Friday, April 8

Ultimate Blog Party 2011

As I was doing my regular trip around blogoshpere I stumbled across a post that was part of the Ultimate Blog Party. Naturally I wanted to find out more and see if I too could join in the fun.

It turns out that I was only hours away from the party deadline but at least there is still time. All I had to do was write a party post (which you are currently reading)

The whole idea is about meeting new people and their blogs. Which is great as that fits perfectly to my 2011 theme of trying new things. So if this is the first time you have stopped by here are a few of my favourtie posts.

They will all give you a bit of an insight into the fun and laughter (mostly but not always) that is my life. Feel free to have a browse through some of the labels and past posts to the right if you are after even more. There are plenty of laughs to have if you look hard enough :)

In a nutshell though I am a happily married mother to three beautiful girls. I dream of being a famous writer though I don't really write enough at this stage for that to occur. I am slowly trying to change this though.

The photo today is off the banner that we made for DD3's recent first birthday celebrations. One of the easiest and cheapest things I have ever done. It is simply tissue paper stapled over kitchen twine.

Anyway thanks for stopping by, please have a look around and feel free to leave a comment, I love meeting my readers. If you want to stay up to date click one (or both if your super keen) of the follow buttons on your left and never miss a post again

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