Friday, April 15

Best Australian Blogs 2011

So I think that I have been accepted as a last minute entry in the Sydney Writer's Centre Best Blog 2011 competition.  Now to be honest I am not really to sure on many of the details.  It was all very last minute and a little rushed.  I actually thought I had found out about it too late but figured it couldn't hurt to try.  Which as it turns out might actually have paid off.

I have found myself on the People's Choice List and I believe that the list can be found here.  It is alphabetical so I am on the first page.  (A Parenting Life)  This is a one only vote.  Unlike the Top Mommy Blog button there is no need to go back every day and vote.  Once is enough, though you do need to click through till you get to the Finish button. 

 I am sure you know how much I appreciate you taking the time to go and vote for me.  The prize is a writing course which I would dearly love but more than anything I want to use this as a chance to share A Parenting Life with people.  Though I must be careful that I don't get to caught up in the whole how many readers thing.  I think that could be tricky.  I mean the most important thing is that I increase the frequency of writing which will in turn increase the quality of what is written.  Which will then take those few steps closer to reaching my dream.....(oh it sounds so easy when I say it like that)

(deep sigh, back arch and a good stretch)

All this excitement is almost too much to handle.  Must write.  

Before I got all caught up Best Australian Blogs 2011 I was going to write a post about my future plans for APL.  I have been spending a lot of time reading other blogs of late and I have noticed that all the good ones seem to be loosely themed.  Or rather have loosely themed pages.  Such as Nic and her Meatless Monday and the Push game (which I am yet to be part of but it is on my list of things to do) over at hello owl I am still working out the details of what my feature will be but I can see some organisational changes coming in the not to distant future so stay tuned.  Choose a follow preference or 'Like' my FB page and never miss a post again :)

PS Dont' forget to vote


  1. thanks, hopefully it will help me get a little more exposure. thanks also for stopping by, makes me feel a little special, I love hello owl, you give me great inspiration

  2. I didn't know you were a hello owl reader. Me and Dani are BFF from high school. :-)


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