Saturday, April 2

It is party time!

In many different ways as well.

This is one of my favourite times of the year. So many great things seem to happen to me in March and April. I mean aside from my birthday, there is also St Patricks Day, Easter, a couple of kids birthdays, school holidays, the start of a change of season... It seems like the list could almost be endless.

Aside from all of that I also have reason to celebrate with the addition of a new follower. It really does make me rather chuffed to know that someone took the time to click that little button. I have been adding myself to quite a few blogs of late in the hope that it may somehow get a few more people to join me. Hence why it is so super exciting to see that it may have actually worked. If you want to bring about some more happiness for me you will find the follow button off to the right. I also have a fb page that you can go and like (I am yet to work out how to but a fb 'Like' button here but it is on my to-do list)

Tomorrow is DD3's first birthday party. She is sharing the event with two of her new little buddies. One of them shares the same birthday as her and the other is just a few days beforehand. Their mums are also members of the mum's group I joined late last year. Since we have some mutual friends we thought a joint party would be loads of fun.

I am just waiting for the cake to cook, then I will head to bed. It is amazing how relaxing a joint party is. Having the workload shared three ways is just the most awesome idea ever. I can't ever remember feeling so relaxed this close to a party. Normally I am a flurry of activity trying to get everything done. Certainly not in a position to idly sit around writing blog posts.

I had hoped to have some photos of my cake making skills. I was thinking that a step by step story board could have made for an interesting read. I am making a giant cupcake. Unfortunately though I was rushing a little and didn't take one of the batter in pan before it went in the oven.

Since photos do make a post look a little interesting I went and found one to include. Heading over to the ever faithful stock.xchng I searched for the words party time and received a mere 7 hits. Removing the 'time' part however gave me 17 pages to choose from. Thanks go to Jan Willem Geertsma for my final selection.

For now I return to the kitchen to check on cake, but I go with my camera in hand.

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