Saturday, April 30


I haven't been able to think of a title for this post yet which means I am not really sure what I am going to write about.  I have started about five different ways so far but none of them seem quite right.

It has been a few days since posting.  I had the submission posts for that mummy blogger position I mentioned earlier to get out of the way by the 29th.  I managed to send them through in the very early hours of the morning of the 29th.  I have not heard anything yet so I am just hoping the email went through.  My internet connection can get a bit weak at times so there is a chance it dropped out while the mail was sending and....blah blah blah....sorry I digress so easily

Now where was I?

Oh that's right I wasn't really anywhere.  Just rambling away.

The other night I came across a blog that I just could not stop reading.  It was about a young woman who watched her husband try and hang himself.  She ended up being asked to turn his life support off some 100 hours later.  Despite my burning tired eyes I could not stop reading.  This woman is just amazing.  If you are struggling through your day and need some inspiration check out Lori

Sometimes I wonder if I really will ever be able to make it in the world of blogging.  My life is too happy.  Well not too happy for my but too happy for others to want to read about it.  Each day I really do feel blessed to have such a wonderful life.  Surely that is not going to attract regular readers?

After a more than crap day at work, away from your kids, in a job that probably pays next to nothing, are you really going to want to sit on the computer and read about my fun filled, foot loose and fancy free day, where my biggest problem was deciding on the park or the beach?

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  1. I have read Lori's blog for quite a long while. I found it through Good Golly Miss Holly. Before the death of her husband, when her life was so happy, she still had plenty to write about.

    Just don't think about what you are writing. Just write anything. People will read regardless. Good things, boring things, happy things, sad things all bring readers.

    Before my blog was private I had quite a nice little group of readers that grew steadily. I had happy things to write about at that point. I just prefer to know the people that are reading these days. I think because I blog about work and my family quite a lot...

    Try Blog This for some inspiration and read as many blogs as you can. The more you read and comment on other peoples blogs the more people come to yours.

    Keep writing and forget about the readers. Blog for yourself and the readers will eventually come.

  2. i agree with Danielle309 :)

    we can help, inform, entertain, reach out and may sometimes irritate our readers (lol), but the thing is we as bloggers have this passion to write, so keep on ticking the keyboard :)


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