Wednesday, April 27

Man oh Man

I can feel it all building up again.  You know... all that stuff that makes life hard...

Only it is stuff that you can't really complain about because it is the stuff that life is made of.  It is also stuff that some people would possibly give their right arm to be able to do yet I just take for granted.

You know stuff like helping out at the dates at the park...of course there is also the stuff like the washing and the dishes and cleaning and the ....somewhat endless list that comes with maintaining a house with children in it.

Who would give their right arm to do dishes and such?  Well I imagine a refugee in trying to survive in some desolate camp would be rather pleased to have the time to worry about when she will find the time to wash last night's dinner dishes.

I think I may have over committed myself a little bit.  Saying yes is always so easy.  The actual carrying out of the yes it sometimes a different matter though.  I wish I took the time to think some things through a little more before saying  Yes! That is a great idea!

(deep deep deep sigh)

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