Friday, April 15

Darwin Life and Home Expo

The first ever DarwinLife and Home Expo was recently held at the Darwin Convention Center.  This is one of the newer parts of town.  To me it seems so modern and flash.  Not like the dusty little town I vaguely remember as a child.  Now it really does feel like a thriving city, a place where all the cool people want to hang out.  

There has been a conscious push to enhance the greenness of the place as well lately.  It is funny for me to think what this place once used to look like.  Some would say it was just a wasted space while others saw it as a precious environment.  Either way now it is a commercial enterprise disguised as a public place.

But enough of that for now after this is the recount of a day of fun and frivolity.

This was an attempt at getting arty with the camera.  I really like balloons and there were lots of them around.  They just looked to bright and cheery bouncing around in the air.

Now I know that any blogger worth her weight would be able to tell you what kind of car this is but I would much rather keep you in suspense
And again trying to be all photographer like.  Another thing I have noticed in my blog travels is that a lot, ok most, possibly even all, bloggers seem to take and share lots and lots of photos.  I guess that is just the visual world that we live in these days.  I think I still need to practice a bit (lot).  Turns out there were nearly as many things to photograph as  I expected

Finally the refreshing ale that we stopped for after we had finished looking around.  This really was one of the loveliest days we have had for a long time.  The was no worrying about housework or washing or dishes that needed to be done.  There was also no arguing, bickering or constant I wants.  The free give aways at all the displays satisfied all the girls wants

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