Monday, December 23

I must confess my favourite posts

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The eve of Christmas Eve and somehow in amongst the craziness of all that needs to be done I feel I have the time to sit and blog. Well of course I do. I wouldn't be a procrastinator or blogger if I didn't see the height of busyness as the prime to sit down and belt out some words of wisdom otherwise. Aside from that it is the last confession of the year over at My Home Truths and there is no denying it has been one of my most favourite link ups this year.

Now the prompt for this week was your favourite post. Which is nice and easy if of course you are in a position to actually be able to choose your favourite post. I am sure it surprises no one that I am unable to complete such a seemingly simple feat. I don't think I can even narrow it down to a top five.

Much to my surprise I only have fifteen posts tagged under Confessions. I thought that there would have been many more than that and maybe there are and I was just a slack tagger. Which while hard to believe is quite possible. Sometimes the whole tagging of posts go by the wayside, much like most things in my life at times I guess, but I am starting to digress.

Rather than face the impossible and select an actual favourite post I have decided to give you the most read confessional post here on this little old blog of mine.

The first of which is from way back in June and was a double up post that saw me confessing and blogging on a Tuesday. Not that the title actually gives much away but it is all about toilet cleaning and who does it at The Shoebox.

Quite fittingly the next most read confession of the year is when Kirsty ran away for a week and left me in charge. I was all kinds of excited I can tell you. Especially when eleven rather awesome bloggers came along and joined in. No wonder I struggled to pick just one blog that I loved that week!

The next post on the list is a little more recent and is where I share my confessions to a seemingly perfect weekend. A post which another fellow blogger had asked me to share months prior to me actually getting around to it.

Number four on the most read confessions is from way back in March where I confessed I was totally unable to stay away from linking up to other blogs for week. 

And last but not least, number five on the most read confessions posts is one where I confess to  being all kinds of crazy. Which probably came as a total surprise to no one.

One thing I must say I have noticed as I look back through all these old posts its that I am a terrible comment responder. Like really really terrible. And for that I am truly sorry. I didn't actually realise I was as slack at it as what these posts make me appear to be. 

Anyway there you have it. My top confession posts for 2013.

Thanks so much to the ever lovely Kirsty (who I invariably want to call Kristy all the time) for being the hostess with the mostess when it comes to confessing. Since this post could loosely be considered a list I am also going to join in with Listmania over at Hopeful Rae of Sunshine because she is awesome.
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  1. It could totally be used as a list :) Thanks for linking up sunshine- much appreciated xxx 2014 is definitely going to be our year :)

  2. A perfect weekend does sound most appealing - off to read. Have a wonderful Xmas!!! Enjoy the break and see u in 2014...

  3. You just made me realise that I accidentally called Kirsty "Kirsten" in my comment on her blog. D'oh! Christmas brain strikes gain!

    1. You're both lucky that I'll pretty much answer to anything! It's one of the curses of having a "slightly unusual yet similar to other names" name. If it makes you feel better I was known as "Keirsty, Kristy, Kirsty" at school with two others as no-one could remember our names so were had a collective moniker instead!

  4. I will be sitting down later and checking out your top five confession posts. And don't feel too bad about not commenting as much as you should, I'm right there with you! Thanks so much for being such a fun confessor this year - looking forward to some more caring and sharing in the new year!

  5. I'm looking forward to catching up with a lot of blog reading over the break. I will add your top 5 to the list.

  6. The hardest thing about blogging s blogging! Congrats on containing to blog - many try and fail but you succeeded!


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