Tuesday, April 29

Living in the moment, planning for the future

Before too long this will be
my constant view
Lately these words seem to be constantly floating around my pretty little head. Living for the moment, planning for the future. I can't help but wonder if it is possible to do both. To me they just don't seem to go together.

There is no denying that I am very much a live for the moment kind of girl. I always have been. And for the most part it has served me well. Sure there have been occasions when I wished I stopped and thought about the consequences of the moment a little more while I was living it but on the whole it has served me well.

But what happens when the moment you are living in is not really as great as what you like but you can't do anything about it because it is all part of the plan for the future?

As a regular reader you would have probably heard about my impending #adventureofalifetime. Due to said trip I have returned to regular paid employment for the first time in over eight years.

I have always known that I was blessed to not have to work, until I went back to work though I just never really understood how blessed I was.

While I really enjoy the actual working side of things, at least at the start of the week, there is so much of it that I don't enjoy. Like all the extra organisation that is needed. The intricate planning of childcare arrangements and them being picked up (we only have one car), making sure dinner is organised on the nights I am working, less time to squeeze in a load of washing that should have been done days ago. All the little things that quite honestly I struggled with before I added twenty hours a week out of the house into the mix.

I don't like the rushing here and there, the having to be at another place at a particular time. The dump and run policy I have had to adopt at school because there is just no possible way I feel I could squeeze anything else into my precious time. The fact that sometimes when I drop Zany off at school I know I won't actually see her again until we wake up the next morning.

On top of all of that working makes me tired and cuts into my running time. Neither of which please me greatly.

I keep telling myself that it is all only short term and all for such a very valid reason. The end result of a few hard months will be well and truly worth it.

Deep down I know it to be true.

It's just I don't like living in a moment that involves waiting for the future.

Wednesday, April 23

Thankful Thursday - The Teapot Edition

Thankful Thursday with A Parenting Life It is going to be another short and sweet round of thanks from me again this week. My assignment is still oh so patiently waiting to be completed and with the due date of tomorrow afternoon looming closer by the moment I really need to just knuckle down and get on with it.

Without a doubt this week I am thankful that I work well under pressure.

In fact sometimes I can't help but wonder if I only seem to work under pressure. It would explain perfectly why said assignment is still waiting to be finished as opposed to actually being finished or even close to.

While still on the topic of the assignment I am thankful that it is slowly starting to make some sense. it gives me hope that I may just be able to get it done after all.

My main thanks this week goes to...

That smiling little cherub. Oh how she makes my heart sing. 

I am thankful that she is quite happy to entertain herself when I need to immerse myself in my books. I am thankful for the snugly cuddles and delightful smiles.
I am thankful for the wonderful conversations that she has with me on all manner of things. Like how she wanted to send her friend an Easter card but now Easter was over she wasn't sure if she still could.
I am thankful that she is still relatively happy to clean up at least some of the mess that she makes.
I am thankful that she listens and takes so much of what is going on around her.
I am thankful that she doesn't fight sleep.
I am thankful that as agreeable as what she is there are still times when she fights for what she really wants.
But more than anything I am thankful to call her mine.

Other thanks this week goes to

- registering for the Mother's Day Classic
- my blood levels nearly doing what they are supposed to
- customers who say the kindest things
- another long weekend
- being able to operate on not much sleep
- running (again)
- being mentioned in someone's favourite bloggers list

Over to you. What are you thankful for this week?

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Monday, April 21

Childhood dreams and the adult reality

As a child growing up there were only ever three career paths I ever really considered. They were (in no particular order I might add) being a journalist, a formula one mechanic, or a truck driver. Actually not just any old truck driver but a Mack Truck road train driver.

Where most young girls had their walls plastered with the latest posters from whatever the hip kids mags of the era were, my bedroom walls were adorned with road trains. Specifically Mack ones.

I loved everything about them. Particularly the fact that girls weren't supposed to interested in them. I was a bit of a rebel like and and refused to conform to as many norms as I could. Of course the fact that one of my parents closet friends at the time worked for Mack and gave me an endless supply of these posters also had something to do with my interest.

image found here
With hindsight and looking at that glorious image above I can't help but wonder if my obsession with them was also to do with the freedom I thought a truckie had. Not to mention the wonderful view of the open road ahead of them and the sights I was sure they would see. I do know however that I desperately wanted to be the first female road train driver.

Till of course I discovered that someone had already beaten me to it and my dream was shattered. It was about that time I decided to be the formula one mechanic. Purely because I was certain that no woman had done that yet and I was destined to be a pioneer of some description.

Being a mother was certainly never on the list of things I was aiming to do. Though in all fairness neither was not having children. It was just not something I gave much thought to.

As I got a little older and I realised how much loved and needed to write it seemed only natural that I would become a journalist. Because that is what people who love to write do isn't it?

Clearly non of these childhood aspirations came into fruition. Instead I am stay at home mum who is currently working part time, while trying to study (again) as she waits for her adventure of a lifetime to begin in around fourteen weeks. In between it all I somehow squeeze in blogging.

Well actually, there is no somehow about it. I stay up late tapping away on my keyboard trying to churn out words of awesome so that I feel in some small way close to actually being something similar to what my younger self thought I would. That and the fact that writing is one of the things that helps me keep a grasp of my sanity.

Sitting down to write is one of the few times in my day where my brain doesn't feel kerfuddled and all over the place. Instead it is when I usually feel my most centred and together. Which is more than kinda nice I can tell you

Somehow or another though, thanks to this little old blog I have been fortunate enough to have had the opportunity, on more than once occasion to actually pretend that I was a journalist. And by that I mean I was able to interview famous people. Well one famous person and two mothers of famous people.

My first famous person encounter was with the mother of Emily Seebohm, Karen. Emily, in case you didn't know is an amazingly fast swimmer. The next came shortly after and was even more exciting as I spoke to Pam. Who just happened to give birth to one of this country's fastest ever male swimmers, the ever gorgeous Eamon Sullivan.

But I am starting to digress and get caught up in name dropping. Or rather post dropping I guess.

When I sat down to write this post I had originally planned to call it Love Your Sister and Touch Yourself. My last brush at playing journalist was when Samuel Johnson rode his unicycle to town.

If by chance you missed it he was riding his unicycle around the country to raise awareness and funds for breast cancer. Love Your Sister was the name of the organisation they set up to promote Sam's journey. It was around this time last year that they were in Darwin. Actually Lovely got to celebrate her twelfth birthday watching Sam swim with the crocodiles. But again I am starting to get off track.

You see something else happened around this time last year.

A beautiful woman lost her battle with breast cancer.* Before she left the world though she left one of her most well known songs to be used for breast cancer awareness.

Which ultimately is what I really wanted to share with you today.

So have you touched yourself today?

*actually chances are more than one beautiful woman lost her battle this time last year, there was only one however that really made the papers.
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Mr Awesome and his duck face

Last week when we were caravan adventuring, or rather searching for a caravan for our adventuring, Mr Awesome had an epiphany. One that was brought about I think by Lovely's constant desire to take selfies.

One that makes me giggle, and hopefully you will too.

As we adventure our way around Australia Mr Awesome is going to share his duck face selfies with the world at large

On top of Ubirr Rock, Kakadu NT
Or rather he is going to take the duck face selfies, and I will share them with the world at large.

In our hotel room, Kakadu Crocodile Hotel.
The hotel is actually shaped like a crocodile, I kid you not.
With yours truly as I tell him my plans to share his duck face far and wide.

At home with his rather delicious chilli mud crab,
he may not cook much but man does he do a mean chilli muddy
Stay tuned for more duck face giggles. If all goes to plan I may just sort him his own duck face website.

Joining in with the Laugh Link 

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Sunday, April 20

Snapshots of Us - Week 16

In my head I have the tune of The Platters hit The Great Pretender going round and round, only the words have been changed to say the great procrastinator. I have even gone so far as google the lyrics to see if I could actually rewrite the whole song. Because I am, without a doubt a great procrastinator.

There is a uni assignment patiently waiting for me to do it. It is a critical analysis of a journal article. My brain keeps freezing up at the mere thought of it all and sending my mind into a panic wondering why on earth I thought returning to study was a viable option. Hence  I have taken my procrastination to all kinds of new levels and done anything but actually study.


So what has happened in the last week I here you ask?

Well in my last Snapshot update I mentioned that we had gone for a wee drive to see if we had found our new home for #ouradventureofalife. Turns out we had.

The drive out there was all kinds of awesome and even involved passing through some water. Which was made even cooler by the fact we had just had a new snorkel put on the day before.

While we were out that way, and by out that way I mean Kakadu National Park, we thought we would take the opportunity to do a bit of rock climbing. Ubirr Rock is one of Mr Awesome's favourite places.

And with views like that you can totally understand why.

It was also a great chance to get the girls posing for a few shots in amongst the rocks. In this one they were just pleased to be in the shade. Unfortunately we were out and about in the hottest part of the day but it was unavoidable and most definitely worth it.

Originally we had planned to head west on for #ouradventureofalifetime but now it appears as if we will do a dash down the middle, check out Ayres Rock, Devils Marbles and Kings Canyon before seeking out some snow. We will then head back to Darwin for my specialist appointment and a few test and then head west.

Which has given my mum the perfect opportunity to get her needles out and get her knit on. Teapot is just in love with her scarf, beanie and mittens. They almost need to be forcibly removed when she tested them out.

Oh and this happened

I became the mother of a teenager.

This was taken on her last day of being twelve. It amazes me sometimes just how grown up she not only looks but actually is. Seems like only yesterday she was cradled in my arms.

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Saturday, April 19

Things I Know About Easter

Given that as I write it is Good Friday I thought it only fitting to write about the things I know about Easter. Well actually that is not entirely true, I had planned to write about the things I know about procrastination but then I realised I had already been there and done that. So things I know about Easter it is.

In all fairness to Easter though I had been thinking all week that a things I know about Easter would be kind of fitting, until I wondered what I actually do know about Easter. At this point in time I am holed up in the bedroom under the guise of studying. Being the awesome procrastinator that I am naturally not actually studying, which is why I thought that maybe a post about the things I know about procrastinating was a good idea.

Turns out I have actually spoken about procrastination quite a fair bit on this little old blog (do a quick search in the search box to the right to see what I mean). The fact that it is now Easter Saturday is testament to how easily distracted I am.

As I was writing I was also doing a quick google search to see what the interwebs had to say about Easter. Turns out, not a lot that was of use. Top of the page was what Wiki had to say about Easter, followed by where to party in Sydney. Because you know, Easter is all about partying isn't it?

I know that for me, particularly this Easter, it is all about relaxing and trying to get some study done.

I know that if it weren't for an impending assignment this Easter would have been about taking our new mobile home out for a test drive.

I know that I thought it rather cute Mr Awesome spent the day sitting inside said mobile home while it was parked in the driveway on account of not being able to get away for the weekend.

I know that I found the price of Easter eggs rather disgustingly disturbing.

I know that it makes me sad to think that our lives are becoming so commercialised.

I know that there will not be many eggs in our house this year. Which is not necessarily a bad thing for teeth and waistlines.

I know that if you wanted a more meaningful Easter post you should totally head on over to Essentially Jess.

I know that if you want to find out more of what other people know you should totally head to Help I'ms Stuck as that is where Things I Know lives.

I know that I am also going to link up with Mums Take Five

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Wednesday, April 16

Thankful Thursday - The quicker than quick edition

Thankful Thursday with A Parenting Life At one point on Wednesday night I thought that I wouldn't actually get around to writing a post for today. After two full days of work and not nearly enough sleep I feel beyond drained. The seemingly endless sad tales I heard at work just sapped whatever energy I had left.

Just before I was about to dragged myself up to bed though I did a final email check for the day. Which took all of about five seconds because there was only one email. A notification from Google telling me that a new comment had been left on my last post.

After reading it, I had a sudden change in heart and decided that even though I longed to just shut my eyes and sleep for a week I could still make the time to be thankful. So here I am.

Today I am thankful for ...

... the fact that I am now the mother of a teenager. 

... finally giving into temptation and trying a butterfly cupcake from the bakery

... having a great weekend away

... purchasing our home for the #adventureofalifetime

... reading this post from Zoey. I now feel validated just by knowing some of my feelings are shared by someone as awesome as her.

... my fitbit. It is doing a great job at encouraging me to keep on moving

... the coming long weekend. Hopefully it will give me a chance to write the assignment that by now should already be mostly written.

... everyone who stops by here and has a read.

... all who join in and share the joy of Thankful Thursday

Now you.

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Tuesday, April 15

Things I Know About Quirky Writer's Habits For Writer's Reveal and IBOT

Today's IBOT post is proudly bought to you by the Writer's Reveal group and teamed up with Things I Know over at Help I'm Stuck.

Writer's Reveal is a group of bloggers (most* of whom write all kinds of awesome things on a rather regular basis) Once a month we all write to the same topic which is suggested by one of the members.

I know that this month the prompt of Quirky Writer's Habits was given by Ashley.

I know that I am not really sure what quirky writer's habits I have. It feels like forever and a day since I really sat down and did any real writing. Is not considering myself a real writer a quirky habit? Perhaps self doubt and a lack of confidence is a more apt description?

I know that for quite some time I described myself as a non writing writer. I guess that could be seen as a somewhat quirky habit. Though perhaps it just links back to that self doubt and lack of confidence thing?

I know that words never seem to flow until the last minute or sometimes even later. Is leaving everything to the last minute really a quirky habit or is it just procrastination?

I know that after a quick google of some real writers quirky habits I have a long way to go.

Apparently to meet his deadline for The Hunchback of Notre Dame Victor Hugo placed himself under strict house arrest. Which included locking up all of his clothes and wearing only a large gray shawl until the book was finished.

In her twenties Virginia Woolf preferred to write while standing up. Some say it was so her sister, who was a painter and stood to create, would never be able to say she worked harder.

While Friedrich Schiller could not write without the stench of fermenting apples.

I know that I could maybe say my lack of editing and insistence of hitting the publish every time I sit to write something, regardless of what actually comes out could perhaps be seen as quirky. Though I fear it may just be a sign of laziness.

I know that my desire to link up blog posts to as many hosts as possible could be seen as quirky. Or attention seeking.

Are you a writer? Do you have any quirky habits? Are they more real and quirkier than mine?

Do you know something? Anything? If so you should totally share it over at Ann's

Are you a blogger? Do you blog on Tuesday? If you are and you do, do you join IBOT with Essentially Jess?

So many questions, so little time! Maybe my quirky writer's habit is that I tend to ramble on and on?

Other Writer's Reveal writers are

Melissa Writes

*oh and by most I mean all of them but me, I am currently dishing out some tough love to myself.
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Sunday, April 13

Snapshots of Us - Weeks 13,14 & 15

More weeks have flown by without me having shared what we have been up to. It just flies by so quickly sometimes that before I know it Sunday has been and gone without a photo being snapped. Though I think missing three weeks is a new record. I guess that is just the joy of birthdays and living life.

Last Sunday we were at a friend's birthday party. He shares the same birthday as Teapot. In fact he is just a mere twelve hours older than her. His mother stole the midwife I was hoping for actually, though at the time we did not know each other. All of which is a story for another day.

While we were at the party I made a point of taking a photo or two of dear Teapot. It was after all her last day of being three.

I even managed to squeeze myself  and Zany into a few shots

For those who stopped by the blog on Thursday you would have seen I was thankful for Teapot's appreciation of the simple things in life. Well at least that is what I wanted to say, thinking about it now I am not sure whether I really got that message across or not. Either way she was happy to have a quite day with her sisters. To make the day a little extra special though we headed to the movies in the morning to see what all the hype about The Lego Movie was.

As I type this I am being judged in a way I have not been for quite some time.

In preparation for our #adventureofalifetime (yes I have finally decided on a hashtag, at least for the time being) we hit the road this weekend to check out a caravan for sale. The owner lives around three hours away in the heart of Kakadu National Park (oh the hardship). While we could have just done a made dash out there we decided that it would be much more fun to stay the night. Especially since one of the hotels that way just happens to be in the shape of a crocodile.

So after checking out one of our favourite rock formations (Ubirr Rock) we spent the rest of the afternoon hanging by the pool. Which is where we are now.

Now before I go on I should point out a few things. Like Teapot is a fairly good swimmer for her age and I can touch type. So to me having the three kids sitting on the albeit rather deep step of the pool and splash around while I kick back on the banana lounge and type away was more than ok. Apparently others begged to differ. And by others I mean the older lady and her friends that recently arrived at the pool.

While she may not have actually said anything to me, the repeated questioning of whether those children could swim to her friends made it quite clear that she was disapproving of my actions. If only she knew that my plastic cup was holding cider then perhaps she could have really has kittens. (Yes the whole non drinking thing didn't last very long. McDreamy telling me that I have a particularly happy healthy liver that was stopping my medication from was taken as a sign to fall off the wagon, though it is a highly moderated wagon).

I should also point out now that I have spent years being a highly strung mother watching her children's every move where water is concerned. It is only now that they are older that I am starting to relax just a tiny bit. Which is probably related to their ability to actually swim now. Water safety can never be taken too lightly and as much as it may have looked like I was not paying attention my eye was still very much on the ball.

For now though it is time to bundle the children inside and shower them ready for dinner. It feels all kinds lovely to be treating ourselves this weekend. We look at the caravan in the morning and I can't help but feel it is all just meant to be. But then again it may just be wishful thinking as well. Only time will tell I guess.
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Wednesday, April 9

Thankful for cheating cakes and typing quick

Thankful Thursday with A Parenting Life It is the early hours of Thursday morning and I was just putting the finishing touches on today's post. I had actually started on Tuesday, which is something rather unusual for this last minute Lucy.

As it turns out most of what I had written onTuesday got sent to the rubbish, but it was nice thinking that I was semi organised. Of course when Blogger kindly froze without saving any of my changes I did wonder why it was I bothered with the whole organisation thing.

The joys of modern technology hey?

So here is a quick recap of what I said.

I am thankful that Teapot had a lovely birthday and enjoyed a simple day.

I am thankful that for my birthday last month I was given a cheat's cake book. Made by the awesome ladies over at The Australian Woman's Weekly I think it is a must have for every mother.

As much as I love getting my Martha on and trying my hand at creating things for the kids, I find it incredibly disappointing when I fall well short of the mark. This book however seems to be the answer to all my prayers.

This is the photo from the book that my little Teapot adamantly requested I recreate.

And this is what I created

I am beyond thankful that it worked out as well as what it did. 

Other random and quick thanks goes to

- saving my blog template when I thought I had lost it all.
- beautiful friends that stopped by to help make Teapot's day super special
- school holidays
- being able to get by on limited sleep
- this post actually saving and working and it not taking nearly as long to get out the second time round

What about you? What are you thankful for?

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Tuesday, April 8

Babies, four year olds and impending teenagers

Yesterday saw my little Teapot turn four. Which as you can imagine has sent me into a reflection overdrive. Birthdays just tend to do that I guess.

It is hard to believe that four whole years has passed since she was born.

Little Teapot, less than 12 hours old
In so many ways it does feel like it was only yesterday. Till I stop to think of all that has occurred in that time of course. Though truth be told the the main thing that I think of in that time is the fact that it also roughly equates to how long my dad has been dead for. Which feels like so much longer than four years I must say.

Not so little Teapot, four years old
I often look at her and wonder just how much of him is in her. Dad passed away when I was about three months pregnant. I am so glad that even though he never got to know her at least he got to know she was on the way.

As it stands this should be the last time that I have a four year old. As much as I may have wanted a whole tribe of children years ago, now I am happy to stop at three. In fact I am more than happy to stop at three. While I totally love having babies and loved every moment of having a baby in the house I am pretty excited to be moving on past the baby stage as well.

Turns out this mothering gig is so much more than just babies.

Lately I have found myself stating how there should be a warning that comes with babies. One that reminds you that they will not always be cute and cuddly. That one day they will grow into teenagers. A time that may very well try you more than any baby moment.

Did I mention that in ten days Lovely will become a teenager?

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Friday, April 4

Things I Know About cramming, breathing and trying to squeeze everything into less time than I would like

Let me just start by saying I am super excited by the fact that Things I Know has a new home

As far as I am concerned it is one of THE best linkies that I have ever come across and the thought of it no longer existing made me genuinely sad. While I would have loved to have it here again, with Thankful Thursday, our impending adventure of a lifetime, not to mention daily trials and tribulations that make up my life, it just wasn't possible. 

Now that is out of the way let me share some of the other things I know this week.

I know I am super glad that Ann happily put her hand up to take it on and I just know she will be a super awesome host for it.

I know that with ten minutes till I am meant to be at work I possibly shouldn't be making the time to blog.

I know that I am beyond pleased I managed to just scrape in the first round of my assessments before they were due. Talk about cutting it fine.

I know that for some crazy reason being able to put a biro through my hair to hold it in place excites me no end.

I know that using my newly learnt breathing tips on my run this morning made a rather large difference to how I went. 

I know that my post on breathing and running has not been read by nearly enough people.

I know that I am sorry to all my thankers yesterday for not commenting on your lovely posts.

I know that I will get there, just probably not today.

I know that I really must go and get a wriggle on for work!

I know I am beyond glad work is less than a two minute drive away.

What is it that you know this week? 
Head over to Ann's and see what others are knowing
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Wednesday, April 2

Thankful Thursday

Thankful Thursday with APLAs so often is the case when I sit down to blog there are around a thousand other things that I should be doing. Today some of those things involve getting ready for work, feeding children and tidying up.

None of which are really all that appealing, which I guess is why I am still sitting here. Well that and the fact that Zany is on the computer and thanks to the wonders of modern technology we are able to send each other messages. It is all a bit cute. We are co writing a story a sentence at a time.

I am so thankful for not just the equipment to be able to do such things, or even her ability to be able to type but more so just the time to be able to do it. Even if it is starting to get a little rushed as my imminent departure for work looms closer.

The past few days have been particularly tougher than the last few weeks. Even though I have not had to work full time hours, which I am incredibly thankful for, I have seen so very little of the girls. Which I am obviously not so thankful for.

As you may recall I decided to return to study this year only I forgot to organise my text book which I took as a sign to fall behind for a few weeks. This has all meant that the last few days have been a crazy cramming sessions trying to catch up on all that I missed. I so thankful that mum was able to have the girls giving me lots of time to cram in as much study as possible.

I am also thankful that so far I have managed to pass my first few assessment pieces. I would be more thankful if I had had actually completed them all but there is still time. Not much mind you but hopefully just enough.

Other thanks this week goes to Getty Images and their generosity at sharing free images with bloggers. I am particularly thankful that after a bit of tweaking I worked out how to change the coding and centre the images in my post. I always feel all kinds of impressed with myself when I manage to get HTML to do what I want it to!

Working every night this week has also meant that running has not been as easy as what I was hoping for. However I am thankful that I have managed a few early morning runs. I can't even begin to explain how great it feels to be out there again.

I am super thankful that I now know a little more about breathing while running as well.

What about you? What are you thankful for this week?

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Running and breathing. Doing it wrong and getting it right

With race day just under two months away I have decided that I need to take this whole running thing a little more seriously. As much as it is all just about getting out there and putting one foot in front of the other there are also a few handy things to know about to get the most out of putting those feet in front of each other.

For me at the moment the most difficult thing about running is breathing. I just can't seem to do them both at the same time. No matter how much I breath in it just doesn't feel that I am actually getting any air in. Obviously I must be getting some in, but just not nearly enough for my body's liking.

Thanks to a quick Google search though I have been able to find the error of my ways and am now enlightened as to how a runner should be breathing. And since I am a sharing caring kind of running blogger I am happy to impart my new found knowledge on to you.

With any luck now that I know how to run a breathe
I too will soon make running look as effortlessly as she does

The first thing I was doing wrong was trying to breath through my nose. For some reason I thought that I would have more control of my air intake if I only breathed through my nose. Which was actually pretty tricky to do. Which is why I thought it must have been the right thing to do because so often in life the right thing is often the hardest thing to do.

Not when it comes to running and breathing though.

When running you should breath through your mouth rather than your nose. Or both, but definitely not your nose alone.

Clearly your air intake through your mouth is of a much larger capacity than your nose. Since you need extra oxygen to run properly it only stands to reason that you breath in a manner which maximises your air intake. I can't believe I couldn't work that all out for myself but there you go.

The other hot breathing while running tip, is to breath deep and from your belly rather than your chest.

Apparently most runners have a tendency to breath using their chest rather than their diaphragm. To combat this it is advised to practise belly breathing when you are not running so that it will eventually become a natural habit.

Regular Pilates, which strengthens the core, increases flexibility and improves breathing is a great way to encourage belly breathing. Some great Pilates exercises for runners can be found on this Runners World post.

To test where you are a belly breather or not, place your hand on your stomach and breath in. Your hand should rise as your stomach expands. As you exhale your stomach (and hand) should go down.

Once you have sorted breathing in through your mouth and using your diaphragm rather than your chest the last part of breathing while running is establishing a rhythm.

A running breathing rhythm is essentially just taking the same amount of steps for each inhale and then exhale. For example when you breath in, take two steps, then breath out over another two steps and so on. Of course it doesn't have to go for two steps though, it might suit your pace better to breath in over three and out over two or vice versa or perhaps a 2:1 or 1:2 ratio works better. It all just depends on on your stride, pace and where abouts in your run you actually are. For more details on establishing breathing rhythm while you run head to this post by Runners Connect.

So there you have all you have to do to breathe properly while running is, open your mouth, create a rhythm and use your belly rather than your chest! Easy as huh?

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Tuesday, April 1

Getting my run back on

Just over two years ago, on the 18th February 2012 to be exact, I began to change my life forever.

Inspired primarily by Trish and Kate I laced up my sneakers and decided to see if could suddenly become a runner.

I say suddenly because for my entire life before that point running was not something I thought I could do. Sure I played team sports as a teen that involved a lot of running but that was different. Short dashes from one end of a field to another chasing a ball hoping to get there before someone else did was not exactly real running. Especially when it left you completely and utterly out of breath and gasping for air.

Somehow though, with time, patience and perseverance I could slowly feel a change occurring within in my inner being. As I worked my way through my beloved interval training program I noticed that I was actually able to run for extended periods of time. In fact after about eight weeks I was actually able to maintain a steady much faster than walking pace for a solid thirty minutes.

Since then my running has fluctuated. There has been times when I would be out pounding the pavement every other day and other times where a month and sometimes more, would pass between runs. Though the longer I went without running the more I would long to do so and eventually I would find a way to get myself back out there.
Me getting myself back out there

Over this period I have managed to propel myself nearly 500 kilometres. In June last year I entered my first fun run. A twelve kilometre city to surf event. Being able to say I completed it feels me with all kinds of pride. As does being able to call myself a runner. Words I honestly never thought would leave my mouth.

On the television the other day I heard an advertisement advising that registrations for this year's City to Surf event were now open. Needless to say I am registered. Last year I had less than a month to prepare myself for the big day. This year I have about double that and I am making the most of it.

Sadly recent months have seen less running than I would have liked. Between working, studying, the weather, being a mum and all kinds of stupid excuses have made squeezing in time for a run easier said than done.

At least that was the case before I registered for the race.

Once I had registered, which involved me parting with forty dollars, I made a promise to myself not to make any excuses not to get out there. The running inspired birthday gifts I received the other day have helped no end in this as well.

The past few weeks have seen me go for a run more than what the last three months have. In so many ways it feels rather awesome to be back out there. However there is one slight problem.


I just can't seem to do it while I run anymore. I am back to gasping for air like a fish out of water. It feels awful and makes running rather difficult to say the least.

Thankfully though the internet is a wealth of information and I have been able to read a few articles on how runners should be breathing. This post was supposed to share some of my new found breathing while running tips but I think we can all agree it has gone of for long enough for now. Make sure you pop back tomorrow because I will share it all then.

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