Sunday, August 14

Still Trying to Improve

Last week I posted about there always being room for improvement.  It was the first in a weekly link up with the wonderful Karlee over at The Mother Experiment called Me and YOU Monday.  

The idea is that we all take one area of our life that we would like to improve.  For the entire week we focus on improving said area.  For me it was the housework, for Karlee it was stressing, Daisy elected to focus on reducing her yelling, Kristy was hoping for the return of predictability to life and Courtney wanted to work on cutting herself some slack.

Now before I go on to tell you how I went I must say that I feel a bit out of place.  These other courageous women really put themselves on the line with what they wanted to change.  They put themselves down for some serious internal change and personal growth.  They committed to actively creating positive change within their lives.  Sort of makes my housework goal rather pale by comparison.  Mind you if you have ever stepped foot in my house, you would understand the actual importance of the need for change.

Housework is not one of my priorities.  In fact I don't think it even comes close to scraping by as a priority.  SomeMost days I doubt if housework even makes it on to the to do list let alone an actioned priority list.  So saying I was going to commit to daily washing, folding and putting away of a load of washing (excluding nappies) as well as maintain a sink free from dirty dishes was a pretty big step.  One that if I managed to pull off would have been nothing short of a minor miracle.

So... ... ...

           ... ... ... Just how did I go?  Here is a bit of a run down for you.

Tuesday - Brilliant day!  Managed to get two loads of washing done and put away.  Not only that but cleared the sink of dirty dishes and even made some progress on the decluttering that hubs kindly forced me into a few weeks ago.

Wednesday - Not quite so brilliant but not all bad either.  Didn't get quite as much done but did manage to get some washing out and possibly put some dishes away.  Photographed washing for rather cool Wordless Wednesday post

Thursday - A right off.  Nothing achieved or accomplished.  Nothing at all.  Not even close.  Washing still hanging on the line and dirty dishes tower growing nicely.  Could use the death of the dog as and excuse but excuses are for the weak aren't they?

Friday - Washing still on line.  Possibly washed a few dishes.  Had an awesome time at the wave pool with the girls and really enjoyed the time on the computer in the morning.

Saturday - Washing finally off line.  Basket still sitting in lounge room waiting to be folded.  Extra child the night before creates more dishes than expected and dirty dishes tower nearly at a new all time high.  Manage to downsize a little.

Sunday - Day of rest? Not likely! Complete opposite.  Washing is folded and waiting to be put away however, two new loads washed, dried and put away all in the one day!  (Hard to believe I know but true none the less)  Dirty dishes tower finally completely deconstructed and cleaned and even put away.  Most of the dinner dishes are even washed (though not put away and nor will they till morning)

So it looks as if I will be holding on to the housework for this week as well.  Clearly there is still room for improvement!  Make sure you check back next Monday to see how this week went.  Head to The Mother Experiment to link up and find out more

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  1. I think you are incredibly brave for putting that out there!! I am putting this one off because it will mean I will have to actually do it!! I read your post thinking how familiar it sounds (as I do with many of Karlee's) and wondered if and when I'll be brave enough to put that out there!!! Know that you certainly aren't alone in your quest (I have even done myself a weekly schedule that I'm desperately trying to stick to to try and make it not so daunting every day/week..... which sounds really sad!) and that I'm cheering for you!! xx

  2. Thanks Kristy, It is nice to know that we are not alone in all of this isn't it? And no, a weekly schedule does not sound really sad, especially if it means a clean and tidy house is easily maintained. To me it always seems so much easier on paper


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