Monday, August 8

Always Room For Improvement

Sometimes there is just more room than others.

I am forever preaching to the kidlets about being the best you that you can be and all that.  You know the 'it doesn't matter what the result is as long as you genuinely try your best'.  Only I guess at times this preaching could go in the do as I say not as I do basket.  Because let's face it there are many times during the day when I am far from my best or even come close to trying to be my best.

Take right now for instance.  I am supposed to be typing up a quick data base of contacts for the school.  I am meant to be meeting the principal in around twenty minutes to discuss said contact list and a whole range of other things that I am yet to actually do. Stuff that I should have done weeks if not months ago.  I am far from my best or even trying to reach my best right now.

Well sort of.

You see when I sat down at the computer (which was justified as where else could I type up a contact list) Facebook was already open and my eye couldn't help but notice one of my fav blogs had a new post up (click here to read it)  Naturally I like to read things hot off the press (so to speak) so I headed on over.  From there I just had to check out this which eventually brought me to here.  And now that I am here I am going to work on being a better me so that makes it all ok hey?

I was so inspired by these wonderful mothers, women and bloggers, putting themselves on the line that I just had to join in.

So this week I am going to concentrate on changing ... ... ... 

... ... ... no I am not waiting for a drum roll just trying to decide as there are so many to choose from.

Ok got it.

This week I am going to make a concerted effort to stay on top of the housework.  Nothing to major just a load of washing (excluding nappies) washed, folded and put away every day and no dirty dishes left in the sink.  Sounds easy enough doesn't it? 

To find out what others are working on this week check out The Mother Experiment, the wonderful host for this brilliant idea.  Play along, improve yourself and support others.

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  1. Oh the house work is my nemesis. I always feel like I am just about getting on top of it, and then a rainy day hits, or the weekend comes and Hurricane House Mess hits. Good luck this week, can't wait to hear how you went with it all :)

  2. Thanks Daisy, it is certainly a never ending battle isn't it? I wonder how so many people manage to stay on top of it, or at least appear to :) Hope your going well as well :)


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