down her cheek.  Wiping it away she took a deep breath and pulled her baby even tighter to her chest.  He let out a little murmur as if to say it's ok mum, we are together now nothing else matters.

Sunday, August 19

Death By Accident

“Do you swear to tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth?”

Taking a deep breath Joe thought long and hard about the question. Not that it made it any easier. He knew that he didn't really have a choice but to tell the truth, but he still didn't want to.

“Well...” the Judge's voice snapping the young boy back into reality.

Sitting there in the courtroom Joe still couldn't comprehend how things had gotten so out of control.

“Yyyyess. I swear” As the words left his mouth he knew there was no going back now. He could feel the tears starting to burn his eyeballs. Like he didn't have enough to worry about. Now he had to fight off tears as well.

Looking out across the room Joe hoped to see just one friendly face, but there were none. Even his own mother couldn't hide her disappointment in him right now. His eyes came to rest on the prosecutor. He knew that she would begin the questioning. His young body was rigid as the tension began to mount higher than what it already was.

Sally sat there shuffling the papers in front of her. Just a little longer she thought. This was her favourite part of her job. The ball was totally in her court and right now she felt she had more power than most would ever get to experience in their life.

Out of the corner of her eye she could see the young boy trying not to squirm in his seat. She momentarily felt bad. She knew it wasn't entirely Joe's fault. Still kids got away with too much these days. They had to learn. Well this is what most of the community thought anyway.

Standing up she walked towards the stand with her best fake smile plastered across her face. She knew it wouldn't be long till the boy was a whimpering mess begging for forgiveness.

“In you own words Jo, tell the court what happened on the day in question”

“Well...”Jo began. This was the moment he had been dreading.

He could recall every little detail about that day. From what the other boys were wearing to how many trees, pot holes and shrubs there were in Old Man Snowy's front yard. He had relived that day almost every hour since it happened.

Why oh why had they gone there? Of all the places they could have chosen, why there? They knew he was a child hating tyrant. They knew that he would come out and try to chase them off.

Sure his front garden had the best racing ground but still...they should have known better.

He wanted to say it was Sam's idea. The look of terror on Sam's face made him change his mind. Joe had managed to keep his little brother out of it this long he couldn't drop him in it now. Plus if anyone was going to get sent away Joe thought it should be him. After all he was the oldest and at the end of the day he was the one who had been driving the remote controlled car when it swiped into the old man and knocked him over.

“We never meant for anyone to get hurt” was all Joe could get out before the tears started to roll down his hot red cheeks. “We just wanted to see how the car would race round the trees” he sobbed. “He wasn't supposed to come outside, and when he tried to pick the car up...well I thought it would be funny for it to chase him. I never meant for him to fall”
Sally stared at the youngster. She knew he was nine years old but right now he didn't look a day over five as he sat there accused of murder. Suddenly she didn't love her job as much as she normally did. It was one thing to send a guilty adult off to be incarcerated but an innocent child who still had his whole life before him was another thing altogether.

It suddenly became ridiculous for the case to even be in court. She could remember Old Man Snowy from when she was a child. He was an iconic part of the town. That didn't mean that poor young Joe should suffer for something he didn't do.

As an older sister Sally was fairly certain that Joe was protecting Sam. Though not even Sam deserved to be punished, well at least not this severely. They made a poor choice in going there but they never set out to kill. If the front garden were in better condition and not full of pot holes and if the silly old man wore his glasses then he may never have even tripped.

Returning to her chair, Sally tried to think of how she could turn things about.

“No further questions” she said to the court as she took her seat. It was a cowards way out but at least it was a way out.

Saturday, August 18

The End of a Day

Sitting there she could feel her eyes begin to burn. She knew that she should, but she just couldn't. It was all just too hard, as always.

The muffled laughter and drunken chatter was slightly drowned out by the continuous whirring drone from the dryer. The one that she had fought ruthlessly never to purchase but was now secretly glad she had given into.

Her skin was sticky. Both from the sweat and the drink she had earlier spilt.

She didn't know what she was going to do. Bed seemed like a reasonable option but she wondered whether she would actually go to sleep. Lately it didn't seem to matter how sleepy she was sleep was still elusive. A dream so to speak.

It had been nearly a year yet at the same time it felt like forever. As always her life resembled an array of cliches. Pointless metaphors that everyone could pretend to understand yet had no real meaning at all.

Standing up she clicked on shut down.  It was enough for one night.  The answer to whatever she was looking for was not going to be found staring at that screen tonight.  Possibly not ever, but definitely not tonight.

Switching off the kitchen light she trudged her weary body up the stairs.  Each step getting heavier than the last.  She felt like her legs were made of lead.  In fact her whole body felt listless and heavy.

Turning the water on she waited for it to heat up.  Damn cloudy days meant the heater would be a bit slower and the water not as hot as she would really like.  She wanted to feel like she had been steamed clean.  She wanted the water to sting her skin.  She wanted it to feel like little darts of water piercing through her skin reminding her that she was still alive.

It wasn't that she didn't want to be alive but more of she didn't know how.  The past year had felt like it was a combination of slow motion and auto pilot.  The edges were all blurry still and she didn't know what to make of it all.  She knew that she had gotten through this far but how she would keep going remained a mystery.

Realising this was going to be as hot as it got she tried to enjoy what was there.  It wasn't nearly enough.  She needed extra heat to penetrate through the numbness that had engulfed her body.  Reluctantly she turned the hot off.  The water began to run cold, for a second close to freezing.  Only for a second though and only close to.  She was still left feeling unsatisfied and disappointed.  A reflection of life really.

Climbing in between the sheets she wished she had of taken the time to change them.  Yesterday.  After all that was designated sheet changing day.  What did matter now anyway? It was not like there was anyone else to share it with.  And with that the tears started flowing and her head started pounded.  It was all just too much.

Things I Know About The Universe, Kenny Rogers and Beautiful People

I know that on Wednesday morning I felt let down and betrayed by the universe.

I know that on Thursday I was thankful for a brand new day and the chance to start again. A chance to readjust my attitude, take stock of sensibilities, apologize to the the universe, and just generally pull my head in.

I know that the universe doesn't owe me anything. 
I don't know why I thought it did. Though maybe it was a combination of hope and faith that had me believing those tickets were mine before they actually were.

I know that there are some beautiful people in the world.

I know some of those beautiful people read my blog. That is not to say all my readers aren't beautiful though because they you are. Just at the moment one particular reader has made me beyond happy with her kind offer.

I know that when said reader rang me yesterday to say she had a spare ticket to Kenny Rogers and she wanted to take me with her to the concert I was beside myself. Though this was contained somewhat at the time because I was driving, however when I got out of the car you would have thought I was a Toyota driver I was jumping so high.
Not me but certainly what I was doing
I know that I am super excited to know that in twelve hours time I will be sitting on a tuft of grass waiting for the man himself to come out and grace the stage. Even just writing it gives me goosetingles.

I know that hearing Mr Awesome in the shower means I should get off the computer, make some coffee and prepare myself for the coming day. 

I know I am also excited to think that the end of the sporting year is just about upon us. That means no more Saturdays juggling different activities and racing from one venue to the next. Today is the last day for Miss 6's hockey and Miss 11 has this week and then the finals.

I know the thought of free Saturday's is pure bliss.

The last thing I know this week is that I am joining in with Singular Insanity

Friday, August 17

Sally and the Psychic

Following the words of a street psychic Sally finds herself at Hamilton homeless shelter unable to leave. Sally had been at the homeless shelter for nearly a month now and it wasn't getting any easier. Times were tough everywhere, there, they just seemed so much worse. Every one had a tale of sorrow and hardship. It was a country western singer's haven. Full of somebody done somebody wrong stories, just waiting to be turned into a tune or two.

Though in the eyes of most that was only to be expected really. A homeless shelter, in the middle of one of the world's largest cities, was not generally the type of place one would go looking for happiness. Of course, happiness wasn't exactly what Sally was looking for. She had hoped that eventually it would come to her, providing of course if she could last that long.

Rolling onto her back, she stared up at the ceiling. Examining yet again the flecks of paint that were peeling off in various sizes. At least it momentarily took her mind off the mattress springs ends that were poking into her. Surely she was wrong. Surely this was not what the psychic meant.

Part of Sally still didn't want to believe there was any truth in what she said. But since the psychic had gone out of her way to get Sally's attention, she thought that maybe there was some possibility she knew what she was talking about.

Sally had been walking down the street on her way home from another tiring day at work, when Celia the psychic called out to her, “What you are looking for will be caught on the corner of 53rd and Smith.” At first Sally thought she was talking to someone else and kept on walking. It was only after Celia called it out again, this time adding, “I am talking to you Sally Robinson” that Sally paid her any attention. “You heard me” was all the old woman would say. Her scratchy voice sending shivers down Sally's spine. Even just thinking about it now Sally could feel the hairs on her arm begin to rise.

Sitting up and swinging her legs over the side of her little bed, she wrapped her arms around herself and rubbed her hands along her arms. Perhaps the shivers were due the chilling winds that seemed to be gusting through the shelter. Unlike most people there, Sally didn't have the minimum of four cloth layers to keep her warm. When she first walked through the door, she hadn't expected to be staying long and therefore had not really dressed for the occasion.

After years of blindly walking past the crazy old woman and wishing she would take her crystal ball sideshow to some other pavement, Celia was all that consumed Sally's thoughts. The moment Sally had wished to talk to Celia and find out what she meant, she was gone. Disappeared into thin air. Sally had spent nearly two days waiting for her return but it was not to be, the self professing fortune teller was no where to be seen.

In the days after her encounter with Celia, Sally had gotten little sleep. Every time she closed her eyes, she was haunted by the woman's words. After a week, Sally relented and headed to the corner of 53rd and Smith. It wasn't like she had anything to lose...or so she thought.

Being unfamiliar with that side of town, it took Sally a while to find the corner in question. Once there she was sure she had it wrong. Being some what uppity and well to-do Sally had become accustomed to judging a book by it's cover.

Staring at the dilapidated old building she read the shabby sign above the door.
Hamilton Homeless Shelter. Helping you catch life again.

As she began to enter through the door, she was suddenly overwhelmed by the smell of fish. In an instant she felt like she had been swept backed to her childhood. Where as a little girl she would sit and help her father mend his fishing net, ready for the next day's catch. It was only a vague memory, her father had apparently died at sea when she was still only very young. Sally had always questioned the reality of his death.

Before she had a chance to recall any more, she was engulfed by the arms of a stranger. A bubbly little man who would have looked right at home standing amongst a group of dwarfs.

“Welcome, welcome” he gushed as he ushered her in and guided her to the where she now found herself. Where she seemed unable to escape from. As much as she despised the shelter and the wretched souls she shared it with she could not bring herself to leave. It was the first time in years she felt connected to her father and it was a connection she was not yet ready to break.

It had been nearly twenty years since she had last seen or heard from her father. Yet sitting there on the shelter bed she felt close to him. At first she thought it was just the smell from the fresh fish shop next door or the fishing nets hung up in the windows as curtains. But there was something else as well. Some niggling little thought that maybe, just maybe Celia was right.

Hearing the front door open Sally stood up and tidy herself up a little. Perhaps this time it would be him.

Thursday, August 16

Thankful Thursday - A Brand New Day

This Thursday I am thankful for the pure and simple fact that today is a brand new day. A chance to learn from the error of the yesterday and start again.

I actually started this post yesterday. Back then it was going to be called A Tough Day at the Office. Only it didn't really feel quite right. I am mean I don't exactly have an office and the toughness experienced was more of a poor mindset than anything else. In fact I think it is fair to say that everything that happened yesterday was the result of a terrible attitude on my part. One that I am thankful to have left behind today as I prepare myself to tackle the day full of optimism and hope.

Getting back to yesterday though and why am thankful I have the insight today to not let yesterday's woes get me down.

You know THE Kenny Rogers who sings awesome stuff like The Gambler and Lucielle ...
Well this Saturday the man himself is performing in my sleepy little town. Yep I know totally amazing huh? I still can't believe it. When I heard the news I dumbstruck. It was like a surreal dream coming true. I have loved Kenny since I was knee high to a grasshopper.

My parents had this boxed set record collection that had all his songs on them. Some of which I am still yet to find on CD. I loved it. I listened to it non stop. Whenever it was my turn to choose a record to put on it would be one of his. Even when we weren't allowed to have music on I would just sit there reading the song names and then seeing if I could play it in my head.

Even now I have a ridiculously large amount of his CD's. My pea sized brain, can not fathom the thought of him being in town and not seeing him. While I may live in a capital city it is one that is often over looked by awesome performers. We are too far away from the rest of the country to make it worth their while to swing by up here. To have a super star such as Mr Rogers perform and not go is just wrong.

Months ago when I first heard of the concert I was adamant that I would be buying tickets the moment they went on sale. Only when I found out the price I couldn't quite scrape together enough money for all of our tickets. Some $237 in total. Knowing the venue and knowing where I live I was fairly confident that tickets would still be available at the door so there was still plenty of time to get them.

Only now that time is nearly up and financially we are not exactly better off. Perhaps even worse because now, as Mr Awesome rightly pointed out, the $237 I think we should spend on tickets to the one and only Kenny Rogers would be better spent ensuring our car is ready for the upcoming road trip. Which I do get because $237 is a lot of money, but it is Kenny Rogers we are talking here. My brain can't comprehend not going. Nor can it come to terms with sitting in the park next to the outdoor venue and just listening to my all time favourite superstar.

Now here is where the bad attitude starts.

Normally I am quite happy to leave such problems in the more than capable hands of the universe. If I am meant to go then they will help me get there. Previously this attitude has served me well, and in the past I have been very well looked after by the powers that be.

On Tuesday I discovered that a local radio station is giving away a double pass each morning this week. It is not normally a station that I listen to but for such great reward I can do anything. I couldn't help but feel this was the universe giving me my chance.

Yesterday morning I was determined to be the winner of those tickets. The moment I came downstairs I tuned the radio in and began to listen for the highly anticipated cue to call.  After nearly an hour and a half finally it came. Naturally every other Kenny Rogers fan was calling in as well. The first fifty times I got the engaged signal.

With the landline at one ear and my mobile at the other I was certain one of them had to get through. Sadly I was wrong. I could hear the announcers talking they had already been through a number of calls looking for the right answer. Which I had of course.

Feeling slightly dejected I was about to give up when they put out a request for more callers. In an instant I was through. When the line answered and they took my details my heart was racing faster than I have ever felt. A knot in my stomach formed when they said I was second in line.

My knot quickly dispersed into a thousand butterflies when I heard the caller before get the answer wrong. I began thanking the universe no end. My faith strongly held that this what I had been waiting for and my dreams were about to come true.

Before the announcers even finished the first question I blurting the answer at them and jumping up and down with joy. I knew with absolute certainty I had it right.

Trying to regain my composure I ready myself for the next question.

In the TV series The Gambler, Kenny Rogers played Brady who?

My heart fell to the floor instantly. In fact I think I nearly collapsed. I had no frigging idea. None at all. Not even an iota of an idea.

Looking at my iPhone laying on the kitchen table I momentarily thought of turning to Google. Only that would be cheating and I just couldn't bring myself to do it.

"Is it Johnson?" my voice trembled. Already knowing it wasn't Johnson.
The universe had suddenly disappeared and left me to fend for myself.

The announcers might have given a bit of a "oh sorry, what a shame" before hanging up and moving on to the next caller, but all I could really hear was the beeping of the dead line. I was shattered, beyond mortified even, total devastation and on the verge of tears. All over a stupid double pass to a concert.

The bad mood, yelling and just generally poor behaviour that followed was appalling. Seriously appalling actually.

My poor girls, bless them, tried so hard to console me but I just wouldn't let them. I felt betrayed by the world at large. Unseen and unknown forces were suddenly working against me and I didn't want a bar of it.

Through out the day I tried hard to readjust my attitude. After all there are still two more days left to try again. However I can't help but wonder if the universe has totally turned it's back on my after my appalling attitude of today. I know if I were the universe I would not reward my child like behaviour.

Try as I might I could not find comfort in the euphoria that Michelle from Humpty Doo, who managed to answer the elusive question, must have been feeling. I am sure she too is a die hard fan and perhaps even in more of a dire financial situation than I.

The universe, much like the Lord, works in mysterious ways sometimes. I know this. Just sometimes, when it doesn't quite go the way I would like I feel like stabbing in the eyeballs with a fork. Should the universe of course have eyeballs.

Anyway today I am thankful that yesterday is over. A lesson has been learnt and I will try not to behave like a spoilt two year old anymore. Because you know what? As dire as our money situation might be to us, I know that there are many out there who are in a far worse situation. Far far worse. In fact at the end of the day I am not even sure I should be using the term dire. After all, we have a place to live, a car to drive, food on the table and clothes on our back. All of which I am incredibly thankful for.

Today I will be looking for all the blessings that come my way and not get dejected if things don't go as I think they should. I will make sure I am thankful for all that I have. Especially the the lovely Thai lunch a beautiful friend offered to shout me.

What are you thankful for this Thursday?
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~fairy wishes and butterfly kisses~

Tuesday, August 14

The Daily Grind

Looking around the disaster area that lay before her she was amazed at what she saw. Despite having seen the same, or at least similar and perhaps even at times worse, the amazement never ceased. Ever.

Taking a deep breath she began to wade on in, assessing where the best starting point for the day would be. Even though this was not exactly new territory for her, some days she just didn't now where to start.

It would be so much easier to just turn around and run.  And honestly there were days that she wanted to do that.  More than anything there were days where she wished for a magic wand that could make it all disappear.  Turn back the hands of time, erasing what was once and replacing it with something new.

Or at least something different.

It wasn't so much what she was faced, but more so the fact it was always the same. Each and every day. Always the same. It didn't matter what she tried, where she started, how she thought about it, it just didn't matter. The outcome was always the same.

There would always be clothes and dishes that would be waiting to be washed, dried and put away. Only to be used again. Sometimes barely even making it to the next stage before it is need once more. She couldn't believe that maintain wearable clothes for everyone was so time consuming. Between that and providing food on the required regular basis she barely had to get it all done, let alone herself. She was certain that this was not what she had signed up for.

Pausing for a moment she wondered exactly what she had signed up for? What was it she was expecting when she agreed to walk down her current life's path? She knew that it would be like nothing she had experienced before. That was part of the attraction, something new was supposed to equal something exciting, perhaps even better. She had heard others talk of it's great rewards and at the time she thought she was ready. Famous last words though, at the time, given the fickleness of time and all.

Not wanting to dwell on the past or what might have been for too long she went back to finding her starting point for the day. Only it was still too hard. Realising that what was really called for was a nice cuppa she left playroom in the disarray that comes with toddlers and headed for the kitchen. It's not like the mess was going anywhere. She had long given up on the cleaning fairies helping out.

As she waited for the kettle to boil she prepared the dishes for washing. Ensuring that the water was too hot to put her hands. The dishes could soak for a while without making her feel too guilty. Wistfully she stirred the milk into her coffee. Her mind wandering off to other paths she could have chosen.

Years ago, when she had first entered the academy, the procreation and reproductive studies had been her least favourite. It was all presented in such a clinical and non emotional way. Not to mention the emphasis on responsibility. She had always felt the pressure of the responsibility involved with child creating was too great for her. Yet somehow here she was.

Her plans had been to study hard, try her best and hopefully find her way on to a government team. That was where all the big money was. Though it was the prestige and attention that she sought as much as the money. In many ways the money was just the icing on the cake, the thought of being at the forefront of policy making and changing the world at large was really what she was after.

Instead here she was, single handedly raising a bunch of snotty nosed rascals that no one else wanted.

In the early days she had tried to convince herself that the work she was doing with these kids would one day make a difference. Even if only to the children. Now she was worn out and jaded. The system was wrong, it needed to be changed but she doubted it was something she could bring about herself.

Looking at the clock on the microwave she knew it wouldn't be long till the early rises would be up. Ending her peace and quite for at least the next ten hours. The daily grind was about to begin and the monotony of life about to hit full swing.

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Monday, August 13

Silence, Noise and Angel Connection

Wanting to take control of my life and ensure it is heading in the right direction I decided to give myself an Angel Feather reading. What else is there to do when children are at school or sleeping. It is not often that I find my self blessed with a tranquil silence, but when I do I like to make the most of it.

With the wind gently moving nearby wind chimes, their melodic chiming is all I hear. They somehow soften all other background noises, all of which are distant anyway. The tranquility I am experiencing is nothing short of pure bliss. This was the pause for inspiration that I spoke of last week.

Things were I live are not great at the moment. Without going into to much detail one neighbour is making life incredibly uncomfortable for other residents. There are bucket loads of tension all over the place. We are all just counting the days till the troublemakers leave.

Anyway, one of the other residents who also happens to be lovely new friend, lent me her Angel Feather Oracle deck. I felt strongly connected to them the moment she brought them out.

From the moment I got home with them I have been itching to have a play. The time was just never right though. Until now. Shuffling them in my hands the earlier felt connection just continued to grow. I like to have all the cards facing the right way when I start. Each one I turned round felt like it had a message for me.

It felt so good to be connecting to the Angel Realm. The real world is full of some pretty heavy issues at the moment and every now and then it is good to leave it behind. Dealing out the first three cards I felt reassured that not only would all be ok, but I would handle all before me with relative ease. Which I needed to hear like you wouldn't believe.

So here I am. Feeling warm and fuzzy, relieved that perhaps things aren't nearly as bleak as first expected. When  BAM! My peaceful, soul rejuvenating moments to myself are rudely snatched away from me.

Instead of solace I am now subjected to ear crunching pollution that is power drills and demolition.

The neighbours are getting a new kitchen. And bathroom. Which is super lovely for them because what they have is what some might call antique. It is definitely older than retro, which is what we are blessed with. To say I am jealous in some ways is not entirely untrue, but that is not the point right now. What I hadn't factored when I was told about the forth coming upgrade weeks ago, was the noise.

Did I mention we share a common brick wall?

It sounds like the handy man is about to bore through it at any given moment. His drill varying between ear piercingly sharp and brain burstingly loud. At precociously the same time as this starts the concrete trucks across the road on the other side of the house fire up and I soundly feel like I am in the middle of a war zone.

Oh no wait. That is not what makes me think I am in a war zone. The F-18's and Hercules that are now flying over head are what make me think war zone. Which I have never had a problem with and would by no means ever complain about what our pilots are prepared to do.
This flies over my house regularly at this time of year

Seriously my ears are ringing and my head a thumping. All the while Miss Two sleeps. Please just let her keep on sleeping. I wish I could just scream out to it all, don't you know I have a child sleeping if you would kindly shut the fuck up.

There now I've gone and sworn on the blog again. I do try not to do that. It is hard at the moment though. Feeling as frustrated and useless as I do at the moment dropping an f bomb here and there is all I can do. Thirty eight days and counting.

As the reader you should appreciate that this post didn't start with a range of expletives because I tell ya when that drill starts pounding into the wall I want to harm people with a fork. So much for being connected to the angelic fairy world.

Best I go source some ear plugs I think

Saturday, August 11

Saturday Morning

Saturday mornings in our house mean sport. Well at least for the next two weeks they do. After that they will mean freedom and sleep ins. I can hardly wait. It has been a long time since our weekends haven't been tied up with sporting activities.

The big girl has been playing sport for three maybe four years. I am one of those people that is terrible at keeping track of when things actually start and finish. For me it all sort of morphs from one thing to the next.  There is always so much going on. Perhaps that is why my concept of time is so skewed. Maybe if I spent more time keeping track of time I would gain a better grasp of the concept?

Today, like most mornings we were late. Only our lateness actually went to a new level this morning. The big girl was so late the game had actually started before we got there. That has never actually happened before.

I could put this down to the extra child, sleeping over who also needed to be dressed and ready for action way to early in the morning for my liking but really it is all irrelevant now. The comfieness of my bed that held me in it till ten minutes before leaving time was probably the largest factor.  That and the eternal hunt for a pair of socks and correct shorts.

The upside to the ridiculous starting time is that it will all be done as dusted well before lunch time. Mind you this weekend we have no plans that need to be altered to fit in amongst sporting commitments. Not like last weekend where our long weekend getaway had to be delayed so kidlets could play their games.  Once this is out the way there is nothing but guilt riddled free time or light housework duties that revolve around washing dishes and clothes.  Fun times all round.


Sitting here in the basket ball stadium I will quietly admit that the whole kids sports thing does seem slightly appealing right now. Well aside from the 8 am kick off.

Mr Awesome has taken our children to the hockey stadium. The outside in the weather, standing up the whole time hockey stadium. I on the other hand am waiting for our visiting friend to do her thing at the incredibly civilized indoor, with lots of seats, basketball stadium. With the absence of the other girls I am momentarily enjoying some child free time and quite frankly I like it.

I was able to have a coffee uninterrupted. Not only that but I checked in on all the tweets I had missed lately as well as write this post. Score score and score.

In between all of that there was a rather gorgeous new born within eye shot. Normally I am not one to gush over a baby that is not mine but this little one was just captivating.  Not in the I want to have one of my own, because I don't, but in a wow the start of new life is so precious and how lucky this mother was to be able to embark upon it kind of way.

While there was a time when I wanted lots, well seven, children, I don't feel that way any more. As lovely as a new baby is I have my hands full enough as it is.  Aside from that we live in a two bedroom townhouse. We are bursting at the seams as it is.

But I digress.  Which is not such a bad thing as this post is as good as done. Plus it is no longer Saturday morning. Basketball finished before the post was done and now is the first chance I have had to tidy this up and hit publish.  Now is of course nearly dinner time as well.

Over the coming weeks I am hoping to change things up a bit around here. Because you know I am a SAHM I have nothing else to do but play around on my blog.  Or not.

~fairy wishes and butterfly kisses, may in every way this be a special day~

Friday, August 10

The Last Long Weekend

Monday was our last official long weekend till Christmas.  This is heartbreaking because it means so many things.  Such as the weather will now start to change, leaving behind gorgeous sun drenched days, filled gentle breezes for a hot sticky steaminess that can only be broken by a rain that you know is not yet coming.

It also means there are in fact only 21 weeks till the start of the new year.  Time to achieve goals and plans is quickly fading. The last things I want to be doing though is wishing the year away. There is still so much to be done before we get there.

Such as my sister's wedding.  Which is also code for road trip to Cairns. When I spoke to my sister at the start of the week she said that there were only 36 days till the big day. This means there is even less till we leave.  Like a good seven days less.

OMG! I have some much to do before then.  Starting with finding a dress...

Time is something I struggle with on a fairly regular basis.  In fact you could probably say it is actually something I struggle with all the time. And have done so for as long as I can remember. One of my most vivid memories ever is of my first love smashing his fist through our wall clock in a bid to ease my concern about how time was passing.

That actually turned out to be a turning point in my life, one that is most certainly not being discussed today.

Today I am supposed to be sharing my thoughts on Olympic Gold and Glory. Only I still haven't written it. It has been floating around in the vastness of my mind for a week now. Ever since those poor swimmers were unable to swim faster than everyone else.

As always the time to write is hard to find.  Naturally that is not the only post quietly waiting in the wings. This was supposed to be a Thankful Thursday post that I wanted to publish yesterday. You know because that's when it was Thursday and all.

But moving on, as let's face it there is much to be done and time is slowly slipping away from us all.

So here are some

I know I am super thankful that we took the time to get away on the weekend.  With the weather changing even if there was another long weekend this year we wouldn't be able to hang out here any more.  With the warmer weather comes some nasty creatures in the area that spoil all the fun.

I know that neglecting to take the clothing bags of not one but two children, is incredibly frustrating.

Thankfully we were able to work around the situation and get by with what we had.  Washing clothes takes on a whole new world of fun when it is done in the ocean and dried by the fire.  Of course the actual cleanliness of the garments may be some what questionable but it not like that matters when you are the only people around.

I know that I can't begin to explain how blessed I feel about being able to take the kids away from all the technologies of today and let them run free through the sand.  Or exploring through some tidal creek beds.

Thankful that we live where we do.
Thankful that we have technologies to escape from.
Just so thankful.

I know that reading this post from Jess at Diary of SAHM, made me wish I had already written one similar sooner.  I had thought about writing about Denyse and her awesome grand daughter on Tuesday but didn't.  I kinda feel like hanging my head in shame now.

After all if a young child can go to the trouble of creating such a wonderful little e-book in the hope of raising money to change the lives of those less fortunate than she, surely the least I can do is encourage others to go out and support her efforts?

So will you?  Have you already?  I know that it will not just be I that is thankful if you do.

I am also thankful that there are so many wonderful people out there doing wonderful things to help others.  People like Grace and Trish who on Sunday will give it their all for World Vision.  Again even a small amount can make a huge difference for those that it goes to.

I know that while I would love to sit here for hours and write I really should go and stop that washing machine from beeping. Which in turn leads to hanging it out and so forth.  Sigh.

I know that the work of a mother is rarely done.
I know that as much as I complain about doing it, I am also so thankful for the fact I can do it.
I know that you only get out what you put in and that I probably should try putting a little more in.

What about you? What do you know and for what are do you give your thanks?

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Saturday, August 4

I am not here

I am off searching for smurfs.

No not really.

I am guest posting over at The Odd Couple Blog though, do swing by and say hi.

Friday, August 3

Excuse Me Is My Marriage Showing?

Today I am rather pleased to introduce my very first guest poster.  Please make Shawn from The Odd Couple Blog feel very welcome.  Shawn is a SAHM who has been married 28 years. Her goal is to help others enjoy their marriage as much as she has. She shares common sense marriage and family information make sure when you are done reading head on over to The Odd Couple Blog and see what else she has to say.
In the world today sometimes it is hard to really know what is in a person's heart. To have the time to get to know a co-worker or an acquaintance on a deeper level takes more time then you might have. There are many times that we spend our days with people that we don't really know even the most basic facts about. The same can be said about our neighbors and other people we spend our lives around but never get to know.

What about you? Do your co-workers, acquaintances even your neighbors know the basic facts about you? If a stranger was to watch your life right now would they be able to tell is you where married or not?

Well, how can you tell if a person is married? What one does with their time might be an indicator. A married person usually has a full time job if they are the bread winner for the family. Or you might be running errands to the bank, the grocery store or some other type of place that provides the necessities of taking care of a home and family. Even if there are no children yet still learning how to run a household takes a lot of time and hard work.

The activities of a married person would be different from a single. Hanging out in the bar trying to meet people is not something that you should be doing if married. Usually an activity is shared with your spouse since that is the reason most people get married, to have some one to share their time with. Since both of you usually are working during the day the evenings and week-ends are hours you cherish as time spent together recharging and enjoying one another.

The responses you give to different circumstances also can be a tool to know if you are married or not. If invited out to a party that might get wild and involve members of the opposite sex is turned down that response can help people know that you are not interested in those types of activities. An invite to a dinner party where spouses are invited is something that you are known to go people can learn your lifestyle and be able to draw conclusions to your marital status.

As important as it is to live a life that tells others your marital status it is just as important to let your spouse know that living the life of a married person is important to you. So, if you have been having a hard time up to now living life as a married person you can start cluing in your fellow workers and acquaintances of your married life. You can use how you spend your time. Do you need to get a full time job to help pay the bills? Are your activities showing what is on your left hand ring finger? Spend those precious free hours with the one you love. Are the responses you are giving to activities in turn with what a married person would do?

These are some of the important things you can do so you don't have to ask people. Excuse Me Is My Marriage Showing?

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