Saturday, April 23

Where does it all go?

This was taken out at Harrison's Dam late 2010.
It has no real relevance to the post whatsoever,  but I really like it
I don't know about you but for me time just seems to disappear.  

I seem to get so caught up and involved in the moment that the moment starts to exist for minutes that then turn into hours and and then days and then before you know it years are passing by in what seems like only slightly longer than a second.  

Time is something that I regularly struggle with on a number of different levels.

Sometimes I wonder if I even have any concept of time at all.

I am always late.  And I mean always.  I can't remember the last time I was even close to being on time let alone actually making it early for something.  Though much like a good wine I think I am improving in this area with age.  I think that sometimes time goes faster than we give it credit for.  It is like someone has hit the fast forward button and time just becomes a blur.

It amazes me to think that it has been around four days since I have been here.  Mind you it has been a particularly blurry and busy four days.  On the upside though it has been a nice reminder as to one of the many reasons I hope never to return to full time paid employment.  It is not so much the actual doing something that causes the problem it is the fact that if I do something outside the house it stops me from being able to do stuff at home (ie housework, sleeping, blogging).  

You see my two days hanging in the school canteen (which I totally loved) were followed by Good Friday and my SIL 21st birthday lunch for which I had agreed to make a cup cake for.  The cake turned out ok, possibly even good, I have to wait to look at the photos before I pass final judgement.  I know I had a lot of fun making it and it tasted alright so it was worth all the effort.  There are plenty of photos to share I just need to go through them.  I am thinking that it might make a good application post.

Early last week I expressed an interest in a 'Mummy Blogger' position on another site.  So far the response has been promising as I have been asked to submit three possible posts. A cooking project, a children/family post and a free choice.  I am thinking that the 21st Cupcake Cake could be a good cooking project and the cardboard car hubs and DD2 made fits the family one.  Leaving just one idea still to be found...

Anyway this post has taken up much more of my time than it should of (and I am still not really pleased with it).  Sometimes finding the right words is no easy task.  Finalist for the Best Australian Blog have been announced and sadly (though not really surprisingly) APL didn't make the cut.  Maybe next year huh?  Voting for the people's choice award though is still open and you can vote on through the button below.  
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