Monday, April 18

Point + Shoot

I first heard about Point +Shoot over at hello owl a few weeks ago.  Since then it has been on my list of things to do.

Yesterday was an action packed day celebrating Miss L's tenth birthday.  Naturally there were many photo opportunities.  Unfortunately though there were not as many 'perfect' end results as I was hoping for. But there were still plenty of keepers.

The birthday girl

The birthday girl's lunch

The cake, not the fanciest looking, but since we were out and about the most practical and super duperly yummy.  Was an Apple and Raspberry Muffin Loaf (I sort made it the recipe up)

DD2 in her most beautiful Monsoons & Mangoes skirt.  A very clever local lady who makes unique clothing.
There will be a post shortly of her awesomeness so stay tuned

DD3 enjoying the beach on sunset

A beautiful end to a beautiful day

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  1. I absolutely love the Birthday girls skirt :)

  2. Happy Birthday, a young girl growing fast into a young lady :)

  3. Thanks Michelle a very clever SAHM makes the skirts.

    Yes Joy it does just go by so very fast


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